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Outside Team Rocket HQ

The twerps had finally managed to make their way outside of the building as did Giovanni and Rick, plus any grunts of Team Rocket that were still alive or were not trapped. There was a long distance between the twerps and the two adults. Finally, Ash decided to break the distance.

"Who was that, Lucas?" He asked, as he walked and stood between his friends and Giovanni.

"None of your business…" Giovanni replied rather coldly, though Rick smirked at Giovanni.

"Kid, it was a guy who is worse than we are. He killed his own family by blowing up the home and came after you and your mother," Rick stated, which caused him to get a cold glance from Giovanni.

"What? He came after me and my mom?" Ash asked, as Dawn and Brock listened in.

"That is true, Ash," Giovanni began, "Your mother fled because of my actions, but also because of Lucas. For a while I feared he had killed Delia, until I learned that she was in Pallet Town, living in her hometown."

"I honestly cannot blame her…" Ash smarted off, causing Rick to roll his eyes and Giovanni try hard to hold back his anger. Meanwhile, Dawn and Brock tried to hold back their laughter.

"Look here, I am not going to come after you or your friends, as long as you promise me one thing…" Giovanni said, through bitten teeth. He couldn't believe himself what he was about to say. Ash exchanged a confused look.

"As long as you promise me to keep that annoying mouth of yours shut more often…" he finished. By now, Dawn was the first one to start laughing and Brock himself couldn't hold it back anymore. Rick simply got a thank you look on his face.

Meanwhile, Delia and Professor Oak were pulling up to the building, as Delia rushed out of the car and ran up and hugged her son.

"Ash Ketchum, you are grounded when you get home!" She said through tears, as Professor Oak looked over and Dawn and Brock, knowing they were also in some slight trouble for being around the building as well. They let a nervous laugh and walked over near him as well.

Giovanni looked at Delia and Rick saw all the grunts staring at Giovanni's face, as made all of the grunts follow him, not before waving a goodbye towards Ash, who was struggling to wave back between his mom's tears and hugs.

Giovanni turned to leave with the grunts until Professor Oak stated, "Well, I see you are still choosing that path…"

The boss rolled his eyes and turned around, this time when he did, Delia was staring him in the eyes. The normal calmed mother walked up to him and slapped him hardly across the cheek, which caused everyone to jump and made Ash think twice about making her mad again.

"You idiot, how dare you endanger my son that way!" She shouted. Giovanni had a shocked look on his face, as did everyone else.

Giovanni could only say, "I guess I deserved that…"

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