Bleeding Love


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Summary: Haley can't wait for her senior year. She has the best friends and a great twin brother. In fact the best part is that her senior year symbolizes the last year she has to spend with her brother's horrific best friend, Nathan Scott. Even though she has a perfect idea of how her senior year is going to play out, something is going to occur with Nathan that is going to shake up her world forever.

AN: Hey guys! So, this is my very first story. I've had this idea in my head for a while, but I was scared to start writing it. Hopefully, I did well though. This first chapter doesn't have any Naley, but I promise the next one will. In this chapter, I tried to just show all of you the feelings and relationships that everyone has towards one another. I hope I did that well and wasn't too wordy. Please, please review and let me know how I did. I am open for constructive criticism. Thanks so much and enjoy!

"Hey girlies," Brooke said jumping on her bed with all of her cheer squad gathered on her pink carpeted floor. "I just wanted to gather all of the members together and welcome the new ones. As you all know this is my senior year and I plan on enjoying it to the fullest. That also means none of you better get in my way this year." Brooke pointed her finger at all the newbies.

"Greaaaattt, cheer Nazi is back," Haley whispered to her two best friends Rachel and Peyton.

"And scarier then ever," Rachel snickered back. The girls broke out in not-so quiet giggles.

"And what is so funny best friends. You are interrupting my speech." Brooke demanded.

"Oh we are very very sorry Brooke," Haley tried not to laugh.

"Yes, yes very sorry," Peyton snickered trying to catch her breath.

"Very," Rachel giggled.

"Yeah, yeah whatever. You guys are not forgiven. Anyways, as to what I was saying before three people rudely interrupted me…" Rachel, Haley, and Peyton all gave each other amused stares.

"… so the main reason we are all here today is for the boy draft that I am sure all of you know about. I mean since we all pick the hottest guys in the school. This past week, I have given you all ample time to think of your first, second, and third choices. So we will just decide the order for choosing by picking numbers from this bag." Brooke hopped off the bed, grabbed the black velvet bag, and went around the circle letting each girl pick a number.

"So who got number one," Brooke said.

"I did and I pick Nathan Scott," Rachel declared with a sly grin forming on her face.

"Ohh, no fair. He's like the hottest guy in the world," Theresa complained.

"Duh, that is why I picked him. He is sexy as hell," Rachel gloated.

"Ugghhh god, please, please don't pick him.He is the most annoying person on the planet. And, please he is not that good looking. Seriously, I don't see how any of you can stand him." Haley complained.

"Ohh please we all know he is like wonderful looking. He is like a Greek god or something. Mmm, Mmm, Ummy." Rachel told her.

"Fine. Whatever, date him for all I care. I have been putting up with his shit since I was ten, with him being Lucas's best friend and all. I am just going to try and ignore him this year, so I can enjoy my senior year." Haley replied.

"Great!" Rachel exclaimed.

"Moving on, number two?"

"Me! I got Skills," Bevin screeched.

"Okaaaayyyy. Anyways, number three?"

"I pick Jake Jagielski." Peyton said.

"Ohhhh good choice," Bevin said.

"Yeah he's hot!" Maria stated.

"I know," Peyton laughed.

"Number four?"

"That's me and I pick Ryan Reynolds," Haley happily answered.

"WHAT!" Rachel, Brooke and Peyton screamed.

"What," Haley innocently asked.

"He is only like your brother's worst enemy. Hello you know that." Brooke said.

"Yeah, yeah I know. But, so what? This is just harmless fun. And, besides Lucas treats me like I'm his innocent little puppy who he needs to watch over 24/7. And, well, to be perfectly honest I am tired of him always controlling me. I want to do something that will defy all the authority he has over me. Plus, I just can't wait to see his face when I tell him I am going out with Ryan. It is going to be priceless." Haley laughed.

"Yeah well just be careful. I don't really think you know what you are doing." Brooke expressed.

"I will be fine. Next?"

"That's me and I am going to have to pick…… Lucas James." Brooke nervously replied, her hands shaking.

"Finally! Are seriously going to start to go after him?" Rachel asked


"Yeah that's great Brooke. I mean you and my brother have been playing cat and mouse now for the past three years. I mean I was seriously worried one of you weren't going to make a move and then you'd both be bitter and alone for the rest of your lives."

"Gee, thanks"

"Your very welcome, Brookie Cookie" Haley jokingly replied.

"Look I am just grabbing him so I have dibs. I don't know if I am going to take any action. I mean I don't even now if he likes me."

"Oh my gosh, Brooke how many times do we have to tell you that Lucas is hopelessly in love with you."

"Look I am just going to go with the flow. I picked him just in case. And, obviously I am going to try to work my magic on him. But I am nervous enough and I am just going to take things slow."

"Fine, well I tried," Haley sighed exasperated.

"And, I don't want any of you telling anyone who I picked here today." Strong and confident Brooke took over again pointing her perfectly manicured finger at her squad. All of the scared freshmen nodded their heads terrified by the wrath of Brooke Davis.

"Good now that that's settled, let's move on. Number six…" Brooke said while looking down at her clipboard.


"So that went well don't you think," Peyton gleefully asked. After the squad left, Brooke Peyton, Haley and Rachel were all sitting pretzel style in Brooke's room discussing the boy draft.

"Yeah!" Rachel replied. While Brooke and Haley just glared at the two.

"What?" Peyton asked.

"Umm… How do you think that went well? Seriously Rachel picked the devil and number eight and nine got in a cat fight over what's his face. I'm happy that you got your dream guy and all, but that did not go well."

"Hey! I did not pick the devil…"

Brooke cut her off, "And I am totally screwed I just picked a guy who just looks at me like I am his "younger by five minutes" sister's best friend. God, I think I'm going to throw up. This is going to be a horrible year."

"Wait, no we need to stop this Brooke. Let's think positive. I am going to be with Ryan. You are going to be with Luke. Peyton will be with Jake. And Rachel will be with… Nathan." Haley sighed. "Everything is going to work out. Just trust me. Now put on that famous million dollar Brooke grin that I know so well and love and let's go to my house and get something to eat."

"Why so I can do something stupid and embarrass myself in front of Lucas." Brooke mumbled.

Haley shot her a warning glance.

"Fine, fine let's go," Brooke sighed.

"Thank you, now let's go." Haley hurried them with her hands.

All the girls got up and headed to her house next door. On the way there Haley couldn't help but think, I am going to make sure this is a great year if it is the last thing I do.

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