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Chapter Three – Dinner Announcements

"I could totally get used to this…"

Teyla Emmagen blinked and stared across the table at the girl who had spoken, Jennifer Keller. She was grinning, which was strange as she had just eaten a mouthful of treacle tart.

Very tough, very unpleasant treacle tart.

Teyla looked to her right, at her roommate, Elizabeth Weir. Elizabeth was also staring at Jennifer in disbelief.

"Are you serious Jennifer?" Elizabeth asked.

Jennifer looked confused at Elizabeth's tone. "What?"

Teyla and Elizabeth exchanged a glance, eyebrows raised. "Jennifer, it's disgusting," said Teyla.

"Really disgusting," agreed Elizabeth.

"In fact, the only edible thing here was the fries," said Teyla.

"I don't know, I thought the nuggets were okay," said Elizabeth. Teyla gave her a sardonic look.

"Well, I like it," said Jennifer, shrugging. "I like overcooked things – I hate rare food."

Kate Heightmayer, who was sitting next to Jennifer, spoke up. "That's fair enough," she said. "Everyone has different tastes."

Teyla smiled slightly – she'd only met Kate half an hour ago, but already thought she was the most reasonable person in the world. She considered herself an understanding person, but Kate took it to a whole new level.

"That's true," said Katie Brown, from the other side of Kate.

And there was the nicest person Teyla had ever met. There was just no other way to describe Katie than nice. Except possibly sweet.

Teyla was so glad she was sharing her cabin with Elizabeth, a normal person. She had met her that morning and they had hit it off right away, which Teyla was very glad of – she'd been kind of dreading having a roomie she hated.

Jennifer chuckled. "Well thanks – I hope my eating habits don't gross you out too much," she said. "And I'd be happy to finish your treacle tart if you don't want it…"

Teyla grinned and pushed her plate towards Jennifer at the same time as the other three, and they all laughed together.

The hall was noisy; filled with conversation and laughter as eighty girls aged 14 to 18 got to know one another over dried out chicken nuggets, fries and treacle tart. Teyla rested her chin on her hand and surveyed the room happily – everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, and she was too. She'd been looking forward to this summer for months, and was determined to make the most of it.

"Can I have your attention please – settle down ladies…"

The chief counsellor, Sam Carter, had stood up behind her table at the end of the hall, and she was smiling round at them. She was wearing a black Lake Atlantis t-shirt and her bright blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

The noise in the hall quietened down and Sam's smile widened. "Okay… now that we're all fed, I have a couple of announcements," she said. "First off – uniforms. We're pretty relaxed about uniform here at Lake Atlantis, but everyone is given two t-shirts, a baseball cap and a jacket, which I urge you all to make use of. You can pick them up from here after breakfast tomorrow morning."

Sam paused a moment to let the information sink in. "Next… those of you who've been here before will be able to tell the rest of you that every year the Lake Atlantis Girls' Camp plays against the Boys' Camp in a series of sporting events… and frequently hand their tails to them, I might add..."

There was a ripple of laughter, and few whoops. Sam grinned.

"Well, this year will be a little different," she said. "Every four years we team up with the boys and participate in a tournament against three other camps in the local area – Genii Lake, Wraith Fields and Osuran Falls. The tournament starts next week with soccer, and continues through the summer with a series of sporting and academic events. All the teams will be mixed, and on a completely voluntary basis, and anyone who wants to can join in, or not as they choose."

Sam paused again as everyone in the hall started talking excitedly about the tournament. Teyla, a huge sports fan, turned to look at Elizabeth with a huge grin. Elizabeth grinned back at her, the same excitement Teyla felt shining from her eyes. The two of them had already had a long talk about sports earlier that day, and so Teyla knew that even though Elizabeth wouldn't be planning to join any of the sports teams, her attention would have been piqued by the 'academic events' Sam mentioned.

"Okay, okay..." Sam said, waving a hand to get everyone's attention again. "There's more detailed information about the tournament, including the dates of the events and how to sign up for them, on the notice board on the West side of this building, but the important thing to tell you about is the team leaders. Once the teams are finalised for each event, those teams elect a team captain from among themselves. But there are also two team leaders, one boy and one girl, who oversee all the teams and their involvement in the tournament. We'll be electing our team leader the day after tomorrow, so tomorrow when you're all going about your activities, try to bear the tournament in mind, and think of who you'd like to represent us girls."

Sam sat back down again and the whole hall exploded with noise.

"Oh my god this is going to be so much fun!" Exclaimed Jennifer, grinning from ear to ear.

"It does sound good," agreed Elizabeth. "I wonder what kind of academic things there are…?"

"Mathletics," said Kate, who had been at the camp the year before. "And spelling. And a general knowledge quiz."

"Well I suck at math but the rest sound fun," Elizabeth said with a grin.

Teyla leant forward eagerly. "What kind of sports is there?" She asked Kate.

"Loads," she answered. "Soccer, football, tennis, badminton, swimming, rowing, archery, running, baseball, basketball…dozens of things."

Teyla felt the excitement bubbling inside of her. "This is wonderful – I was really looking forward to the sports here anyway, but now that there's a tournament it's even better!" She exclaimed.

"Katie! Are you going to sign up for tennis?" A girl with long, curly blonde hair came running over to their table and up to Katie, who grinned up at her.

"Absolutely, do you want to partners?" She answered.

"Yeah! Wow, this is awesome!"

Katie laughed. "And you didn't even want to come!"

The girl rolled her eyes. "Stupid Mer and his big mouth," she said.

Katie's grin vanished and Teyla noticed the new girl's eyes widen with regret. Katie turned back to the group and gave them a smile which didn't quite reach her eyes. "This is Jeannie McKay, we go to school together," she said.

Jeannie grinned round at everyone. "Hi!" She said brightly.

They all returned her greeting and introduced themselves, and Jeannie squeezed in next to Katie and joined in their conversation about the tournament.

"So, do you guys know anyone else here?" Elizabeth asked Katie and Jeannie after a while.

They both nodded. "Yeah, there's a couple of other girls from our school here too – Nancy Innes… she's over by the wall there, with the long brown hair – and Chaya Proculus… er, she was around earlier but I don't know where she's gone now," said Katie.

"And my brother Meredith is here –"

"Meredith?" Said Jennifer and Elizabeth incredulously. Jeannie grinned.

"Yeah, he goes by Rodney, but that's only his middle name… I call him Mer…" she glanced at Katie, who was looking sombre again, "… and his friend John Sheppard is here too."

"Wow, that's quite a contingent," said Kate. "Most people don't know anyone."

"Teyla has friends here," said Elizabeth.

Teyla nodded, smiling. "Yes, my younger cousin Jinto is here, and my friend Kanaan," she said.

"Those are unusual names," commented Katie, and Teyla shrugged.

"That's a nice thing about the tournament I guess," mused Kate. "You'll be able to see your friends and relatives at the boys' camp."

"I'm certainly not complaining that we have to spend more time with the boys!" Jennifer said, grinning. They all laughed in response.

"I just hope none of them get annoyed about it being mixed teams," said Elizabeth.

"That's true – some guys can get really pissy about playing with girls," said Jennifer.

Kate shook her head. "I'm sure it won't be that bad," she said. "The counsellors wouldn't let them get away with that kind of attitude."

"Besides," said Teyla with a sly grin. "If I have to teach a few boys who's boss on the football field, I will."

TBC – Up next, the boys bond over some 'friendly' sports.