Time: so irrelevant when you have an eternity. Ten years, fifteen years, like minutes in the catalogue of my life. Every moment of my new existence was as crisp and fresh as the day or night that it occurred in my memory. The human memories, however, had almost completely faded, practically nonexistent. It was funny how they just seemed to wither and die without one knowing. Could I have possibly forgotten Edward in my human life and moved on?

Looking up from my book, "Wuthering Heights", the very same edition I had from my human life, I glanced at my beautiful husband. For eighteen years we had been married, a milestone to most mortal couples. But, to those who are like us, we were still compared to newlyweds. Judging the length of years we had been together to others, like Esme and Carlisle who have been together for little over a hundred years, it's easy to understand. But knowing that they were able to maintain their relationship after such a vast amount of time reassured me.

No, I couldn't ever have forgotten him. As weak as human memories have proven to be, no one could forget him. His angelic face and bronze hair have proved to be too impressionable. No one or thing could ever look at him and not remember him. Catching me staring, he smiled his crooked grin that never got old. Though my heart was long dead, it melted it all the same. Just like the first day I witnessed it.

"What are you thinking?" he asked, putting down his book to turn to look at me with his golden eyes.

"Of how happy I am to have procured you for an eternity," I stated, closing my book and putting it to the side.

"You will never cease to amaze me. You know that?" he smiled, as he rolled closer to me on the mat of grass we had been basking in all day. The sun had made it's presence in our normally sunless home of York, England. It wasn't quite as cloudy as Alaska or Forks, as I've been told, but it did offer us a lot of cloudy days. The sun glimmered off of both of us, but I might as well have still been human. All I could see was Edward. The magnificence of my own skin mattered not to me, he was far too distracting.

"Yeah, but you aren't exactly dull Edward," I laughed, poking him in the side. I propped up my head with my hands under my chin with my elbows supporting me.

"Bella, love, the stars and sun mean not with you in my life," he replied, smiling brightly, dazzling me instantly. I hated how he could do that. But, I had dazzling powers of my own and it was a rare occasion that he could put me in a stupor like he could before.

"Yeah, yeah Romeo. But I have given you my heart and soul and it will remain with you for the rest of eternity," I shot back, smiling widely. His eyes slightly glazed over and his mouth opened slightly. I started to giggle and with the sound of my laughter he gained his composure.

"Not funny," he laughed, pushing me over and hovering over top of me.

"Hey, I think it's a nice change," I continued to laugh. He grinned and lowered his face within millimeters of mine. His golden orbs pierced into my own, and wrapping my arms around him I pulled him closer to me. He grinned wider before taking my lips into his own. Gently, our lips caressed each others.

He pulled back, and smiled at me as I frowned. I always hated when our kissing ended. I could kiss him forever.

"I hate when you do that," I pouted. He chuckled and I released my grasp of him. He rolled over to the side of me and stared up at the bright, slightly cloudy sky.

"I'm sorry. But it's time for us to go,"

"Already?" I asked, not quite prepared for what we were about to do.


"And Alice is sure everything will go as planned?" I questioned, still unsure.

"Everything will go fine," he answered confidently.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" I sighed, still nervous. I picked up my book and leapt to my feet.

"I was waiting for you," Edward chuckled as he mimicked me, picking up his copy of "The Reivers" by Faulkner. I rolled my eyes and we started running. No longer a newborn, I had slowed substantially. I was still fast, but not quite as quick as Edward. He loved to show me up, and was running in front of me, jumping and leaping over any obstacles that were in the way. I laughed as he did a front flip over a log. I merely leaped over it when it came in my way and continued to watch his show. At times like that when we were alone he reminded me of Emmett he was so playful.

