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Twenty minutes later, Sakura, Shizune and Kakashi went into Anko's room where they found Genma asleep and Anko looking at the ceiling. She turned to them as they came in. She smiled warmly at Kakashi as he went to her bed and kissed her forehead. She noticed that there wasn't a single sign of worry on his face. She noticed that all the tension had left his body. He looked relaxed and confident. She said, "You heard everything didn't you." He nodded, then she understood why he looked so calm. He had nothing to worry about. She was on the mend; Genma was pretty much out of the picture, and most of all they really were going to get married right away.

Sakura said, "I'll wake up Genma after I get you hooked up Shizune. You have type A blood, so you should go next. I'll take Genma for an exam, and bring him back in twenty minutes when you're done donating."

Shizune said, "Ok, hook me up." She inserted the IV needle into her own arm, and Sakura ran fresh IV lines hooking her directly to Anko. Before she opened the valves to let Shizune's blood begin to flow, she gently woke Genma.

"Genma. Hey. You're finished."

He groaned and said, "Am I dead?"

Kakashi said, "Not quite yet." Genma spun when he heard the voice that then said, "Just kidding." Genma was immediately relieved even though he was thoroughly confused.

Sakura removed the IV needle from Genma's arm and bandaged him up, then she opened the valves to leg Shizune's blood flow to Anko. She said, "Come on, time for an exam. Let's make sure you're not too banged up."

Genma turned and said, "You're not coming Shizune?"

She said, "No. My turn to donate some blood."

He asked, "Talk later?"

Shizune climbed on the bed next to Sakura. She then turned to him, then turned away again and said, "Perhaps."

Genma left the room with Sakura practically carrying him to another exam room.

Tsunade came in shortly after Anko's second transfusion started. She said, "I see you're still in here Kakashi. Well I guess it doesn't matter now. Unless Anko doesn't want you in here. Everything ok Shizune? You don't look too happy."

Shizune said, "I'm not Tsunade-sama. In fact," she turned to Kakashi and said, "Would you mind stepping out for a little while. I'd like to talk to Anko alone."

Kakashi looked at Anko and she nodded that it was ok. He said, "Sure. Tsunade, maybe you and I should go over that backlog of mine and see what I can do about getting some of that cleaned up." They walked toward the door, Tsunade gawking at Kakashi. He said, "What's with the face?"

Tsunade said, "Did I just hear you VOLUNTEER to do some work?"

Kakashi said, "Is that what I just did? Oh no, no, no. I just want to go OVER the backlog with you. Maybe we can give some of those things to Genma to do." Both he and Tsunade walked away, closing the door behind them.

Anko got instantly nervous about being alone with Shizune. She knew what Shizune was going to ask, and she was prepared to tell her the truth about everything. She didn't want to hurt her feelings, but she deserved to know the truth. So when Shizune asked, "Anko, what's up with Genma and Kakashi and does it have something to do with you?"

Anko turned to her and said, "It sure does. This is going to take a while if I start from the beginning."

Shizune said, "We've got twenty minutes."

"OK then." Anko told her everything from the very beginning right up to Genma's confession minutes before. She answered every single question Shizune had and when she was done, she felt quite liberated.

Shizune was not pleased. She felt used, like a substitute for what Genma really wanted. She felt like she was just "someone" to keep him company while he actually loved someone else. She felt sad, because she cared so much for him, but she also felt angry. She knew it wasn't Anko's fault, but if Genma wasn't interested in her completely, then why did he continue to hang around her? Why did he do things with her? Why did he spend countless nights in her bed? She still cared for him so much, but she was going to have to rethink "them" and see if it was really worth her time to care about someone who couldn't or wouldn't return her feelings fully.

After twenty minutes, Sakura, Tsunade and Kakashi came back in the room. Tsunade said, "Anko you're looking much better. How are you feeling?"

"Very sore. My side feels like I've been kicked by a mule."

Kakashi said, "And how do you know what being kicked by a mule feels like?"

She looked at him and said, "I sleep with you remember?"


Tsunade said, "Alright, that's it. Kakashi, I think if you go ahead and give Anko some blood, she'll be fine. You ready?"

Sakura was changing the tubing again, and then she removed the IV from Shizune's arm and helped bandage her up. Kakashi said, "Can I climb into bed with her?"

The three female medical ninjas said in unison, "NO," then Tsunade said, "The IV tubing is run so you can lay in this bed NEXT to her. So DO IT!" Kakashi grumbled a bit but he did as he was told and rolled up his sleeve so Sakura could insert an IV needle into his arm.

He said, "I hate hospitals."

A rousing chorus of, "We know," filled the room.

Soon, Kakashi's blood was flowing into Anko to join his heart that was already firmly rooted there with hers.

Tsunade, Sakura and Shizune prepared to leave the two of them alone when Anko said, "Before you go, would you send Kurenai and Asuma in here?"

Tsunade said, "I don't recommend it, but you look like you could handle some company. I'll send them in. But just until you're done with the final transfusion. Then, it's nothing but bed rest for you for at least four more days."

