"Hang in there, Gohan! We're almost to the turtle hut!"
Krillin shouted as he and Goku's son flew through the sky.

"I'll try!" Gohan replied. He was feeling tired keeping up
with Krillin and infinitely more worried about his father.

Something tickled Krillin's senses and he turned his head,
looking in the direction the three Saiya-jins had gone.
"H-hey . . . look . . ." he said.

"What?" Gohan asked as Krillin stopped in midair. He did
the same, turning to see what had caught Krillin's attention.

"Where we just came from . . . Is . . . is that a star . . .?"
Krillin muttered more to himself than to Gohan. He could
feel beads of sweat rolling down the sides of his head.

"It looks to bright . . ." Gohan added, his tiny fists clenching.
His body tensed, as though stabbed in spine. He glanced
at Krillin, finding him just as anxious.

"Oh, God . . ." Krillin said, eyes going wide, mouth agape.
"It's like some huge 'Ki' just . . . ex-exploded!"

Gohan exhaled in disbelief. "It can't be my dad's . . . it
can't be! M-maybe it's Ranma's! Right?" he asked, hoping
but not believing Krillin would know the answer.

"We can't say for sure, it could've been the other . . . it
was just . . . so huge . . ."

Gohan flew in place, staring into the distance and the far
off ball of light. "I'm going back!" he said.

"What!" Krillin exclaimed. "No! Gohan, you-you can't!"

"My daddy's in trouble! I know it! If I don't go back, he
and Ranma could die!" Gohan said boldly, feeling his
courage build.

"B-but what can you do against that Saiyan?"

"No-nothing, I guess . . . but . . ." Gohan started slowly,
wondering if he could do anything at all in the fight. He
didn't care though, his dad was in trouble and the last
time that had happened, he had watched him die. There
was no doubt now. "I have to go!" he shouted angrily
before blasting off, flying fast to the light in the sky.

"No! Wait!" Krillin shouted and took off after him. "Gohan,
you're crazy! And I guess . . . so am I!"

Disclaimer: I wish I owned these two series. Takakashi-san
and Toriyama-san retain those rights. Those lucky bas . . . .

"It's not the size of the dog in the fight; it's the size of the
fight in the dog."
- Mark Twain

A True Saiya-jin
A Ranma ½/ Dragon Ball Z Crossover
By Hawk

Note: Thanks to everyone that's reviewed! They mean a lot to
me; lets me know you guys really like this. Gives me a reason
to continue writing it besides for my own entertainment haha.

Chapter 4 – Clash Of The Titans! Two Great Apes Collide!

"No . . . No way . . . it-it can't be!" Goku stuttered, staring in
awe as Vegeta and Ranma's bodies expanded, fur spreading
across their arms and legs. Their faces sprouted snouts,
canine's growing longer. In almost no time, they towered over
him and the land, two gargantuan beasts, filled with fury.

The great ape that was Vegeta (Goku could tell because his
armor had expanded with his body), roared in absolute
delight, rattling Goku's eardrums and the bones in his body.
He shuddered under the weight of Vegeta's Ki, combined with
that of Ranma's, whose clothes hadn't enlarged, instead
tearing from his body.

Ranma, in his naked ape glory, pounded his chest like a crazed
beast, howling thunderously into Vegeta's face. For all his
madness, it appeared Ranma still knew who his enemy was.
Or, he was more interested in challenging the bigger threat
among his combatants.

To Goku's surprise, Vegeta burst into comprehensible laughter.
It was cut off when Ranma barreled into him, slamming them
into the Earth, shattering boulders and rocks beneath their
weight, and shaking the ground for miles around.

"This ape . . . Grandpa told me about this!" Goku said to himself
as he watched the two giants wrestle across the land, the rocks
rattling beneath his feet. "You killed my grandpa!" he growled.

The memories of his grandfather's warning returned to him:
"Grandson, a monster ape comes out on the night of a full moon.
You mustn't go outside. You'll be safe if you sleep . . ." Grandpa
Gohan had said so many years before. He clenched his fists,
anger pulsing through his views. One of the monsters had
killed his only family, leaving him alone, to fend for himself.
Was it really possible? But then something felt wrong. Vegeta
had said that Goku was a Saiyan . . .