We broke through the forest that encased our new home, and the large brick mansion came into view. This house was a lot different than the one we had in Ireland. It wasn't as airy and light as the Irish home had been. It was a dark grey stone building with ivy creeping up its front. It was very old, centuries I'd bet. Esme, however, had worked her magic, and it was lovely on the inside. No one in their right mind could say it was cold upon entering. Large tapestries hung on the walls, covering the stone that was exposed. The fireplaces were almost constantly lit, giving the house a warm, comforting atmosphere. The rainy foggy atmosphere of the English country side, just gave it a stuffy feel. The general opinion of the family was that we didn't enjoy the house. We needed something more open, less smothering. And though the sunny days were few compared to a sunny place like Australia, it still was constricting with the number of days that broadcasted sun.

I didn't hate the house. I just missed our Irish abode, and even Alaska. We had taken a short time period apart between Ireland and England, each couple traveling separately. That didn't last long though; I hated being away from Alice and the rest of the family. We reconvened here, and had been looking ever since for a new place to stay.

"Bella! Edward! Hurry!" Alice called us from her upstairs window. I laughed at her tiny frame hanging out of the large, ancient window. Edward reached the door first and he held it open for me. Smiling at his chivalry I walked through before him. The grand, dark wood, double staircase met us first as we entered the house. Edward closed the door behind us, and we climbed the stairs quickly. The house was three stories, and our room was on the third, at the end of the hall. Just like Edward's old bedroom in Forks.

"I already packed your stuff!" Alice exclaimed as we reached the top of the stairs. She was standing there beaming, waiting for us at the third floor landing. I shook my head and walked on by her.

"Thanks," I called back at her as we walked to the end of the hall to our room.

"Welcome," she laughed as she followed us.

"Are you sure you and Jasper don't want to go?" I asked hopefully.


"And everything is going to go ok?" I asked.

"Yes, now go," she laughed, handing me my bags she had tucked in the corner ready. I didn't question her. I knew everything I'd possibly need was in the case. We were only going to be gone for three days, three seemingly long days.

"Ready?" Edward asked, holding out his hands to take the bags from me.

"I guess," I sighed, handing the luggage over. I could have protested and told him there was no need; I could have packed the luggage and him to the car no problem, but it was a guy thing. And to be honest, I liked how gentlemanly he was.

"Don't worry, you know I'd never let anything happen to you," he reassured me. I nodded, having no dispute with him.

"Bye Alice, call me if anything comes up, ok?" I said, glancing over to her.

"Don't worry, I will," she replied, rolling her eyes.

With that she left and Edward and I followed her lead. Departing at the top of the stairs, we descended to first floor where Esme and Carlisle were waiting.

"You two be careful," Esme instructed us with her warm motherly tone.

"We will," Edward answered for the two of us.

"If you need anything, don't hesitate to call," Carlisle added.

"We won't," I answered this time, feeling almost like a child with their parenting stance.

"We'd better be going though, we need to get to the airport in thirty minutes," Edward said. We walked to the door, accompanied by the two of them, and to the car. They stood back at the door, watching us get in. I smiled at the two of them, trying to reassure them and myself for that matter, that everything would go smooth. I really hoped it would.

"If you clutch the door handle any harder you're going to leave marks," Edward chuckled as he got in the car and put the keys in the ignition.

"Ha-ha," I replied, letting go. He was right, not much more force and the handle would be putty in my hands.

"Just calm down Bella, everything is going to be ok," he said, grabbing my left hand in his right as he turned the car around. I grasped his hand in mine, gaining immense comfort from his touch. He was going to be there with me. Everything was going to be fine. I had nothing to worry about. I had to keep telling myself that.

I smiled weakly and having the car turned around, he drove down our long hidden drive, something I learned was essential when buying homes, and onto the main road. The blue sky was now hidden with thick grey clouds. A few rain drops hit the windshield, both a nuisance and an aide.

By the time we reached the airport, I had rationalized that everything was going to be ok. Upon seeing and boarding the plane, however, I became nervous again. I hadn't seen the United States in almost twenty years, twenty very long years it seemed at the moment.

Taking our first class seats, Edward wouldn't travel coach, not because he thought he was better, there was just less people in first class, we got settled in and ready for our long flight. For that, I was thankful. The less humans, the better. I hadn't slipped up during my existence as a vampire, but times, even eighteen years down the road, the demon thirst still ripped and snarled when a human got too close and I hadn't fed in a few days. Control, it was a constant battle. But, I had to admit, it was worth it.

