"Lover's quarrel, ah, how I miss those days." Lysander stated absentmindedly as he walked around in the hotel room that he and Fiona occupied at the moment. Turning to face Fiona Lysander immediately received a cold glare as she stood up and walked out of the hotel room. Standing alone, Lysander sighed out of frustration for his arrogance.

Sitting on the ledge of the railing, Fiona stared at her shoes intently, she thought telling the truth would be able to settle all of her and Dean's problems. But it turns out it didn't it's been three weeks and she hasn't heard one word from either of the Winchesters, and that killed her.

"As much as I would love to abuse this situation and take your weak state of mind for granted. But being the one who once had an attraction towards you, I guess that would mean that I still care. But anyways, you need to get off your nicely fit bum and work out your problems." Lysander said as he walked out of the hotel room and leaned over the railing she was sitting on, turning his face towards her. Glancing towards Lysander, Fiona stared into his cold blue eyes pondering over what he just said.

"I can't Lysander. I should have never even thought about helping them out again! Saving people. Why couldn't I just stay away? I mean I was fine then, living the way I was, I made a good income, had a nice house and everything I wanted when I used to hunt. But I went and threw it all away once those Winchesters came back into my life. Why? Why was I so stupid to go and do that and get my heart broken again in the process! He doesn't want me, he doesn't care for me! Why Lysander? Why?!" Fiona rambled out as she felt her eyes tear up, mostly from frustration, confusion and pain.

"Cause you my dear, have a heart of gold. You couldn't ignore the fact that you were going to save lives, and that's what you wanted to do. Even if you didn't get thanked for it, it still made you happy knowing that you saved lives. And if that Winchester doesn't recognize the heart of gold, the persistence and the love that you have to offer then he missed a chance on having the best broad in the world. No one could say no to that type of broad, your one of a kind Fi. Not many broads have the strength that you do, and that's what I admire the most about you." Lysander stated quietly causing her to quickly jerk her attention towards him.

After meeting his eyes, she quickly looked back toward the ground as she hopped off the rail. Standing up straight she pulled out her small purple flip phone from her coat pocket, flipping it open.

"I'm going to call Sam." Fiona stated as she walked down the steps towards the first floor, of the hotel. Leaning over the railing, Lysander peered down to find Fiona walking over towards the bench sitting down.

"I never should of lost you." Lysander stated quietly to himself remembering his past relationship with her.

"Hello?" A female voice asked surprising Fiona causing her to clear her throat as she heard.

"Sam! I don't know who it is cause you keep blabbering! Now Shutup!" Realizing who it was Fiona, quickly sighed deeply as she asked, "Trillian?"

"Yeah, who the hell are you? And how do you know who I am? Why are you calling Sam? What business do you have with him? You little-

"Hello?" Sam interrupted. Sensing the confusion in his voice, Fiona anticipated answering him.

"Sam, it's uh-

"Fiona?!" Sam interjected surprised. Fiona could hear the sound of Trillian's voice as she asked, "Fiona? Where the hell is she?"

"What happened?" Sam asked after hushing Trillian.

After a few seconds of silence, Fiona heard Sam say, "Fi…"

"I told Dean the truth."

"The truth? The true truth?" Sam asked confused and shocked at the same time as Trillian quickly asked, "Is there another kind of truth?"

"Yes.." Fiona replied quietly while rolling her eyes at Trillian's persistent questioning.

"And how'd he take it?" Sam asked curiously.

"You tell me." Fiona answered shortly and eagerly wanting to hear Sam's answer. After more seconds of silence, and Trillian's persistent questioning in the background, finally she heard Sam let out a long sigh.

"Well, it hasn't been too good." Sam answered shortly.

"Meaning?" Fiona asked.

"He's been more grumpier than lately, I don't know Fi. He just hasn't been the same really." Sam answered shortly.

"They're in a fi-Shutup!" Sam stated talking over Trillian's voice.

"You guys are fighting? What?" Fiona asked hearing Trillian's muffled voice.

"Yeah. Anyway when do you think you'll be back?" Sam asked hoping it would be soon.

"Sam, I don't think I will be making a last appearance for you." Fiona stated quietly staring at the yellow painted lines in the parking lot.

"What? Fi?! You have to, we need you. Dean needs you." Sam stated in a hush tone.

"Sam cut the shit, we both know that my coming back will only cause problems. So the only way I know to fix that is to stay away."

"But what about Castiel?" Sam asked persistent in changing her mind.

"What about him? Listen Sam, I wish you and your brother the best. But for me, this is the end of my hunting days. I'll keep in touch. Bye Sam." Fiona stated forcing their conversation to end as she leaned her head back sighing as she flipped her phone close.

"What was that about?" Trillian asked curiously as She sat on the bed causing Sam to turn his attention towards her, breaking him away from his daze.

"She's done." Sam stated quietly sitting down in the chair across from Trillian.

"Done?" Trillian asked just as Dean walked in and heard the last bit of Trillian and Sam's conversation.

"Who's done? And with what?" Dean asked harshly and demandingly.

"No one." Sam answered causing Dean to stand there with a long glance between Sam and Trillian.

Trillian, feeling a bit awkward in the situation stared at the brothers as she said, "I'm just going to go and uh, get a drink, from outside", before walking out of the room.

Feeling a sense of guilt, Fiona pushed herself off the bench standing up. Turning around, she glanced back up to where their hotel room was and found Lysander peering down at her over the railing.

Averting her attention towards the stairs, she made her way over towards them and then ascended them.

Walking towards her hotel room, she found Lysander now leaning against the door.

"Make the call?" He asked following her inside the room while closing the door behind him.

"Yeah." Fiona answered solemnly as she fell on the bed staring at the ceiling.

"So what's the plan?" Lysander asked walking over to sit on the edge of the bed.

"I guess, we'll just go back home." Fiona replied with her eyes still on the ceiling as Lysander lay down also, staring at the ceiling as well.

"Nope." Lysander stated causing Fiona to turn and stare at him in a confused state.

"What the hell are you talking about Lysander? I'm sure as hell not going back to them." Fiona argued angrily.

"I never said anything about going back to them doll, I merely mean keep on hunting, with my assistance." He answered as he turned towards her staring into her eyes.

"Your assistance?" She asked with a small laugh following.

"Yes, surely no harm will come to you with a vampire on your side." Lysander stated as he slid his hand ever so silently onto her thigh.

Goose bumps rising quickly on her skin from his touch, Fiona sat up abruptly.

"I'll think about." She stated causing him to sit up as well.

"You can't fight what you were born to do, love." Lysander said quietly still staring into her eyes as she stared into his.