Ranma was suddenly being thrown through the air, roaring
wildly as he did, crashing heavily a great distance away.
Vegeta rose to his feet, marching toward Goku. "Fool! Only
Saiyan's with tails can transform to this form, the Saiyan's
most powerful form! You have no tail! That is why you don't

And then, despite his usual ignorance, Goku pieced it all
together. Vegeta making a false moon, the giant ape, the
tail that he once had. Kami-sama's words filtered through
his mind, "Wh-why don't you let me remove that tail
permanently. I'm sure it . . . uh . . . gets in your way . . ."

Kami-sama had wanted to get rid of his tail because it changed
him into an ape, just as it had Vegeta and Ranma. "W-wait a
minute . . . then that means the monster who appeared at the
martial arts tournament and smashed the buildings . . . and
the one who Killed grandpa . . . were all me?"

His head hung and he felt the ground rattle as Vegeta
approached. 'I'm so sorry, grandpa . . .' he thought sullenly.
'I don't think I can't beat this monster . . . if I die, I guess I'll
see you in heaven and ask for forgiveness . . .'

He snapped out of his funk as Ranma charged across rocky
canyon, punching rocks out of the way. His inhuman snarl
carried across the land when he slammed into Vegeta's
waiting fist. As his snout knocked into the ground, Vegeta
was already lifting him by the scruff of his neck. An uppercut
rocked his jaw, huge wads of spittle flying from his maw.

'If Ranma can give me enough time, maybe I can pull off a
Spirit Bomb! It could beat Vegeta!' Goku thought excitedly, a
sudden charge coursing through his muscles. He started putting
distance between himself and the two apes. Raising his arms,
he began pleading to the world, every bit of nature, for a piece
of their Ki. "Please . . . if you don't, we'll all be finished . . ."

Ranma's arms flung madly at Vegeta, like those of an ignorant
brute. Vegeta easily parried them, twisting Ranma around and
wrapping his head in a tight lock. "One flex and your neck breaks
. . ." Vegeta growled. "Where's Kakkarot?"

The threat didn't stop Ranma's rampage and he swung fervently
at Vegeta's binding arms. His mouth opened wide and he bit
hard into Vegeta's side, teeth sinking into thick flesh. The attack
caused Vegeta to release him, and Ranma instantly bowled the
other ape over, fists pummeling, flailing heavily at anything he
could hit.

"I'm done playing!" Vegeta boomed, his hands grabbing Ranma's
snout. He started prying it open, preparing to break it. To his
surprise, Ranma smartly pushed away, shoving Vegeta's arms off.
They climbed to their feet, growling at each other incessantly.

Vegeta stopped and looked off in the distance, eyes wide.
"FOUND YOU!" he roared, mouth stretching wide. A massive blast
of Ki exploded from his throat, tearing up the land as is rocketed
toward Goku.

"Shit!" Goku yelled and lowered his arms, raising the energy he
had built up. It clashed with the blast, erupting in front of him
and blowing him hundreds of yards away. His body flipped like a
coin, slamming multiple times across the ground. He groaned softly
when he finally came to a stop. "How'd he . . . that blast, so
powerful . . . damnit . . ." After pushing himself to his feet, he
swayed to the side, almost collapsing. "My spirit Bomb . . . I don't
think I have it in me to make another one." He could taste the
blood on his lips and drew a hand across them, wiping the blood
over his hand.

Before Vegeta finished, Ranma was punching him in the jaw,
knocking him over, the immense line of Ki veering off target,
tearing off a huge chunk of land before it stopped. This time,
Ranma was the one with his thick arms wrapped around
Vegeta's neck. He climbed onto Vegeta's back in a stranglehold
piggyback ride. Roaring triumphantly, Ranma tightened his hold.

Reaching behind himself, Vegeta grabbed Ranma's back and
crouched low. With an unruly grunt, he jumped in the air,
Ranma riding on his back as they went up. Falling forward,
Vegeta flipped to two so they landed with Ranma beneath
him, crushing the other ape into the rocky terrain. Vegeta
was rolling off, free of Ranma's grasp and slamming Ranma's
face into the ground, laughing heartily.

"Pathetic! I thought you might have been some kind of trouble
for me, but you're dumber than I expected." He lifted the head
and pushed it back down again then slugged Ranma straight in
the skull.

Ranma went limp, knocked unconscious by the blow. Vegeta
released his head, watching it drop unceremoniously with a
loud thud. Chuckling to himself, Vegeta looked off in Goku's
direction. "I'll finish you later, when maybe you'll provide a little
more of a challenge."