The flight seemed to pass by quickly. It seemed no sooner we had taken our seats that we were getting off at the small airport just outside of New York. Weather, had thankfully, played on our side the entire journey.

"Are you ok?" Edward asked as we walked to the rental car, a jet black Lexus with darkly tinted windows.

"Yeah, just a little nervous," I replied as I stopped at the side of the car. He opened the door as he always had, and I got in. Quickly he put our luggage in the backseat and climbed into the driver's side.

"I'm here, just remember that," he said taking his seat and closing the door. I nodded, and taking his hand in mine, committed myself to the rest of the journey. In less than five hours I'd see them again, my human family.

I wasn't going for a visit, however. The dead can't come back, and that's what they thought of me. As much as I would love to embrace my mother, get to know my little sister, even to catch up with Phil, it just wasn't possible. I had accepted that a long time ago though. But I did need a small peak into their lives, just to make sure everything was going ok. What better time than my sister's graduation?

It would be at crowded gym and we'd sit in the back. We would see it as good as if we were sitting in the front anyway. No one would notice us, Alice had assured us. Maybe it was self torture, but I needed to know my little sister, even if it was at a distance.

"We're here," Edward said as he pulled up to the Hilton. I sighed, still wondering if I had chose the right thing. Would it have been better if I'd just left it alone? Edward seemed supportive when I mentioned it to him, even seemed to push me into pursuing it. Alice was very encouraging. As much as I doubted it, now, I knew it was something I needed to do.

With one last surge of self reassurance, we got out of the car. Edward handed the keys to the valet, and went inside the hotel to check in. The place was fabulous of course. As long as I had been an official "Cullen", who now went by McCarty, I never got used to the privileged life. We had more money than I could ever imagine. Yes, even I had money thanks to Alice and her foreseeing in the stock market. My once miniscule college fund had earned me my first million within two years. I was afraid to look at what it had amounted to now. I could only imagine it was huge.

"Hello, how can I help you?" the woman behind the desk asked. I understood what Edward had meant by humans keeping their distance. The woman was obviously entranced by our beauty, just like a bird hypnotized by a snake, but unconsciously she had scooted back in her chair to put distance between us.

"Yes, I have a reservation for McCarty," Edward replied. It was odd going by McCarty. But, with the changing of environment, our last name also had to change. To really disappear, we had to take on new identities. It just so happened to be Emmett's turn. Alice's last name of Brandon would be used next, and she for that was very excited.

"Alright, room 304, the honeymoon suite," the woman replied smiling widely at the two of us. Of course she would assume we were newly weds. We appeared in our early twenties at best, even though in reality, I would have been almost forty that is if I had still aged.

"Thanks," Edward said taking the key card from the beaming woman.

"The bag boy will have your bags up momentarily," she said as she took her seat, somewhat stunned.

Taking the elevator to the third floor, we stepped off into the hall way and located our room at the end of the hall. Edward opened the door and we stepped into a magnificent scene. Rose petals were trailed to what I knew was the bed room. There was champagne sadly chilling. I gave Edward a look, expressing my confusion.

"Appearances," he replied while shrugging. I smiled, understanding then, and walked further into the room. It would prove to be a nice hiding place until the sun went down. It was currently streaming through the windows, which Edward quickly went through and shaded with the heavy blinds. We didn't want the bag boy to see us shimmering in the sun. We had made it in here in just the nick of time to avoid the sun. Alice had been right.

"Thanks for agreeing to this Edward," I sighed, as he closed the door and we settled on the couch.

"No need for thanks, love. I know you really want to see her," he said, enclosing me with his arms, instantly calming me.

"Either way, I'm glad you're here with me,"

"Me too," he smiled.

"So what can we do for four hours?" I asked, wondering how we could kill the time.

"I have an idea," he chuckled glancing over his shoulder to the open bedroom door. I giggled and with that, he picked me up and in a flash, we were in the bedroom

CLPOV (Chrissie Lynn) For those of you that have forgotten, Bella's little sister.

