How do you hold the special victim?
When they push you away
When they've been
Raped on the inside
Torn on the outside
The dirt and ugly from the stain that they try to hide
Touched in private places
Embarassed faces
To scared to ask for help
-- Angel; Blue October

Summary: What if Chase hadn't stopped at Sarah? What if he had made good on his threat and went after each member of the covenant? This is what happens when Chase -- after targeting Pogue -- targets Tyler and then subsequately targets Reid. Review, little ducklings. Tell me if you want this to be a one shot, or if you want to see what happens next; and what happens to Reid. Don't review, and it will be reverted to a one shot.

Disclaimer: I don't own the covenant or the members -- just the situations I place them in.

Warning: This story will contain cussing; and this chapter contains rape; further chapters will contain explicit violence.


After seeing Pogue in the hospital Tyler didn't feel up to Nicky's. He just wanted to go back to the dorms and lay for a bit just thinking. Pogue's condition had the opposite effect on Reid. Reid needed something, anything to concentrate on. Hustling would suffice quite nicely. So with the aid of a heated arguement Tyler eventually let Reid drop him off at the dorms before Reid headed to Nicky's in Tyler's ride. Tyler wouldn't be going anywhere tonight anyway. He made his way to the dorm he shared with Reid in a sort of trance. Pogue had been injured by a force obviously greater than Tyler would ever be. They were all in danger. Caleb even seemed a bit on edge. Maybe that was his response to fear. If Caleb was afraid than they all should be, but Reid refused to acknowledge that. He just didn't do fear.

Tyler slowly opened the door and gently closed it behind him. Then he lifted his eyes from the ground and drew back in surprise. Laying promptly on his bed was Chase Collins. In the beginning, Caleb had almost been friendly toward Chase. Certainly as friendly as he had ever been toward Tyler and by far more friendly than he had ever been toward Reid. Pogue had been hesitant but civilized nonetheless. And Reid hadn't cared either way. But Tyler wasn't sure how he'd felt. He wasn't directly linked to Chase -- not as Caleb and Pogue had been, so he figured he shouldn't care either way. Like Reid. But now everything had changed and he still wasn't sure how he felt. Caleb had gone from his friend to his enemy and Pogue had more than happy to do the same. Reid wanted some sort of justified violence and figured he could find that in Chase. But Tyler? Well, he supposed this was the bad guy. But did he fear him? Like Pogue suddenly did. Did he want to dismember him? Like Reid. He wasn't sure. Tyler wasn't sure if he could find it in himself to hate anybody; but if he could -- then it shouldn't be a stretch to put that newfound hatred off onto Chase.

Chase slowly rose from the bed and drew near, slightly impressed when Tyler didn't shrink away. The two hadn't ever held a conversation before, but Caleb and Pogue treated the boy like some sort of child. Inferior is the word. And Reid, hmmm. Well, Reid probably treated the boy like some sort of mindless friend -- just there to agree with him. But even Chase was sure that this child held some sort of significance to Reid. Definitely a lot more than Pogue did. Maybe in the end Reid would put up a significant fight; a lot more significant than what Pogue had put up.

"What are you doing here?" Tyler asked quietly, forcing himself to hold his ground as Chase closed the space between them.

"I'm sure you're aware of why I'm here," Chase murmured gently, taking a step further, forcing the boy before him to take a step back. "What happened to your friend is just the beginning. He was the weakest and he got the weakest punishment. Time to step it up, don't you think? I'd like to see how you scream," he added with a smirk.

Tyler shook his head, swallowing hard. "Chase -"

"Shhh," Chase commanded, taking another step closer, forcing the brunette against the door. "This will be a lot less painful if you don't provoke me." Chase paused for a moment, eyeing the silent brunette before he lunged forward and did something that both surprised and confused the boy. He kissed him. Chase gripped Tyler's upper arms firmly and pressed their lips together with bruising force. Tyler tried to pull back but Chase tightened his grip and deepened the kiss. Tyler was pressed hard against the door and couldn't escape the man's embrace. Chase pulled back to glimpse Tyler's face, a smirk settling squarely on his lips. Tyler's cheeks had flushed red and his breathing was heavier than before. He looked damn right upset.

"What the hell?" Tyler demanded, trying to wrench his arms out of Chase's grasp and shove Chase away at the same time. He failed to do either of the two.

Chase's smirk steadily grew. He released Tyler's arms, took a step back and suddenly punched him in the ribs. The air rapidly escaped Tyler, drawing a gasp from his lips and then Chase punched him in the jaw, knocking the boy to the ground. Chase kicked out a foot, first catching Tyler in the mouth and then catching him in the ribs. Tyler tasted blood, wincing as he felt something break within his chest. His teeth had bit through his lip and his mouth was rapidly filling with blood. Tyler, however, hadn't even cried out. His mouth opened slightly, in a silent yelp and Chase caught a glimpse of blood coated teeth. "Alright," he distantly heard Chase mutter. "There's other ways to break a man," he muttered as he forced Tyler to his feet. "For Pogue -- it was physical violence," he said as he slammed Tyler hard against the door. "But for you? I think I'll have to take a different route." He gripped Tyler's arm tightly and shoved him further into the room. Tyler stumbled first, gripping his ribs and spitting blood. He turned to look back at Chase somewhat confused. Chase shoved his chest hard and Tyler stumbled back, falling unceremoniously onto Reid's bed. Tyler quickly propped himself up on his elbows and tried to crawl away but Chase was upon him, pinning him quickly. Tyler struggled against Chase, managing to bring up his leg and bury it deep in Chase's gut. Chase grunted, his grip slackened and Tyler slipped an arm free. He punched Chase with all his strength in the face. He drew blood but barely phased Chase.

Chase's eyes bled black and Tyler was immediately restrained by an invisible force. Chase then spit blood out over the side of Reid's bed. The look in his eyes held hostility and he punched Tyler hard across the face. His fist held more force than Tyler's had. Tyler's face screwed up in pain but he didn't permit anything more than a grunt. Chase gripped Tyler's chin hard with a hand, his other hand was on the bed to keep his weight from crushing Tyler, but his body was still pressed firmly against Tyler's. Tyler was suddenly aware of the hard bulge in Chase's jeans pressing against his groin. Chase pressed his lips firmly against Tyler's again, violently exploring Tyler's mouth once more.

Tyler squirmed beneath Chase and then his head jerked and Chase drew back in pain. Tyler had bit his tongue and his mouth was filling quickly with blood. Chase spit the blood out over the side of the bed again but his lips were already dyed red. He drew back his fist and punched Tyler again, and then again and then again until Tyler's vision had started to darken. When Chase stilled, breathing heavy with the effort Tyler forced a smile, his teeth stained red, his eyelids too heavy for him to lift them. "Won't try that again, will you?" Tyler asked. His voice was slow, his tone hoarse, but even Chase could hear the mockery in it.

"I was willing to you bring you a fine mixture of pleasure and pain," Chase spat, dangerously drawing his face unbarably close to Tyler's. "It didn't have to be like this," he added. "But I like it better this way," he breathed, slowly drawing back. Tyler's eyes snapped open as he felt Chase fumbling with the button on his jeans.

"No," Tyler slurred, squirming desperately beneath Chase again. But his strength was fading quickly as his eyes slid close again, and his struggles lacked strength. "Please, don't," he gasped out as Chase roughly pulled down his jeans. Chase ignored Tyler's slurred plea as he unbuckled his own jeans. That night Chase Collins, like every other night, got what he wanted. He heard Tyler Simms scream.