A rather weird Pokémon fan fiction inspired after watching some of the earlier episodes, I've taken behind myself to right a fan fiction like this. I guess several people have written stories like this with Giovanni as Ash's father. This is set during Pokémon: Diamond & Pearl (season ten) because I really do enjoy the character Dawn.

This is my first time writing a Pokémon related fan fiction, so I hope reviews will be given for advice.

A/N: 1/4/10- Fanfiction is slowly being edited and fixed for grammar mistakes. I am planning on doing this with a lot of my older fanfiction, but I still will focus on my other fanfiction as well. Paragraphs are being corrected and things, though this will take some time for me to do on this fanfiction and my other old one.

11 Years Earlier-

Delia sat silently in the doctor's office, as she had just received the results from her tests. Recently, she had been waking up early in the morning and late in at night throwing up. She thought something was wrong.

"I've double checked the results myself, you're pregnant Miss Ketchum, congratulations," the doctor told her as he left the room.

I left Giovanni just weeks ago. He is starting to become a world power leader and him finding out about this baby will cause me to lose the child once is born she thought. She decided to go back home to her hometown, Pallet Town. The leader of Team Rocket would have no interest if he didn't really care for Delia herself much anyways.

Pokémon Center-

Ash, Dawn, and Brock were at a Pokemon Center, near Pallet Town. Even though it was quite a ways from the league Dawn and Ash were trying to get ribbons and things in, Ash had received a call from his mother asking him to come home for a few weeks. Ash had invited Dawn over to meet his mom and she accepted.

"Man, I hope Mom sure has some food ready when we get there," Ash stated, as they finished packing up some Pokemon food that would be useful while they stayed in Pallet Town.

"Hey, Ash, did your mom ever tell you why she needed you home?" Brock asked a little concerned as they placed the food in their bags.

"Come to think of it, she didn't," the other boy replied.

"Well, we'll find out when we get there," Dawn told the two as she started to walk out of the center, as the two boys followed.

Entering Pallet Town-

When the group made their way to Pallet Town, Ash noticed the atmosphere of the place was almost completely different. Oak knew he would be coming around but he didn't even greet the company and there were hardly any people on the streets.

"Is this always like this?" Dawn asked, halfway surprised at the looks of the near empty town.

"No," Brock stated.

"What happened here?" Ash wondered as they continued walking through the small town. Most windows were covered up. "Something isn't right..." he stated. The wind started to pick up and the group had to cover their eyes to protect it from dust. Meanwhile, Jessie, Meowth, and James looked from behind a bush.

"This place is rather empty..." Jessie took note. They also looked up at the sky and saw a helicopter trying to land next to the kids. "

Who is that?" Ash yelled over from the blowing wind as they all covered their eyes. After several seconds, the helicopter landed and out came two people wearing Team Rocket uniforms, very similar to Jessie's and James', except they were black.

"Pika?" Pikachu's voice sounded over the silence.

"Are they members of Team Rocket?" Dawn asked.

"Yes, but not the normal failures," Brock replied. The other three gave a rather nervous chuckle from behind the bush and watched.

"Ash, I presume?" A female stated, with rather short blonde hair.

"Depends on who wants to know," Ash replied. Pikachu's red dots on his face started to send little parks.

"Ah, the Pikachu Jessie and James can't capture. No wonder Giovanni asked us to come get it," the female's voice taunted.

"Not on my watch," Ash yelled, and Pikachu jumped from his shoulder and landed on the ground. "Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!" He commanded as the Pokémon launched the lighting attack towards the group, but they made no effort to block it. To everyone's surprise (including the other Team Rocket), the Thunderbolt didn't even faze the two members.

"They must have learned Pikachu's abilities," Brock stated.

"Piplup, let's go and use Whirlpool!" Dawn commanded, as her Pokémon came out of the PokeBall and the Piplup launched a rather huge spinning water attack.

The other team retreated as the attack sent them into the helicopter. They angrily stated, "That was a foolish mistake!"

