Chapter 1:

"Take a look at these for any psychotic or crazy behavior. See if you can figure out their next move or action." A black agent demanded dropping a filing folder on the desk belonging to the short dirty blonde haired woman, as she was about to sit down.

Opening the folder, the woman peered at the paragraphs as she flipped through the papers and spat back, "As enforcers of the law, I would suspect you to respect our environment. Why not try printing back to back from now on!"

"Colt, I don't have time for your stupid bickering. Get this done." The same officer, also known as Victor Henricksen replied while referring to her by her last name before walking into his office. Shortly after several other FBI Agents came piling into the headquarters.

"Boys! Guess whose back in town! Colt! how was Vegas?" Another agent greeted, with a sly smile as he leaned against the wall of her cubicle.

"Josh, nice seeing you too." The woman greeted with a sarcastic smile, as she stood up logging off her computer.

"Why you leaving so soon? You just came back from that trip on following the multi personality murderous freak." Josh stated with a sly, smile. Kind of like those smiles that the perverts have.

"I came back only to report on that case and file it away hoping I'd get a break, but obviously I didn't. Just my luck that I was the first one to come in and catch up with Henricksen when he has a stick shoved up his ass." The woman stated shaking her head as she slung her navy messenger bag over her shoulder.

Josh smiled as he moved out of her way and leaned against the wall watching her.

"He just wants these two guys in jail for life or for the death sentence." Josh explained nodding his head towards the file she was holding.

"Two?" She asked turning around, with intrigue.

"Yeah, brothers." Josh explained.

Maybe it's mafia. No it couldn't be cause that would mean organized crime, and by the looks of their files they're not smart. To be organized you have to be smart. She thought to herself standing there.

Coming out of her mind-boggling moment, she realized Josh was standing there still starring at her.

"If your hungry maybe we can go out and get some-."

"Josh, it's the same answer as before I left for Vegas. No." The woman interrupted him as she walked towards the exit.

"Fiona, you don't know what you're missing!" He called to her as she exited the building.

Walking through the streets of Colorado, she smiled walking up to the steps of her apartment she shared with her friend, walking up to the steps she pulled a key out of her jean pocket.

Unlocking the door, she checked unlocked their mailbox and pulled out three envelopes before closing it and walking down the steps. Stopping at the black wooden door, she unlocked the lock and walked in, closing the door behind her.

"Lysander! I'm back!" She called out into the house as she made her way into the kitchen and smiled seeing the carpet rolled up. Unlatching the door on the floor, she pulled it up and walked down the steps after closing the door behind her.

"How was the trip, bring any souvenirs for me?" Lysander asked in his British voice, as he stood up and walked over towards his refrigerator.

"No." Fiona replied as she sat on the small red couch.

"How were the slayings? Kill anyone I'd know?" Lysander asked as he pulled out a clear bag with some red liquid glistening in it, as he poked a straw into it.

"Not that I know of." She stated as she closed her eyes hearing him slurping the blood through the straw.

"Ah, get used to it ya wimp, what do you expect with living with a vampire?" Lysander asked as he sat on the couch starring straight at her.

"Well, I'm going to get some sleep, while it's daylight and none of the leeches are out." She stated referring to the vampires.

"Excuse me!" Lysander exclaimed as she walked up the steps.

"I don't mean you, I mean the other un-passionate vampires out there!" She called before closing the door and hatching the lock and rolling the carpet over it to hide it.

Throwing the file on the small table next to her bed, she took her jacket off and threw it on the red chair on the opposite of the room soon after.

She felt to worn out to start worrying about another case, after her slaying in Las Vegas and of course having to deal with the criminal at the same time. She laid down on her bed starring up at the ceiling above her, turning to her side she closed her eyelids and slowly fell into a deep sleep.

Sleep, didn't seem as comforting as it sounded because Fiona was woken up by her cell phone's alarm clock going off as it vibrated off the small table. Standing up, she glanced around her room and caught the time on the small Mickey Mouse clock on the wall.

1:00 A.M.

Picking up her cell phone she turned the alarm off and walked over towards her dresser, changing into her black pants and white tang top with her black Jacket. After she slipped into her black converse. Walking downstairs into the kitchen she rolled away the carpet and unlocked the latch, pulling up the door she walked downstairs.

Lysander stood up shirtless, as he smiled at Fiona.

"I didn't know we made plans tonight, but I mean I'm all game for anything." Lysander stated with a smirk as he watched her walk towards the right wall.

"Good, you can help me tonight, since Katharine is out of town visiting her boyfriend." Fiona replied.

"Slaying? That's not my thing doll, it wouldn't be looked at to good by my fellow peers." Lysander stated as he watched Fiona open his closet and open the smaller door hidden in it.

Pulling out the bow and arrow, she turned back towards Lysander who was starring at her.

"Fine, don't help me then, but once she gets back, you'll have to deal with her and her bitchy-ness, I was just trying to help you actually do something meaningful for the last few days of your life. I mean dead life..I mean..Whatever you want to call it."

