Walking through the doorway to the house, he paused. 'Did he really want to do this? Can he handle it?' He would like to believe that he could handle this, without the Nile running down his face.

He took a step into the house and found himself in a hallway. There was a kitchen to his right with broken plates on the ground and chairs tipped on their side. Almost like a fight had happened right before dinner had started.

He felt the tears in his eyes as he glanced down at a baby seat that lay on the ground. The buckles were half way undone, like a frantic mother had tried to get the baby out of it as fast as she can.

There were still pots on the stove, dishes in the sink, and food in the icebox. There was a juice carton on the table, tipped to its side, with two broken cups next to it and a baby bottle filled with dry smelly old milk.

He turned away from the sight and looked at the room on his right. It was the living room. The living room looked better then the kitchen did. It was dusty and dirty. Just like the rest of the house was. No doubt because it hadn't been cleaned in fourteen years. There were burnt marks on the walls and floor. A fight took place here.

He left the room and continued down the hallway. There were blast marks on the walls of the hallway. He traced his finger on one of them, trying to bring up the picture of dodging it. He shook his head to clear it and walked once again down the hallway.

He started to pass a set of stairs, but stopped. He stared down the hallway with an expressionless face before glancing back at the stairs. He knew that the rooms down the rest of the hallway would be the same as before. Nothing had happened down there, but upstairs on the other hand…

He back tracked his steps and started up the stairs. The wood beneath his feet creaked and he was afraid for a moment that the stairs won't hold his weight, but he made it safely to the top of the stairs.

Once at the top, he made his way to the room at the end of the hallway. He stopped at the last door on the right. He knew what was in there. He knew that once he opened that door he wasn't walking out of here without tears because this was the room where his family had died. Where Voldemort tore his family apart. Where his life changed forever.

He opened the door to the nursery and walked in carefully. The floor creaked from under him as he entered the room. The room looked like a fire had claimed it. The black walls and burnt furniture had the muggles believe it to be true.

The pain hit his heart like a wave. It was a strong pain that took him to his knees. He knelt down on the ground and cried. How much he wouldn't give to have them back? To see them and talk to them? To tell them about everything that had happened while they were gone? To hug and kiss them good night and good morning? To…to…another wave of tears rolled down his face.

He missed them. Missed them so much. He would have gladly died in their place. Why couldn't he? Why didn't he?

He hit the ground with his fist over and over again. The wood cracked and his fist started bleeding. He didn't care. He stopped caring a long time ago.

A black object on the floor caught his eye. He reached over and picked it up. He wiped the black charcoal off the head of the object and found it to be a stuffed stag. He hugged it close to his chest and wept.

Noises came from down stairs. He knew who it was. It was his best friend, Sirius Black.

"Come on. We got to go, mate. I don't know about you, but I don't want to be late for the meeting." His voice yelled up the stairs.

He stood up with the stag in his hands. He quietly and slowly walked out of the room. He turned to look at the room one last time.

"James! James! Mate, hurry up."

James Potter sighed as he closed the nursery door and walked sadly down the hallway to the stairs.

James reached the stairs and he could see Sirius waiting at the bottom of them. He stopped at the top and addressed him. "Sirius, mate, couldn't you at least show some pity for me. This is the first time here since it happened."

Sirius's face went serious. "I know, James, but it's been fourteen years. You need to move on." He paused before saying, "Why are we here after so long, anyways?"

James ran his fingers through his hair and headed down the stairs saying in a distant voice, "Just something Pettigrew said to me the last time we fought."

He reached the bottom and stood in front of him. Sirius was looking at him with sadness, betrayal, and anger. "I hope that rat…" Sirius couldn't finish the sentenced because at that moment there was a loud crashing sound coming from upstairs, followed by a painful loud monstrous yell.

James and Sirius took one startled glance at each other before rushing up the stairs. James still held the stag as he made his way up the steps. Once at the top they moved quietly and slowly to where the sound came from: the nursery. They readied their wands. Sirius walked to one side of the door and James stayed at the other side.

"On the count of three." James whispered. Sirius nodded his head in agreement. "One…two…"


Both James and Sirius jumped at the sound of Remus's voice coming from downstairs. James looked at the direction of the stairs then look back at Sirius. "I'll go. You stay here. Don't go in without backup." He whispered before walking back to the steps.

Once James was out of sight, Sirius leaned against the wall with his wand ready, just in case. He stared at the door. Whatever made the noise, must be gone by now. They had wasted too much time.

Suddenly Sirius heard a noise coming from inside the room. It sounded like a groan and a hiss of pain. Somebody was still in there! And they sound like they're in pain.

Forgetting what James said, Sirius slowly raised a hand to the doorknob and turned it.

Back downstairs James was explaining what happened to Remus.

"I left Sirius up stairs. He's waiting for me to come back." James finished.

Remus by now had his wand out. "You do know that if he hears something in the room, he's going to investigate it with or without you."

"I know. I would do the same…"

"JAMES! REMUS! GET UP HERE, QUICKLY!" Sirius's voice interrupted James.

Remus and James rushed up the stairs, with Remus in the lead. Remus rushed into the nursery when he saw that the door was already opened.

James heard Remus gasped as he entered the room. James looked at the middle of the room where Sirius was kneeling next to a boy. