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Carlisle and Esme had gone to the cabin we own in Maine. What can I say, it was Spring Break, as much for them as for us, and they wanted to get away from us--very, very far away. So they left us, after the nearly five day lecture we got about Bella's (and the town's) safety coming above all else. Nothing we didn't already know.

Without them here, we could do anything we wanted to. And I knew what we all wanted to do. Or at least, what some of us wanted and others of us would be forced into. I did my previously practiced evil-villain laugh.

"Alice? Is there something you would like to share with me?" Edward's voice carried down the long hallway. Damn, I forgot he could hear me.

"Not at the moment, thank you." I walked out of my room and down to the living room where Rose was watching Project Runway.

"Rose, let's take a little drive. Now." I looked her in the eye, pleading for her automatic agreement.

"Why? I'm watching something."

"You've seen this episode 53 times, Rosalie. I'll tell you later, but we have to leave now."

"Alice! Don't you dare…" Edward threatened from his room, and we heard him start to come down here. Without another word, Rose threw me the keys to the M3 and we bolted out of the house. I started the car while Rose quickly disassembled Edward's Volvo so he couldn't follow us. She jumped in and we took off, leaving Edward standing on the front porch, staring us down.

"Good idea. I should've seen his reaction, but I was too busy trying not to think about it. Guess it didn't work too well, huh?" I made a mental note to really think next time I decide to go looking for something like that.

We were already on the highway. We were headed to Reno. This was going to take someone with a sick, twisted mind who would stop at nothing to accomplish his goal. Emmett.

The guys were going to go to Vegas, but on the way they decided they wanted to see if they could get on an episode of Reno 911. But I think they'll gladly change their minds about that once they hear what I'm planning. I laughed again.

"So, Alice, what is it this time?" Rose smiled. I told her as we reached our exit. Oh, was this going to be fun.


Emmett POV

There they were. The cops were just sitting in their office. The plan was that I would throw a muffin through the window. Then, Jasper would burst through the door, claiming that someone stole his 'Love Muffin'. He would see one of the cops eating it, freak out and jump at them. I would then come through the window, pretend to knock him out, and be the hero. And then I would offer pictures and my autograph. That would surely get me on TV. I pressed the talk button on the walkie-talkie.

"E-lie to J-bird, are you in position? Over."

"J-bird ready to go, E-lie. Over."

I held the muffin in my hand. I hurled it across the street, right towards the window of the police office.

"E-lie to J-bird, the Muffin has taken flight. I repeat, the Muffin has…," I stopped talking, completely in shock. In front of me stood Rosalie, holding the muffin! She grabbed the walkie-talkie from me and spoke into it.

"Pack it up boys. You're done here. Alice has something else in mind for you." She threw the walkie-talkie I stole from a kid on the street into the bushes, grabbed my shirt, and started pulling me to the cars.

"But I've been waiting so long to do this, Rose."

"I think you'll like what Alice has to say better than what you had planned."

We reached the cars. Jasper and Alice were standing in between the Porsche and Rose's convertible.

"Now that we're all here, allow me to explain," Alice said, in a very matter-of-factly type voice.

I listened quietly, afraid of what Rose might do to me if I hadn't. The more Alice said, the more I liked it. When she was finished, she and Jasper got in the Porsche while Rose and I jumped in the M3, and we all headed back to Forks. There was just one more pit-stop we had to make before going home….


Short, I know, but it's just the intro to the story. Once we get more into it, the chapters will be longer.