Another Day, Another Planet

Rating: G

Warnings: Minor Angst

Desctription: A little ficlet about the Prince and his father. The Prince remembering the past...lingers on his present...hopes about the future.

How long has it been? As long as he could remember, he thought. He's alwas been trying to impress his father, and much to his dismay, he has always managed to fail. His father has never been an easy one to impress. After all, he is the 'King of All Cosmos'.

His father. It was all because of his rank, his control, his stuck up ego. It was al because of his drunkard actions one night that he destroyed the stars. Even when it was obviously his fault too, his blame was put on others. Namely the him. As small and young as he is, the king wouldn't spare him the 'blame game'. He sighed, he couldn't hate his father, even if he did have some ego problems. He just wanted him to realize all the things that he has done for his father.

He had been on the earth for some time now, gathering things up for his father. He knew that it was his responsibility to help his dad, but even then, he felt dissapointed when his father demanded more out of him. It was never enough for his father, as was normal for his somewhat greedy nature. But the little prince could not hate his father. he knew he had a hard time in his early life.

He sighed in his deep thought. He had more to worry about, namely fixing his fathers mess. He pushed his katamari ball, it's size a little more than a few centimetres, and pushed out into the kitchen from his little hiding place under the table. If there was anyone who could fix it, he thought, it would be him. He would keep on trying to earn his father's recognition, and even more, a show of his love.