Chapter 1

What's your name?

Her heart was beating faster and her eyes widen when she saw one of her Shinigami escorts on the ground, without an arm and bleeding to death.

" Souten Kishun!" yelled Orihime.

There was a golden oval barrier surrounding the injured Shinigami, she was healing him. She turned to look at the other standing shinigami and told him to run away, that she'll be fine. But soon after she told him to run away, blood squirted out of the Shinigami's body as he fell down to the ground, the left side of his body was destroyed. Her eyes widen and then grew sad, she immediately yelled out 'Ayame!' and the golden oval barrier grew larger, healing both of the shinigamis. She turned to look at the arrancar standing before her with sad green eyes, she had seen him before but she didn't know why he would want to talk to her. He told her that he was impressed in how she could still heal them even though their injuries were severe, which made her angry.

" Come with me, woman." Said the arrancar with the sad green eyes.

Orihime wanted to say something but as soon as she opened her mouth she was interrupted.

" Silence!"

The arrancar stared straight into Orihime's eyes.

"The next word you'll say is, Hai."

Orihime just stared at the arrancar that was walking towards her.

" If you say any other word besides Hai, it will resort to death.. but not of yours."

Suddenly, behind the arrancar were images of Ichigo, Matsumoto, and Hitsugaya fighting hard.

" But of your friends."

Orihime's eyes widen and her heart started to beat faster.

" Do not ask or say anything, you do not have the right to anything. Your friends are in your hands now but understand this woman, this is not a negotiation. Either way you're leaving with me, that's an order."

The only thing Orihime could think about was the safety and lives of her friends. She didn't care what would happen to her but as long as she knew her friends were fine, then nothing else mattered.

" Aizen-sama has an interest in you and wants you to be brought back unharmed. I'm only going to say this once..Come with me, woman."

Orihime's eyes suddenly became sad.

" Hai."

There wasn't a golden barrier surrounding the shinigamis anymore, Orihime had fully healed them. The arrancar with the sad green eyes did a little hand movement and he had opened garganta. He turned his head slightly and looked at Orihime with the corner of his eye. She was standing right next to him, not saying a word. Her face expression was a mixture of sadness and worry. He looked straight ahead and grabbed Orihime's arm, which startled her a bit. She looked in front of her and she saw nothing but darkness. The arrancar pulled her as he stepped into the darkness, Orihime followed and in less than a second garganta closed behind her; she was gone. The two shinigamis started to wake up but then suddenly stood up fast when they remembered what happened. They looked around for Orihime, but she was gone, nowhere to be found.


" Why are we all meeting here?" asked Ichigo.

No one told him anything and they all looked at the big screen. Suddenly, Ukitake was on the screen and he looked a bit upset. Hitsugaya was surprised not to see Yamamoto and asked why he was there. Ukitake told him it was because he was the last person to see Orihime before she left to the human world. Everyone's eyes widen and were surprised.

" Where's Orihime! You must know something Ukitake-san!" said Ichigo.

" I'm sorry that I have to say this, but we think that she either got kidnapped or murdered by an arrancar."

Everyone's eyes widened.

"Murdered!" said Ichigo.

" Captain Ukitake! Even if you all think that, you can't say that she was murdered!" yelled Rukia.

" You can't say that she's dead if there's no proof! Just because she vanished! It's not right!" yelled Ichigo.

" There is some proof to what I'm saying." Said Ukitake.

Everyone's face looked puzzled.

Ukitake took a deep breath; the whole situation was not easy for him.

" After Orihime vanished, the two shinigamis that were escorting her found something while searching for her."

Ukitake lifted his hand and he was holding something. He opened his hand and everyone's eyes widen, they couldn't believe what they saw.

" T-That's Orihime's hairpins!" yelled Rukia.

" But they are in pieces!" yelled Ichigo.

" Yes, these are Orihime's hairpins and they have been crushed into pieces." Said Ukitake.

" B-But those are the hair pins her brother Sora gave her, she never takes them off!" said Ichigo.

Then there was a sunken feeling inside Ichigo's stomach. She would never take them off…so then maybe…they could be right..but it can't be!

" We know that, that's why we think she might be dead. Another thing, why would Aizen want Orihime? If he did, then he would most likely want to use her for her powers, but she needs her hairpins to use those powers. If their intentions were to use her powers then she would have still had the hairpins with her."

" I won't accept this! Orihime is not dead! I need to go find her! I'll go to Hueco Mundo and find her myself!" yelled Ichigo.

" You will not be going anywhere!" said Yamamoto as he appeared on the screen.

" What!"

" We need your help for the upcoming battle. We do not even know if Inoue Orihime is still alive, we wont risk anyone's life to find someone that could be dead."

" Well I'll go on my own! But please just tell me how to get to Hueco Mundo."

" No! You will stay here and wait for my instructions. Understand this Ichigo, you cannot always save everyone every time; Inoue Orihime is dead. Understand that. That is all!" said Yamamoto.

