Title: The Stuff of Legends
Author: N'kala
Disclaimer: If wishes were horses, then I wouldn't be writing fanfiction.
Summary: Can Daniel live up to the reputations of his teammates?
Spoilers: Teeny, tiny one for Emancipation, and little ones for Within the Serpent's Lair
Season: Early season 2, just after Within the Serpent's Lair
Author's Notes: A work from way back. I love innocent, insecure Daniel the best, so most of my work will focus around that. Slight AU, however- I'm not entirely sure if this is accurate, but in my little world, there are no civs in the first season- just Daniel. The second season is about expansion and getting more civilians into the program. If anything I write is not in canon with the show, then it's not. I write what the muse whispers into my ear. :)

P.S.- Since it's taking me so long to write, I'll be posting this story in parts. More to come!

The Stuff of Legends
By: N'kala

Chapter One

Colonel Jack O'Neill stood in the briefing room, looking through the glass window down at the 'gate room. His eyes studied the group of soldiers clustered around Sgt. Harriman as the bespectacled man spoke to them, presumably telling them all about the Stargate. The looks on the faces of the soldiers stretched between stunned, disbelieving, and awed. Idly, Jack wondered how many of them would actually make it onto one of the new SG teams.

"So what number tour group is this, Colonel?" Lou Ferretti asked, moving to stand beside Jack.

Jack snorted. "Could still be number one, for all I know. Harriman gets around pretty quick, even with all those tagalongs."

"You been to speak to any of 'em yet?" Ferretti asked.

Jack shook his head. "Nah. My team's still intact. I'll leave that sort of thing to you."

The leader of SG-2 glanced at his long-time friend. "Suit yourself, but you might want to talk to them for a reason other than recruiting a new member. Seems as though some people have been floating stories to the newbies, and most of them are about SG-1."

Jack raised an eyebrow, turning to look at Ferretti properly. "Really?"

Ferretti smirked. "You guys are quickly assuming legend status. That little jaunt to Apophis' ships to save the Earth? That's probably the most popular story out there. The first trip to Abydos is rating a close second, with your Captain kicking some Shavadai butt coming third."

"You wouldn't have had anything to do with those stories being spread around, would you, Lou?" Jack asked.

"Who, me?" Ferretti replied with an innocence that didn't fool Jack one bit.

"Right," Jack said. "What was I thinking?"

Movement from down below drew the two men's attentions to the 'gate room. They watched as Harriman waved up at them, causing the soldiers to turn and look up. As soon as their eyes lit on Jack, several of them began speaking to one another, shock and excitement in their eyes.

Ferretti chuckled. "Yep, legends, the lot of you. Get ready for some serious boot-licking, Colonel."

"By only half of our new recruits," Jack told him. "Did you hear? Hammond's bringing on some civilians to help Daniel out with all his rocks."

"Is it true that the general named the Doc as a department head for Archaeology?" Ferretti asked.

Jack nodded. "I don't think they know what to call Daniel's department yet. Daniel's mentioned he needs help translating stuff, as well as classifying and cataloguing it. Apparently, looking at those rocks and actually being able to read the stuff on them are two completely different things."

The soldiers down below were finally ushered out of the 'gate room by Harriman. Jack and Ferretti watched them go in silence.

"Had lunch yet, Lou?" Jack asked.

Ferretti smirked. "I suppose that the fact that the next stop on the tour is the commissary has nothing to do with your desire to eat?"

"Sheer coincidence," Jack stated as the two headed out of the briefing room.

"Can you believe it? That was the Colonel O'Neill!"

"Do you think that any of those stories we've heard about are even true?"

"You saw the 'gate! How could anyone make that up?"

Lieutenant Jason Sloane shook his head at his friend. "Can you believe these guys, Phil?" he asked, sotto voce. "They sound like a bunch of girls fawning over some movie star."

Lieutenant Phil Preston lifted an eyebrow. "Like you weren't thinking it? Come on, Jason, O'Neill was a legend before the Stargate program. The guy is best in his field; are you telling me you wouldn't give your left arm to be assigned to his team?"