How do you stand up in front of your graduating class and give a speech? Mom and dad had been hounding me since the week before to get something together. But as much effort as I had put into it, nothing seemed sufficient. I was one of three valedictorians that would be making a speech at the commencement ceremony and I knew the other two people would have spectacular speeches. I, on the other hand, had nothing.

Standing in the ridiculous robe worn by the ancients, I looked at myself in the mirror. Why did we have to don this silly costume? Why not just show up in a nice dress or outfit? These things were just another way of people trying to hold onto traditions that were pointless. But, I guess it was something to wear with pride. I was graduating, one of the three people at the top of the class, and yet it still seemed so unreal.

Remembering the past, it was odd growing up with my mom and dad. A tragedy, the death of my older sister that I never got to know, had been tough on my mother. And in turn, had led her to be a bit overprotective. My sports obsessed dad was very disappointed when he found that not only did I somewhat favor my older sister, but I had inherited her ability for clumsiness. Sports were, unfortunately, out of the question. But, the first day I started bringing in A's, he was happy. I was quite positive he still had the first spelling test I brought him with a bright red A on it.

"Chrissie, it's time to go," mom said as she poked her head into my room.

"K, give me just a moment, I have to put on my shoes," I replied. She nodded and walked out. Going to my bed, I bent down and pulled the flat black dress shoes that were hidden. Heels and me were a disaster waiting to happen, one I would not chance even at the protests of my mom.

I slipped them on, took one last look in the mirror and walked out of my room. It was time to face the crowd. Speech or no speech, there was no turning back.

The ride to my school seemed so unbelievably long. It was only a couple blocks away, and yet my mom and dad made it extremely uncomfortable. Mom had already begun to cry once and I was sure that dad was going red in the face from holding back. I couldn't wait to evacuate the car and face certain humiliation from my lack of speech. That would at least give me some distance from them, they were making me nervous.

"Break a leg Chris," dad said as we got out of the car, having parked it on the street. We had arrived a little early to avoid traffic. The street was already immensely crowded.

"Thanks dad," I replied trying to smile.

"You've made us so proud sweetheart," mom snuffed, as she embraced me in a teary hug. I hugged her back, trying to give her comfort.

"I better go talk to others, see what they're going to do with their speeches and rehearse," I said, looking for an escape. The sky was starting to cloud over, sort of mimicking my mood. Sure, I should have been ecstatic that I was graduating, but I was going to be giving a speech to hundreds of my peers and their families and friends. And yet, I still didn't know what to say.

"Alright, see you after," Mom replied letting me go, stepping close to Dad who took her hand. I nodded and walked into the student's entrance while they took the main door to the auditorium seats.

The backstage of the auditorium was starting to fill up with students and some parents and friends of students that had snuck backstage. I noticed one of the valedictorians giving her speech to her mom. From what I could hear, it sounded great. But anything would have sounded spectacular to what I had-nothing.

As busy as the backstage had proven to be, I managed to find a lone corner to gather my thoughts. I contemplated and rehearsed different things I could say, but all sounded generic. I didn't want to give some corny, heard it a thousand times speech that wouldn't be remembered. If I was going to be humiliated by being on stage in front of everyone, I was going to give a good speech. Well, at least that was what I hoped.

I started to think of what had gotten me to this point, valedictorian of my class. All my life my mother had pushed and prodded me to excel. She expected excellence from me. More than anything, she hadn't wanted me to be my older sister. I could have been bitter towards her for trying to force me into something I wasn't. But in truth, I had a feeling that while me and my sister where some what wired to be alike, with the clumsiness and all, we had different characters. I didn't like to read like she did. I didn't have a boyfriend, she was already engaged by the time she was my age, or getting ready to be engaged. She had an extreme blushing problem, mine was only moderate.

