AN: well, here we are, the first chapter of the sequel of Diary of an Orphan. It is rated M for later chapters (as the HP kids aren't kids anymore) but the majority will be the same sort of T rating stuff. once again, i don't own the characters of Harry Potter but the ones you don't recognise and it will mainly still be in Jenna's voice though occasionally there might be passages or even chapters from Harry's point of view.

Summary: The battle is over and Jenna has everything she wanted. A family, friends, and she's in love with her best friend, Harry Potter. Life is back to normal. But, honestly, how normal can life really be for someone like her? rated M. please rnr

Chapter 1

Where We Left Off

It started like any other summer. The voices of children enjoying their summer holidays could be heard in the parks; the sun would remain in the cloudless sky for hours, casting a golden glow over the fields; the streets were virtually empty as people enjoyed their free time at home while others stuck in their offices looked longing out of their windows at the good weather. A warm summer breeze blew through the trees enough to rustle their leaves and create ripples in the crop fields. The surrounding area was peaceful. Nothing could be better. It was just like any other summer that had passed before but with one difference.

Sitting lazily in the back garden of a small rural cottage in Godric's Hollow was a seventeen year old boy. A wizard. Listening to the sounds of the village, Harry Potter lay content on the grass, his green eyes closed behind the round glasses perched on his thin face; his hair blew gently in the breeze, the infamous lightning bolt scar flicking in and out of sight every so often. This summer was like no other for Harry Potter. He wasn't needing to escape from the house he lived in; he had no need to worry about a coming reprimand from his Uncle Vernon; he didn't have to think about any jibes coming from his porky cousin Dudley; most importantly though, he no longer had to worry about the safety of his friends and family.

It seemed hard to believe that just over two months ago he and his friends had been fighting for their lives. The Dark wizard Voldemort had been gaining power and terrorising both Muggle and wizarding world alike. The world seemed a very different place to how it was then. People lived in fear for their loved ones while Muggles were tortured for being less than worthy in the eyes of Voldemort and his Death Eaters. It was only that short amount of time ago that Harry, the Boy Who Lived (a title he received after his first encounter with Voldemort), put an end to Voldemort's tirade. He'd spent the best part of a year on the run with his best friends Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and Jenna Black, learning all he could about Horcruxes and the Deathly Hallows, three powerfully magical items that when united could make the wielder the master of death. In a final stand Harry and Voldemort faced each other alone in the Great Hall of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with Harry being triumphant due to Voldemort's narrow mind and his mistakes.

Harry opened his eyes and stared into the sky. Clouds skidded across it creating strange shapes in the pale blue sea above him. The events of the previous year were still fresh in his mind as it no doubt would be in others who'd experienced it. But through all the difficult and painful memories Harry possessed of that time there were few which made him smile. One in particular involving his oldest and closest friend.

A smile played on the edges of Harry's mouth as he remembered. The soft touch of her hand when she held his, the gentle tone of her voice, the small embarrassed smile that always appeared on her face now when she was with him, the taste of her lips against his own. Never did Harry think he would fall for her having known her for so long. But those things she did, her habits, even her faults, all of them made up who she was. Harry wouldn't change one bit of her, from her long black hair to her slightly tomboyish personality, Harry loved her the way she was.

Things happened between them which he couldn't change and honestly, he didn't want them to. His previous girlfriend Ginny Weasley, Ron's younger sister, had found someone else during his time on the run and Harry held no grudge against her for it. But so had he.

There had already been something between the two of them during their sixth year at Hogwarts but due to complications and misunderstandings, neither had initiated a relationship. On the contrary, whenever those … unfortunate situations occurred she always pushed him further away. It was only in the heat of the battle when Voldemort captured her that Harry realised his childhood friend had become much more than that. Hidden beneath his Invisibility Cloak in the Forbidden Forest, Voldemort and his Death Eaters surrounding them, they shared a final passionate kiss and Harry knew, like his father, he would rather die to protect her than standby and watch as she got hurt.