Goku flinched as Vegeta's massive frame landed only a few yards
away. He smiled ruefully to himself, having watched Ranma's
defeat in the distance.

"And what were you up to over here, eh? I felt the Ki you were
building up. Planning a surprise attack?" Vegeta growled mirthfully.
"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Got anything left in you?"

"I got a little bit," Goku lied, rising to his feet. His legs wobbled,
but he kept his balance, getting himself ready to move.

"Let's see it!" Vegeta shouted, lifting his foot to step on Goku.

Goku leapt aside, narrowly avoiding the foot, but not Vegeta's
swiping hand, which slammed into his back. He crashed into a
high rock formation and fell to the ground, stunned. When he
looked up, Vegeta's giant foot was dropping toward him. His arms
moved to shield his face when he felt himself being pulled and
lifted off the ground, into the air, the sound of stone being
crushed echoing behind him.


Opening his eyes, Goku found himself in the arms of Krillin, Gohan
flying right next to them. "Wh-what are you doing here?" he

"We came to help!" Gohan declared.

"Stupid!" Goku cried. "You're going to get yourselves killed!"

"Happened once already, I think I can handle going through it
again if need be!" Krillin stated. "All we need to do is cut off his
tail and he'll turn human again."

"If you die, you can't be wished back," Goku replied. "You said it
yourself, the Dragonballs are gone. We can't wish anyone back."

"Remember what I said, there might be a way! But right now, we
need to deal with-shit!" Krillin shouted and flew up, dragging Goku
with him. Vegeta's colossal hand barely missed him.

Goku broke from Krillin's arms, yelling, "I'll face him, you take out
his tail!"

The three jetted in different directions, Vegeta trying to keep an
eye on all three but failing. He spun around angrily, keeping his
eye on Goku, the one he deemed to be the biggest threat.
"Reinforcements won't do you any good, especially those two,"
he said.

"Come and get me, Vegeta," Goku replied and was instantly on
the defensive, narrowly avoiding Vegeta's fist. He was smacked
in the back by the thick tail, spending him sprawling through the
air. He cried out in pain. His leg was grabbed, Vegeta's thick
fingers easily curling around the limb. Before he had a chance to
react, it was broken, crushed in Vegeta's palm. Screaming madly,
Goku hung limp from his leg.

Vegeta lifted Goku like a ragdoll, looking him in the face. "Really
thought you could get away from me?" He reared back, Goku
dangling from his hand, and threw him.

Goku flew through the air at such a speed that the world became
a blob of colors. When it stopped, his entire body felt destroyed,
along with the boulder he had slammed into. He tried to yell but
nothing left his mouth but blood and spit. He mumbled unintelligibly
as Vegeta marched toward him. In his fist, he built up as much Ki as
he could muster, waiting for the ape to draw closer.

"Still alive? Well, not for long," Vegeta said, lifting a single finger.
"I'm going to crush you like the insect you are!"

"Sh-shut up . . . Vegeta . . . you beat me, you . . . you were
stronger than me . . . but this fight isn't over. Don't be so proud
. . . of beating up on me like this . . ."

Vegeta only laughed on and brought down his finger. Before it
reached Goku, Vegeta took a blast of Ki in the eye, courtesy of
Goku himself. Vegeta roared in anger, covering his face and
stepping back.

"Just . . . call it . . . s-something to remember me . . . by . . ."
Goku muttered, his eyes finding Vegeta's tail as it wagged
violently behind him. "One day . . . you'll lose . . ."

"Bastard!" Vegeta snarled, burn marks forcing his left eye shut.
"You've scarred my face!"


Vegeta turned at the voice, finding Krillin throwing a golden disk
of Ki. It sliced through the air, spinning like a buzz saw, curving
through the air, right at Vegeta's unprotected tail.

"What?" he cried in surprise. He moved to jump but found himself
suddenly tackled out of the way by Ranma's enormous body,
slamming him to the ground. The Kienzan nicked Ranma's back,
cutting it slightly and causing the beast to holler in pain.

"Damnit, what the hell!" Krillin exclaimed angrily. "That would've
done it!"

Gohan had been watching everything, wondering what he could do
to help. Taking off, he dashed over to his father, sliding to a stop by
his side. "Daddy!"

