A/N: YEY! I LOVE challenges. And a (stupid) friend of mine had the guts to tell me I couldn't write a real drabble (because I ABSOLUTELY HATE drabbles). So here it is. It's a drabble, within the "100 words" concept and all. Suck me up, darling you owe me BIG! XD. For the ones waiting for something more consistent, please be patient, for you will be rewarded in the future.

Summary: Sometimes we don't need words to understand things. Roxas (a little bit OOC) POV.

Disclaimer: They belong to Square Enix. I wonder what they do with them when no one is looking…

I often thought he was the most infuriating person inside that place. I hated the way he talked to me and the way he kept calling me even though I tried to tell him countless times how much I loathed those horrible nicknames.

But after some time, he managed to be the only one within the organization I tolerated by my side. Every time things were just too much, he was there for me.

He never needed words to show how much he cared. Everything was there, inside those green eyes.


You're WAY BETTER when you shut up.