For Jenna Black, a girl he'd known back when he still wore his cousin's old hand-me-down clothes, was both Harry's best friend and his girlfriend.


It started like any other summer. The voices of children enjoying their summer holidays could be heard in the parks; the sun would remain in the cloudless sky for hours, casting a golden glow over the fields; the streets were virtually empty as people enjoyed their free time at home while others stuck in their offices looked longing out of their windows at the good weather. A warm summer breeze blew through the trees enough to rustle their leaves and create ripples in the crop fields. The surrounding area was peaceful. Nothing could be better. It was just like any other summer that had passed before but with one difference.

I sat on my bedroom windowsill, knees pulled up to my chest, staring out at the fields surrounding my home. But this wasn't my bedroom as you know, the one in Moonlake Cottage. No, this was my bedroom in my home in Godric's Hollow with my parents, Tala and Sirius Black. It was calm and peaceful and in the distance I could see small children playing in the park on the green. It was very different to my old home but in some ways still the same. My room was virtually the same, in other words a complete mess as Mum would say. I always said it was an organised mess; I could always find things, it's just she couldn't.

I twirled my wand idly over in my fingers. It had been through so many things with me and was remarkably still in good condition. Then again, I'd been through things that people twice my age hadn't been through. My friends and I had been part of a war for Merlin's sake. Over two months ago we had fought for our lives, our friends and families, as our best friend Harry Potter took on the Darkest wizard of all times. Tom Marvolo Riddle, also known as the Dark wizard Lord Voldemort.

I've experienced first-hand Voldemort's cruelty, and his most loyal follower Bellatrix's. I've been on the receiving end of their curses more than once. I've been in his presence several times, been captured at least four times by either of them. I had the scars on my body from Bellatrix's torture, even my long hair suffered because of it. But it was in the last few months that my role in the war became much more complicated than I could ever imagine.

You see … I fell in love and love was the one thing that Voldemort could never understand. He already had a loathing for me, whether it was for meddling in things I shouldn't or because I was a half-breed and a blood traitor. So when the opportunity arose for him to use me against Harry, he took it as well as taking me. It was only then that a previous mistake of mine caught up with me and I discovered something I thought would never happen.

In the sixth year I developed feelings for Harry and boy, was that a complicated year for relationships. By the end of it, even though I had fallen for him, I kept my feelings for Harry firmly locked away. It didn't help whenever I kissed him, I can assure you. And it was our sixth kiss together which pushed the button. Harry confronted me about why I kept pushing him away and I sort of let slip about my feelings. I then bolted and eventually returned to Hogwarts. In the final few hours of the battle Voldemort captured me and took me to the Forbidden Forest where we waited for Harry to appear. He did so and true to form Voldemort toyed with him.

'A question still remains unanswered in my mind,' Voldemort had mused. 'You care for this girl, this half-breed. But the question is … why? Why do you care so much for this lower being? What is it that drives you to protect her more than others?'

Harry hadn't replied leaving Voldemort an opening to continue.

'Haven't you ever found her … a burden? This girl has been nothing but a bother for the both of us. Why, she blamed you for her father's death; played with both your emotions as well as another Mudblood boy's; turned her back on your Mudblood friend; left you when you needed her the most. She is no better than the rest of her family, just as Dark, just as heartless, just as cruel. So why should I let her go? Why shouldn't I kill her now and rid you of her presence?'

'We both know why,' growled Harry, 'otherwise you wouldn't have taken her. Now let her go.'

'I believe I am not familiar with the reason, Harry Potter,' said Voldemort silkily. 'Is it something you wish not to divulge because you do not wish for others to know? Or perhaps … you don't want her to know? What is the reason, Harry Potter, that you wish for her life to be spared?'

The seconds before Harry's reply had been torturous. But when he did, he said something I never expected.

'Because I love her.'

