I Gave You Twelve Roses

I Gave You Twelve Roses.

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Chapter 8: Their Love Will Go On.

It was five o' clock in the afternoon on Friday when Bubbles and Buttercup managed to calm down the members of the spring formal committee and get the rest of the decorating done. The mess that the explosion in the chemistry room caused was cleaned up. All was left were black scorch marks everywhere.

After prying a crying Blossom from her locker, which was surprisingly difficult, since she had such a tight grip on it, they dragged her out of the school and back home to get ready for the spring formal.

Blossom was still upset about the incident that happened. She wouldn't stop crying hysterically. Bubbles had to use her sonic scream to shut her up before the mascara ran down her face and stained her spring formal dress.

Speaking of spring formal dresses, Bubbles looked elegant in hers. She wore a strapless, baby blue, dress that went down to the floor. The hem was frilly and the dress really showed her curves. On her feet were silver-high heel sandals. Her silky blonde hair flowed down to her mid-back in a wavy style, with a silver tiara on top of her head..

Blossom was in her dress – the pink, spaghetti-strap, dress. She also wore her pink sapphire earrings she bought at Claire's and a pair of matching pink, high heel sandals. Her long red hair was out of the usual ponytail and red bow. Instead, it flowed down to her ankles.

"Come on, Blossom," Bubbles said, zipping up the back of Blossom's pink dress. "Stop crying. It's not that bad."

Blossom sniffed. "It's totally bad! Arnold won't stop stalking me, I've dateless for the spring formal, and my secret admirer blew up after revealing himself! What's not bad!?"

Bubbles patted her on the back to indicate she was done helping her with her dress and to calm her down. "Blossom, tonight is supposed to be fun. Brick wouldn't want you to be depressed."

"I guess," Blossom answered, sadly.

Just then, the bedroom door opened and Buttercup marched in, wearing a scowl on her face. She was dressed in an emerald green, halter-top-style, dress that went down to her ankles. Her black hair was in an upper ponytail and tied with a matching emerald green ribbon. Around her neck was a green jade necklace.

Buttercup growled. "I speak from the heart, saying a miniskirt is better than this ugly rag." She lifted her dress slightly to reveal black, high heel sandals. "And I can't even walk in these!"

Bubbles smirked. "Those are only one-inch heels, considering you won't be able to walk in anything higher."

Buttercup crossed her arms. The doorbell rang, followed by the front door opening downstairs.

"Okay, it's time," Bubbles announced. Buttercup left the bedroom first. Bubbles grabbed Blossom's wrist. "Come on, let's go have some fun."

Blossom nodded, reluctantly and followed Bubbles out of the bedroom and down the stairs, where the Professor, Boomer, Butch, and Buttercup were waiting.

Boomer and Butch were matching black tuxedos, except Boomer's tie was dark blue and Butch's tie was dark green. The Professor was in his lab coat, waiting to see off his girls. Buttercup was clutching Butch's hand.

Bubbles let go of Blossom and headed over to Boomer, who put the corsage on Bubbles' wrist. Blossom could see a corsage on Buttercup's wrist as well.

The Professor spoke in a clear voice. "Boys, remember, have my girls home by eleven o' clock. No later than that. Do I make myself clear?"

Boomer nodded. "Clear as a bell, sir."

Butch gave the Professor a thumbs up. "We understand."

Boomer and Butch led Bubbles and Buttercup to Butch's green Escalade outside the Utonium household. Blossom sighed and followed them. The Professor smiled and closed the front door.

With Butch in the driver's seat, Buttercup seated shotgun, and Boomer, Bubbles, and Blossom in the back seat, they drove off down the street, towards Townsville High.

The gymnasium was packed when Blossom, Bubbles, Boomer, Buttercup, and Butch arrived. The gym was decorated nicely just as the spring formal committee left it that afternoon. Music was blaring from the speakers. Couples here and there were dancing happily.

Butch led Buttercup to the dance floor and soon, they were the best dancers of the night. Boomer decided to go get a drink from the punchbowl.

"Blossom, are you sure you don't want a finger sandwich or a drink or something?" Bubbles asked, preparing to leave with Boomer.

Blossom nodded. "I guess, thanks sis."

Bubbles smiled sweetly and headed for the punchbowl with Boomer. While she was waiting, she tapped her right foot to the music.

Just then, the gymnasium doors opened. Blossom turned to look who arrived and wished she would vanish from sight.

Arnold stood in the doorway, smiling, showing off his braces-covered teeth. He still had his glasses, so he wouldn't knock over anyone of anything in the process of dancing. He wore a beige tuxedo with a orange tie. His shaggy brown hair looked was slicked back with gel.

Bubbles came over to Blossom and gave her a glass of punch, before heading of to the dance floor with Boomer. Blossom couldn't take a drink. She was shock at who was with Arnold.