"I didn't say that," Sloane replied. "Although, some of those stories do seem to be too good to be true."

"Well, believe them," Captain Craig Andrews spoke up. "I spoke with Major Ferretti earlier about a place on his team, and he told me that, if anything, the stories don't even come close."

"I wonder if we'll see any other SG-1 members," Preston stated.

The sound of a crash drew their attention away from their tour guide and down a side corridor. Andrews, Preston, and Sloane paused slightly, then broke away from their group to see what had happened.

A man with gray hair was just helping a younger man off of the floor. Curious eyes slipped over the older man with the short gray hair and fell on the longer, definitely not regulation length blond hair. The two men began to collect the papers and files that were scattered all over the floor from what undoubtedly had been a collision.

"Sorry, Dr. Jackson," the older man was saying, stacking papers and handing them to the bemused younger man.

"Uh, it's okay," the younger man stammered. "My fault, I, uh, wasn't paying attention."

"Hey, Dannyboy!"

All eyes shifted further down the hallway, where O'Neill and Ferretti were approaching from. A fond look of exasperation was on Jack's face as he approached the younger man.

"Uh, hi, Jack, Lou,"the young mangreeted.

Jack nodded at the gray-haired man. "Siler. He mow you down again?"

"Not exactly, sir," the gray-haired man replied, straightening. "It was sort of a . . . mutual collision."

Ferretti chuckled as Jack waved the gray-haired man on. Collecting what had to be the largest wrench the three new recruits had ever seen, the man that Jack had addressed as 'Siler' continued on down the hall.

Jack stooped down and collected the rest of the papers that Siler had been stacking and tucked them under one arm. "Daniel, Daniel, Daniel. How many times have I told you not to read and walk at the same time?"

"It was important, Jack!" the young man, Daniel, insisted. "Those are some more files on some people I'd like for General Hammond to consider working at the SGC. I'm really hoping he'll agree to hire Robert Rothman. I know him from way back, and-."

"Can we help you, gentlemen?"

Jack's suddenly hard voice halted Daniel mid-word. Confused blue eyes turned towards the three men who were frozen under Jack's hard stare.

"Er . . . sorry, sir," Sloane stuttered, straightening. "We, uh, we were on the tour when we heard a crash and came to see if anyone needed help."

"And you just decided to gawk instead?" Jack challenged. "If that's the kind of help you're going to offer the SGC, airman, then I'll have Sgt. Harriman show you the door. Do I make myself clear?"

"Sir, yes sir!" Sloane, Preston, and Andrews all barked.

"Dismissed!" Jack snapped.

The three men hurried away to catch up with the rest of their group.

"Nice going, Jason,"Preston muttered.

Sloane shot him an irritated look. "I didn't hear you come up with anything better."

"Who was the geek?" Andrews asked.

"That guy Siler called him Dr. Jackson," Preston stated. "I think he's the Dr. Jackson on SG-1."

"The guy that opened the Stargate?" Sloane said, incredulous, recalling their initial briefing just before the tour. "That can't be him! The guy looks like a wimp!"

"I don't know who else it might be," Preston replied. "Besides, he called Colonel O'Neill by his first name, and as far as I'm aware, he's the only civilian on base."

"He didn't look like much," Andrews commented. "He can't possibly be the guy from those stories we've been hearing. Taking out Ra, going to an alternate dimension and getting intel to stop the assault on earth; I mean, the guy couldn't even get down the hall without being knocked over."

"I bet O'Neill and his teammates cover for him," Sloane said. "A guy like that has no place on a front line team."

"Oh, and you do?" Preston taunted.

"More than some clumsy geek!" Sloane snapped. "He's taking the place of a more capable soldier who deserves to be on the team."

"Yeah, well, like it or not, I don't think Dr. Jackson's going to be looking for reassignment anytime soon," Andrews cut in. "Shame, too. I'd like a shot to be on SG-1."

"Who says we can't try?" Sloane asked. "All we have to do is prove to O'Neill that we're better for the job than the geek, and he'll boot him off and pick one of us."

"How?" Preston asked, curious.

A conniving smile spread across Sloane's face. "Just leave that up to me."