Good news and Bad news for Azula

Chapter one: The Capture.

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He'd been chasing their ship for days. In the beginning he was screaming at them to take him with them, but he'd given that up. No single Fire Nation ship was going to just welcome the Avatar aboard. At least not one with a sane captain.

He wasn't even sure why he kept chasing them. He just didn't have anywhere else to go. He couldn't turn back. Aang just couldn't stand seeing Katara and Zuko together. "Stupid alcohol!" And the idea of the blind girl hitting on him again was too much to bear. Besides, who knew when the evil metal bender could return.

In the Fire Nation he would be safe. They'd put him in a nice safe cell where no one would ever bother him again. If he could just hold on. The ship had been sailing west for days. They had to be getting close to the Fire Nation.

Aang eyes felt heavy. There was a strong breeze. Aang decided to get some rest. Gliding had become second nature. He could do it just as well if he were sleeping. Indeed, as long as he didn't need to bend and the ship didn't change course there, was no reason he had to stay awake. So Aang drifted of to sleep.

Aang's eyes opened when he hit the water. He gulped and tried to get his bearings. It was night. He'd over slept, and not too far away, something big was moving through the water. Aang strained his eyes. The moon light reveled that it was a Fire Nation ship, but it wasn't the one he'd been chasing. This one was larger and it seemed to be search for something. Aang figured, "New ship. Mine as well try again." He began waving his arms in the air and shouting, "Hey! Over here!"

On the ship. "Don't worry princess. We'll find him."

"You'd better."

"Sir! I think I've spotted him, and…" The voice trailed of for a moment. The speaker trying to rectify something that seemed unimaginable. "Sir? He appears to be signaling us."

"Don't be ridicules. Why would the Avatar be trying to signal a Fire Nation ship."

"Maybe he doesn't know we're Fire Nation."

"We're in Fire Nation waters. Our ship's made out of metal, and two minuets ago the Princess blasted his glider with a fire shot! How could he not know that we're Fire Nation?"


"But, Princess…"

"Investigate. The if the sailor is wrong he will pay for his mistake."

The ship turned. It was coming at him. He did it. He got their attention. Aang was so happy.

As the ship neared the Avatar, the crew could hear his shots of joy. "He wasn't kidding. The Avatar really dose want us to capture him."

"Ummm, it could be a trap."

"Do you want us to leave him alone, Princess."

"Don't be an idiot. Bring him aboard, but keep you're eyes open and be ready if he tries anything."

"Yes, Princess."

"And captain, keep in mind that he must be taken alive. If he dies he'll just be reborn into the Water Tribe and we'll have to start searching for him all over again."

"Yes Princess. Of course."

The ship fired out a net and snagged the young Avatar. They haled him up the side of the ship and dropped him on the deck. The princess moved toward her prey. She was prepared. She was ready for any attack he could make. She could only bend fire, but she had studied all the arts so that she could anticipate her enemies. If he so much as thought of bending she'd know. There wasn't anything he could do to surprise her, that was the princess's belief. She was about to find out that she was wrong. She was very wrong.

He did it. The ship picked him up. All his problems were solved. He saw one of the fire benders walking toward him and his joy over powered him he ran to the bender.

She saw him coming. He was charging her. She knew that attack. It was an old air bender's trick. 'Fool you're opponent into thinking that your going to attack them head on, and when you get close jump to one of the sides and let them have it.' Well, she was no one's fool. So right before he reached her, she thrust her left arm left and her right arm right. Two large blue fire blasts flew from her hands. That would show the Avatar who he was dealing with.

The princess was both surprised and confused, as the Avatar didn't jump to either side. But instead, threw his arms around her.

"Thank you! Oh thank you!"

The Avatar smelt terrible. Days of flying around, chasing a ship and not making any rest stops would do that to anyone. The princess tried to wiggle out of his grasp, but he held tight and continued to thank her profusely. "What's wrong with you! We didn't rescue you. We captured you. Don't you realize that were going to put you in cell, and throw away the key?"

"You promise? Oh, you've made me the happiest Avatar ever."

"He's taken a hostage. Now men!"

Before Aang knew what happened he was tackled by a swarm of men. They pulled him away from the princess and wrestled him to the deck.

"Are you okay, Princess?"

"Yes. I'm fine, but I think that the Avatar has lost his mind. Throw him into the holding cell. Have your men give him something to eat and drink, maybe that will restore his senses."

"Yes, Princess." The crew began to drag the Avatar away.

"And, Captain."

"Yes, Princess."

I expect him to be cleaned before I interrogate him. He smells awful."

The princess went to her room. She removed her now smelly clothes and burnt them, not a difficult task for a fire bender. She took a bath, put on a sleeping robe and went to bed. She would interrogate the Avatar tomorrow. It's not like he would be going anywhere. She was tired, and he didn't seem coherent enough to interrogate now, anyway.

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