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Tezuka was up at six-thirty the next morning, gathering assorted belongings from all over the cabin and tossing them into the rooms of their respective owners, careful not to wake anyone.

As he went quietly up the stairs with another armful of belongings he noticed light coming from under the bathroom door. He dispersed his armful of things, and after figuring out Kaidoh was the only one out of bed, waited outside the bathroom for him.

Kaidoh sighed heavily as he exited the bathroom. He hated being mad at Inui. A pair of socked feet came into his vision. He mentally grimaced. Socks. He looked up to discover the owner. "Tezuka-buchou."

"I apologize for Fuji's...stunt last night."

Kaidoh shook his head. "Inui-sempai should have known better."


"Buchou...Can I ask you something?"

"Of course."

"How do you do it?"


"How do you deal with Fuji-sempai when he gets like that?"

"I..." Tezuka paused. "Fuji is... well, Fuji is Fuji, and while sometimes he needs... a firm hand to keep anyone from getting hurt, I love him and who he is, and trying to change him would be wrong, no matter how frustrating he can be. It's something people like you and me have to accept when we fall for people like Inui and Fuji."

Kaidoh nodded. "Thank you, Buchou. That helped a lot."

"You're welcome, Kaidoh. Make sure you don't forget anything."

"I already have everything packed, Buchou."

"Right." Tezuka nodded to him and started toward his bedroom, wondering why he didn't spend more time with Kaidoh.

Kaidoh went back into his bedroom, finding the hall to be creepy, and slipped back into the bed he shared with Inui. When his eyes adjusted to the dark he saw Inui had woken up and was looking at him while trying to look like he was asleep.

"Inui-sempai...I forgive you this time, but don't do it again." He moved over and fitted himself against Inui's sleep-warm body.

Inui wrapped an arm around Kaidoh's waist. "I'm sorry, Kaoru. What I did was cruel."

"Yeah," Kaidoh agreed, "but... I knew you before I started dating you. I knew what I was getting into. And I love you for it, so occasionally it's okay to be yourself. Just keep the cruelty for the sake of data to a minimum, all right?"

"Of course, Kaoru."


"Morning, Mitsu," Fuji greeted as Tezuka came in, sitting up and stretching. He smiled. "You look rather pleased."

Tezuka sat on the edge of the bed, kissing the tensai's forehead. "I've just realized why I put up with you."

"Because I add excitement to your life, and I'm good in bed?"

"No," Tezuka said, giving his boyfriend a stern look. "And because you said that I'm not going to tell you."

"Mitsu! How mean!"

Tezuka snorted.


"No." He kissed the tensai chastely. "You need to get packed."


"And..." Kaidoh sighed softly, "I'm sorry for being manipulative last night..."


"Before you went and grabbed the phone..."

"Ah, that." Inui smiled. "Actually, I was quite impressed, Kaoru. I've taught you well."

More like Fuji-sempai has, Kaidoh thought but kept his mouth shut, cuddling against Inui's chest.


"But I don't want to get packed. I want you to tell me why you put up with me."

"Then I guess your things will stay here."

"But Mitsu!"


"I can't believe we're leaving in a few hours..." Kaidoh mumbled.


Kaidoh shrugged. "It's been nice..."

"What has?"

"Not having to hide from Tanaka-sensei..."

"Oh..." Inui rolled his eyes. He missed having Ryuuzaki-sensei as a coach. Tanaka-sensei was okay as far as coaches went, but he highly disapproved of their "immoral lifestyle choices," as he'd put it once.


Ryoma opened his eyes to see Momo staring down at him. He blinked. "What are you doing?"

"I was watching you sleep."

"...Oh. Why?"

"I dunno. You're cuter when you're asleep."

Ryoma frowned. "You're creepy."

"Am not."

Ryoma hm-ed and asked, "When do we actually have to be up?"

Momo looked at the clock. "Well, Ryuzaki-sensei said we were leaving the house at ten thirty ish, so we should get up in probably half an hour or so..."

Ryoma glanced over his shoulder. "Seven thirty? Really?"



"And we don't get to sleep together that often..."

Inui started to say something when Kaidoh cut him off.

"Sleep, not sex."

"Me and Oishi neither, nya!"

"How long have you been up, Kikumaru?"

"Long enough." Eiji grinned.

"Why don't you get to stay together often? Don't both of your parent's know?" Inui asked.

