Welcome to my Pet Shop of Horrors drabble collection!

These have originated from challenges at the PSOH Drabble community at LiveJournal.
The technical specs say the word count must be 100, so all the following drabbles will be 100 words (believe me, they are!), unless specified otherwise.

My manner of publishing them will be: until the challenge is closed, I won't post the ones that belong to it. Only contents per drabble will be the title and rating, and the text; spoilers are to be expected in every one, and genre won't be put.
There will be an introductory chapter per challenge, just so that you all know what's up before you read… or something (actually, is a personal measure to keep everything in order… 'cause I'm that lame!)

Read, Enjoy and Review, please!

Content List

205: Afterlife

206: Rebirth

207: Spiral

208: Interruption

209: Duplicate

210: Fame

211: Marriage

212: Makeup

213: Crisis