"Gohan . . . that other ape . . . is Ranma . . . he can't control himself
. . . unlike Vegeta," Goku explained. Gohan was trying to lift Goku to
his feet, but finding it hard to do with his father's broken body. The
two apes were grappling right next to them, kicking up dust and rocks.

"We need to move!" Gohan demanded and finally hauled his father off
the ground. He looked up to find the naked ape, Ranma, falling toward
them. Pushing off, they flew away, narrowly avoiding being crushed
beneath Ranma, who had Vegeta landing on top of him with both knees
driven into his chest. Dust clouded the area, rocked raining down
around them, pelting them as they flew.

"I can't get a good shot at the tail with them rolling around like they
are," Krillin stated, sidling up to Gohan in the air. "If I miss, I might
get Ranma."

Ranma was biting Vegeta's shoulder, drawing blood through his armor.

"I'm pretty much useless," Goku said weakly. "My leg's shattered, my
right arm . . . broken, and I think . . . most of my ribs are done . . .
done for."

"What should we do?" Gohan asked nervously.

"Fly over there," Goku said, pointing to a pile of rock. The three flew
toward the area, away from the brawling apes. "I can't throw it, but
. . . if I make another Spirit Bomb, I can . . . give it to you, Krillin . . .
and you can throw it."

"What? Spirit Bomb?"

"It's a technique . . . King Kai taught me. We can use it . . . to beat
Vegeta . . . even in his ape form . . . it should be strong enough . . ."
Goku explained, his left arm dragging across the rocks. Breathing
was a clear problem. "I just need enough time . . . to gather the
energy. I had to use . . . what I had . . . to . . . save myself . . ."

"Okay! I'll look for a way to help Ranma-san!" Gohan said and
blasted off before either his father or Krillin could voice a complaint.

"How long?" Krillin asked, watching Gohan fly.

"Only a . . . couple minutes," Goku muttered.


Krillin and Goku looked to the speaker, finding tubby Yajirobe
climbing over the crumbled boulders. He was panting like a dog.

"Yajirobe!" Krillin exclaimed. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"I've been here for awhile, watching the entire fight! Are you
guys' crazy? There's no way you can beat that guy!" Yajirobe

"If we cut off his tail he'll turn human again!" Krillin countered.

"That involves getting CLOSE to him!" Yajirobe countered. "That's
just nuts! Especially since there are TWO of them!"

"Don't be such a coward!"

"Better to be a coward and alive than brave and dead!"

Krillin grabbed the front of Yajirobe's GI, pulling him close. "You're
the one that quit on the training, Yajirobe, not us! You can run
away now, but if Vegeta wins, he'll find you eventually and you'll
be dead anyway!"

The chubby fighter swallowed loudly at the threat.

Ranma's fist buried itself in Vegeta's maw, snapping it shut, blood
pouring from his nose. Vegeta's hands were around Ranma's thick
neck, squeezing the life out of his fellow Saiyan. He ignored every
blow to his face, focusing only on cutting off Ranma's air. "This time
you die."

A small (compared to Vegeta's size) ball of Ki collided with his head,
rocking him slightly, as though he'd been struck by a thrown rock.
He looked at the source, finding little Gohan zooming past, another
ball of Ki forming in his hands. "Runt!"

Distracted even a little, Ranma took advantage, trapping Vegeta's
wrist in his teeth, arms snaking between Vegeta's and pushing them
apart, freeing his throat. As Vegeta gaped in surprise, Gohan's next
ball of Ki smashed into his side, and he grunted in annoyance.

"Stop biting!" Vegeta roared, slamming his head into Ranma's face.
Ranma's mouth opened, releasing Vegeta's flesh. Grabbing Ranma's
head with both hands, Vegeta hurled the other ape away with relative
ease. He was growing tired, the constant abuse from Ranma slowly
taking its toll. Another ball of Ki exploded on the back of his head and
he winced, spinning around, eyeing Gohan. "You're brave, just as a
Saiyan should be!"

Vegeta's mouth opened wide and Gohan saw to the back, a bright
light building in the dark. Gohan's found himself lost in the sight,
forgetting the danger he had undoubtedly put himself in. Without a
chance, he watched as the Ki erupted out, tearing apart the sky as
it came at him. He raised his arms feebly, waiting for the blast to hit.
Something else hit him instead, sending him back through the air and
he hurried to right himself. When he managed to regain his senses,
he caught the tail end of Vegeta's blast vanishing.