See what I mean? You don't tend to declare your love for someone when you're about a minute away from instant death. Still, I think the fact that our feelings for one another had been confirmed as mutual gave Harry the strength he needed to fight. He defeated Voldemort and his freedom was finally won. After that, and a whole lot of magic I never want to attempt in my life again, Harry found me hiding on the Astronomy Tower platform where we'd shared our first kiss those years ago. After a long conversation I confirmed my feelings towards him. Since then our relationship has completely changed.

I smiled as I remembered. For someone I'd known as a scrawny little kid wearing his cousin's old clothes Harry had certainly changed a lot. Now whenever I see him I get this hot flush in my cheeks and my heart flutters as butterflies start in my stomach; I can never help biting my lip when I'm around him and every kiss he gives me sends shivers down my spine. I've dreamt about him in ways I never have before. Everything between us has changed but in a way that I'm glad it did. Only our parents and my uncle Remus Lupin knows there's something between us. We hadn't told anyone else because we wanted to take it slowly before we decided anything.

A thought suddenly occurred to me. Mine and Harry's relationship had changed, I was sure of that much, but what to? I mean, we spend time with each other alone and we kiss and I dream about him and I'm pretty sure he dreams about me too … Did that make me his girlfriend? But hold your Thestrals, Harry hasn't even asked me out so how can we be a couple? In my opinion you only became a couple after being together for at least two months and you're only together if one has asked out the other, in my view the guy asking the girl. But Harry had never asked me out and I certainly hadn't asked him. So what were we?

I groaned and let my head thump on to my knees. That was the one part of relationships I hated. With Noah, my ex-boyfriend, it had been simple (relatively speaking). We spent time together, he asked me out, we dated over two months, we were a couple. Simple and easy. Then again when had my relationship with Harry ever been simple or easy? The number of complications was ridiculous. I silently cursed myself though for thinking this and making it even more confusing.

'Relationships are not my strong point,' I muttered.

I slid off the windowsill and pocketed my wand. Grabbing a shirt from my wardrobe I pulled it on over my t-shirt and left my bedroom. Our house wasn't too big but big enough for me, Mum and Dad. There were two single bedrooms (min and the spare room) with a bathroom between them and Mum and Dad's room at the end of the hallway with an en-suite bathroom on the first floor; on the ground floor was the kitchen, dining room, a large living room with a fireplace (obviously) and Dad's office. Small and quaint, perfect for the three of us. I walked down the stairs, jumping the last two, and swung round the banister towards the kitchen. Mum was in there at the table. Pieces of parchment were scattered in front of her and her wand was held loosely in her fingers.

'"The most common signs of an incorrectly applied hex, curse, spell or jinx are the following …"' she muttered to herself.

I smiled. Mum was continuing her Healer training, having never finished it in the first place. Dad, on the other hand, he and Harry's father James Potter had returned to the Ministry to continue on as Aurors. Remus was a part-timer there though he was working at Hogwarts from September. Lily worked with Mum at St Mungo's. Knowing I should at least tell her where I was going though I didn't want to disturb her, I walked into the kitchen.

'Mum, I'm going over to Harry's,' I told her as I passed. I took the keys to Dad's motorbike off the hook on the wall by the back door and made to open it.


My legs froze to the spot and I jerked forwards. Looking back over my shoulder I saw Mum had got up and was tapping the kettle with her wand having just pointed it at me. I hated it when she did that. Mum had a talent for non-verbal spells, something I didn't, and she always used them on me as a form of discipline. Dad was much more relaxed about it considering I was of age.

'And where d'you think you are off to?' Mum turned around, stirring a fresh mug of tea in her hands. Taking a sip, Mum looked at me with a raised eyebrow. The spell was still on my legs. 'I don't respond to by being called at. You know that very clearly, Jenna.'

'I know, I know,' I replied. She looked at me, then gave a flick of her wand in my direction. My legs unfroze and I toppled over. I heard Mum snicker. 'Oh, ha ha, Mum. Glad to see I amuse you.'

