Chapter 8

Unexpected Jealousy

The kiss was unexpected; it wasn't his intention. It was dark and he can feel the warmth of her hand. She was silent, looking forward and her cheeks were still pink. All she could think about was the kiss he gave her. She walked beside him and she couldn't see a thing, until there was an opening of light and before she knew it, she was back in Las Noches. He walked her to her room and she smiled and thanked him for everything. She lay on her bed and thought how she was more confused than ever. Ulquiorra went straight to his room, he really did not want to stay and talk to Orihime. He had to get away; his thoughts were killing him.

What is wrong with me? Why did I…

Ulquiorra was confused; He didn't understand what went over him. He had kissed Orihime and it wasn't because of the mission, it was because he wanted to. He does not understand what he's feeling, he knows very well that he highly dislikes the big-breasted woman but why does it seem different now?

This is just a mission…she's nothing but a stupid big-breasted woman that needs to fall in love with me. The kiss was just part of step 6….it meant nothing, she's nothing.

Ulquiorra heard a knock on his door. He ignored.


Ulquiorra thought that maybe if he continued to ignore, he would go away.

" Silly espada, I would knock till my knuckles bleed." Said Gin.

Ulquiorra opened the door.

"What do you want?" asked Ulquiorra.

"An apology."

"An apology? For what?"

"For leaving when you saw me and my mariachi band walking towards you and Orihime."


"No? It was so rude..I was going to sing for both of you and I wore a"

"Stop crying…I'm not apologizing."

"Fine…so how was the first date?"

Ulquiorra remembered the kiss.

" We ate dinner and I took her to the beach."


" That's it."

"You're lying."

Ulquiorra knew he had to tell him but he really didn't want to.

"I also did step 6."

Gin was quiet.

"You did what?"

" I kissed her."

" Woooow. You actually did it. I'm surprised."

"Why are you surprised?"

Ulquiorra started to feel like maybe Gin knows something, that he might suspect something about him.

" I just am. I thought that maybe you wanted to practice with your hand or a pillow for a while before kissing her."


" Was that your first kiss?"


"You sure? I wouldn't be surprise if it were."

" Gin, shut up."

"So how was it? How did you go for it?" asked Gin.

"I'm not going to be detailed. Step 6 is done, now on to the next one."


" Ulquiorra, I 'm going to give you some very important advice. This shouldn't be taken lightly."

Important advice? About the next step?

" Don't ever write a book because you suck in story telling!"

Ulquiorra had a blank face.

" I'm not one of your soap operas, Gin."

Gin just smiled.

" Well now that step 6 is out of the way, its time for step 7." Said Gin.

" Hai."

Gin looked at Ulquiorra and wondered how he's going to do the step.

" So how are you going to make her laugh?"

"Tell her a joke."

" It's more than just telling her a joke; girls love funny guys. You've already gone on a date with her, and kissed her. This is when you need to win her over even more. This is the period where you have to show her why she should like you."

" I'm not funny."

"I know you're not."


"Look, it should come out naturally. Like you have to be in the situation, find something funny to say. Like if you're in her room and you notice her nipples are popping you say, 'Oh! Someone's cold!'"

Ulquiorra stared at Gin.

"See! That was a joke I just did. Get it?"

" It was?"

" Ulquiorra, you scare me. You were seriously born without a sense of humor."

"Maybe we should skip this step."

"Or maybe you can just tell her a joke, you know of any?"

" No."


"That's mean."

"Her mom isn't really poor Ulquiorra!"

For the first time, Gin seemed annoyed.


"Who's Noah?"

" Look Ulquiorra I can go on forever with these Yo Momma jokes, but I know you wouldn't get any of them so whats the point. Just try to make her laugh, it's not that hard."

Gin walked away disappointed. He knew deep down inside that his jokes were funny.


It was morning and Orihime was sitting on her bed, bored. She was a little nervous to see Ulquiorra. She knows she shouldn't act differently because he kissed her but she still had butterflies in her stomach.

"Is that all you do all day woman? Sit around doing nothing."

Orihime turned around and was surprised to see him standing by her doorway.

"Ah…umm…no..well technically yes but-"

"Boring! I don't need an explanation."

Orihime sat on her bed quietly, not knowing what to do or say.

" Well I came here because I need to know something."

"What?" asked Orihime.

" I don't want to feel like I owe you anything because of what you did. So you can ask me for anything now. Hurry up so I can get it over with and not owe you anything anymore and we can call it even."

"But you don't owe me anything, it's ok."

"Shut up! I do, so hurry up and decide what you want me to do."

Orihime didn't know what to ask for. He was kind of mean and scary. So she said the first thing that popped into her mind.

" Ok. You have to be my friend."

"What the fuck?" exclaimed Grimmjow.

"Well you said anything."

"I thought like beat someone up or I don't know..kill someone."

"It gets boring here so it would be nice to have company sometimes. You don't have to come everyday but a hello here and there would be nice."

"Friendship? Really? But I don't like you."

"Haha umm its ok, you don't have to do this. I didn't mind what I did and I don't feel like you owe me anything."

"Shut up! It's fine!"

"Umm ok."


