Transitions - Prologue

"Come here Claire." Her mother pulled her along. "Meet Quil."

Her brown hair was the color of hot cocoa on a chilly winter afternoon. It billowed about a tiny face with a bit of a rose hue on each cheek. I have never seen a two-year old with eyes so filled with depth, wisdom, intellect, kindness, and regard. Then suddenly those brown orbs looked into mine, happiness brimming from each eyelash. Tiny fingers wrapped around her mom's legs as her teeth bared into a tentative, sheepish smile. Her toothy grin did my heart in and I smiled, all my teeth showing. Claire.

"Oh, Quil. She's only two." Sam whispered his eyes watching this interaction between us.

Only then did I know why gravity was daunting me. My axis had reconfigured itself and now it was directed toward wherever she was standing. Claire. She held the key to my heart. I would guard her and protect till the very bitter end, she was my life now. And that was that.