I wasn't bitter because my mother had gone through something very tragic with my sister. Just a little over a year after my sister was married her and her husband, who were on their way to the Bahamas for a second honeymoon, had died in a horrible plane crash. My mother never fully got over it. She moved on, yes. But it was always in the background, always resurfacing and reminding me of what pain she had endured. I couldn't hate her for that. I was sympathetic towards her, I loved her.

Then it hit me. My sister had really shaped the person I had become. Her death had led my mother to be the overprotective pusher that she was and in turn, had made me a very thriving and goal oriented person. Her and her husband had set up a college fund for me shortly before they passed away oddly enough. It reached maturity upon my graduating and I was all set for college. From the day I was born I had a choice of rather to go or not. I could have chosen Ivy League if I wanted, which I had. I was Princeton bound. She really had, even though she was never present, influenced the person I had become. I used to get a little mad at her for leaving my mother the way she had, but it wasn't her fault either. Life is just funny that way I suppose.

With my speech mentally inscribed, I was ready, and just in time. I noticed everyone lining up and took my position at the front of the line. I would be sitting in the front row. The graduation music started, another tradition that people seemed to not be able to let go of, and we marched side by side, down the isle towards our futures. In mere minutes we would cross the stage, receive our faux diplomas, and would be graduates of Thomas Jefferson High School. I was a barrel of nerves.

As my turn came, I walked out beside Richard Applebaum, a kid I had went to grade school with. He never had grown into his ears, and his hair was a fiery red. But I liked Richard. He was a nice guy and one of my few friends. He smiled at me as we started down the aisle to the beat of the song. The seats were all a bright maroon color, and each aisle seat had a satiny white bow tied on it. The stage was set up well with a podium in the center. A row of seats were lined behind the podium a few feet back. About ten people were sitting in the chairs, some speakers, some just commentators, for the graduation ceremony. Before I knew it, Richard and I had reached the end of the aisle and we split paths, him taking the left and me the right, walking down the front row of seats to the next vacant one. We stood until the last person in our row stood before their seat and we all sat down. The principle, a pudgy blonde woman, who we "affectionately" called Miss Piggy, stood behind the podium watching the procession of students enter and take their seats.

With all the students finally seated, the principle started the ceremony. Her voice was unpleasant and she was very long winded, but I stuck it out regardless. That would be the last time I would ever have to pay her respect in that manner, and for that I would thankfully and respectively listen to her antics.

All boring speeches given by the guests, and my fellow valedictorians, it was now my turn. Time seemed to be flying by as the principle announced by name, "And now our third and final valedictorian, Ms. Christina Dwyer."

"Thanks," I said as I walked onto the stage and took the podium from her. She smiled a fake grin and I took my place, facing the huge crowd of my peers.

"Good evening fellow peers, I stand before you today as one of three of the top of our class. In honesty, I didn't know what I was going to say until thirty or so minutes ago backstage. It's really hard to formulate a speech that will encourage and actually mean something to all of you. As I analyzed and searched within myself for the right things to say, I realized I was looking in all the wrong places. I had to ask myself what got me here. Of course my mom and dad had a part in that, but personality wise, how had I come to be me? The answer is quite clear now, my sister, Bella Cullen, has played a huge part of who I am. A lot of you may be scratching your heads and saying that you don't remember my sister, well you wouldn't have. My sister, unfortunately, passed away shortly after my birth in a horrible plane crash. Even though she wasn't present in my life, she has shaped me into the women I have become, even if it was subtly. My mom, having suffered her lost, was a bit overprotective, but that's ok. Her constantly being on my case led me to be a very goal oriented person, allowed me to strive and do well. But not only did my sister affect me with her death, but in her life as well. Before she passed away, her and her husband, who also perished in the accident, had formed a college fund for me. It was meant to be a first birthday present, but they never got to personally give it to me. My sister has opened doors for me and has allowed me to prosper. My sister, though I never knew her, has made me the person I have become. With this, I want everyone to think about who has influenced their life, or what has shaped them. Know that tragedy can't hold you back, know that only you can call the shots and allow yourself to excel. I could have taken my sister's death and my mother's over protectiveness many different ways, but I didn't. Knowing that, understand that your high school experience, how great or horrible it was, cannot hold you back. Go into college or your career knowing that your past is no indicator of how well you do, it has shaped you, but it cannot stop you. What you make of it is up to you. I choose to see the good in my past. I only hope you will do the same. To the class of 2026, I wish you all well." I spoke. My voice had been a bit shaky at first, but I managed to pull it off. An eruption of applause filled the stage, and I looked across the crowd and into the stands to see everyone standing. My mother I found was crying and holding my teary eyed Dad. As I looked back, it was then I caught a glimpse of what had to be a ghost.

