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Chapter 1:

The bell rang announcing the start of classes in Minato Private Boy High School and Kuchina Private Girl High School, both prestigious recently built schools, Minato being a boy school and Kuchina being a girl school. Both high schools where next to each other and shared the gym, cafeteria and areas to be with friends (benches, trees shadows).

Everything in the High Schools was sparkling new and ready to begin activities. Senseis were finished getting ready to start their classes and the students began to arrive…

In Minato Private High School:

"Damn it, I'm late!" A blonde boy whined while running to his classroom, "Damn my uniform took too much time!" Minato High School's uniform was a black pair of pants withgold yellowbuttons to zip it, the shirt was white and highlighted with black in the edges of the sleeves and collar, it had a small pocket, which it edge was also highlighted with black, in the left part of the chest, they also had to wear a black tie with it, they didn't need to bring the sweater, since it was summer weather was warm.

'Where is it! Where is my damned class!... Oh there it is! 3C..' He thought while sliding the door open.

Every boy in the classroom turned to face him, "Um, hi! I guess I am in this class" The blonde managed to say. 'I guess the sensei is not here yet…I hurried a lot in vain…'

"What's your name?" A white-eyed boy asked.

"Uzumaki Naruto…and you are?" Naruto answered.

"Hyuuga Neji" the guy answered.

"And this is-"We can introduce ourselves Neji...even if it's troublesome…" A guy with a high ponytail grumped.

"My name is Nara Shikamaru, I hope you won't give us trouble" Shika spoke. 'You seem like a troublesome guy'

"HeHe I will try not to…" Naruto said with a big grin, and noticed one guy that didn't introduce himself.

"And you are?" Naruto asked pointing to the raven-haired boy, who only glared at him.

"What's with that look? I only asked your name…" Naruto spoke.

"Uchiha Sasuke" He answered.

In Kuchina Private High School:

"Hey Hinata! Over here!" A pink-haired girl waved to a white-eyed girl.

"H-Hi Sakura-chan!" Hinata answered heading to her.

Sakura and Hinata had been best friend since elementary, Sakura protected Hinata when other people bullied her because of her eyes.

"Hinata! You look sooo cuute in your uniform!" Sakura yelled happily.

"T-Th-Thank you Sakura-chan, you look very pretty too! You let your hair grew long it really s-suits you!" Hinata spoke with a little blush on her face.

Kuchina High School's uniform was a short black skirt with a white line in both edges of it, the shirt was white with black highlights in the sleeves and collar, they had to wear a pale blue tie with white lines in edges, they where allowed to wear ribbons in their hair, only if they where either white, black or a color that matches their tie.

"Sa-Sakura-chan in what classroom are you?" Hinata asked the pink-haired girl.

"Umm… I am in 3C and you?" Sakura answered.

"Me too!"

"Awesome! We will be together! It's going to be so much fun!" Sakura said cheerfully. "Hinata, something is weird in this high school, I saw a lot of boys when I was heading here, but I don't see any now…" Sakura whispered to the blue-haired girl.

"I think they were heading to Minato… Neji-niisan explained to me that Minato and Kuchina are two separated high schools…Minato is only for boys and Kuchina only for girls…" Hinata explained.

"Awww…that's so upsetting and boring!" Sakura grumped.

"Don't worry Sakura-chan, Neji-niisan also told me that we will share the gym and cafeteria! So maybe you will be able to meet boys!" Hinata said.

"Yes! WE will meet boys ok?" Sakura said winking at Hinata.

"Hey are you two in 3c?" A brunette asked Hinata and Sakura.

"Yes! Hello! My name is Haruno Sakura! And this right here is my best friend Hyuuga Hinata!" Sakura answered.

"Nice too meet you two! You can call me TenTen" (HeHe I forgot the last name I gave TenTen, please review and tell me a nice last name to give her )

"Hinata, Sakura have you seen a blonde girl around here?" Tenten asked the two girls.

"I-I think I saw one blonde girl with cute blue eyes in the entrance to Minato, some time ago…" Hinata said to Tenten.

"That must be Ino, Yamanaka Ino… she is my best friend and is also in our class!" Tenten informed. "I will go look for her see ya later in class girls!"

