I Gave You Twelve Roses

I Gave You Twelve Roses.

Summary: I gave you twelve roses: eleven real and one fake. I'll love you until the last one dies.

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Chapter 1: Prologue.

She was always asked the same question: Do you know what love is?

Blossom Utonium, now a sophomore at Townsville High, was always asked that question. But why? Was it to test her knowledge to see if she really deserved to be head of the honour society? Was it because she needed a boyfriend and didn't know how to get one? Or was it because she didn't even have that emotion?

She didn't understand why people were always encouraging her to get a boyfriend so quickly. It may be easy for her sisters, but it wasn't so easy for her. In their freshman year, Bubbles had latched onto Boomer from day one. Buttercup hooked up with Butch two weeks after. Brick never showed signs of being interested in Blossom. Either that, or Blossom was busy with all the extra-curricular activities she signed up for to notice.

Sure, having a boyfriend would be nice. But she wouldn't be ditzy lie Bubbles and snatch onto a guy right away. She would want someone who would be there for her whenever she needed it whether she was overwhelmed with sadness or needed help with all the books she needed to carry. She wanted to have a fair relationship.

Blossom was always thinking of all the guys at Townsville High, but none of them appealed to her. There were no academics in the science club that showed any affection towards her, unless you called cleaning up the lab together a date. The rest of the guys were either dorks or bad boys of the school.

But if she had to pick someone, she would go with Brick. He was an academic like her; he was sweet, kind, and athletic. But they were friends. And she knew she couldn't wreck their friendship by confessing a little crush. It wasn't worth it.

At Townsville High, she spent her time doing various things. One third of the time, she'll be in class, studying, doing homework, or involved in an after school activity. Another one third would be hanging out with Brick. And the last third would be avoiding the biggest nerd at school, Arnold Allen. He had dorky glasses and wears braces. He loves Blossom more than he loves his collection of pocket protectors. Basically, he was just plain dorky. Definitely not her type.

The bell rang, ending math class at Townsville High that morning. She glanced behind her and saw Arnold looking at her with an unreadable expression on his face as if he never seen her before in his life. Desperate to give herself lots of room between him and her, she handed her math test to her teacher and hurried out of the classroom.

Before Arnold could chase after her, Blossom ran down the stairs and sprinted down the hall. She made a right turn and ended up at her locker. She peered around the corner. There was no sign of Arnold. Breathing a sigh of relief, she entered her lock combination and her locker door swung open. As she grabbed her science textbook, a note fell out. Curious, she bent down and picked it up. Making sure no one was watching her, she unfolded the note.

It said:

Love is great, once you find someone to give it to, won't you agree?

Will you give yours to me?


Your Secret Admirer.

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