'How d'you think I kept control of your father those years ago?' countered Tala. She sat back down at the table but continued to watch me. 'He gave me the run around more than once. So, where are you off to?'

'I said I'm going over to Harry's,' I replied.

'Aren't you supposed to be babysitting Teddy for Remus and Dora this afternoon?'

'No, Remus owled me to say he managed to get his paperwork finished so he can take Teddy instead.'

'So how long are you going to be out?'

'A … couple of hours?'

'And because …?'

'Because I want to see him,' I replied. What was Mum getting at? 'Do I have to have a reason to go see him?'

'I'm just making sure I know where you are,' shrugged Tala. 'You don't want me as an irresponsible mother, do you?'

'No, Mum.' I made to leave. 'See you later.'

'And no you may not take your father's motorbike,' said Tala. The keys flew out of my hand. Damn it. Mum smiled sweetly at me. 'You can Apparate there. You didn't pass your test for nothing. Have a good time, sweetie.'

I stuck my tongue out at Mum then left before she had a chance to catch me with another spell. She was very quick on the flick. The Marauder part of her still lived on, just like it did in Dad, Remus and James. I closed the back door behind me and walked over the lawn to the gate. Vaulting over that I headed down the road. I decided it would be nicer to walk to Harry's instead. Plus it meant I didn't give him any prior warning to my arrival.

The walk didn't take too long. I made my way into the village and towards the square. I saw the memorial that stood there. It had changed since I last saw it. It no longer bore the three figures of James, Lily and baby Harry. Now, whenever you walked past it, it changed into a statue of Harry with the words "The Boy Who Lived" engraved at his feet. I never stopped when walking past. I found it too ridiculous to look at. I carried on past the church and turned on to the lane out of the village. I could see Harry's house in the distance. I sped up, running down the lane towards it.

The house, also called Godric's Hollow like the village, had been rebuilt after the war had ended. It was a small cottage with a thatched roof, white front door and large gardens full of flowers. Lily loved to garden according to Mum. Hedges of honeysuckle and Merlin knows what else surrounded the house having been trimmed and a path had been revealed from underneath the tall grass. I opened the gate and stepped on to it. The gate swung shut behind me. I looked around to see if Harry was in the garden. He wasn't so I continued up the path to the door. I took hold of the black doorknocker and gave it a tap.

It was a few minutes before anyone replied. I heard movement start in the hall and the door opened revealing Lily wearing an apron over her clothes.

'Jenna, how lovely to see you,' she said. 'Please, come in.' Lily gave me a hug and ushered me inside. I stepped over the threshold where the smell of baking instantly hit me. 'Sorry, I wasn't expecting visitors today. As you can see I was in the middle of baking some bread.'

'You know me, drop in unexpectedly,' I laughed.

Lily smiled, 'I suppose you're here to see Harry?'

'Yeah, is he about?' I asked.

'He's in his room,' said Lily. She pulled on an oven glove she'd been holding and started back for the kitchen. I nodded and started up the stairs. 'You know where it is,' she called after me.

Oh yes, I do, I thought.

Now before you think it, Harry and I had certainly not done that yet let alone discussed the subject. I only knew where Harry's bedroom was due to the fact I'd visited at least four times already over the summer.

I climbed the stairs up to the landing. Looking around it you wouldn't have thought this part of the house had once been destroyed by the Killing Curse. At the end of the corridor was Harry's bedroom. I grinned. I had a little trick I wanted to play on Harry involving my Animagus ability. Carefully I slowed my pace so as not to make the floorboards creak. I approached Harry's room and gently knocked on the door.

'Come in,' said Harry's voice from within.

I didn't. I wanted Harry to come to the door for my trick to work. So I knocked again.

'I said, come in,' said Harry, this time louder.

