At it Again

Angst fic

By:Shrouded by Shadows

A/N:This is sorta angsty and sorta not, but it can be whatever floats your boat.

Disclaimer:I don't own Shannon Moore, Mike Mizanin, John Cena, Gragory Helms, or Randy Orton. This is purely fan made and has no association with the WWE or Mr.Vincent Kennedy McMahon in anyway.

- - - - -

There you are

In the corner

Flirting with Cena

Last week it was Helms

The week before, Orton

When will you ever stop?

I never liked how you looked after shows

After a trip to your locker room

Where you changed your clothes, your act

The way you talk and sound

The way you earn your extra cash

You flirt with them

They feel you up

And lead you to their hotel room

Sometimes you can't even wait

So you go to your locker room

Everyone knows what your capable of

Everyone but me

I'd never degrade you like that

The way they do

You tease, and flirt, and tempt

You inch closer and closer

Until your breathing down my neck

"Come on Mike, you know you want to,"

God do I want to

But I choke down my want, I shake my head

You pout and go to some one else

Some one who you know can't resist

Resist the paint you brushed onto your canvas

Brushed onto your hollowed out shell full of nothing

Nothing but thick-air and cobwebs

Now you walk to your locker room door

Your next costumer in-toe

"Feel free to join in" says your lips

Your bloody red lips

Yourlips that moan and scream and who knows what else

Your lips that used to be powder pink

Yourlips are the ones I love

More than the ones poisoned by lipstick

But I push that aside and watch

Watch as you walk towards Cena

Towards your next payment

And then I think

Think of the thing I always think

When you do this, when you whore yourself out

When you show up tomorrow with a sore back

I think that your at it again