AN: I've decided to write a sequel to All Change. This is set about a month after All Change. I hope people like this sequel as much as they like the original story, and continue to review. Thanks. X

Jack had been awake for a while now, running his fingers lazily through Ianto's hair and just watching him sleep, content in the knowledge that his lover was at peace. He saw the Welshman's eyes flicker slightly, and a small smile spread across the younger man's face as he awoke.

"Are you watching me again?"


Ianto opened his eyes fully and leaned up to plant a soft kiss on Jack's lips. Moaning into the kiss, Jack turned Ianto onto his back. Exactly what he wanted to do was clear, and Ianto couldn't help but thank god it was a Saturday. He could tell it was going to be an eventful morning.

The majority of it spent in bed.

A few hours later, both freshly out of the shower, resting in the living room, sipping on coffee, the television on in the background, though neither was paying it much attention, they decided to go to the shops. Ianto needed a new suit and Jack just needed an excuse to get out of the house. The advantage being he got to watch Ianto try on various suits. Yes, he decided, life was good.


"Definitely the black one, and the red shirt."

"Right. Let's go then."

Ianto had tried on a few suits and Jack had never once tired of sneaking a peak behind the changing room curtain each time he changed. Regardless of the strange looks the assistant was giving him and the glare Ianto shot him every time.

Ianto paid for his purchases and they headed for the same coffee shop they had went the night Jack asked Ianto on a date.

As the walked in Jack took Ianto's hand in his and whispered in his ear "Ooh, deja-vu." Ianto just chuckled and guided them to the table with the comfy seats, plopping down on the cushion, Jack following quickly.

Sally approached the table, notepad in hand, green apron slung round her hips.

"Alright, Ianto? Haven't seen you in a while."

"Yeah, guess I've just been busy."

She smirked and glanced in Jack's direction. "I bet you have."

Ianto could feel the colour rising in his cheeks and Jack just chuckled. "Nice to see you again."

"The pleasure's all mine, Jack." She winked and turned back to Ianto.

"So what can I get you?"

When she had taken their orders and was back behind the counter Jack smiled at Ianto.

"Oh, I like her!"

They had finished their coffees and were slouching back on the sofa, enjoying the calm of the quiet coffee shop when the bell above the door chimed, announcing the arrival of another customer.

Both men ignored it, too caught up in each other to really notice. Jack kept his hand on his the Welshman's thigh, occasionally rubbing back and forward, out of habit more than anything else, and continued to whisper things in his ear making the younger man turn a nice bright shade of red, when they were interrupted by a woman clearing her throat.

"Well, doesn't this look cosy?"

Ianto looked up, although he would recognise that voice anywhere. He took in her appearance, casually dressed as always, but now her hair had grown and it was pulled back in a loose pony tail, showing more of her face, which seemed to glow.

But the biggest change was at her abdomen.

"Lisa, you're…"

"Pregnant. Glad you noticed."

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