As it did, Ranma's massive ape form appeared, snarling in rage. He
had swatted Gohan aside, out of the blasts path. Whether he had
done it consciously or not, it didn't matter to Gohan, only that he was
still alive. Still, Ranma looked utterly furious, even more so than before,
stomping his feet and pounding the ground with both fists. Perhaps
there was still some cognizant thought in his brain after all.

Vegeta leapt at Ranma, ramming into him and wrapping him up in his
arms. He held him tight, trapping the other apes arms at his sides.
"No more of this!" His hands found the base of Ranma's tail and
tugged once, ripping it off easily.

Ranma roared in shock, eyes going wide. Instantly his body
began to shrink, hair shedding away, disappearing into nothing.
His snout retracted back into his face, teeth sliding back to their
normal size. And then he was human, naked, and falling to Earth.

"Ranma-san!" Gohan cried.

He was snatched out of the air by Vegeta, whose hand
enveloped his entire body except for his head. Vegeta lifted
Ranma to his face, the tiny man barely conscious. His head
bobbed to the side, eyes struggling to remain open. They
snapped open when Vegeta began squeezing his fist.

"ARGH!" Ranma screamed, feeling his body begin to break.

"You've pissed me off for the last time," Vegeta growled. "You
would've made a good underling. Too bad."

"You're . . ."

"What's that?" Vegeta asked, holding Ranma closer to his ear.

"You're . . . really ugly . . ."

Sneering, Vegeta turned to face Gohan and held his hand up high
about his head, Ranma limp in his grasp. "Are you watching, brat?
Pay close attention to how your friend dies!"

"What're you doing, moron! Just throw it already!" a voice
shouted, one Vegeta hadn't heard before.

Vegeta's body tensed and he looked around the area, arm above
his head with a barely conscious Ranma held tight. As he turned,
he saw it and realized he had to avoid it at all costs if it were

The bald human had a small, glowing ball of white Ki floating over
his hand, ready to be thrown. He opened his mouth, preparing to
blow the bald human and his ball of Ki into history. And then, like
a candle, the Ki in his throat flickered and extinguished as his tail
was lopped from his body.

Yajirobe landed, katana held overhead, scurrying away as fast as
he could. "I've done my part! No more for me!" he shouted, scared
for his life. He had used his own distraction to catch the great ape
off guard, surprising even himself with his ingenious plan.

"My tail! No!" Vegeta's body began shrinking, just as Ranma's had.

Vegeta's hand could no longer hold the other Ranma and he was
suddenly free falling. He landed on his head, collapsing into his
back, moaning softly. Struggling, he managed to push himself to
his hands and knees, feeling no embarrassment from his
complete nudity. His body was more black and blue than its
normal hue, his left arm hanging limp at his side. He stumbled
over, the world spinning around him. "Wh-what the hell . . .?"

"Suicidal fools . . . Do you know what it means to make me
angry?" Vegeta growled. His body was covered in bruises
and scratches, with bite marks on his shoulder, side and
wrist. His eye, the one Goku has shot, was slammed shut,
burned and scarred. "Do you want to die so much? You will!"

In an instant he vanished, reappearing in front of Gohan.
"And you will be first."

"Gohan, run!" Krillin shouted before Vegeta slugged the
young boy in the stomach.

"You're half Saiyan, aren't you, boy? Is that your best?
Like father, like son," Vegeta said, lifting Gohan off his feet.
He slammed his forehead into the young boy's face, making
Gohan's nose bleed. "Well, at least your blood is red."

Krillin was speeding toward Vegeta's back, Spirit Bomb
still hovering over his hand. He wasn't sure whether it
was good that Vegeta had forgotten him, the loss of his
tail clearly the reason, but he wasn't going to waste the
opportunity given. When he felt that he was in close
enough range, Krillin flung the white ball at Vegeta,
screaming, "HIT HIM!"

And then time froze as Krillin realized his mistake. So many
different things could happen in the next second that Krillin,
in his hurry to help, hadn't considered.

If the Spirit Bomb hit Vegeta, it would explode with Gohan
right in his hand, hurting them both. Or Vegeta could use
Gohan as a shield. King Kai had been in his head, talking
him through the Bomb's use. If it hit Gohan, the boy
wouldn't survive. Krillin's biggest hope, unfortunately,
was for Vegeta to avoid the ball completely.