I knew her appearance well. I had seen his and her pictures a hundred times around the house. And I could have sworn it was them, my sister and her husband standing in the back. I wiped at my eyes, knowing this was an illusion, and as I looked back, they were gone. Despite how weird it was, I smiled. Whether it was her or not, my mind playing tricks, a ghost or whatever, it made me feel warm inside, like she was proud.

I hadn't noticed I had been crying until I took my seat. I would never forget my sister and how she had played a part in my life. I had once been a little bitter towards her, but now I respected her. She had really made my life great, even if I was just realizing it.


How could Alice have not seen that! She saw us, looked right at me. We made eye contact for a second, briefly, but eye contact nonetheless. Just as she wiped her eyes, Edward and I dashed, hopefully she'd think she was just seeing things. How could this have happened?

"Edward," I finally said as we walked quickly down the well lit street towards our hotel.

"We will call Alice when we get into the hotel," he answered as if he could read my mind. I picked up the pace slightly; I had to find out if we had just jeopardized everything.

Reaching the hotel, we walked in, and taking the stairwell, was in our room in mere minutes. Just as the door closed behind us, Edward's phone began to vibrate in his pocket.

"Alice," he answered. I stood back, listening to what she had to say. I didn't have to have my ear against the receiver to understand and make out what she said.

"Everything's fine Bella," she replied, knowing that I needed comfort.

"She saw us though," I sighed, as I began to pace the floor. What if she told my mom? What if that gave her false hope? And worse yet, what if she started searching for us? Would they uncover us?

"She thought you were a ghost or an illusion, she's not going to pursue it," Alice answered.

"You knew this was going to happen all along didn't you," I accused, a little angry she would put us in that situation.

"Yes, but I also knew everything would turn out ok. If I told you what was going to happen before hand, you wouldn't have went, and you needed too," she explained.

"You're right. I wouldn't have gone. I wouldn't have jeopardized the family like that," I shot back.

"Bella, calm down," Edward said taking a step closer to me. I noticed I was shaking in anger. I hadn't wanted to be spotted. I didn't want to cause any trouble.

"I'll call you both back later," Alice said as she hung up the phone. Edward closed his phone and put it away in his pocket. He held out his arms and I gladly took his hug.

"Everything will be ok Bella. Alice would never let you do anything that would harm the family. She knew it would turn out ok."

"But Edward, she saw me. What if she thinks we're still alive," I pointed out.

"Love, she saw us, but we look the same was we did nearly 20 years ago. She thinks we were ghosts, her mind playing tricks on her," he replied.

"I know, but I didn't want her to see us. Didn't want new wounds opened up for them," I sighed, feeling incredibly selfish at the moment.

"Really, she's alright. She's better than she's ever been," he replied.

"How so?" I asked, not understanding.

"What she was saying is true. Your mom has been hard on her. She's had to live up to some rough standards. She was a little bitter towards you for a while because she was made to live under such strict circumstances. But she realized tonight that she was ok with how she was brought up. She knows she's lucky to be where she is, her future set, not having to worry about her funds for college."

"So she really was happy?" I asked, smiling despite my recent episode of anger.

"Yes, she really was,"

"Good," I sighed. It was amazing seeing her. Before she had caught sight of us, it seemed as if my long dead heart would burst out of my chest from pride. She was so beautiful. She looked similar to me when I was human, but different. Phil's genes had taken over where Charlie's played on mine. She had vibrant blue eyes where I once had brown. Her hair was dark brown like mine and she was, unfortunately, pale. But it suited her.