"Beautifly, go and use Whirlwind," Christy commanded, as her bug Pokemon came from its PokeBall and stirred up the dust and even nearby trash on the ground, causing the group once again to have cover their eyes.

"That must be why everything is so quiet here," Dawn stated, as they ran off towards Ash's mother's house, trying to find some answers. Back behind the bush, Meowth's 'cell phone' went off, as the picture showed their boss.

"Return to HQ quickly!" He yelled as they turned off the phone, seeming as it was a message.

"Boss sure does seem angry," James commented. "We better go then," Jessie replied nervously, as they walked off.

Ketchum House-

"You mean that wasn't their first time coming here?" Ash yelled across to his mother from their table as sat down, eating lunch.

"It seems as if they've been looking for some rare Pokemon, but they haven't had any luck. They've hurt several people and everyone has remained indoors," his mother, Delia, replied rather a worried tone.

"They knew who Ash and Pikachu were, so that means they've learned from Jessie and James failures, whether or not they even knew it," Brock stated as he stared towards his cup of water.

"They did?" Delia asked.

"They knew his name, yeah," Dawn replied to her question.

"I don't like that…" Delia trailed off in worry, glancing at her son and sighing.

Team Rocket HQ-

"You mean you have failed all this time to capture one Pokémon!" A voice yelled at the three as they stood before their boss. "What causes this most of the time?" Giovanni asked again.

"They have two other twerps with them," James replied.

"That is why you get the Pikachu when he is alone!" he yelled again as he dismissed him. The two other members, who had failed earlier, came forth.

"Sir, we apologize for our failure," the blonde haired woman stated, whose name was Christy and partner, Rick.

"What is the boy's name who owns this Pikachu?" Giovanni's voice sounded.

"Ash," Rick replied.

"Ash what?" The leader asked again.

"Ash Ketchum," Christy replied. Giovanni almost dropped his glass of wine when he heard the last name.

"You said, Ketchum?" He stated standing up from the chair he was sitting in.

"Yes sir, we did research on his family and found out he lives in Pallet Town, with his mother, Delia. There is no mention of the name of a father," Rick stated, as he read over his report,

"How old is this boy?" The boss asked Rick, his face almost halfway in shock.

"He is ten, sir," the other man replied again.

Delia had a child? That boy is no older than when she left! I need to find out more about this Giovanni thought.

"Forget the Pikachu. The only reason that Pokemon is so well trained is because of this boy. Bring me the boy within three days," he ordered.

"Sir!" Both Team Rocket members asked, almost in shock. "How can we kidnap him when he has other Pokémon?" Christy asked.

"Make sure he is alone without his friends or the Pikachu," the boss replied, "Dismissed." The two members bowed and left the room. Giovanni pulled up to his computer and typed in Ash's name. It showed his picture, with Pikachu.

"Ash, huh? Time to find out some answers that Delia never did," he talked to no one in particular, as the picture of Ash was smiling with Pikachu on his shoulder.

A/N: I know this story is finished, but I've gone back and read it and I'm disgusted by how many errors there are. I hope to be able to find the time to edit this fanfiction while I am working on my other stories as well. Of course, I am not going to give up on editing this fanfiction and improving some of the wording choices as well. When I first wrote this story, I didn't use an editor and spell check, as you can see in later chapters. I probably missed some mistakes in this chapter, besides the sentence fragments when Giovanni is talking for example. I've improved on writing greatly compared to when this story was first written, but I do hope to be able to make this story more enjoyable by spacing the talking and improving the plotline a bit as well. So, this is my New Year's Resolution for my Pokemon stories, is to clean them up and hopefully finish the sequel to this one. Thank you to everyone who has continued reading this story! Hopefully the grammar errors will make it more enjoyable. I don't plan on going into a lot of detail on this fanfiction, because it is a very old fanfiction (to me anyways) and I find myself moving onto other styles of writing and working on my newer fanfiction. Just a note, my Pokemon fanfiction "Whispers in the Dark" is discontinued. I do not like the story nor will I continue it, but some people might enjoy reading it, so I will keep it up.

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