The Underdark

Deep below, where shadows dwell,
there hides a place resembling hell,
it's lethal beauty fools the eye,
beware, rivvin, or surely die.

Don't trust your eyes, neithar khaless;
compassion, mercy? They don't know,
the fascinating, evil drow,
a quick death meanin': thou I bless.

The weak and careless perish first,
seducing darkness, meant to lure,
used to fulfill their bloody thirst,
the drow's intrigues you can't endure.

To survive, you'll have to fight,
without help, there is no light,
the darkness leaving not one spark
in this place called the Underdark.

(rivvin: surface dweller in Drow language (plural)
neithar khaless: Drow for: never trust)