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'Bella!' called Charlie's voice up the stairs to where I was hunting for my old bag for school tomorrow.

'Yeah?' I answered back, my own voice muffled because of where it was (under the bed).

'Come downstairs, I have a surprise for you!' At these words my heart instantly sank. Surprises. Great, just great. Plastering on a smile whilst internally cringing and mentally preparing myself, I trudged down the carpeted stairs.

Charlie was fidgeting excitedly at the bottom. 'It's outside.'

Even better. A surprise outside, in the rain. Charlie grabbed my arm and led me to the front door, where he covered my eyes with his hand, after throwing the front door open. A few stumbles later we made it over to 'the spot'.

'Ta-dah!' Charlie cried, dramatically releasing my eyes from his hold. There was no danger of being dazzled by the sun, more likely the lack of it. What stood before was a large and probably ancient Chevy, with a bulbous cab with big fenders and chipped red paint. To my surprise, I absolutely fell in love with it on sight. It was the kind you saw at the road side after being in a collision with a mangled sports car but was perfectly fine itself.

Charlie was standing next to me shifting uncomfortably waiting for my reaction. 'What do you think?'

Turning around I smiled gratefully at him. 'Thanks Ch-Dad, I love it!'

Charlie turned a light pink, looking pretty pleased with himself. Neither Charlie or I were very comfortable talking about feelings or making unnecessary conversation, which was one of the reasons we were well suited to living together. In some ways it was a lot like having my own place since Charlie was often at work even on weekends, a habit built by years living on his own. And the gift also meant that I had plenty of money since I had been saving to buy a car myself, although I shuddered to think what kind of mileage the truck had. Plus I wouldn't have to face the decision of walking a couple of miles in the pouring rain or accepting a ride to school in the chief's cruiser which was bound to grab attention.

The rain at night was hard to sleep through, battering against the window, but I eventually managed to doze off, only to be woken again all too soon by the alarm clock to a dull grey overcast sky. It was suffocating to me, the clouds seemed to form a thick blanket too close to the earth to let anyone breathe. Nerves fluttered up in my stomach, as I snatched the keys to my 'new' old truck and prepared to drive it to the school which was easy enough to find.

After following the other students in their cars, which were as old mine as I was grateful to see, I parked my truck beneath a large tree. Just as I slammed the door shut, I noticed a small figure behind me. 'AH!'

'Relax, Bella! It's me!' Alice's familiar soprano voice chirped, as she let her hood fall down.

I gasped a sigh of relief as my heartbeat slowly returned to normal. 'How did you know I'd be here?'

Alice just shrugged. 'It wasn't exactly hard to spot that thing over here,' she said, slapping the side of the truck.

'Hey! Well, what did you arrive in? a limo?' I teased as we walked to the reception so I could collect my schedule.

Alice smirked. 'Not quite. We just came in that thing over there,' she pointed over to easily the best car in the parking lot; a shiny silver Volvo. 'It's my brother's, we all just hitch a ride together.'

I nodded, opening the door to the main building, which led to a room full of leafy green plants, as if there was a shortage of them outside. Alice studied the fliers pinned to the walls as I went up to the red-headed women behind the desk. All it took was to say my name for her to make the leap to the 'new girl'. She handed over the timetable and map, explaining the best routes to each class and gave me a slip for each teacher to sign. I just hoped they wouldn't ask me to introduce myself in any of the classes. Scanning through the schedule I noticed I had gym last since it was mandatory here for all four years as opposed to two back in Phoenix. Another black mark for Forks.

'You know where you're going first?' Alice asked, peering over my shoulder so silently I hadn't even noticed her.

I nodded again. All the buildings here were clearly marked with large black numbers on their sides so it shouldn't be too hard to find English which I had with a Mr Mason. He didn't make me introduce myself, as I had feared. Only one teacher did, who I would have disliked anyway simply because he taught trig. I had blushed my own patented shade of deep red before tripping on my way back to the safety of my seat.

In every class I had people staring curiously at me, only a couple bold enough to talk to me. Somehow they always managed to find a way of sending me a few nosy glances, despite my best attempts to avoid them by sitting in the back row. The same girl who sat next to me in Trig sat with me in Spanish , chattering away so it wasn't too necessary for me to attempt to make conversation myself. On our way to the queue at lunch a classic chess-geek nerd waved to me, Eric, who'd spoken to me after English. Jessica quickly steered me to her crowded table and since I hadn't spotted Alice I accepted.