Ichigo could not believe what he just heard. Orihime, dead! He didn't know what to do; it saddens him to even think that they could be right. He can't even feel Orihime's reiatsu anymore, not even a little bit. Even though he was in denial, he had to understand that she was dead but why can't he let it go? There was still something wrong with her disappearance, he needed real solid proof that she was murdered. Somehow, some way he had to go to Hueco Mundo, but how? He kept thinking about her hairpins, she would never take them off but why do they have it now. So many things were going through Ichigo's head, and the main thing was the realization that Orihime could really be dead.


Orihime was looking around the long, white hallway while walking beside the arrancar that kidnapped her. She had just come from seeing Aizen, he ordered her to heal an injured arrancar with blue hair. He was missing his arm and she did not complain or hesitated to heal the arrancar. Aizen told the arrancar with the sad green eyes that he would be the one in charge of Orihime and that he should take her to her room. Orihime was very quiet and she was a bit scared. She was in a whole new different world where she was completely alone. She looked at the arrancar that was walking beside her and he had a serious expression, looking straight ahead.

Should I ask for his name?

She heard his name once when Aizen told him to take her to her room but she couldn't remember his name.

Ukiola? Ukora? Ukela? What was his name!

Orihime kept looking straight but then she looked at the arrancar, she wanted to ask for his name but she didn't know how. She had to know his name since he was now in charge of her, right? She lifted her hand up and was about to tap on the arrancar's arm so she could get his attention but she simply couldn't. She put her hand back to her side and continued walking. They were walking for a while without saying a word to each other. Orihime kept thinking in her head what was the arrancar's name. It was bugging the hell out of her. She started to think all the possible names that would belong to the arrancar.

Ulili? Ulola? Ukilala? Ulkora? Wait it must be UKOALA! It kinda sounds like that cute fuzzy animal! That's a way I could remember his name! Hmm I should still ask him, just to make sure..

" Umm.. e-excuse me…."

The arrancar didn't turn to look at Orihime, he kept walking and looking straight ahead. She wasn't sure if she should even try asking again, he seemed very..mean.

"What?" asked the arrancar.

He responded!

" Umm.. I just wanted to ask you…uh what's your name?" asked Orihime.

" That's not important. " said the arrancar.

Not important! Yes it is!

" B-But what should I call you?" asked Orihime.

" It doesn't matter because you will only speak when spoken to. So there's no need for you to know my name. Understand?"

" Hai, Ukoala-sama!" said Orihime.

The arrancar suddenly stopped walking; he turned around and looked at Orihime who was standing behind him holding her arms.

" What did you call me?"

Oh really was the wrong name or maybe he's surprised that I got it right..

" U-Ukoala-sama."

" That is not my name. Do I look like a furry little animal to you?"

Orihime pictured the arrancar and a cute koala bear next to each other. They really did not look a like at all. Then she imagined how cool it would be to actually own a koala bear, she would dress it up and carry it on her back and they would have so much fun together. She was holding the Koala bear up in the air and spinning it around, she was giggling and the Koala's eyes turned to big red hearts. What would she call it? She thought.

" Why are you smiling woman."

Once again Orihime was lost in her imagination, but then she came back to reality.

" Uh, no you don't look like a furry little animal."

The arrancar looked at her with a serious expression, he seemed annoyed by her already.

This woman is so stupid and I will have to deal with her everyday! Aizen-sama must find this entertaining..or has some sort of grudge against me for making me in charge of her..

" So what is your name?" asked Orihime.

The curiosity was killing her, she knew she shouldn't have asked him again but he wouldn't kill her for asking, right?

I should have never responded to that woman.

He turned back around and proceeded to walk, ignoring the orange hair girl. They finally arrived at Orihime's new room. There was a window with a good view of the moon. The arrancar entered the room and Orihime followed, he told her that this was her room and that she was not allowed to step outside of it. If she did she would be in a lot of trouble. Orihime nodded and the arrancar told her that he would be back later to give her dinner. He was about to step out the room when he stopped.

" My name is Schiffer Ulquiorra, Cuatro Espada." Said Ulquiorra.

Ulquiorra still had his back turned, not looking at Orihime at all. He wanted to tell her his name because frankly, he did not want her asking again. He wanted silence from her the next time he sees her but he knew that somehow someway she was going to end up annoying him.

" Hai, Ulquiorra-sama."

Ulquiorra proceeded to walk out the door. Orihime heard the door closed and then a clicking sound, Ulquiorra had locked the door from the outside. Orihime then turned around to look at the moon and then suddenly had a sunken feeling inside her stomach. Reality had hit her once again, she was no longer going to see her friends and especially Ichigo, the man she was in love with. She looked around the room and she was completely alone and cold. The room was a bit small, she had a bed and a small couch. How was she going to go through this, she thought. She wished she could have at least seen Ichigo one last time before leaving to Hueco Mundo. She would've told him how much she really loved him and she would of kissed him. Will he forget me? Will anyone remember me?She wondered if anyone was planning to rescue her, but then again she hoped that they didn't. She wants her friends to be safe; that's why she sacrificed herself for them. She didn't want to think about anything that would make sad and will make her break down and cry, she had to be strong. She walked towards her bed and she sat on it.

So your name is Ulquiorra hmm?

Orihime lied on her back, looking up at the ceiling.

Ukoala was better.


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