What Twilight character are you most like? Allow this quiz to answer for you.


1.You have said "Sure, sure"

2.You shake, tremble, etc. when you're upset or mad

3.You can make clothes explode off of your body

4.You enjoy getting fevers

5.You love the wilderness


1.Sometimes it seems like you can read minds

2.You smile crookedly sometimes

3.You have a lot of self-control

4.Your muscles tense up when you're nervous, worried, or scared

5.You love lions


1.You fall down alot

2.You have though Drip drip drip Jacob Jacob Jacob before

3.You always want to make dinner yourself

4.You try to hold yourself together when you remember someone thats gone

5.You use strawberry shampoo


1.You love bears

2.You work out, lift weights, compete, etc.

3.Nothing really upsets you, you treat everything like a joke

4.Hardly anything you think wont be put into words or actions

5.You hate losing


1.You spend most of your time watching TV

2.You fish

3.Your eyes crinkle when you smile

4.You hate dressing up

5.You hate tears and emotional outbursts


1.You have deja vu alot

2.Sometimes you think that you are physic

3.You cut your hair short

4.You really know how to get on peoples nerves

5.You are obsessed with shopping and clothes


1.You are charismatic

2.You are sensitive to other peoples emotions

3.You know the right thing to say to calm someone down, or excite them

4.You like to gamble

5.You keep your distance from new people


1.You like to make people feel better

2.Make peace not war

3.You enjoy being in hospitals

4.You love everyone and everything

5.You are optimistic


1.You look in the mirror at yourself all the time

2.You often admire yourself

3.You are conceited

4.You want/have kids

5.Sitting on a rocking chair with your husband surrounded by grandchildren sounds good to you


1.You like to keep things fair

2.You love everyone

3.You stick up for "the little people"

4.You think everyone needs a soulmate

5.You act very motherly


1."Hit and Run" is your strategy

2.Your hair is almost always messy

3.You really know how to hold a grudge

4.You dont care if you use people

5.You lie to get what you want

Whoever you agreed with the most for is who you are like the most. It could be a tie between people.

P.S. I got Emmett