Krillin was swearing in his head as he watched the Bomb
inch closer to its target.

Instead, a miracle occurred, and what felt like twenty
things happened at once.

First, a small Ki blast slammed into Gohan's stomach.
Gohan was blown free of Vegeta's grip, away from the
incoming explosion, though in pain nonetheless.

At the same time, Vegeta jumped, or at least tried to.
A moment after he left the ground, a hand grabbed his
ankle, stopping him in place. Vegeta had just enough
time to look down and see Ranma, a blood grin on his
lips, clinging to his foot before the Spirit Bomb crashed
into his side. His body bent inward, pushed by the force
of the Ki, and Ranma found himself being pulled along.

Before he was dragged too high, Ranma let go and started
falling, having done all he needed. He crashed to the earth,
fully spent, the muscles in his body quaking. He didn't think
there was anything left for him to give.

Gohan and Krillin watched in awe as Vegeta was launched
skyward, the Spirit Bomb engulfing his body as it did. Large
bolts of electric Ki shot from its growing form, its circumference
increasing each second. Vegeta's body was barely visible at its
center, chunks of his armor breaking off and disintegrating in
the bomb's spreading explosion.

Krillin and Gohan shielded their eyes as the light from the Ki
became too bright to stand. Gohan felt himself being pushed
back from the Ki's power.

And then Vegeta was rocketed away, screaming in agony as
he vanished into the sky. Soon he was nothing but a speck
in the distance.

"Gohan . . ." Goku muttered.

"Yes!" Krillin cheered, leaping into the air, rushing to Goku.
"We did it! Hah! We did it! Goku, we did it!"

"Daddy!" Gohan shouted, landed next to his father, covering
his stomach, the place he had been hit a moment before.
"We . . . we really beat him, dad!"

"Of course we did. You had any doubt?" Krillin replied, though
the bruises on his body told a completely different story.

"You both look . . . pretty awful . . ." Goku said.

"Not as bad as you," Krillin replied with a weak smile.

"Ranma-san!" Gohan gasped and leapt away, leaving Goku
and Krillin surprised.

Something small appeared in the sky, falling toward earth like
a shooting star. It steadily grew larger the further it fell.

"Huh?" Krillin uttered.

Rather unceremoniously, Vegeta hit the ground. He didn't move
from where he lay.

"He's dead. No doubt about it," Krillin said and started limping
his way over to the corpse.

Ranma blinked as a shadow came over his face. Gohan's face
appeared over him and he blinked in surprise. "Ranma-san!" he
cried and Ranma's ears shuddered from the force. "Are you alright?"

"I'm cold," Ranma muttered, well aware of his nudity. "What
happened? Why am I naked? What where's Vegeta?" he asked,
unable to stop the questions from pouring out. He remembered
nothing except Vegeta firing the strange sphere of Ki into the sky
and then he was naked, held in a giant King Kong sized fist,
being squeezed to death.

"We beat him! He's dead!" Gohan exclaimed, dropping to his
knees beside Ranma's head. "You saved me!"

Ranma raised his good arm, trying to rub the exhaustion from his
eyes. "Ah, sorry about shooting you, was the only thing I could
think of to get you away before that attack hit."

Gohan smiled brightly, not disturbed by Ranma's lack of clothing.
Instead, he pulled off his GI shirt and handed it to Ranma. "Here,
so you're not naked."

Sitting up slowly, Ranma chuckled to himself, and rubbed the back
of his head with his good hand. "Thanks, Kid," he said, quickly
wrapping the top around his waist as best he could.

"He was one nasty guy, but a brave foe. I guess I'll at least dig a
grave," Krillin said, standing over Vegeta's body.

"For yourselves!" Vegeta roared, opening his one good eye.
Everyone stopped, stunned by the proclamation and Vegeta's
seemingly invulnerability. He slowly pushed himself to his feet with
Krillin frozen in place only a foot away. "You've given me quite a
beating . . . I almost thought you had me on that last one."

Krillin managed to step back once before Vegeta backhanded him
across the face, knocking him down like a limp bag.

"After I've killed you all, I'll take time to heal and then I'll finally
destroy this trash planet!" The Saiya-Jin Prince began a slow march
toward Goku's prone form. "You bastards, taxing my powers to the
limit . . . actually HURTING me. But what hurts me the most," and
he spit up a wag of blood, "is my PRIDE, for struggling with scum
like you . . .

