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I rolled away quickly as my little sister landed on my bed. This had been the first time I had been able to evade her in a while. My sister rolled off my bed as she pouted.

"Kyon! Where's Shamisen?"

I was taken aback by that question, what did she mean? He's always under my blanket sleeping with me, and scratching at my sides… Then I realized that an annoyed purr didn't sound off at the jump my sister had just performed. I inspected myself and was relieved to find no fur or scratch marks on me. I looked around my room and saw him snuggling on the side of the heater.

"He's over there."

"So there you are, Shamisen!"

As she walked closer the cat, Shamisen suddenly cracked open his eyes. He darted though my sister's legs and through the opened door. My sister, I do wonder what things she does to him when I'm not around...

"It's not like I do anything wrong to him!"

My daily routine went by as usual. As I walked to school looking down at my feet, I waited for the steep hill that signaled my soon to be arrival to school. It was then that a familiar fence came into my line of sight. The school stood before me. Had I already went up the hill? My legs didn't feel sore at all, I must be getting fit. I shuddered at the thought of me keeping up with Haruhi.

As I walked through the school doors I noticed what must have been my imagination. There was a uniform change for all the girls. Their skirts seemed to have gotten shorter along with their sleeves. As I walked into class 1-5, I paused at the doorway when I spotted something stunning. I continued to my chair in front of a pony tailed, mini-skirted, short sleeved Haruhi. Class went by as I wrote down notes. At lunchtime Haruhi was nowhere to be found and I was astounded that I had written 4 pages of notes. I had never been this tentative; usually I wouldn't even write enough notes to fill half a page.

I looked back into my mind and recalled every word that Okabe-sensei had said. I was proud that my mind was finally taking school seriously. I left to go to the clubroom to eat lunch. I knocked on the door and heard no reply. I came in, assured of who was already inside. While walking to a chair I greeted Nagato.


"Are you aware?"

I paused.


"If you are not aware of it as of yet, then it would be well-advised not to interfere in the case of unknown consequences arising."

I didn't really understand what she was talking about, so I resumed moving to my chair until I noticed something in the corner of my eye. I whipped my head around with eyes dilated and heart pumping. I then started interrogating her.

"N-nagato, w-what?"

"What is it?"

"You're… Smiling!"

It was more of a content, soft smirk, none the less it was the first emotion that has ever surfaced that the naked eye could spot. Nagato raised her hand and ran it up her chin, as soon as her hand had reached her lips her smile was gone and a stoic small frown replaced it.

"Do not worry."

"What do you mean, "Do not worry? Why were you smiling?"

"There is no harm in a smile."


I was shaken up by this incident but I let it go. However, while I sat down and opened my bento a loud crash resonated throughout the room.

"Hey guys!"

I felt sorry for the wall that had to tolerate her actions.

"Kyon, what's wrong? You look like a ghost just slapped you"

"It was just that Na-"

I turned my head and saw a disapproving Nagato shaking her head slightly.

"Well, Kyon? You were saying?"

"Nothing, don't worry about it."

"Tell me!"

She had grabbed me by the collar, and was leaning on top of me.

"It was nothing!"


"I… stepped on a bug!"

"… Wuss."

With that she left and I had the rest of the lunch time to eat in peace. I entered the classroom again and saw a bored Haruhi looking outside the window. I sat down and looked forward.

A few hours later, class had ended and students were leaving. I was not one of them. I walked quietly towards the clubroom, noticing a small tuft of Haruhi's hair disappearing behind the next corner. She walks so fast.

As I turned the corner, I noticed the clubroom door was left open. I looked inside of the classroom and saw something awe-inspiring. Asahina was wearing a form fitting cat girl outfit. It even had a huge gap between the bottom and top showing off her midriff. Haruhi was found clinging onto her as Asahina was squirming around.

"Mikiru! You look so cute, where in the world did you get this?"

"S-Suzumiya-san? This was the only outfit on the rack. I thought that you had bought th-this."

"I certainly would have, it looks amazing on you!"

I regained composure and walked across the room and sat down in a chair. In front of me I found a new board game set up on the table. If Koizumi saw Asahina in this outfit before me then so help me...

"K-Kouzumi isn't here Kyon-kun, he told me that he had to go to the clubroom right after school. When I came to greet him he was already gone, he must've set up the game before he left."

As I drank the tea that gave my soul warmth, I read the game manual. Haruhi was on the computer, Nagato held her book up covering her mouth, and Asahina was walking around with her tea tray as the bell on her tail rang.

As I read the small book, a piece of paper fell out from between the pages. I immediately looked at Nagato to see if it was hers, but she didn't return my gaze. I opened the note and saw handwriting I didn't recognize.

Meet me at the park outside the station at 7pm. We must discuss the sudden change of circumstances. Be sure to say hello to the cute Mikuru for me.

I crumpled the note. There was only one person that could annoy me with so few words. Koizumi was going to have a long wait.

I arrived at the park at 7:12 and reminisced on the many memories that involved this place as I approached the park bench. I was greeted by no one. There was no one on the bench, was he really that impatient?

Behind me I heard something disturbing.

"Hello Kyon."

I turned around to see him smiling six inches from my face.

After picking myself off the floor I was thinking of a question to ask him, but first of all; what the hell is wrong with this guy? Like really.

"I'm sorry Kyon, I guess I'm late. I suspected that you were going to come later than what I asked, so I came late as well. I saw you walking so I just continued to follow you lead."

"… Never mind that then. What did you want to talk to me about? Is it about Haruhi?"

"No, this concerns you."

"What about me?"

"You are the new god."

First fanfic, I'll add more humor later on. This chapter is just here to set up the story for the rest of the fanfic.