"Hai, Tenten-chan!" Sakura said cheerfully.

"S-Sakura-chan, let's go to the classroom.." Hinata suggested and both walked the hallway to get to their class.

Back in Minato:

"Ok Sasuke, there's no other place left so I have to next to you…" Naruto said to the raven haired guy.

"Sit on the floor…" Sasuke answered pulling his backpack on the chair next him.

"Teme…I refuse to sit on the floor!" Naruto yelled.

"I refuse to let you sit next to me, you are annoying…" Sasuke said coldly.

Naruto was about to pound Sasuke, luckily the sensei entered the classroom.

"Sorry for the delay…my car didn't worked so I had to run to get the bus and, well never mind, I am Hatake Kakashi I will be your sensei and tutor" Sensei informed "Everyone take your seat please, since it's almost time for your recess… this 30 minutes left…I want you to make an ID with your name and put in your desk-"Where will I seat?" Naruto interrupted.

"There is a place next to the raven-haired guy…" Kakashi said.

"He won't let me sit there" Naruto grumped.

"Who will you obey? Me, your sensei or him…" Kakashi spoke annoyed.

Naruto managed to make Sasuke move aside so he could sit. 'Teme…he's the annoying one…' Naruto thought.

There were three rows of desks in the classroom…Naruto's and Sasuke's desk was in the left row…that was beside the window, while Shikamaru's and Neji's desk was in the same row but in the antepenultimate desk.

"As I was saying" Kakashi continued, "Make an ID with your name, and put it on your desk until I remember all of your names"

Everyone started making their IDs. Naruto was very enthusiastic, he wrote his name with orange and decorated with red spirals. Neji and Shikamaru simply wrote their names in a blank paper. Sasuke wrote his name simply too, he only added the Uchiha clan symbol.

"Oi, Kakashi-sensei…" Naruto spoke "Why aren't there any girls here?"

"Well…this is Minato Private High School only for boys…Kuchina High School is only for girls…but don't worry we share the same gym and cafeteria…so you will be able to meet at least one girl…" Kakashi explained. 'That is if she doesn't run away from you'

"Oh…I get it now" Naruto said and continued making his ID.

Back in Kuchina:

"Hinata let's sit here…It's close to the window and far from the sensei's desk!" Sakura said to the shy girl.

"Hai, Sakura-chan! I like the view in the window…" Hinata said.

"Hey! Sakura-chan, Hinata-chan!" A brunette with two buns in her head yelled while dragging a girl with her.

"This is my best friend Ino!" Tenten introduced "Ino, this is Hyuuga Sakura and Haruno Hinata!"

"Ha Ha no Tenten you got it wrong…" Sakura said giggling "My name is Haruno Sakura! And my friend here is Hyuuga Hinata!" Sakura finished.

"Is your hair pink naturally?" Ino asked.

"Umm…yeah…since I was…born" Sakura answered a little surprised by the sudden question.

"Oh ok…" Ino said.

"We'll be sitting in front of you, so we can be together ok?" Tenten spoke happily.

"S-sure Tenten-chan! That will be great!" Hinata answered.

They ended up sitting the same way guys did only that the window was in the right side. So Sakura's and Hinata's desk was the last in the right row and Ino's and Tenten's desk was the antepenultimate in the same row.

"Hello girls, please have a seat and excuse for the delay the sensei's meeting took too much time" Sensei said entering the classroom.

"My name is Yuuhi Kurenai, and I am your sensei and tutor" Kurenai presented herself.

"Since I am late…and it's almost time for your recess, please make some type of ID, and put it on your desk, that is for me to learn your names…" Kurenai ordered.

The girls started to make their IDs, you could tell Sakura loved pink; she used it in all the tones that exist to decorate her name. Hinata wrote her name with cursive letter and decorated with purple and white flowers. Tenten's ID had a cute combination of pink, red and brown. And Ino's was various tones of blue.

In both High Schools:

The bell rang, this time, announcing recess time. Kakashi showed the boys the cafeteria and areas where they could hang out, Kurenai did the same with the girls and then both dismissed them.

So boys and girls headed to the cafeteria anxious to meet new people…

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