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A True Saiya-jin
A Ranma ½/ Dragon Ball Z Crossover
By Hawk

Note: This takes place during the Saiya-jin saga and goes
onward from there. This fic starts when Vegeta calls a
three-hour truce in the fighting, thinking that when
"Kakarrot" arrives, things will get much more interesting.
I'll probably be using Krillin instead of Kuririn cause it's
easier to spell and remember ^_^; Same thing goes for
Bulma instead of Buruma. Parts of the story will happen a
little differently, such as different lines spoken or small
parts left out mainly because I don't have a perfect memory
and I've seen a lot of the original.
That's all from me. Enjoy! ^_^

Prologue - Another Tail

". . . Well, there you go. Three extra hours of life.
Enjoy them," Vegeta explained, smirking at Piccolo and

"I'm . . . I'm sorry . . . but I got so s-scared . . ."
Gohan mumbled to Piccolo and Krillin a little bit later.

"Away with you then! We have no use for a
coward," Piccolo growled, looking down at Gohan angrily,
arms crossed over his chest. "I was a fool to expect so

"Hey, come on . . . it's his first fight . . ." Krillin
spoke quietly, large drops of sweat dripping off his

*The way the big one cowered . . . that must mean .
. .* Piccolo thought, glancing at Vegeta and Nappa the
corner of his eyes. *That the little one is even _more_
powerful . . . it's hopeless . . .!*

"I still don't get it . . . why do we want to wait for
Kakarrot?" Nappa growled to Vegeta.

"Be cause he's a traitor to all Saiya-jins," Vegeta
answered from where he was sitting on a large boulder,
placing his scouter over his ear. "A traitor deserves to see
his son and friends die before his eyes . . . deserves to feel
how powerless he is . . . how much agony we can inflict . . .
Until after three or four hours . . . heh . . . he'll beg us to
send him to hell."

"Ha! I should've had faith in you!" Nappa shouted,
clenching his fists in excitement.

"That's _if_ he shows up in three hours . . ." Vegeta

"You can have Kakarrot, but let me do those three!"
Nappa exclaimed, his face lighting up with a massive grin.

"Do whichever you want . . . but _after_ we make
the Namek talk about the Dragon Balls," Vegeta answered
with a wave of his hand.

"Mmm . . . I hope he shows up . . ." Nappa

"Damn! What's _keeping_ him!?" Krillin shouted,
clenching his fist in frustration. "Did he really come back
to life!?" He turned to Piccolo, eyes wide with fear. "Why
don't we just run away!? Why just stand here and _die_!?"

"Fool . . . they're planning to annihilate mankind
anyway . . . Do you prefer to die running or standing . . .?"
This was Piccolo's quiet and stern reply.

*Rrrrg . . . _PLEASE, Goku! Come quick! And be
more _powerful_ than them . . . PLEASE!!* Krillin thought
frantically, fist clenched, sweat pouring down the sides of
his face.


Up on Kami's lookout:

"Where _is_ he!?" Kami-sama whispered to
himself, a lone drop of sweat sliding down the side of his


*Still not going fast enough!* Goku thought angrily
as he raced above Snake Way at his top speed.


30 minutes into the truce:

"But Vegeta, this is boring!" Nappa whined before
fairly snarling, "I wanna go _kill_ something!" He drove
his fist into his palm for emphasis.

Vegeta raised an eyebrow Nappa's uncommon
behavior. "Remind me to look into having you de-wormed

Nappa grumbled something unintelligible. He
_hated_ being de-wormed. "But I'm bored! Can't I go have
some fun?"

Vegeta snorted. "Fine, but be sure to return once
three hours have passed." He crossed his arms and gave the
three remaining Earth fighters a smug look, daring them to
try something.

The three really didn't try anything, but they did do
something. As Nappa rose into the air, all three turned their
heads to the right, almost in unison. Something was
coming? It was heading right for them.

"You think it's Goku?" Krillin asked Piccolo in a

"Not sure, Krillin, right?" Piccolo answered. "But
who else could it be?"

"Ya . . . Krillin." the short bald man nodded.

"It's him, it has to be him!" Gohan shouted in
excitement. "I knew he'd make it!"

"Huh?" Vegeta grunted looking away from Nappa
to the three fighters. "What're you talking about?"

"Goku's back! Hah! Now you're gonna get it!"
Krillin exclaimed happily, tears forming in his eyes. "He
made it! Haha!"