I smirked and knocked a third time. This time I heard footsteps. Quickly I brought up the image of a Thestral in my mind and concentrated on its invisibility. My body flickered for a moment and I vanished. The door in front of me opened. Harry stood in its doorway, looking about the corridor for who'd knocked. He couldn't see me after all. I held my breath to stop myself laughing and giving away I was there. I was also fighting my nerves; the butterflies in my stomach had flared up again when Harry appeared. He was quite attractive. OK, very attractive. Seeing no one was there Harry shut the door. I let out the breath, relieved.

I knocked again. By now Harry must have been getting irritated. When he opened the door he stared out cautiously into the landing for any sign of the source of noise. While he did that, I carefully moved forwards. I bent under his arm and crept into his bedroom. It was a typical seventeen year olds' room; clothes lay strewn on Harry's chair beside his desk, his bed was unmade, there were various Quidditch posters on the wall, and Harry's school books were sitting carelessly on a shelf. I turned around and watched as Harry shut the door again. He began to walk towards where I was standing. A grin appeared on my lips.

'I thought only Muggles played knock and run,' he muttered. 'Whoever –'

I moved closer and pressed my lips against Harry's, cutting him off. I felt him tense from surprise. I had to stop myself from laughing at his reaction. It didn't take long for him to respond though. His hands crept round my waist and pressed on my lower back to bring me closer. It would have been quite a sight for anyone who walked in, Harry holding and kissing thin air. I raised my own and ran my fingers over Harry's cheek. We held the kiss for several seconds until Harry pulled back.

'I'd recognise those lips anywhere,' he breathed. Harry opened his eyes and looked straight into mine even though he couldn't see me. My heart skipped a beat when I saw those green eyes I loved so much. 'Jenna …'

I let go of the Thestral's invisibility and appeared in Harry's arms. He smiled when he saw me.

'That's my name, don't wear it out,' I replied.

'To what do I owe this unexpected visit?' Harry asked. 'Usually you owl me if you're going to come over.'

'I wanted to surprise you. Is that a crime?'

Harry shook his head. Next his eyes slowly drifted up and down me.

'Do my eyes deceive me or are you wearing a skirt, Jenna?' he said slowly. I smiled but also blushed. Only recently had I started wearing skirts of varying lengths outside of Hogwarts. It was because of my mate Rick who'd convinced me they didn't look ridiculous on me that I wear them now. This one was a short denim skirt just above knee length. 'Wow, you've got really long legs.' Harry was looking at them with close attention.

'Eyes back in your head, Potter,' I said. I didn't like it when people stared at my body. 'You know I don't like that sort of thing. You didn't fall for me because of how I look.'

'I was only giving you a compliment,' said Harry in his defence. I smirked, shaking my head a little. 'Fine, I won't bother next time.'

'Well,' I mused, 'if you don't I'm sure other guys would.' I put a gentle stress on the word "other". As I thought Harry took the bait. His eyes snapped on to me and gave me a sharp look.

That was one thing about Harry I'd discovered in the last month. He had a bit of a jealous streak. I mean I already knew he got jealous about things, I just didn't think he would about this.

'What d'you mean "other guys"?' asked Harry. 'What "other guys"?'

I laughed. He didn't. This is what it used to be like; Harry and I would tease each other for ages at primary school. It was nice to have that relationship back. To calm him down I put my arms back round his neck, looked deeply into his eyes and touched my lips on his. It took a little persuasion but Harry eventually responded to my movements. We held the kiss for a few moments until I pulled back.

'I hate it when you do that,' Harry muttered. I smiled secretly to myself.

'I can read you like a book. But I can assure you, there are no other guys. You're my one and only.' Harry still looked at me sulkily but smiled nonetheless. I continued off the subject. 'So, how've you been? Had any more fan mail or ridiculous requests from the Prophet?'

'It's not been too bad,' shrugged Harry. 'Rita Skeeter still wants an exclusive interview. Been trying to hide in our garden but Mum put a Bug Repellent Charm on the plants so she couldn't hide in them. And the fan mail is piling up a bit.'