She rattled off some introductions to a list of people so fast that I had no chance of remembering their names. They seemed impressed at her bravery in talking to me, the pale kid from the land of sun. As they chattered on about something, I noticed Alice sitting amongst a small group of people as equal to her in beauty, which was an extremely high standard. I had a strange feeling that I vaguely recognized the tall lanky bronze haired boy. On either side of her was a blonde, one an absolutely stunningly gorgeous female, the kind that made every other girls self esteem take a hit just by being in the same room as her, and on the other a muscular golden haired boy. There was also a massive boy, again in a brawny way, who looked old enough to be a teacher here rather than a student (as did the others) with dark hair. None of them seemed to be talking, instead they gazed off into opposite directions, not even touching the food they had sitting on trays in front of them.

'Who are they?' I asked Jessica in a low voice, even though there was no possible way they could have heard me from the opposite side of the room. She might have known from the tone of my voice who I meant because she looked straight at them before answering.

'They're the Cullens and Hales,' she replied. The bronze haired one looked up almost before she said this, as if in response. Seeing his look she giggled. 'They come from Alaska,' she continued under her breath.

'Have they been here long?' I asked, also under my breath and focusing on the table to avoid the would be models gaze.

'No,' she replied, rolling her eyes as if that should be obvious. 'They moved here a couple of years ago. Their adopted father works in the hospital.' Instantly I recalled the tired looking but handsome doctor who shared the same bruises under the eyes as the children. Noticing the bronze haired one staring at me looking frustrated, I asked Jessica who he was, in a quiet murmur.

'Oh, that's Edward,' she giggled again. 'Don't waste your time though, none of them date since they're all paired off.' Seeing my surprised face she quickly continued 'The two blondes are the Hale twins. Rosalie and Jasper. Rosalie goes out with Emmett, and Jasper with Alice, the small spiky haired girl. Apparently none of the girls here are pretty enough for Edward,' she sniffed. I muffled a laugh at her clear sign of sour grapes. Poor Jessica, I wondered idly how long she'd been holding the grudge.

Finally daring to lift me eyes from the table I was relieved to see that he was now looking away, unlike Alice who waved at me, earning herself a glare from Rosalie and looks of surprise from her other siblings.

Jessica also turned to me in shock. Which, quite frankly I found insulting. I can talk to people! She examined me curiously, making me blush. 'The Cullen's hardly ever take notice of anyone outside their social circle.'

I just shrugged and returned to eating my sandwich, seeing as Alice was now occupied with talking to her family.

After lunch Angela and I made our way to Biology II, where I introduced myself to the teacher who signed the slip without making me introduce myself to the class. There was only one unoccupied seat, next to one of Alice's brothers. I made my way over to it, taking in the sight of his murderously angry face that only seemed to grow more furious as I approached. I shrank nervously into my seat, letting my hair fall between us, to give me some peace. When Mr Banner announced that we had to work with our partners to identify the different stages of mitosis I instantly felt a feeling of dread, and turned slowly towards Edward. He seemed to be sitting as far away from me as possible and was still scowling but managed to speak long enough to tell me who he was.

'Hello, Bella. I'm Edward, one of Alice's brothers,' he said in a voice that sounded like velvet.

I could practically feel my jaw dropping, as I struggled for something to say. Thankfully the teacher placed the microscope and slides in front of us just then so I was able to grab it and confidently assess it. Edward only looked after me, and was as careful not to make contact as if he thought I had some contagious disease.

When the bell finally rang he was outta there like a shot. A blond haired guy came up behind, introducing himself as Mike and walked to the gym, where I was grateful that I wasn't expected to participate. Afterwards I came out to find Alice walking by at the same time.

'Bella!' she beamed. 'How was your first day?'

'As good as first days get, I suppose.' I turned in the opposite direction to the car park but Alice stayed with me anyway, I had to hand in the slip.

When we entered the reception area, chatting about the teachers who were best avoided, we noticed Edward standing in the queue behind a girl who was explaining she was going on holiday for a week. He turned to face Alice, his nose wrinkled as though he smelt something disgusting. Nodding so minutely I could barely be sure he did, he turned and left the office. 'Sorry Bella, but I'd better go, I'll catch you tomorrow, yeah?' Alice asked, smiling with her face but with distracted eyes.

'Yeah, sure. Bye then,' I waved as she practically dances out the office, before handing over the pink slip.

Arriving home was a lot like having my own place, since Charlie was out. I had found out that Charlie couldn't cook anything beyond beans on toast, so we'd agreed that I was to prepare any meals. By the time he got home dinner was ready, much to his surprise. He seemed shocked that he was actually getting a decent meal which me wonder how he'd survived so long by himself. Afterwards I trooped upstairs to start the homework we'd been given. Sadly, it seemed like this was going to become a routine.

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