Summary: Okay, so what if Bella didn't stop her yearly visits to Charlie? What if instead she went to Forkson holiday a few months before she moved?

AN: This was just a little plot idea I had, so please let me know what you think and if I should continue.

Bella POV

Charlie left in the cruiser, waving to me at the window. I waved back though I doubt he saw me through the thick torrents of rain bouncing off the streets. Sighing I made my way into the kitchen to rustle up as good a breakfast as I could, with Charlie's limited cooking supplies. I was determined to eat something other than toast for once. I'd get enough of that when I moved there.

I tried to convince myself it won't be so bad. I'd still miss Renee, of course. But I'd get to know Charlie better, and give Phil and Renee some space. I could tell she doesn't want me to have to go but I had to. I didn't want to hamper them, besides it was about time I got to know my own father. Although it would be hard to call him Dad instead of 'Charlie' which he doesn't like. Still, at least I don't call him Chucky.

A quick rummage through the cupboards revealed that it was a choice between toast or going out into the cold wet weather to walk to the shops. Glaring, I tugged on my waterproof jacket. The bread sat laughing at me on the table. I glanced once more at the window, wondering whether it really was such a good idea, walking to the shop in the pouring rain when there was a loaf of bread just waiting there… I groan and grab a slice of bread and shove it roughly in the toaster only to discover there wasn't any butter. Instead I reached for the jam, the non-existent jam. Dammit, I would have to go out into the flood falling from the sky.

I tripped half way to the front door, over a few boxes of my things for when I moved here later, before deciding to give up and just go out the back. I should have known my own luck better, for as soon as I stepped out the door hailstones rained down, bouncing off my head, leaving stinging patches on my skin. Running as best as I could through the slippery mud I raced for shelter under the trees which led into the forest. As I reached the shelter of the trees I seriously began to wish I hadn't come this way.

Under the trees it was dark. It was bad enough with the clouds in the sky but in here there was so little light I had difficulty seeing even a foot in front of me. I turned around to look back at the house but a sudden flash of white appeared in the corner of my eye. I whirled around, my heart thudding angrily against my chest as though fighting to be free.

What the hell was that?

I stumbled blindly in a panic further into the trees, not caring where I was going as long as it was putting distance between me and that frighteningly fast creature. A root snaked around my foot, bringing me crashing to the muddy forest floor. I threw my hands in front of my face as I landed with a soft thud in the wild grass. The dark leaves prevented any water dripping onto me, and for that I was thankful. The lack of light, on the other hand, I wasn't quite so crazy about. Breathing heavily into the long strands of grass irritating my nose, I stayed flat on the ground listening to my pulse throbbing in my neck, joined by heart.

Suddenly a loud roar of pain erupted in the distance, making my heart freeze in shock before doubling its erratic pace. What caused that? The hairs on my arms pricked up as I slowly rolled over. Whatever animal made that noise was in serious pain and I had no plans to be joining in as back up wailer. An unnatural wind blew threw through the trees ruffling strands of loose hair as I stood up. Cautiously, I made my way over to a fallen tree. I shuffled along it until I had my back against it but could see in every direction. It might be easy to be pinned against but at least I didn't have to worry about something jumping out from behind.

Thumbing a rough leaf nervously, I strained my ears to hear if anything was coming. Silence… until a twig snapped. It was the last push my nerves needed to send me fleeing. I raced through the trees, my usually clumsy feet fighting desperately to stay upright as I made it through the forest, an occasional trickle of water dripping down my back making me shiver at the unexpected touch.

My lungs heaved painfully as they struggled to take in oxygen. Finally, when I thought I couldn't go any further without collapsing I saw a flicker of daylight at the threshold separating me from the safety of home. I ran towards it, gulping in fresh breaths of relief as I dragged a hand across my flushed clammy face.

Once I was in the fine drizzle of the rain with only clouds to see, it was hard to imagine that a bunch of trees had made me so frightened, that I had been so intensely afraid. I took deep steadying breaths as I looked into the penetrating darkness of the woods. Surely there's nothing in there to be afraid of? At worst a couple of hairy spiders, but not anything too dangerous… just as the self assuring thought crossed my mind a flock of birds took to the sky, screeching as they went. Okay… maybe it was just bad timing. But then a sound like thunder echoed around me and I decided not to risk it. With goose bumps raised on my arms I splashed through the puddles to the back door.

All of a sudden, dry toast didn't sound that bad.