'Oh, the life of a celebrity,' I mused. I stepped back and sat on Harry's bed. I grinned at him. 'What it is to know the Chosen One personally and be able to see him without getting an appointment, what with his busy schedule of saving the world.'

'Very funny,' said Harry bluntly.

I watched as Harry came over to the bed. He knelt on its edge before leaning over me, forcing me to lean back on my elbows as he rested on his hands above me. There was a glint in his eye I'd gotten to know over the last month. He was after something.

'Besides only a select few get in without an appointment.' Harry moved closer. 'Not many are privileged enough to get this sort of attention.' His hand ran over my cheek and brushed back my hair. 'I'm glad you grew your hair back, by the way. Wouldn't be you without it.' Gently Harry started to kiss my neck. His warm breath tickled.

Hmm, interesting, I thought. But let's not get too comfortable.

'Easy, Potter,' I teased. I put my hand on Harry's chest and pushed him back. I raised a sly eyebrow at him. 'Don't want the other fan girls getting jealous, now do we? All this special attention I'm receiving. Anyone would think I was your –'

A knock sounded on the door. Harry and I looked away from each other and over to it. Harry moved off me and sat down.

'Come in.'

The door opened and in came Lily. She'd disposed of the apron and oven glove and was holding a tray with some drinks. And a parchment letter.

'Thought you might be thirsty,' she said, setting the tray down on Harry's desk. 'And you've got mail, Harry.'

'Like always,' Harry muttered. I sniggered silently to myself.

'Not that kind of mail. You've got a letter from Hogwarts.' Harry and I looked at each other. Why would Harry be receiving a letter from Hogwarts? We'd finished school. Well, let me rephrase that: we'd missed our seventh year from being on the run. 'I guess it must be about re-sitting your seventh year,' said Lily. 'Didn't Professor McGonagall say they would have an honorary eighth year for yours?'

'Oh that's right,' I said. 'Professor McGonagall said we could come back if we wanted. That must be your invite.'

Harry got up and went over to his desk. He picked up the letter bearing the Hogwarts crest on the back of it. His name and address were written on the front in scarlet ink. Harry slit open the letter and began to read it. I sat patiently on his bed while Lily started flicking her wand at various things in Harry's room. His clean laundry folded itself into his drawers while the dirty clothes zoomed form the basket into her arms.

'Don't forget you're going to The Burrow this weekend,' Lily said as she tided up Harry's room. 'Molly owled me saying it was fine for you to stay the rest of the summer if you wanted. You'll need to pack your trunk and make sure you've got everything if you do stay and if you go back to Hogwarts afterwards.'

'Yeah OK, Mum,' said Harry distractedly.

Lily left the room. I remained on the bed waiting for Harry to say something about the letter. He took his time reading the letter; a bemused look slowly appeared on his face. I began to wonder what exactly it said.

'So …' I asked, 'what does it say?'

Harry didn't reply straight away. Instead he tipped the envelope upside down. A small silver badge bearing the Hogwarts crest fell into the palm of his hand. I got up and stared at it. The letters "HB" were engraved on it in gold lettering. Surely it wasn't …

'I've been made Head Boy,' breathed Harry. He looked at me. 'Me? Head Boy?'

'Oh, Harry, that's brilliant,' I said. I wrapped my arms round his neck in a hug. 'I'm so proud of you.' I let go and kissed his cheek. 'And even after all the trouble you've caused in the past,' I joked, 'and yet you still get it.'

'Can safely say I didn't expect it,' said Harry. He folded the letter and placed it on his desk, the badge on top of it. 'Can't imagine why McGonagall would have picked me. Like you said, I wasn't exactly a model student or the most obedient one for the matter.'

'Well, I'm sure you'll make an excellent Head Boy,' I told him. 'I've got faith in you. After all, James was a Marauder and he became Head Boy. McGonagall must have seen something in you that Dumbledore saw in your father. Besides, if Dumbledore was still alive I'm sure he would have made you Head Boy.'

