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Edward had just gone, and after the commentary on his sex life, we got on with the game. It was Alice's turn.

"Never have I ever been skydiving, I think," Alice chirped.

"What do you mean 'you think', Alice?" Bella asked incredulously.

"You see, Bella, since Alice has no memory of her human life, she can't exactly be sure of what she has and hasn't done, so she thinks of things that she doubts she has ever done. That's why she says 'I think'," I replied for Alice.

"Oh, okay then. Jasper, you're up." I thought about what I was going to say carefully.

"Never have I ever lived outside the U.S." I felt surprise coming from Bella, as well as boredom from the rest, mostly Emmett though.

"Wait, Jasper, you've never been outside the country? But you and Alice went to Milan for Fashion Week last fall," Bella said.

"Well, I've been out of the country, but I've never lived outside the country before." It was understandable that Bella would think that. I mean, I'm over 150 years old. It didn't bother me in the slightest. What did, though, was Emmett's next comment.

"Okay, dude, you use that one like ALL the time. Think of something new, will you?"

"Emmett, leave Jazz alone," Alice said in my defense.

"Oooh, what are you gonna do to me if I don't?"

"Emmett…based on the last time you ignored my warning, do you really want to do it again?" I felt horror and fear coming radiating from Emmett now, and then reluctance.

"Oh, fine, I'll 'head your warning' for now. But I will prevail!" he exclaimed triumphantly. I sighed, Alice shook her head, and Edward chuckled slightly.

'Dude, what's up?'

I looked at Edward, and he rolled his eyes toward Emmett; which meant I didn't really want to know.

Anyway, it was now Rose's turn. She cleared her throat to regain attention on her. Some beings never change.

"Never have I ever done something nice to or for a human, besides Bella, since I've been changed." That was definitely true. Bella spoke up though.

"Really Rosalie? I don't believe that, it's impossible!" Emmett snorted.

"Bella, c'mon, it is my wife we're talking about here," Emmett continued on to laugh. Rose reached over and elbowed him, and pretty hard too.

"Well, alright then," Bella sighed as she, and the rest of us, put a finger down. And now, to Emmett.

I felt Edward tensing up, most likely at Emmett's thoughts. Uh-oh, this can't be good….

"Never have I ever done it in Edward's Volvo while he was cleaning the outside of it, in the garage, while Bella was helping him clean the car, and it was night time." Emmett smiled at the end.

"Emmett, just tell me…when?!" Edward was visibly, and perceptively, angered.

"Which time?" Emmett asked, clueless as usual.

"Which time?! You mean to tell me that you did that more than ONCE?!" Alright, I had to try and calm Edward down, and fast. I sent out waves of peacefulness. Edward closed his eyes, and took a deep breath. It seemed to relax him, and he was fine when he opened his eyes after a minute or so. He put his arm back around Bella.

"Okay, I'm fine. Never have I ever tried to act upon feelings such as those and at least attempt to get rid of Emmett." That was true. Edward may have felt serious hatred toward Emmett at some points, but he's never wanted to eliminate him. At least, I've never felt anything like that emotion. Well, not from Edward. Around the circle three fingers went down.

"Even you, my beautiful Rosebud?" Emmett asked Rose incredulously.

"It's hard living with someone, especially you, for an eternity without your mind drifting every now and then, honey. But it's what I do to deal with it." Rose smiled and gave Emmett a, slightly chaste, kiss, and he hugged her.

Okay, now I had to intercede.

"Emmett--Rosebud? You couldn't come up with anything better than that?"

"Hey, Rose likes it, and that's all that matters. And besides, I bet you couldn't do any better."

"That sounds like a bet to me. 400?" Emmett reached out to shake my hand.

"Deal." I started thinking.

"Off the top of my head? How about 'Angel of Roses', or 'sweet Rose of Romeo's early days'?" The second name was too long, but the first one wasn't too bad.

"Jasper, is that all you got? I win then, because those names are trash." Emmett laughed triumphantly.

"Wait a minute, Emmett; I like 'Angel of Roses'. And you always say that when I saved you that day, you thought I was your personal angel sent solely to save you. It fits, pretty well I might add. I love it; call me that from now on." Haha, I win. I looked at Emmett. He was sulking. He'd do anything to please Rose, including forfeit a bet to me. Emmett sighed, and went upstairs real quick to get the money.

"Umm, guys, are we still playing or not?" Bella asked us. We all looked to Alice for the answer.

"Well, do you guys want to keep playing?" Alice whispered this next part so Emmett couldn't hear. "Just let me tell you, it's going to be really good if we stop playing. You just have to wait and see what Emmett's going to—oh hey Emmett." He came bounding down the stairs, and handed me the money. "So, we all decided that we're done with this game. It's too complicated to play when you know everything everyone else has done, you know? Well, let's count up and see who won this round." Alice tallied the scores of everyone's fingers.

"Okay, so Jazz, Rose, Edward and I all have six fingers left. Emmett has five left, and Bella has nine still up. Okay Bella, you won by a landslide. Pick the next game." Alice held out the bowl, and Bella selected a paper. She unfolded it, and a grimace came to her face, as well as Edward's once he read it.

"Umm, the next thing we'll play, I guess, is 'Strip Twister', though since none of us have nothing to strip off, it's just 'Twister'." Bella sighed. Emmett, on the other hand….


"Yes! Finally we get to play 'Twister' woohoo!" I started jumping up and down, shaking the house in effect. I was so happy, I'd been waiting all night to play this game; of course I was excited. I was so happy that I closed my eyes and smiled so much that if I were human my lips would rip apart; if that's even possible.

"Emmett, oh dear," I heard from behind me. I froze in my place. I knew that kind, gentle voice. Oh no, please god no! I turned around, and my suspicions were confirmed. Standing right now in front of me was a very startled Esme, covering her eyes with her hands. And along with her was Carlisle, looking angry, bewildered, disappointed, and mortified all at the same time.

"Emmett…why are you naked?"

"Umm…I don't know, I just am," I replied nonchalantly. I wasn't about to tell my parents, even though it's just Carlisle and Esme, everything we did tonight. Carlisle sighed.

"Well, at least put something on," Carlisle said as he walked toward the closet. Uh-oh.

"Wait, Carlisle, don't open--," I was too late. Carlisle had already opened the door.

"What the hell…? Emmett…."

"It wasn't me this time, I swear!"

"You mean you've done…that…before?!" Esme said shock clearly present in her tone.


And then came a huge cloud of laughter from upstairs. Thanks a lot, guys.


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