"So die! Just DIE already!" And everything around him was

Ranma tried shielding himself but the explosion was too great
and he found himself flying backwards, against his will. Rocks
and burning Ki pelted his body from every direction. His back
crashed into a rock, stopping his momentum with a violent
collision. He cried out in pain as a wave of Ki washed over him,
crumbling the boulder he had slammed into. When the dust
cleared his eyes were unfocused, and he narrowed them in
order to see clearly. The first thing that caught his attention
was Vegeta, standing over Gohan's prone body.

"His tail's grown back!" Vegeta was shouting. He tore his gaze
away from the furry appendage to the glowing ball still floating
in the sky. "No! I can't let him transform!"

Goku, with all that remained in his body, was launching himself
at Vegeta, yelling bloody murder.

"What!" Vegeta barely avoided Goku's punch, even though
there was nothing behind it. It glanced off his side, chipping
his armor and doing little more.

Goku collapsed to the ground in a heap, groaning weakly.
Vegeta's foot drove into his side and he grunted pitifully.
"Gohan . . .!" he groaned. "Look . . ."

"Kakkarot . . ." Vegeta rumbled. "Come to watch your son die
with your own eyes? Or maybe I should kill you first and make
your son watch?" He grabbed Gohan's tail, pulling it taut before
slamming his heel down on Goku's good knee, snapping it
easily. Ignoring Goku's cries of pain, Vegeta lifted his foot again,
stepping on his chest, shattering his ribs completely.

"Who says I'm not nice, letting father and son die together like -"
His taunt was cut off as Ranma crashed into his side, tackling him
off the boulder. They tumbled down the side, bouncing off of sharp
edges as they fell until they hit the ground.

Ranma gritted his teeth, covering his side protectively. The fall
had added an additional toll to his already overwhelming amount
of bodily punishment. Some of his ribs had broken this time,
he could feel it. He lifted his head to look at Vegeta, who was
climbing back to his feet slowly. It was more than Ranma could

"Dead . . . dead . . . you're dead . . ." Vegeta was muttering. The
fury in his voice would melt the flesh from Ranma's bone with its
heat were it able.

Chuckling to himself, Ranma smiled boldly. "What're you waiting
for . . . come on!" he goaded.

Vegeta limped toward Ranma, fists clenched, a wild sneer on his
lips. "Kill . . . you . . ."

'If looks could kill, I'd already be dead,' Ranma thought. When
Vegeta was close enough, Ranma pointed a warning finger at
Vegeta. "Be careful where you step, there're a lot of cracks
around here," he said before jamming his finger into one in
front of his face. "Bakusai Tenketsu!"

"Wha -?" was all Vegeta managed before the ground
exploded beneath him, sharp rocks flying into his legs and
arms. A particularly large rock stabbed into his stomach
and he fell back, covering his wounded belly. Blood poured
through the hole in his armor.

"Tricks!" Vegeta spat literally and figuratively, blood issuing
from his mouth. "Is that all you have?"

"Anything goes . . ." Ranma said, grinning at Vegeta's

They were interrupted by a feral snarl, the same kind they
had been making minutes before. Together they looked,
finding a great ape, smaller than they had been, perched
on the rocks above them, baring its fangs.


For the first time, Ranma saw hopelessness in Vegeta's face.
He covered his head as the beast leapt from his position,
landing with all of its weight. Ranma was between its legs,
something the ape appeared to realize as, even in its wild
rage, it avoided damaging any area too close to him. It roared
in Vegeta's face and Ranma wondered if it was doing so as
protective gesture. He wasn't comfortable with the fact that
the thirty foot ape was standing directly above him though.

"Go for the Saiyan, Gohan!" Krillin shouted.

"Do it, Gohan!" Goku added.

The beast, which was Gohan, bellowed in response to their
orders, and swung a fist at Vegeta. When the attack was
dodged, Gohan leapt into the air, intending to crush the pest
with its body.

Vegeta barely got away as the ape crashed onto the spot he
had just vacated. "If I weren't so wounded . . . Damnit, if it
weren't . . . That moon I created . . . is going to last . . . another
hour . . . I have to cut off his tail," the Saiya-Jin Prince panted,
hardly able to catch his breath.