"Yeah, but we both have siblings, and they like to tease, so we don't stay together that often." Eiji was now sitting up and shrugged.

"Hazue too..." Kaidoh grumbled.

"Ah, but I have no siblings, and my parents are away most of the time, so Kaoru and I don't have this particular problem," Inui said. "And I've had a talk with Hazue-kun about keeping well away from Kaoru's room when I stay over."

"You what?"

"It was for the preservation of your brother's innocence, Kaoru."

Kaidoh groaned, "I can't believe you!" He could feel his face burning.

"At least he won't end up like Yuuta-kun, "Oishi commented.

"Yeah! Yuuta's scared for life, remember?" Eiji laughed silently.

"I would never act like Fuji-sempai acts around Yuuta-kun around Hazue..." Kaidoh, who was now laying with his face in his pillow, shook his head.

"Of course not, Kaoru." Inui petted his hair.

"What else have you talked to my family about without telling me?" Kaidoh turned his head to look at his sempai.

"Well..." Inui tried to bite back a smile, "Your dad is a very intimidating man."

Kaidoh sat up. "You didn't!"

Inui cupped his chin. "Of course not, but your mother did threaten me with a wooden spoon."

Kaidoh groaned.


Fuji tackled Tezuka to the bed and straddled him. "Mitsu, tell me."

"What do I get out of it?"

"We are not playing this game again!"

"This game does wonders for my sanity though." Tezuka pushed Fuji back by his shoulders. Tezuka situated the tensai in his lap and kissed his forehead. "Quit pouting."

"No." Fuji stuck his lower lip out farther.

Tezuka ducked his head and kissed the tensai sweetly, bringing the lower lip between his teeth for a moment before letting go. Fuji swept his tongue over his lip tenderly. "You bit me."

Tezuka snorted and kissed him again. "I put up with you."

"But why?"

"Because I have to," Tezuka said simply.

Fuji blinked and frowned. "Ne, Mitsu, how mean!"

"That's not what I meant."


"Ne, Kaidoh, it's okay!" Eiji said, patting Kaidoh's shoulder. "When my older brothers found out about me and Oishi, they tied him to a chair and made him promise not to hurt me or they'd kill him and make sure no one ever found his body."

"That--that's not really reassuring, Kikumaru-sempai..."

"Nya, I just mean that all families are protective, so it's no big deal."

"Hazue said something quite similar, though it was very hard to take his threat seriously in his bunny costume."

"Bunny costume?"

"The year your mother volunteered him to be the Easter bunny at your cousin's party, remember?"

"Oh..." Kaidoh snorted.

"Does your sister know, Oishi?"

"I think so...She's friends with Taka-san and Momo's sisters, so probably, but I haven't ever said it to her."

"And me and Oishi don't act all cuddly and kissy and stuff around her."

"Oishi and I, Kikumaru."



Momo paused, about to kiss the back of Ryoma's neck. He blinked. "Y-yeah?"

"Don't act so shocked," Ryoma mumbled. "We forgot to take off the sheets last night."

"We forgot..." he stopped. "GROSS!"

Taka-san made a noise and sat up, rubbing his eyes as Momo hoisted Ryoma off their bed and ripped the sheets off. "What's... going on?"

Ryoma yelped as Momo threw him over his shoulder. "Momo-sempai! What are you doing?!"

"We are unclean, Echizen!" Momo insisted, heading toward the door.

Taka watched for a minute, shrugged, and got out of bed. "I guess if Momo and Echizen are up, I should be too..."


"Nya, of course you and Oishi don't act cuddly and kissy... what are you talking about, Inui?"

Inui sighed. "Never mind."

"What is going on out there?" Oishi heard a door slam open and then Momo talking to/at Echizen rather loudly.

"Who cares?" Kaidoh muttered, pulling the blankets over himself again.

"Put me down, Momo-sempai!" Ryoma demanded.

"Nya, maybe we should check." Eiji got out of bed and opened the door. "What are you doing to Ochibi, Momo?"

"We are contaminated!" Momo yowled, slamming the bathroom door shut behind him, Ryoma looking quite pissed off from his place slung over Momo's shoulder.

Eiji shut the door. "They are...contaminated?" He shrugged and went back to his bed.


"I put up with you, Syusuke, because I need you in my life. Even with your antics and the fact that I lose a little more of my sanity every day, I don't mind because I love you for exactly who you are."

