Ahh my Doctor Who/Mighty Boosh stories are back :)
This time the Doctor's assistant has been swapped, now it's Howard's turn
You don't have to have read the previous stories but this does link to them, but only in the way the Boosh boys already know the Doctor.
So...There's no swearing in this, no blood and gore and probably not much violence.
Enjoy :)

Chapter one

He straightened his tie and adjusted the blazer he was wearing then ran a hand over his face, his fingers traced past his mouth then past his chin. Before leaving the room he grabbed his long brown coat and pulled it on as a shield from whatever the weather would throw at him outside the doors.

He was right, it was raining. The heavens were giving off claps of thunder and bright bolts of lightning, he locked the doors and gathered his bearings then smiled as he crossed the road keeping his head ducked, his coat collar turned upwards and his eyes set into a squint. Water sloshed up his trouser legs as he ran across the road that resembled a river, he hopped onto the pavement and pushed the door handle down on a shop door, expecting it to open he walked straight into it. The door was locked from the inside, frowning and checking no one was looking he pulled out a device that hummed softly, the lock clicked meaning he was free to wander inside the shop.

The room was bathed in shadow, the till was half-open and some euros lay on the counter waiting to be put away. The shop looked as though it had been abandoned by its owners, as he approached the stairs he could hear the sound of panicked voices and a soft glow of light flooded the steps. He climbed them slowly; unaware of what lurked above the shop in the small flat area. The voices were familiar and calmed his beating hearts a little but one voice he hadn't heard in a long time could not be heard, the name that belonged to that certain voice however, was all that was being uttered.

He crept and lingered on the steps, allowing his head to pop up to get a better view of things through the wooden banister, he saw one man on the floor sprawled out, another over the top of him looking down with panic written clearly on his features and another smaller man was stood at the window looking down into the street below meanwhile a rough voice could be heard from one of the other rooms.

"He's here." The small man at the window said making the one on the floor watching over the lifeless one turn his attention to him.

"Who's here?"

"The Doctor."