Stringfellow Hawke looked at Archangel, otherwise known as Michael Coldsmith Briggs III. "Are you asking me to go into Russia because you need me to or because the Firm needs me to?"

"It's complicated Hawke, but it is important to the Firm. The KGB kidnapped a psychic who has been in my personal custody for a long time. They might be trying to use her abilities to find out the Firm's secrets. The thing is, they don't know how to tap into her power. The Firm doesn't either. Neither do I. Only she knows how to use them. When you find her, don't say anything about the Firm to her. She doesn't know about the Firm. She thinks I work at a bank. Or at least for right now she does."

"You want me to get a psychic? If they can't force her into using her powers, what's the point.?"

"They could kill her. No one wants that. I want her found before the Firm finds out she's missing."


"If the Firm finds out," Marella began, "they'll send in the Zebra Squad. They'll invoke a fear in her so strong that the Firm will wish they'd left it alone."

"What, she'll light them on fire?" Hawke asked, joking.

"When she's done, they'll wish she had." Michael said seriously. "Please Hawke, go and get her. She'll sense that you're not going to hurt her. She'll also recognize you. She did attend some parties the Firm required you to attend when you were working with us."

"I was only required to go to make the Firm look good."

"Hawke, please. You need to get her out."

"I suppose you expect to come along?"

"Does that mean you're going?"

"Yeah…You want Dom or Cate to come?"

"No, actually, I'd like you to take Marella."

"You want me to take Marella?"

"I know you haven't let Marella even get inside Airwolf, but if there is a problem, Marella will be able to calm her. She knows Marella."

Hawke was holding the folder Marella had handed him earlier. "She doesn't go by a code?"

"No, if she did, she'd…Well, she wouldn't put up with it. The only nickname she's ever put up with is Pixie. If you want you can try calling her that."

"I'll stick with her name."

"Willa would prefer that," Marella said. "Michael and myself are the only ones who can get away with calling her that."

"You're calling him Michael now?"

"Archangel," she corrected herself.

"Bring both of them back, Hawke." Michael said after a moment.

"Both?" Hawke asked.

"Her mother is in Russia. She's been spying for the FIRM. She may have been compromised. "You'll have to bring her back too."

"If you would just read the dossier you would already6 know this," Marella said exasperatedly.

"How can I read it when you've been talking the whole time?"

"You'd prefer we didn't brief you?"

Hawke opened the dossier folder. He took out a couple of pictures. "She looks just like her mother."

Archangel nodded his head. "They come from a very long line of psychics. At first, her mother was being trained as a ballerina, but she began to display psychic powers. It wasn't much, so they went back to ballet. Obviously, Irena doesn't do that anymore."