So this is only short and ends the whole thing in a traditional Doctor Who way x) Which most people will hate haha! Sorry :)

Enjoy xx

Chapter twelve

The Doctor's expression creased into a frown of confusion while Vince stared coldly at the creature progressing toward them, taking no chances the Doctor grasped his companion's arm and forcefully pulled him away into the Tardis he slammed the door and let go of his arm then dashed to the controls.

"We need to go send this little boy back home. Babysitting is officially over." He pulled a lever and the Tardis departed "It will be following us though. We have to get the kid there and leave quickly. We can't hang around."
"Doctor." Naboo pulled the Timelord aside who bent down to the Shaman's height "You can tell Vince's timeline has changed." The Doctor turned to watch his companion who was knelt on the floor just starring "Everything has affected the kid. How can we get the real Vince back? If we can?" The traveller remained silent and instead headed to his console, he twisted a dial and reached for something within a small compartment of the ship then programmed in the landing co-ordinates.


The Doctor had instructed everyone to remain in the Tardis while he took hold of the child's hand and led him out the doors and into the dark forest beyond.
"Only two minutes after you disappeared. I hope." He looked down at the younger version of Vince and grinned, he smiled back then turned his attention to a butterfly passing through the forest.

They made it to the small hut safely and quickly; the Doctor clambered the ladder after Vince then settled him into his bed tucking the duvet up to the small boy's chin. He noticed a glass of water untouched on the bedside table and noticed creases in the bed opposite, he reached inside his blazer and pulled out a small item, something white that the child stared at and smiled at while bouncing in his bed slightly.
"You seem like your old self already. Sort of." He grinned while dropping the small object into the water. He picked up the glass and gave it a swirl then handed it to the child "Sorry but I can't let you remember any of this." He watched as the child drank the water "That's twice I've given you that pill now." He laughed slightly "I owe you you're memories...I'll make it up to you." He winked "A trip to a distant galaxy maybe? Or we could go to the end of the Earth? Actually no, been there before can't do that again! Maybe...Maybe you could choose. Oh I don't know, I'm babbling now. I should go really but..." He watched the child as his eyes shut slowly "See you in the future, Vince Noir." He smiled, stroked the sleeping child's hair slightly then left as quickly as he could.


Back in the Tardis he hurried to the controls and quickly pushed buttons and pulled the handbrake free then turned to them all with a grin on his face.
"You've perked up." He grinned at Vince who was actually looking a lot brighter than the last time he saw him.
"Is everything fixed, Doctor?" The Timelord nodded quickly "Now we need to get back to your time. Hopefully she'll get it right." He nodded at the pulsing turquoise light which soon calmed "Right here we are."
"That was quick." Howard added as they all followed the Doctor toward the doors.
"Yep. Time travel can be quick." The Doctor grinned as he threw open the doors, his smile faded as quickly as it came as he stared at the obscure mess the street was in. Vince stood on his tip-toes to see over the time traveller's shoulder.
"Why is it snowing black stuff?" He asked almost innocently while gazing at the odd colour the street was now bathed in.

The end