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It's funny how a single decision can change a persons life. The change can be positive or negative, depending on how you handle the situation at hand. There was a time, a short two years ago, that the sight of a blond haired, gray eyed Slytherin would send me on guard immediately, causing me to prepare myself for the parade of insults and hurtful names that was sure to come my way, but now, when he walks into the room, my heart leaps and a smile graces my face and I realize once again that I am truly, deeply, and madly in love with my husband, Draco Malfoy.

We married back in 7th year when Voldemort still caused havoc in many lives. It didn't matter if you were muggle born, it didn't matter if you were a death eater, it didn't even matter if you were the son of a death eater even though he didn't bare the mark, Voldemort sought to control the lives of everyone, man, woman, witch, wizard, adult, child, it just didn't matter, he wanted control.

When Draco and I married, we were not in love, not even close, as a matter of fact, we merely tolerated each other. There wasn't a huge fight where we suddenly threw ourselves in the others arms and declared undying love, there was no secret, hidden desires in which we suddenly couldn't control anymore, there was no law stating that we had to marry, What it finally came down to was a choice, a choice to come together and help each other despite the fights, despite the unfriendly names and torment. It was a simple matter of humanity, a matter, that even though Draco had treated me less then human most of the time, it was against my better nature to turn down a request for help, especially from the arrogant Malfoy heir who was willing to lose his name, money, and everything a Malfoy held dear in order to gain his freedom from the life he no longer wished to live.

It was two years ago that both of our lives had changed, two years ago since I became a Malfoy, and two years ago we shocked the entire wizarding world and put our lives into danger more so then they already were.

As I sit here today, in the large library in Malfoy manor, lovingly rubbing my stomach where our first child is growing, I reflect on the memories of how everything started with the simple need for freedom.