After my two NT one-shots, I suddenly got the inspiration to write Riley drabbles and stuff. All will be in Riley - third person POV mixed, and occasionally, Ben/Abby POVs... well... xD

So... This would be a series of drabbles, one-shots and what else.

All starring Riley Poole, Ben Gates, and Abigail Chase.

But mostly Riley. ;) R&R please!

Disclaimer: I do not own Riley. Or Ben, or Abby. Or National Treasure. sigh too bad.


Ben passed by as Riley typed furiously on his laptop. He doubled back, and watched Riley with interest as he tapped away on the keyboard.

"What're you doing?" Ben asked, eyebrow raised. He drank from his mug of coffee.

"Blog." Riley looked at Ben. "I assume you do know what a blog is, right Ben?"

Ben glared at Riley.

"Alright, so you do know." Riley went back to typing. "I'll call it..."Riley's Awesome Blog". Who wouldn't want to read that?"

"Riley, just because you say it's awesome doesn't mean people will want to read it..." Ben pointed out.

Riley looked at him with innocent-looking eyes. "But... it's my blog... who wouldn't want to read that?"

Abby called out. "We didn't even read your book Riley..." She swung an arm up to Ben's shoulder.

"You still didn't read my book!"

"We did." Ben admitted.

Abby glared at Ben angrily, as if he just gave a big secret away. "Should be called "Blogging Blunders"…" She smirked, satisfied with her words.

Riley gave her the famous 'kicked puppy' look he was trying to perfect. This time, it worked. But on a different person.

"Aw, Abby you hurt his feelings. He's giving you the puppy eyes…" Ben laughed.

Abby glared at Ben again, eyes angrier this time, and stormed away.

"Uh-oh, look what you did Ben." Riley said, smirking. He followed Abby with his eyes as she stormed to the kitchen. Tell-tale signs of the fridge being opened and a glass of water being filled could be heard.

Ben rolled his eyes, and followed Abby, leaving Riley again in his delusions of grandeur.

"Riley's Awesome Blog… Yeah… Just about right." He tucked his arms behind his head, stretched out his legs and yawned like a lion. He had this satisfied smirk on his face.

This is going to be interesting.


R&R please!

-Jaeh xD