Mario was grinning at him. Ike didn't like it.


The plumber just grinned wider, stroking his moustache. "It's-a nothing," he chuckled in his thick Italian accent. Ike frowned at him. "Obviously, it's something."

"No, it's-a nothing! Don't-a worry about it."

Ike opened his mouth to demand Mario tell him what was wrong, but the plumber heartily patted his arm and went on his way. "Have a good-a day, Ike-a. I'll-a see you tomorrow, eh?"

And the warrior could only frown after the plumber, thumping Ragnell against his shoulder while he wondered.

"What?" Ike groaned as Samus shot him a feral smirk. She shook her head.


That was the sixth time today. Ike growled. People knew something he didn't, and it was starting to piss him off. "Samus, just tell me why you're staring at me like that."

"I wasn't staring," Samus denied smoothly, wiggling into the bottom part of her Chozo suit. She'd spent enough time in the open, and Snake was getting a little too interested.

"You were staring," Ike argued.

"It's fine, Ike. Don't worry about it." The Chozo suit hissed and spat steam through open vents as it closed around her, and Samus Aran's beloved womanly curves vanished under the protection of thick orange armor. She gave Ike a short salute, and walked away. Ike leered at her back.

Marth started chuckling. Ike glared.

"What is it?" he snapped.

"Nothing," replied the Prince.

"Look, I'm not falling for that crap," Ike growled impatiently, "I've been getting looks all day and I'm quite thoroughly annoyed. You will be the one to tell me what it is."

The slender Prince of Altea smirked, casting Ike a sideways glance. He stretched his neck to one side, tapping at his pulse. "You have a…bruise."

It wasn't a bruise.

Ike blushed furiously and pulled at his high collar. He'd thought that might cover it. Obviously he was wrong.

"You didn't see anything. Go away."