Yeah, I started this 2 years ago and had like a 1.5 year hiatus on it or something. Sorry about that

I'm finishing high school and going to college now and always felt like finishing it up.


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I can't feel anything. Moving is impossible, I neither have the energy or the necessary sensation. I can hear a loud ringing in my ears and nothing else. My eyes are drying up right now, I don't even have the energy to close them. A blurry image is coming through these eyes.

It's hazy. Something small, sharp, and wet is close to me. It's on my chest actually. Oh, it's just my rib poking out. I wonder what that means. Everything is so blurry and fuzzy, even my own thoughts. Where am I? What's going on? Why am I like this?

Focus! What can I see in front of me besides my protruding bone.

I see… the ground. I'm lying sideways on the ground. I can't recall any memories very clearly at the moment, so why am I like this? There's grass everywhere. I bet it would be a nice sensation to lay in it, if I could actually feel anything. I see something else… It's moving! It's getting closer to me, something brown. It's right next to me now. Oh no, the ground's moving! Oh wait, it's me that's moving.

I'm being held by something, my face is being propped upwards towards the sky. The brown blob is right above my face, it's shaking. My vision is a complete blur right now, my eyes are too dry to work. I can feel water dropping onto my face and running down, ouch it got into one of my eyes! My vision is coming back a little. Oh look, it's Haruhi…

Haruhi! Powers MyFault Death Skydive plane ground kiss I love you…

I remember now! I fell- we fell. So how can she be besides me like this? I'm so glad that she's okay. It makes sense now. I'm half-dead from falling out of a plane. I still wonder how she's all right and I'm like this, but I guess it's fine this way. As long as she's not hurt, I'm content.

Haruhi's yelling at me. She's crying too. All I can do is make her sad. My throat feels so blocked up. I cough. Haruhi's face just got dotted with blood. She starts yelling harder at me. I still can't hear anything other than the ringing. That cough hurt so much. I don't even think I'm breathing anymore after that.

My chest feels tight. My vision's blurring again, now it's black. I think I'm dead now. So many questions are still out there. Can God even die? And what happens if he does?