Next to Townsville High's number-one geek was none other than the bratty teenage girl Princess. She wore a yellow, v-neck, short sleeve, knee high, dress and matching yellow, high heel sandals. Her curly red hair was in a poofy bun at the back of her head. She had no corsage, but just like Blossom predicted: a textbook.

At least Princess had not chance to go with Brick now.

Blossom decided it would be best to disappear from sight of the awkward couple. Careful not to trip over the hem of her dress or spill her glass of punch, she hurried over to a table and sat down on one of the chairs next to it.

Meanwhile, Arnold was discussing an important topic with Princess.

Princess sighed. "Why did I let you talk me into being your date for the spring formal again? Thanks to you, I can't go with my boyfriend, Mitch Mitchellson!"

Arnold smirked. "Calm down, baby." Princess gagged. "Remember, I'm here to make Blossom jealous."

Princess smirked as well. "And I'm here to make Brick jealous."

"Exactly," Arnold stated, scanning the gymnasium. Unfortunately, he found Blossom by the table. "Let's start with Blossom first."

Princess nodded and let Arnold drag her towards Blossom, who was sipping her drink. As soon as a shadow appeared on the floor in front of her, Blossom looked up and sighed, sadly.

"What do you want, Arnold?" she said, "To calculate the area of the inside of my glass?"

Arnold shook his head. "First of all, it's not the area inside your glass, it's volume." Blossom rolled her eyes. "Secondly, I'm here with Princess."

Blossom was uninterested. "Hooray for the happy couple," she said, sarcastically.

Arnold growled and pushed away Princess so hard that she fell backwards, hit her head on a chair, and went unconscious. He grabbed onto Blossom's shoulders as if he wanted to rip them off her body.

"What part of, "I'm here with Princess," did you not understand!?" he spat.

Blossom scowled. "The part when you're trying to make me jealous by going with her to this spring formal." Arnold growled again. "And I thought you were smart. Well, get this into your head you ugly, annoying brace face, geek……."She took a deep breath.


Arnold let go of Blossom and sighed. "Well, fine. If I can't have you……" He grasped onto her neck, choking her. "NO ONE CAN!"

Blossom tried to breath, but she couldn't. For a nerd, Arnold had a strong grip. The fact that she couldn't breath meant she didn't have enough energy to fire her laser beams from her eyes at him.

On the bright side, she would be with Brick once she was dead.

Suddenly, a large wooden stick slammed onto Arnold's head. Arnold released Blossom to rub his head, before slipping into unconsciousness.

By then, Blossom's breathing returned to normal. She looked down on the floor in front of her. Arnold was on top of Princess, who were both still knocked out.

She saw a pair of legs in front of her. It was probably the person that saved her. She had to thank him.

"Thanks for saving me," she said, looking up to meet the person's eyes. "I'm really grateful…..." She gasped at the person she saw.

It was Brick. He was in a black tuxedo and red tie. His long red hair was now put in a small ponytail at the back of his head. Over his head was his favourite red baseball cap. Over his left leg was a cast from his feet up to his knee. He was leaning onto wooden crutches for support.

He couldn't be a ghost or else the crutch he hit Arnold with would have gone through his hand instead of him grasping onto it. Blossom's eyes filled with tears.

"Brick!" she cried, embracing him in her arms. "You're alive! But how?"

"I managed to hop out of the window with Boomer and Butch, before the explosion occurred," Brick explained. "As the chemistry lab blew up, part of the wall collapsed on my leg. That's why I was in crutches."

"What about the red puddle you hat was in?" Blossom asked. "I thought it was blood."

"Nah, it was Jimmy's fruit punch from earlier at lunch," Brick replied. "He forgets he's allergic to that. No wonder he caused that explosion. Fruit punch makes his oblivious. I should have prevented him from bringing it to the competition, or any drink for that matter."

Blossom looked at the red cap on his head. "How did you get your hat back?"

Brick chuckled. "You really got to learn how to lock your locker before you leave. If it wasn't unlocked, I wouldn't be able to get my hat back. Good thing you heard the explosion and went to investigate. Let me guess, you used the tracking device to see if anyone was hurt."

Blossom nodded. "Yeah, It said you were still in the chemistry classroom. But I guess your hat left behind had a piece of your hair in it, so I thought you were still in there. If I just checked the town using the tracker, I would have found you somewhere."

Brick smiled. "The good thing is I'm okay, I got my hat back from your locker, not to mention, this."

He reached into the pocket of his tuxedo pants and pulled out the small, blue, velvet box that Blossom found in her locker earlier that day. He opened it, revealing the heart-shaped, pink sapphire, gold ring to Blossom.

"Blossom," Brick asked, lovingly. "Will you be my girlfriend?"

Blossom nodded and took the ring from its box. She placed it on her second finger from the left on her left hand. "Yes, I will."

And with that said, they both leaned in and shared a passionate kiss.

As for the twelve roses in Blossom's locker, they would probably be dead now since they weren't in water to keep them alive. The fake one was still the way it was when Blossom found it.

That rose will never die. Brick and Blossom's love will never end.

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