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The doorbell rang just as Ianto was straightening his tie and doing up his belt buckle. Jack sat comfortably in the living room, content in talking nonsense to their daughter as he waited on Ianto getting ready. Every so often he would blow a raspberry in her direction of tickle her, his reward being the cutest giggles he had ever heard. He was completely lost in his daughter, so didn't hear the doorbell ring, or Sally walk into the room, one hand tucked casually into the back pocket of her jeans, the other hanging loosely at her hip. Ianto and Sally stood at the door, taking in the scene in front of them.

Jack only noticed he had company, when Ianto chuckled and announced "That's Sally here."

He grinned at Sally, giving her a slight wink, and turned to Ianto, "So, we ready to go?" Ianto nodded in return as he picked up his keys, wallet and mobile. He kissed his daughter, exchanging a conversation with her, consisting of nothing but incoherent baby talk, and took her out of Jack's arms, as he filed off a list of instructions to the girl he had only ever known as the flirty waitress. "There's milk made up in the fridge, all her nappies and stuff is there," he pointed to the bag in the corner, "her room is the first on the right when you walk out of the living room, and once you've put her to bed, the TV is all yours. Call us if there's any problems, and…"

"Ok, Ok, Ianto I get it. I have looked after children before." She gestured to Cerys with her arms, "May I?"

Ianto kissed his daughter's forehead one last time, before gently placing her in Sally's arms. "Are you sure you'll be ok?" He continually fussed over the baby, even as he was talking, straightening her sleep suit, and providing his finger for her to grasp to onto.

Jack knew this was the first time Ianto would be leaving their baby with anyone else since the whole chaos with Lisa, and he could understand his anxiety, but they really did need a night out, and Ianto had to trust others with his baby, not just himself and Jack.

Sally smiled at Ianto's obvious need to be certain Cerys was safe. She had been told some details of the incident, thanks to Jack on one his and Ianto's many visits to the coffee shop, and all she could do was reassure him. "I'll be fine. Now, you go. And remember, don't do anything I wouldn't do!"

Jack smirked and replied, "So, we're free to do whatever, then?"

Sally walked with them to the door, as Ianto still seemed to be attached to his daughter, and watched as he kissed her once again, and took Jack's hand, walking out the door, not without turning at the bottom of the stairs to the house, "And remember,…"

"Call you if anything happens. I know. Now go! Have fun."

Jack practically dragged Ianto to the car, and Sally shut the door behind her, carrying Cerys back through to the living room and making herself comfortable, picking up a book and beginning to read,

"Once upon a time…"

Ianto and Jack had worked their way through the first two courses, and were now indulging in deserts, when Ianto felt Jack's leg run up his calf, teasing his way up the younger man's leg, until he reached his groin. Ianto noticed he had slipped his shoe off, and the older man was now circling Ianto's slowly hardening cock, hidden from view by the red tablecloth. Above the table Jack was a picture of innocence, eating his desert in small spoonfuls and offering Ianto a small smile. Ianto jumped up from his seat when Jack's footwork became more persistent, to many strange looks from their fellow diners, announcing a slightly shaky voice, "Toilet…I need the toilet."

Jack raised an eyebrow in the younger man's direction as he took off the direction of the loo.

When Ianto reappearing, looking far less flushed than he had previously, Jack smirked in his direction, leaning back in his seat, he looked Ianto straight in the eye as the Welshman took a large gulp of wine, asking him with the straightest face he could manage, "So, problem all sorted, then?"

Ianto choked on his wine, the red liquid dribbling down his chin, and landing in a small puddle on his shirt. He dabbed at his chin with the napkin, the red of the material quickly camouflaged by his growing blush.

Jack chuckled. "Think we'd better get going, that stain isn't going to clean itself."

Ianto shook his head at Jack's obvious desire to get home, and rip that shirt straight off his back with no intention of cleaning it, but he couldn't deny that he didn't feel the same. Jack caught the attention of the waiter, and no sooner had they left the restaurant and the disapproving looks of the other customers behind, than Jack was pressing Ianto against the side of the car, kissing him with as much passion as he felt, his hands roaming every inch of the other man's body that he could reach.

Ianto pulled back, gesturing to the car with his free hand, the other one currently occupied with groping Jack's arse, as he ground his hips against the other man, his erection rubbing against the American's very evident arousal.

"Home…" he breathed against the Jack's lips.

It wasn't for another forty five minutes that they got home, having not been able to wait any longer, and pulling into a deserted side street, and having their wicked way with each other in the backseat.

Jack opened the door for Ianto, stepping in closely behind him, and they walked side by side into the living room, greeted by Sally who had evidently made herself at home, settled on the sofa with a glass of wine, and flicking through a magazine.

She looked up at the arrival of Jack and Ianto, gesturing to the nearly empty glass in her hand, "Hope you don't mind."

"No, we said make yourself at home. Just as long as you weren't giving any to Cerys." Jack joked. Ianto failed to see the comedy behind it, and gave Jack a stern look, before turning back to Sally, a smile gracing his face as he asked,

"So, everything go ok?"

"Yeah. She's a little angel."

After they had waved Sally off, they headed to check on Cerys. She was sleeping soundly in her cot, her favourite teddy lying next to her as her chest rose and fell in time with her steady breathing. Ianto leant down to kiss her, and standing back up, allowed himself to be wrapped in Jack's arms, the older man's hand resting on his hip, his thumb running soothing circles over the trouser clad skin.

Ianto sighed dreamily as he relaxed back into Jack's touch.

"She's beautiful."

"No wonder, with a daddy like you she's going to be nothing short of a heart breaker."

"Yeah, but that can wait 'til she's a good few years older."

Jack chuckled, and nuzzled Ianto's neck, kissing the warm flesh, and inhaling his intoxicating scent.

"Marry me?" The sentence came out in a rush, he had barely even thought about what he was saying, but all he knew was that he had never felt safer or happier than he did when he was with Ianto.

Ianto's intake of breath filled the room, and he turned in Jack's arms, looking him straight in the face, his features clouded with shock.


"Ianto Jones, will you marry me?"

Ianto was in shock as he looked at Jack.

Ianto was shock as he kissed Jack.

And Ianto was in even more shock when he spoke softly against Jack's lips, "Yes."

Jack pulled Ianto even closer, almost close enough that they're body's melded into one, a kissed with so much love, passion and desire Ianto thought he might implode with all the emotion pumping through his veins.

When they pulled back, panting and resting their foreheads against each other, Ianto asked, "Are you serious?"

Jack smiled, rubbing his nose gently against the other man's, "As a heart attack."

"Well, you better get me out of here then."


"Because I really don't feel comfortable performing some of the acts that are running through my head right now, in front of our baby daughter."

Jack chuckled, kissed Ianto one more time, and let the younger man lead him to the bedroom.