Both Vegeta and Nappa looked around seeing

"What the hell are you talkin' about!? I don't see
anyone?" Nappa growled in frustration from where he
hovered 40 feet in the air.

Snapping the scouter to the side of his head, Vegeta
looked in Nappa's direction and pushed the button on the
side twice. Beeping two times, strange signals appeared in
the screen along with two yellow dots. One figured on
Nappa and the other appearing father off in the direction his
Saiya-jin companion was looking.

He read Nappa's power around 3000 having
dropped 1000 from fighting with the Namek and the small
bald man. Vegeta snorted to himself. It was wonder why he
even kept that weakling around. His gaze swept to the other
power level.

Now this was interesting. The power level was only
at 500 so it couldn't have been Kakarrot. But! There was
no way of being sure until the fighter presented himself.
*Damn earthlings and their power level hiding shit.* he
thought to himself glaring at the position of the oncoming

"Well?! What the hell is it?!" Nappa shouted

"It's nothing much. Only 500, but we can't be sure,"
Vegeta explained before thundering irritated, "And don't
snap at me you idiot!"

Nappa grumbled something unintelligibly before
realizing something. "Only 500? That can't be right!" he
exclaimed surprised. "Can it?!"

"That's what the scouter reads, idiot! Besides, he's
probably hiding his real power! Pay attention!" Vegeta shot
back nearly snarling.

"500?" Krillin asked in disbelieve and to no one in

"He has to be hiding it," Piccolo clarified sharply,
eyes narrowed, a drop of blood dribbling down the side of
his face.

"Piccolo-san's right! With all the training he's
received, who knows what new techniques he's learned!"
Gohan exclaimed worriedly yet somewhat excited.

"Nappa! Get down here!" Vegeta snapped at the
over sized Saiya-jin.

"But-!" Nappa started.

"Now, dammit!" Vegeta snarled.

Muttering incoherently, Nappa slowly descended
landing with a soft thud. "This sucks," the monkey
tailed man final said something everyone could hear.

"Deal with it, you damn gorilla!"

"Vegeta!" Nappa whined pathetically.

"I feel like I'm a zookeeper," Vegeta muttered
rubbing his forehead, glancing at the frowning Nappa
before imaging him as a large, hairy gorilla. *Yep.
Definitely a gorilla.* he thought sardonically.

"Look! I can see him!" Gohan shouted suddenly,
pointing at a small glowing speck in the sky.

*Doesn't feel like Goku.* Piccolo thought,
intrigued yet worried at the same time. He stole a glance at
Gohan, smiling slightly at the young fighter. He narrowed
his eyes at the speck, now much larger than before.

For now, all they could do was watch and wait.

Ten minutes passed.

"Sonofabitch! What's taking him so damn long!?"
Nappa swore loudly and angrily.

"Have patience Nappa. Just think. Once he gets
here, the fun will really begin," Vegeta explained before
chuckling dryly. "Heh!"

"I can't wait any longer! I'm goin' over to him!"
Nappa hollered before leaping 50 feet into the air and flying
in the direction of the much larger, visibly golden, glowing

"Nappa, get back here!" Vegeta snarled, but to no
avail. *Stupid buffoon! If the guy's trouble, I'm not helping

"Come on you pussy! Lets see what ya got!" Nappa
taunted, screaming out his insult as well as a wad of spit to
go with it.

The flying figures battle aura, who was now less
than 70 yards away from Nappa, blinked out of existence
along with the person inside.

"Huh?" To say Nappa was dumb folded would have
been an understatement. Except for the fact that he was
always dumb, so saying that would be hard to do. In a
sense. He stopped flying immediately only to stare
idiotically at the place the battle aura had just been.

"What the fu. . .," Vegeta faltered, eyes wide, mouth
slightly agape, arms uncrossing over his chest and dropping
to his sides.

"Where'd he g-!" Was all that left Nappa's mouth
as a leg appeared in front of his gut. Nappa bent over, eyes
wide, basically puking out a wad of air. He quickly reached
to his stomach for the leg, but the leg blinked into existence
over his hunched back. Soon enough, the massive Saiya-jin
warrior was streaking toward the ground at an incredible
speed. Nappa landed with an amazing explosion of dust and
rock, his body shoved at least 3 feet deep in the ground.