Harry smirked and nodded.

'Anyway, Hermione will probably be Head Girl so you'll have nothing to worry about. She'll take charge of most things knowing her.'

Harry and I shared a short laugh. Hermione would do that if she was Head Girl.

'I'm just wondering why I got it. Surely someone in the seventh year should have got the badge.'

'McGonagall works in mysterious ways. Who knows why. She'll probably explain it to you when you next see her. I think the Heads have a meeting either on the train journey there or after the feast.' Harry nodded in agreement. 'Well, I guess I better head home,' I then said. 'I might have a letter as well. I better go and check.'

'All right,' said Harry. 'Owl me if you get the Head Girl badge.'

'I'm not going to get that badge and you know it,' I said, batting his shoulder playfully with my hand. He caught my wrist and pulled me into him. I opened my mouth to speak when I noticed a grin on Harry's face. I raised an eyebrow. 'You only want me to get it so we can have the Heads Tower together.'

'A fringe benefit,' Harry mused. 'Can't blame me, can you? Wanting some privacy with you. But not just for that. You deserve it, Jen. You always passed your exams with flying colours and you fought amazingly during the battle. You deserve the recognition.'

'Whatever, Potter. I prefer the anonymity and I should have thought you do too. Besides, Hermione is the better student. She's bound to get it.'

'Anything's possible,' said Harry. He pointed at his letter. 'I got Head Boy.'

I nodded. He did have a point. In the wizarding world anything was possible with the aid of magic. We left his room and returned downstairs. With a kiss goodbye I headed back home to see if I had a letter waiting for me. It was only when I was halfway home that I realised I hadn't actually found out what I wanted to know, if I was his girlfriend or not. That was the reason why I went to Harry's in the first place and I was none the wiser. I groaned and stalked back home.

I reached my house and went in through the back door. I called out to see if Mum or Dad were about. Neither replied. They must have gone out or something. Shrugging this off, I went over to the counter to see if anything had been put in my mail tray. There was nothing there. Maybe the owl hadn't arrived yet. Either that or Gizmo might have collected the letter from it. I walked through the kitchen into the utility room, a small room containing an area for washing clothes and a perch for the family owls.

I say owls because Gizmo wasn't the only one we owned now. When I first got Gizmo, the owner of Eeylops had told me that he'd been agitated since his mate had been sold a few days previous. It turned out that Gizmo's mate had been Hedwig. But that wasn't the end of it. The two of them sometime before Hedwig was killed last year had had eggs together. I came back to Moonlake after the battle had ended to find Gizmo and three small chicks sitting in various places around my room, one of them hooting quite happily in the cloth shoe bag on the back of my door. It was certainly a surprise to see.

I knew from the start I wouldn't be able to keep all the chicks. I had Gizmo after all though he was getting on in years. So, seeing as they were also Hedwig's chicks, I gave one of them to Harry as an early birthday present. It was a white and black speckled female with amber eyes he named Ebony. I gave another one to Mum and Dad, a white male one with black on the tips of his feathers now called Plop. The last one, another female, I kept. She was pure white with Gizmo's blue eyes but exceedingly fluffy. She was the one who had been in my shoe bag. I named her Gadget. Don't ask why.

Gizmo was sitting happily on his perch with his head under his wing asleep. Beside him sat Plop. He hooted happily when he saw me. I gave him an Owl Treat. It was then I noticed Gadget wasn't there. I was pretty sure she wasn't out hunting and she hadn't been in my room before I left. Where was she? Behind me I heard a sudden chirping and I spun round. I laughed; Gadget, her fluffy head just poking through, was sitting in the laundry basket quite happily amongst the clothes. And beside her was a letter.

'Is that for me?' I asked her. She hooted and started to wriggle out from the laundry. Once free she picked up the letter with her talons and fluttered on to my shoulder. I took the letter. 'Thanks, Gadget. I s'pose you just wanted to make your first delivery.'