I also felt that if I had really had the chance to gotten to know her, I would have really been friends with her. She and I seemed oddly similar. A bright red blush had shown itself the moment she walked onto stage and to the podium, just like I once had been. But unlike me, she was able to give the speech in front of her peers. I would have never have accomplished that. I would have been a blubbering fool.

I had spotted Renee and Phil halfway through the ceremony. They both had aged considerably. Phil had gone bald, and was a bit chubby now despite his once athletic physique. Renee's dark brown hair was less so now with streaks of grey present. Her face was slightly wrinkled and she was thinner than I recalled. It was odd seeing them after so long, how they had changed and I had remained the same. I should have been closing in on 40, but I was still 18 in body. It was sort of a reality check. Almost twenty years had passed, and it seemed like only days since I had saw them all last, Chrissie Lynn still just a baby.

"Are you ok?" Edward asked, pulling me from my thoughts. I noticed I was dry sobbing. Why was I upset? Even I didn't know.

"Yes, I just realized how much I've missed out on," I sighed.

"I'm sorry," he replied, hugging me tightly against him. I instantly felt bad for making him feel guilty. I had no intentions of that. I was merely saying that I wished that I had made an effort to sneak a peak a long time before that.

"No, no, that's not what I meant," I clarified.

"It's ok, I understand," he said, his voice cold.

"No, Edward. I wouldn't have traded my time with you for anything. I just wish I had snuck a peak at them sooner,"

"You do?" he asked, I could feel him laughing.

"What is it?" I asked.

"A moment ago you were angry you did, and now you don't know why you didn't sooner?" he chuckled.

"I guess that is a little odd, huh?" I giggled, realizing how moody I had been.

"Yes, but I get what you're meaning. You didn't want to cause them anymore harm by thinking you were still alive, or to put our family at risk. At the same time, you really liked seeing them again, and you don't understand why you didn't do it sooner,"

"Exactly," I sighed, happy that I had him for a husband. He may have not been able to read my thoughts, but he knew me well. Years of being together, and it was almost like we knew each other better than we did ourselves. I was truly lucky finding him.

"She's beautiful, she reminded me a lot of you," he said, changing the subject. I stood back, cocking my brow.

"What? I'm just saying she looks a lot like you did when you were human," he said quickly. I started to laugh, unable to hold my serious demeanor.

"She is pretty. But I disagree, she is much prettier than I was,"

"I have to disagree with that."

"You're biased," I pointed out.

"Yeah, I suppose so," he grinned pulling me closer to him.

"I love you, you know?" I said, wrapping my arms around him and hugging myself close to him.

"I love you too," he replied, kissing my forehead gently. We stood there for a few minutes, wrapped in each other's arms. We'd be heading back home tomorrow, back to our family, and our lack of privacy. As that thought crossed my mind, I pulled back and smiled up at him.

"I'll race ya," he laughed as he headed to the bedroom, leaping over the couch. I laughed again at his carelessness. I loved how he was so carefree when we were together. But most of all, I loved how we had retained our relationship and how it never seemed to get old. I had a feeling, know I knew, we were going to be happy forever.

-The End-

A/N: I know it has taken a tremendous amount of time to get this to you all. But I finally finished it and I hope you all enjoyed it. This story has been great writing experience and I'm truly happy so many found pleasure in the series. I'm sad to have ended it, but I think I found an appropriate place and there is no need to carry it on any further. I may do a one shot here or there based on the story, but other than that, I have no plans of a third installment. I'm sorry if I disappoint.

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I may be giving up this series, but not fanfiction entirely. I do have a new piece, "In Time", in the works and I encourage all of you to check it out. It's an all Human OOC piece that is much different than anything I have ever written. It has really surprised me so far. I know a lot of you stick to the vampire genre, but if you ever decide to give all human a chance, maybe you will find "In Time" as a worthwhile read. Just keep your eyes pealed, I'm always writing and coming up with ideas when I have the time. I never know what I will come up with next.

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-TwilightFan4Life (Stephanie)