Anko hated the prospect of staying for four more days in the hospital, but if it meant she'd be good to go when she was done, she'd stay. She was getting married as soon as she could, and she couldn't be collapsing while walking down the aisle, or trying to say her vows. Then there was the prospect of the wedding night – and there was NO WAY she was going to miss any of that fun! She'd be a good little patient because she knew she had to be.

Kurenai and Asuma walked in. Kurenai said, "You look ten times better than you did earlier. Thank God you're alright!"

Asuma pulled up a chair and said to Kakashi, "You ok? Going to kill Genma soon?"

Kakashi said, "Nope. Not yet. Gonna let him sweat for a while."

"Then kill him?"

Kakashi said, "Yeah, probably," and he was immediately hit with a hospital pillow.

Anko said, "What have I told you about killing people we know?"

"But honey he deserves it!"

"I know he does, but there will be no killing!"

"Maybe we can have him sent far away for years at a time to find and study insects in the snow country."

"Or like you said earlier, he could do your backlog."

Kakashi thought and said, "Yeah, he does owe me for not killing him. I think that'll work."

Kurenai said, "Now that everyone's in good spirits, what do we do next?"

Anko looked at Kurenai and said, "You get something to write on."

"Why?" The men in the room were quiet.

Anko smiled broadly and said, "We've got a wedding to plan."

Kurenai clapped her hands and said, "Be right back!" She ran out of the room to find a notepad to start planning everything for Anko and Kakashi's wedding.

Kakashi turned to Anko and said, "Are you sure about this? You sure you're ready?"

Anko reached over to him, all the fear in her heart, all the apprehension gone. It finally felt right, and she was going to go with it. In her whole life, she'd never felt this confident about a decision she had to make regarding her own life, and now she was going to make a decision that would affect more than just her. She made it easily because she meant it. Without hesitating she said, "Doing anything tomorrow?"

Kakashi said, "Are you serious?"

Anko nodded, grinning.

It was Kakashi's turn to get nervous. "But I don't have a hakama picked out yet. What about food? Are we even having a party? There's so much to do, we can't get everything ready for tomorrow!"

Anko said, "Shhh. That's why Kurenai's getting something to write on. I'm going to be in this hospital for four days. That should be enough time to get everything planned. Then all we have to do is make it happen."

Kakashi calmed down when he realized that plans could be made in four days. They could map everything out, get everything ready, and then when it was, the marriage would take place. He said, "Alright then. Let's do it."

Asuma chuckled from his chair, "Congratulations man. I think you've just made Kurenai as happy as Anko. She's very organized and loves planning parties and stuff."

Anko sat up slightly and said, "Better get ready, you're next."

Asuma instantly turned pale.

Kurenai bounced in the room and said, "Ok, I'm all ready, where do we start?"

The four shinobi spend the next four days in and out of Anko's hospital room where they planned Anko and Kakashi's wedding. With the help of some of their other friends all the arrangements were made.

Anko went home after four days in the hospital with orders to take it easy. Kakashi was ordered to take care of her and not leave her for four additional days. Kurenai was a constant fixture in their apartment, finalizing all the tiny little details that make traditional weddings special and memorable.

Four weeks after her release from the hospital, Anko was as fit as she'd ever been. She was ready to move on to a new phase in her life and had totally embraced the idea of becoming Kakashi's wife. Kakashi smiled and hummed a lot – an obvious indication of his pleasant mood.

The couple met with Tsunade and looked over everyone's schedules. Then they decided it, in two more weeks, they'd be married. Tsunade agreed to the date and promised to keep as many people as she could in town so that anyone who wanted to could attend the wedding. It's not often that two shinobi get married, and Kakashi of all people, and Anko? Those two? Tsunade knew it would be standing room only.

Anko and Kakashi went back home after confirming their date and both flopped on what used to be Kakashi's couch. Then he got up suddenly and walked over to the calendar in the kitchen and circled the date they had chosen in purple marker. Anko said, "Finally. It's all finally happening."

Kakashi said, "Yeah, it is, isn't it."

Anko smiled and took his hand. She said, "You know what?"


"Someday we're going to have to tell our grandkids all about this."

Kakashi just laughed and said, "Yes. Yes we will." He paused for a minute then said, "Remember how you were pretty overwhelmed by all the things we didn't talk about?"

Anko remembered back to the surprise yui-no and how everyone practically jumped her about everything. At that moment, there weren't many things left that they had to plan or talk about. She nodded, "Yeah, but it's pretty much all sorted out now isn't it?"

"Almost everything. There is one more thing."

"And that would be?"

"You mentioned our grandkids . . ."

Anko suddenly got where Kakashi was going. She smiled at him and waited.

"Don't we have to have the kids first?"

Anko laughed at the thought that someday she'd be telling everyone in Konoha that she was indeed pregnant, but that wasn't going to be for QUITE some time if she had anything to say about it.

The two of them sat on what used to be Kakashi's couch and talked about how someday it'd be nice to have a bossy little girl and a silver haired boy, or even a bossy little boy and a silver haired girl. They agreed that a couple of kids would be nice – someday.

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