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Bella's POV

"Lie still," I murmured to him.

His breathing was quick and fast, his chest rising and falling unevenly. I think I heard him mutter a curse under his breath, and I grinned. I loved being able to make him feel this way, I loved to pleasure him. His eyes were now fixed intently on me, as if in rapture.

"What are you staring at?" I asked with a smile.

"I can't believe how beautiful you are," he murmured, his hand rising to stroke my cheek.

My smile grew and I felt myself blushing.

"Oh god," he said quietly, as if overwhelmed. "That blush makes me want… makes me want to…" he trailed off suggestively.

"Please continue," I said with a grin.

He raised an eyebrow, and then a cocky grin flashed across his face, "How about I show you instead?"

"Hmm," I deliberated, scratching my head, "Deal."

We shook hands and he chuckled. It occurred to me once again how very much I loved him.

Suddenly, I felt his naked body shift underneath me, and sucked in a gasp. His hands reached up to rest on my arms, and then rolled me gently over until I was underneath him. A shivery tremble ran through me.

"You just made me the happiest man alive," he whispered, an inch away from my lips but refusing to come any closer just yet.

"Why, thank you," I answered, my voice breathy, "It's nice to know my efforts are appreciated."

"Very, very much," Edward purred, his smouldering eyes impossible to look away from. "In fact I appreciated it so much that I've decided to return the favour."

My already wide eyes shot open even more.

"So lay back…" he whispered, pressing his lips against my naked chest, "Relax…" here his kiss landed on my neck, "And—"

"—Enjoy the show?" I finished.

"You took the words right out of my mouth," he whispered, his voice low and like silk. I felt his lips on my collarbone, and then gasped loudly when I felt a cold trail follow his lips down to the valley in between my breasts. He just licked me… god, how erotic.

I squirmed underneath him as his hands came up to cup my breasts, his thumbs brushing over my nipples.

"Now, now, Isabella," he purred against my skin, his cold breath only contributing further to the shivers running through my body, "I don't want you to move. Lay still." His voice was like a command. He was dominating me now. He was so much stronger… and the memory of a few minutes before flashes behind my eyes…

"Bella!" he shouted, his eyes lidded with ecstasy, "Oh god, Bella!"

And then his thighs began to tremble, his hard, swollen member throbbing under my hands… and his stomach muscles were clenching and unclenching, I could see them from where I sat. Right in between his athletic legs, with my hands stroking the back of his shaft…

And he came, fast and hard, his eyes rolling into the back of his head… and his thighs tightened and loosened periodically, around me. His face was awash with such amazing pleasure that it was like looking right into the face of an angel. A satisfied, yet still ever hungry angel. A rather naughty angel, in my point of view.

His cold touch brought me back to reality— a delicious, amazing reality, that yesterday I wouldn't have even imagined.

"I love you," I whispered to him.

"Sshh," was his only reply, which faded away as his lips touched my skin. "I've been dreaming of doing this, since I first set eyes on you," he whispered as his hands snaked around my lower back and brought my skin up to his lips. I could feel him sucking on the sensitive skin just below my hipbone— and the feeling this created was shocking and new. My heartbeat accelerated and I could feel the blood pulsing feverishly around my body. A flush came onto my cheeks.

"Close your eyes," he purred in a low voice, and I felt his soft fingertips fluttering my eyelids closed.

And then his gentle hands began to caress my body, to love my body… and each touch moved closer and closer to the place I longed and begged for it to reach. His hands explored every part of my body, admired every freckle, stroked every curve and explored every indent. I was gasping by the time his gentle but sensuous hands reached between my thighs.

Do it, do it, each out breath of mine seemed to shout at him. Take me, take me.

"Edward," I moaned, "Oh, Edward, please…"

And then I felt him duck his head, and lick a trail downwards from my bellybutton. His hands gently opened my legs. I gasped, and my eyes flickered open. His athlete's body was hovering above me, and I burned with desire for this beautiful creature. At once, I didn't care about what he was doing, I just wanted to feel him inside me… but as soon as he began to suck and stroke with his gentle fingers, that thought was out of my head. There was nothing I wanted more than this.

Oh, faster, faster… I thought, faster!

As if I wasn't the only exception to his gift, he seemed to read my mind, and his once soft fingers began to convey his passion for me. I felt his tongue again, and almost screamed out.

Oh yes, yes, right there…

I began to tremble, and Edward's body was suddenly all around me— he had lowered himself to sit between my legs. My hands immediately laced in his hair, gripping harder when I began to shake with the pleasure.

Don't stop, don't ever stop…

My fast breathing echoed around the room, as Edward's fingers quickened. They were just enough pressure, but I knew he was still being exceedingly careful. Worried for his composure, and his control. When I encouraged him with a, "Oh, fucking hell! Edward…", he began to rub my wet folds, and blow on my little swollen, tense bundle of nerves. This was the end for me— stars glittered behind my eyes as I pressed them closed so hard they hurt. So suddenly I couldn't remember when he had moved, I was shaking with ecstasy in his arms.

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