"Mou, but you always complain," Fuji said.

"There's only so much a man can take," Tezuka replied, smiling. "That doesn't mean I want you to stop entirely. I do want you to be happy, Syusuke, contrary to what it might sometimes seem. And if that means causing mischief, it can't be helped."

"I could be happy without my antics…" Fuji put his head on Tezuka's shoulder.

"Then why do you do them?"

"I don't know… I guess I'd just rather do something wrong that I know is wrong and know why you're mad at me…" Fuji turned his face in to the t-shirt-clad shoulder, hiding.

Tezuka sighed. "I'd never be mad at you if you hadn't given me a reason, Syusuke," he said, kissing the top of Fuji's head. "I'm not an unreasonable person."

"I know…" Fuji curled against Tezuka's chest.

Someone knocked on the door, and it opened to reveal Ryuzaki-sensei. "Boys, we need to start getting everything together to leave."

They nodded.

She eyed them for a moment. "Is everything…all right?"

"Of course, sensei." They chorused. She looked doubtful, but left.

"I'm sorry I'm so annoying, Mitsu…" Fuji moved to get off Tezuka's lap.

Tezuka wrapped his arms around Fuji's waist, pulling him back. "You are not annoying."

"But I always cause you so much trouble..."

"You don't--Syusuke, listen. Do you really think I'd be with you if I didn't want to be?"

Fuji shrugged. "I suppose not..."

"I wouldn't."

Fuji frowned at the taller boy holding him captive .

"It does help that the sex is amazing though." Tezuka smiled against Fuji's neck.

Fuji gasped. "Tezuka Kunimitsu!" He grabbed a pillow and hit his seme with it. "You let me go!"

Tezuka laughed and held on to Fuji tighter. "Nope." He laid back on the bed.

Fuji set the pillow aside and laid on top of the captain. "I'll try to cut back on my 'antics' if you don't act so serious all the time. Deal?"

Tezuka sighed. "I suppose."


"Nya..." Eiji said forlornly, tossing clothes haphazardly into his suitcase. "I don't want to leave, Oishi... It's been so much fun..."

"It has," Oishi agreed, "but it's also been very... dramatic. It'll be nice when we're at home and things calm down."

"Yeah, but... what," Kaidoh said, "about getting to be together so much, I don't want to give it up."

Eiji sighed and leaned against the bed. "And we can't move in together until we graduate, and that's not for forever..."

"It's not that long, Eiji. Just a year. And besides, we'll get to stay the night together all the time."

"It's just…" Eiji threw a rather unfortunate pair of jeans into his suitcase harder than necessary. He sighed.

"It's not the same…" Kaidoh filled in, wrapping the cord of his headphones around his mp3 player.

Inui paused in looking through his stack of notebooks, making sure they were all there, to put a hand on Kaidoh's shoulder. "It'll be time for your graduation before you know it, Kaoru."

"That's right, nya! Inui and Kaidoh have two years! I always forget until we're actually not all in the same grade…"


"I'm clean now!" Ryoma swatted Momo's hand away from him.

"I wasn't going to wash you that time…" Momo gave the freshman a lecherous grin.


"You know you love it."

"Are you done washing Kaidoh-sempai's germs off of you?"

"Yep, now I just have to replace them with Ryoma-germs."

Ryoma glared at him. "I'm still sore from yesterday."

"Oh, come on. It's not like I was rough with you or anything."

"Don't care. I don't wanna."

"Aw, Ryoma, please? I promise to be extra gentle..."

"So? That won't make me any less sore."


"No, Momo-sempai!" Ryoma gave him an angry pout.

Momo tried to resist the Eiji-like impulse to glomp Ryoma, and frowned back instead. "Please?"

Ryoma sighed and took the soap from Momo. He muttered, "Why am I doing this?" and reached behind himself to prod his entrance with his now soap-slick fingers.

Momo watched, grinning slowly. "God, you don't know how hot that is."

"Would you shut up and get on with it?"

"Wish, command," Momo murmured, pulling Ryoma against him and sliding slowly inside.

Ryoma bit his lip, and moments later Momo snickered.

"What?" Ryoma snapped.

"I don't think I've ever seen you turn that red." Momo grinned, giving a short thrust of his hips.

Ryoma could feel the blush darken to what had to be a shade near that of Kikumaru-sempai's hair. "Don't make me leave," he growled.