"Fine, I'll go." He stated grumpily.

"Good, let's go." Fiona stated as she walked up the steps.

"Too bad you don't get paid for doing this, I mean your saving loads of lives, you should get something in return." Lysander stated as he sat in the passenger seat of her black sports jeep.

'Would you just shut-up?" Fiona asked getting tired of his annoyance.

"Feisty, today." Lysander stated as they pulled up to a cemetery that was far away from the suburbs.

After stepping out of the door and shutting her door, she turned around and saw Lysander sitting on tombstone sticking out of the ground.

"So what do I get from this, parole?" Lysander asked in a bored tone. "I mean, I am helping you kill, my fellow vampires, I believe that's going against some code." Lysander added standing up and walking around with his back facing her.

"You'd think that someone being alone for over 100s of years would be silent after living in silence." Fiona commented starring at his back.

"Actually, it makes you want to talk to someone, have friends, that aren't vampires. Behind you." Lysander finished abruptly.

"What?" She asked before being wrestled to the ground from behind.

"Thanks for the—warning." She spat out as she struggled to get the dark haired male vampire off of her; she finally achieved this by rolling over onto the top of him. Straddling him to the ground.

"Anytime." Lysander stated causing her to look up, which gave the second vampire a chance to flip her onto her back again.

"GAHH!" She exclaimed as her back hit a rock.

"I believe this is my cue to leave. Goodbye Fiona, it's been a wonderful time spending my nights with you!" Lysander stated.

"What?" Fiona asked as she struggled to get this vampire off of her. Giving a punch to the face, the vampire fell back crying out in pain from the force while showing his fangs.

"Silly slayer, don't you know that you never trust a vampire?" this vampire stated while sitting up and taking a run for it.

Seeing this, Fiona ran after him and noticed he was going behind the mausoleum giving her the chance to go to the other side and giving him a sidekick in the gut.

After the kick, the vampire decided to take his chance at trying to bite her.

Dodging the vampire, she realized her bow and arrow must have been knocked off from before.

"I don't understand why vampires always have bad breath." She muttered to herself searching for any other weapon that she might of lost.

"Wait, till I tell my friends I bit the slayer and guardian Fiona." He stated as he jumped behind her causing her to turn around and give him another kick but this time he caught her foot in the air.

"See the funny thing about that is-

"Hello Motto." Her phone stated and then a tone came shortly after it, causing the vampire to stare in confusion as she reached into her pocket and flipped it open as the vampire twisted her foot causing her to fall to the ground.

"Hello?" She asked in pain.

"Fiona, is that you? Are you okay?" The voice of Henricksen asked, surprising her that he showed concern, but this surprise soon went away when she saw the vampire's face right in front of hers. Quickly, she reacted by rolling away and standing up.

"Yeah, I'm fine can you hold on for just a second? Thanks." She quickly stated while setting her phone on top of a tombstone.

"I'm getting pretty annoyed and tired of this. So how about we just end it?" She asked starring at the vampire who took another try to bite her but he didn't realize she had a dagger on the inside of her coat. Forcing the dagger into his chest she felt his breath on her neck and smelt the odor from him as he fell to the ground and disincarnated.

"What were you going to say to your friends?" She asked with a smile on her face realizing that Lysander was gone, when she didn't hear his annoying input on the situation.

"Shit, Katharine is going to be pissed." Fiona stated.

"Fiona! Colt are you there? Colt!" She could hear a faint voice screaming. Widening her eyes, she realized Henricksen was still on the phone.

"Shit." She muttered as she jumped over one of the headstones and grabbed her cell.

"Yeah, sorry I was preoccupied at the moment." She apologized waiting to hear his outcry of some useless information.

"Look, stop whatever your doing and get to the PD station." He exclaimed to her in an angered yet enthusiastic sort of tone, if that was at all possible.


"Just do it!" Hericksen exclaimed before hanging up. Closing her phone she glanced around before walking over towards her jeep.

Starting the car, she sped off, angered that Lysander ran away from her.

"This better be good, cause if Katharine comes back and finds Lysander gone, it's my head on the chopping block." Fiona muttered as she sped down the highway.

Pulling up she walked into the station seeing a young secretary smiling at her.

"How can I help you?" She asked. As an officer walked up behind her.

"You with Henricksen?" He asked seeing Fiona who nodded.

"Says we got to release these prisoners, he told me he was sending over his criminal profiler. Says his two most wanted fugitives are finally caught." The officer stated just as Henricksen walked into the station.

"Fiona, glad you came. Officer Jenkins, we're going have to release your prisoners. We don't want anyone to be in here while we're holding the most dangerous criminals out there. These two dig up and mutilate bodies from the ground for kicks; we're going to have Fiona here interview them. The less amount of prisoners the easier it will be." Henricksen stated starring at the two in a cold demeanor.

Causing Fiona to stare at him in puzzlement and caution.

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