"So what am I supposed to do?" asked Grimmjow.

"Oh umm.. I don't know, we can get to know each other better. You can sit next to me."

Grimmjow sat next to Orihime.

"Umm.. so what do you do for fun?"

" I like to kill."

"Oh okaaay."


"Is that it?"

"Umm..well usually you're supposed to ask something back."

"Do I look like a psychologist or something. Why I gotta know about you."

"No no no! Umm that's what friends do."

"Oh. Okay…are those real?"

Orihime face turned super red.

"Ahahaha why you so red? It was just a question."

Orihime wasn't so sure if she made a wise choice of having Grimmjow as a friend.


Ulquiorra was walking with the servant that had Orihime's breakfast. Ulquiorra had so many things in his mind. One thing is the kiss he shared the night before with Orihime and also step 7. Ulquiorra is not the type to make jokes or laugh. He honestly doesn't have a sense of humor at all. Ulquiorra is a lot of things; He's smart, serious, handsome, powerful, but he's not funny. He thought step 6 was going to be hard but step 7 is harder than what he expected.


Ulquiorra heard Orihime laughing. Why is she laughing? Ulquiorra walked into her room and saw someone he wasn't expecting.

"So then Yammy got all embarrassed cause he ripped his pants and worst part was he wasn't wearing any underwear!" said Grimmjow.


"What are you doing here, Grimmjow."

Grimmjow turned around.

"What the fuck do you care, its none of your business."

Ulquiorra looked at Orihime and then at Grimmjow.

"I'm responsible of this woman, whatever happens with her is my business."

"What stick went up your ass? Calm down, I'm just talking to the woman."

"Are you done?"

Grimmjow looked at Ulquiorra as if he wanted to chop his head off. He hates being interrupted; Grimmjow turned to look at Orihime.

"Well woman that's it for today. I hope you got your fix."

Your fix? Thought Ulquiorra.

Grimmjow got up from Orihime's bed and walked past Ulquiorra. Before he walked out the door, he turned around to look at Orihime.

"I'll see you tomorrow, woman." Said Grimmjow.

Ulquiorra did not understand the situation. Why was Grimmjow in Orihime's room and why is he planning to visit her tomorrow. He felt uneasy, like a bit angry. He wasn't sure why he was feeling that way. He felt like he was the only one allowed to visit Orihime. Orihime is the woman that has to fall in love with him. Technically, Orihime belonged to Ulquiorra, that's how its supposed to be. If it were true, why is Ulquiorra feeling jealous of the situation? Why does he dislike it so much that Grimmjow is going to visit her tomorrow? This is all acting after all; it shouldn't bug him.

Girls love funny guys!

Ulquiorra remembered what Gin said. Grimmjow was making Orihime laugh, something he's supposed to do. Why does it feel like a sudden competition for Ulquiorra.

" Orihime."


"Why was Grimmjow in your room?"

"He feels like he owes me for healing his arm, so he's my friend now."

"Your friend?"

"Yes. At first I thought he was really mean but after talking for a bit, he's actually pretty funny and not all that mean."

"You don't need friends. Especially a friend like that guy."

"But wh-"

"Your breakfast is here. You should start eating it."

"Umm hai."

Why am I acting this way? I shouldn't care if she's friends with that idiot. Maybe I'm acting this way because Grimmjow may interfere with my plans.

Ulquiorra looked at Orihime and remembered that he has to make her laugh. But how is he supposed to make her laugh after all that? Grimmjow was telling Orihime a story. Maybe he can tell her one too.


Orihime looked at Ulquiorra as she ate her food.

"Last week Grimmjow fell down the stairs and Yammy was laughing at him. He kept rolling down, non-stop."

"Omg! Was he ok?"

Wait no…that was supposed to be funny. Why is she worried instead?

"He's walking, isn't he?"

"Oh yea, I guess it wasn't that serious."

I guess I have to tell her a joke.

"Orihime, your mother is so poor, she left with Noah to pay for her purse."

Orihime stared at Ulquiorra with a blank face.

Why isn't she laughing? I told her the joke Gin told me.

"Umm Ulquiorra are you ok?"

"Yes, why?"

"Umm no reason."

Orihime was done with her breakfast. She took out her brush and she started to brush her hair. Ulquiorra looked at her and thought about the kiss. He wondered if it affected her in any way. Does she like him a little more?

"Why do girls brush their hair so much?" asked Ulquiorra.

" So we can keep our hair shiny and healthy." Said Orihime with a smile.


"You don't brush your hair?

" I don't even own a brush."

"So how do you keep your hair in place?"

Ulquiorra points to his head.

"It is kind of like a helmet." Said Ulquiorra.

Orihime laughed.

"You're kind of right. No need for a brush at all!"

Without even trying, Ulquiorra made Orihime laugh. Ulquiorra looked at her smile and he liked it. Orihime looked at him and she remembered the kiss, she started to feel butterflies in her stomach and she was blushing again. Ulquiorra left shortly after and he walked towards a room he doesn't visit often. He knocked on the white door.

"What the hell do you want?" asked Grimmjow.

" It's simple. Leave Orihime alone."

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