Like Hedwig used to do to Harry, Gadget sat proudly on my shoulder having giving me the letter. She reminded me more of Pig though, Ron's owl. She was at least a year old now and still incredibly fluffy for a snowy owl. With her looking over my shoulder I opened my letter.

Dear Miss Black,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been invited to return to Hogwarts School
of Witchcraft and Wizardry in order to complete your schooling and sit your Nastily
Exhausting Wizarding Tests (NEWTs). Please find the enclosed list of all necessary
books you need to continue in Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Herbology,
Transfiguration and Potions, NEWT grade.

We would also like to inform you that you have been chosen as Head Girl. As Head
Girl you and the Head Boy will be expected to assign the prefects their duties on the
journey up to Hogwarts and patrol the corridors at regular intervals. A meeting will be
held with the School Captains after the Welcome Feast on September first.

Enclosed is your Head Girl badge.

Term begins on the first of September. We await your owl by no later than the thirty-
first of July

Yours sincerely,
Filius Flitwick
Deputy Headmaster

I stared at my letter in shock. I re-read it several times to make sure I wasn't imagining it. Professor McGonagall had chosen me as – as Head Girl? No way! I wasn't responsible enough for that at all. Hermione was way more better suited. But it wasn't a joke. I pulled out the list of books I needed and saw a badge identical to Harry's sitting in the bottom of the envelope. I was Head Girl of Hogwarts. Oh Merlin, Harry was going to rub this in like mad. I was never going to hear the end of this.

'I'm going to hex Harry next time I see him,' I muttered to myself. I hated it when he was right about something like this.

I then remembered Harry had told me to owl him if I got the badge. I grinned. I pocketed the letter and turned away, Gadget fluttering off. I'll tell him when I next see him. He can't deny that Hermione was the more likely candidate than me for getting the badge. Let him wait and see if I've got it.

Mum and Dad got home late that afternoon. They were both thrilled when I told them I'd been made Head Girl though Dad couldn't understand how I'd got it. You and me both. I also told them that Harry was Head Boy which made Dad laugh even more at first before he suddenly turned very serious on me.

'Being Heads is very important, even James knew that and he wised up,' said Sirius, his grey eyes focused on me. 'Just because you two are together and that you're Head Boy and Girl doesn't give you the excuse to sleep with each other, especially since you have a Tower to yourself.'

I looked at Dad with a mixture of shock and embarrassment. My cheeks had grown very hot.

'We know that,' I said, my throat suddenly dry. 'And Harry and I aren't even in that place yet, let alone talked about it. We've only just … got going …'

'Well just tell Harry to keep it in his pants if he knows what's good for him,' said Sirius. I swear my face went even redder at that. 'He may be my godson but you're my daughter and I won't have you taken advantage of, even by him.'

I speedily exited the room, heat radiating off my cheeks. Parents are so embarrassing. I heard Mum shout after me, 'Don't forget to reply to your letter and pack your trunk for The Burrow on Saturday! James, Lily and Harry are coming around so we can Floo there at twelve!'

I climbed the stairs and walked into my bedroom. Going to The Burrow for the end of the summer had become somewhat of a tradition now. And I would certainly be glad when we got there. Mum and Dad wouldn't be hanging around to embarrass Harry and me. Harry and I can be together without any looks or sniggers or –

I gasped. I stopped suddenly and fell against the closed door.

Ron, Hermione and Ginny didn't know about us. And neither did Neville and Luna if they were going to be there too. Or Ron's brothers or Mr and Mrs Weasley. Well Ginny might because she's with Neville now but she might not know we were actually giving it a go. Shit. For all I knew Ron might still think Harry and Ginny were together if she hadn't let him know about Neville. She didn't let him know about Michael and he'd thought that Harry and Ginny were the perfect couple. What would he think if he caught us kissing? A part of me wasn't even ready to tell the others.

'Oh no …'