"You wouldn't."

"I would." Ryoma dared.

Momo kissed the freshman's forehead and began thrusting. Ryoma gasped and braced himself against the wall. "I bet you wouldn't now."

"Shut up," Ryoma managed. "You slow down when you talk."


"When did Momo and Ochibi become the most sexually active couple on the team?" Eiji whined, pressing his ear to the bathroom door.

"Eiji! Don't listen in!"

"Nya, but it's interesting, they're yelling at each other, but it's like they get off on it or something..."

"There is an eighty four percent chance that they do, Kikumaru." Inui commented as he was dragged down the hall by a furiously blushing Kaidoh.

"Kaidoh-kun doesn't want to listen?" Eiji sing-songed teasingly.

"Leave him alone, Eiji." Oishi put a hand on his shoulder. Eiji pouted until Oishi leaned down to whisper, "Besides, I never got to show you how much you've corrupted me last night," in his ear.

"Don't start," Ryuzaki said, coming up the stairs. "The other four may be in the middle of their... whatever, I don't want to think about it, but they've already started, and we don't have time for the rest of you to... ugh, anyway, go pack, and keep it clean, no... strip teases or... God, I need a drink..."

Eiji snickered as she went back down. "Nya, I guess you'll just have to wait until we get home, Oishi," he said, kissing his partner's nose.

Oishi sighed. "Okay. Let's go look for your things, they've no doubt ended up all over the house..."

"Hey! Meanie!"

"Actually," Tezuka came out of his room, "I went around and gather everyone's things from around the cabin. They're all in your room. Unless I missed something."

"Thanks, Buchou!" Eiji glomped Tezuka for the few seconds he would be allowed without getting in trouble before backtracking to Oishi and quickly dragging the vice captain into their bedroom. Oishi gave Tezuka a small smile of thanks as he shut their door.

"Why do you do that?" Ryuzaki-sensei sighed from the bottom of the stairs.

"Because, secretly, Mitsu is a sap and likes to make all of us as happy as he can." Fuji popped up behind Tezuka with his fully packed suitcases.

"That" Tezuka quirked an eyebrow.

Fuji just smiled.

Witchcraft, Tezuka thought. It has to be.


Once everyone was packed and Taka-san had made breakfast, Ryuzaki-sensei and Inui started dividing passengers.

"Kaidoh will ride with me, of course," Inui said. "Along with--"

"Inui-sempai," Momo said quietly, "I think it'd be best if Echizen and I rode with Ryuzaki-sensei..."

"Obviously, Momoshiro," Inui said, marking this down. Interesting, he thought. Perhaps Oishi was right. Usually Momoshiro would cause a fight between him and Kaidoh by loudly declaring that he wouldn't be within ten feet of him, but now he seems to be wanting to avoid discomfort more than anything else...

"Oishi, Kikumaru, and Kawamura in your car, Inui?" Ryuzaki suggested. "And I'll take the sex addicts."

"I am not!" Ryoma protested.

"Methinks the lady doth protest too much." Fuji ruffled Ryoma's hair affectionately.

Ryoma swatted the hands away and moved to stand near the captains, who were looking at the maps.

Fuji leaned against the table. "We really have to leave don't we…"

There were nods and sighs all around.

"I suppose we should get our thinks into the cars then…" Oishi folded the maps.

After a murmur of protest, the nine teenagers trudged upstairs in a line to get their things, Ryuzaki-sensei heading downstairs. Soon all luggage was piled into the two cars.

"Before we leave," Fuji said, "everyone, get in front of the cabin, I want a picture."

"You should be in it too though, Fuji-sempai," Momo half-heartedly protested.

After another ten minutes of fiddling with his tripod and getting the timing right Fuji walked over and stood between Eiji and Tezuka.

"Say 'Fujiko!'" Eiji wrapped an arm around the tensai's shoulders as the camera went off and everyone chorused the tensai's nickname.

Fuji shrugged off the redhead's arm and smiled in his patiently amused manner.

"Just let me get this stuff put away…" Fuji shut off his camera and packed it back into his bag.

Before they knew it they were pulling away from the cabin and down the creepy driveway that Eiji now looked upon with affection and through the gate, Ryuzaki getting out quickly to shut it behind them.

As Ryuzaki pulled away from the drive Ryoma took a glance back at the gate. "You know, we never did find tennis courts up here."