"Incredible," Vegeta whispered, his words echoing
the thoughts of Piccolo and Krillin. "I barely even saw him
move!" he growled out loud up at the figure whose body
was still covered in its golden aura down to the somewhat
buried Nappa. "Baka,' he muttered, glaring at the downed

"Did you see that!?" Krillin shouted staring at
Nappa's fallen form, eyes so wide they took up almost all
of his face.

"Yes," Piccolo growled, eyes scanning the area
where the gold ball they'd been watching disappeared. Like
Vegeta, he'd barely been able to see what happened.

The person had appeared in front of Nappa, slightly
to the Saiya-jin's left side and sent his whole leg, knee
slightly bent, into Nappa's stomach with in the blink of an
eye. Immediately after, the fighter had twisted his whole
body, avoiding Nappa's hands, and sent the same leg onto
the monkeys back. Nappa's back nearly bent into a 'U'
shape before he continued with the motion, sending the
bald giant flying. The fighter had skill, that was obvious.

The whole thing had taken a little less than 2
seconds. But that wasn't really what Piccolo was thinking
about. There was something wrong with the way he'd
disappeared and reappeared in front of Nappa. There was
something he was missing. The aura he was using now was
different than the one he'd been using before his virtual

He looked up at the figure along with Krillin and

"Who's that!?" Krillin shouted pointing up at the
new comer.

Was that fear he'd heard in Krillin's voice? *What's
wrong with the guy's looks?* Piccolo thought before
noticing what both Krillin and Gohan were staring at. "I-it
can't be!" he shouted, body tensing.

"What?" Vegeta asked looking over to Krillin.
*'Who's that?' What does that mean? Does that mean this
guy's not Kakarrot?* He looked up at the golden flamed
fighter, eyes narrowed. "You!? Who are you . . ." his voice
went dead as he stared at the exact same spot the other three
were staring at.

The figure turned his gaze to Vegeta, cold blue eyes
staring down at him. The fighters aura flared once before
vanishing completely, smoke rising slowing from the mans
shoulders and back.

The man was wearing a red, Chinese style,
sleeveless shirt, with a exquisite golden, Japanese style
dragon embroidered to the chest. His black pants matched
the color of his thick boots and the fingerless gloves on his
hands. His shirt fit like a second skin showing off his
impressive chest, abs and arms while his pants, slightly
baggy, hid the powerful weapons underneath from sight.

His hair was a thick midnight black, spiky and tied
in a pigtail. Three spikes of hair hung from his forehead
down to his eyebrows and his pigtail ended in four smaller
spikes itself. The rest of his hair was press flat to his head
because the pigtail held it down so tightly. He was about 5'7
maybe 5'8, his face incredibly handsome. His nose was
sharp pointed, his cheeks and jaw sleek, dark blue circled
the pitch black pupils in his eyes while his muscle
definition was molded and tanned to perfection. In his left
hand, a small, green bean was held between his index and
middle finger.

But none of that wasn't what the four fighters were
staring at.

It was the thick monkey tail wrapped around his

"Impossible . . ." Vegeta whispered breathlessly as
he stared in utter shock.

The boy turned to Nappa, who was pulling himself
out of his self sized hole, grunting while doing so.

"Who's a pussy?" the pigtailed Saiya-jin asked
smirking arrogantly.

Next Time: A Different Tail
A summary of what, where, when, why and how our
favorite pigtailed hero became what he is. A summary of
sorts, going through the 38 volumes hence the title 'A
Different Tail'. Tail/Tale. I'm sure you all get that.

Authors Notes: You think it'll be easy, but then it's not.
Took me a while to finish this little thing mainly cause
schools being a bitch. Gonna continue work on MU4 now.
Ranma's power level and other stuff you might have
questions about will be answered so just bear with me. And
no, Ranma didn't fall into Spring of a drown Saiya-jin.
You'll find out what happened in Chapter 1.
Gotta website, I did! http://www.geocities.com/tenma83/ Is
the place, it is! Sorry, been watching a bunch of Rurouni
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Hope you enjoyed!
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Things you might not of known or should know:
1 - Nappa has a potty mouth in the Japanese version
2 - Saiya-jin's have sharp tipped nose. That's why Ranma's nose is 'sharp pointed'
3 - I figured Ranma's eyes would be like Trunk's. The color of the eye circling the
black center
4. Nappa has a potty mouth.
5. Ranma's power level is not 500
6. Once again, "Ranma didn't fall into a 'Spring of drown Saiya-jin'."