With the last vestige of strength, Vegeta formed the same
spinning Ki as Krillin's, letting it float over the palm of his
hand. When Gohan leapt for him again, he jumped too, finding
the tail completely unprotected. He threw the disk of Ki and it
easily sliced through the base of the tail, shocking the ape.

Vegeta's grin of triumph lasted only a second before it turned
to horror, realizing the ape, even as it shrunk back to its human
form, would land on top of him. "No! No! Move!" he cried as the
beast made contact with his blocking arms and started forcing
him down.


When the dust had cleared, Prince Vegeta was through. A
naked Gohan lay half atop his chest. His energy was spent,
blood poured from numerous wounds. There was nothing else
for him to do but retreat. Reaching inside the breast plate of
his armor, he pulled out a slim pad, and hammered down on a
couple buttons. Seconds later his round spaceship appeared in
the sky, softly landing a couple yards away.

"Th . . . there it is . . ." he mumbled.

"Wh-what's that . . .?" Krillin asked himself from where he laid,
having a clear view of everything. "It's . . . it's his ship . . .!"

Vegeta started crawling to his ship, blood smeared across his
forehead. "Ho . . . how could I lose . . . ?"

'I won't let him get away so easily . . .' Krillin thought, pushing
himself to his feet. One of his arms hung limp at his side, but he
ignored it, forcing himself to catch up with the defeated Saiyan.

"I'll give him the killing blow . . . I didn't get trashed for nothing,"
he said to himself, picking up Yajirobe's falling katana. The fat
martial artist had vanished after cutting off Vegeta's tail, though
apparently had been caught up in the ensuing explosion.

He was getting closer, catching up to Vegeta faster than the
Saiyan could crawl. Suddenly he was right behind Vegeta as
the Prince tried desperately to climb inside his vessel. "You
killed my friends! I'll avenge them!"

"I can't . . . I can't move! Shit!" Vegeta shouted in desperation,
climbing to the entranceway of his tiny round ship. How could it
end like this? He was Prince Vegeta; he would die at the hands
of a lowly Earthling. And then the bald human didn't strike and
Vegeta saw his chance. He mustered all his strength and pulled
himself inside. With a glance back, he saw the short human's
face. There was struggle written all over it, as if he couldn't make
up his mind whether or not to strike.

In fact, Krillin was struggling. Struggling with the information and
pleading that Goku was laying on him in his mind. 'Listen! If you
think he's gonna come around like Piccolo did, you're wrong! I'm
telling you right now! We can't change him, he has no emotions!
You know that!'

'Yes, I also know how strong he is. I can't find the words, but . . .
I saw him dying and . . . I told myself that it was a shame,' Goku

'A shame?'

'After following King Kai's training I thought I reached the top,
but . . . Vegeta is ten times stronger than me . . . it was just like
when I fought Piccolo . . . maybe it's the Saiya-jin in me, but next
time . . . I'll beat him alone! I'm begging you, Krillin, let him live . . .'

Krillin spit in disgust, dropping the katana to the ground. "Okay, I
accept your bullheadedness, Goku, because we've saved Earth
already, but promise me something. Next time you fight him, beat
him by yourself!"

Goku chuckled in pain. "I will."

The door to the ship was lifting, closing slowly with a loud whirl
sound. "Listen well, worms," Vegeta started, "Next time there
won't be any miracles! So enjoy yourselves before my return . . ."
When the door was shut, the ship was rocketing into the air,
disappearing into space.

Krillin lifted Gohan in his arms, shaking his head in disbelief. "It's
okay, don't worry, he's gone . . ."

"Why not kill him?" Yajirobe asked, stepping out from behind a
boulder twice his size. He was covered in scrapes and bruises, but
nothing too terrible. "Stupid Goku . . ."

"I feel bad about our dead friends, but . . . we can bring them back . . ."
Krillin replied, his voice full of emotion.

"I'm sorry, Krillin," Goku said.

A loud roar cut through the silence and for a moment Krillin thought
Vegeta might have returned. When he looked up, his eyes filled with

Master Roshi was waving from the window of one of Bulma's capsule
ships. Bulma herself was behind the wheel.

Next Time: Chapter 5 – Recuperating Is Hard! Ranma Heals With
New Friends!

With the battle over, Ranma is taken along to the hospital with the
others and must deal with their insanity as well as his family's when
he show up for a visit.

Author's Notes: Churned this out in two days, out of boredom I
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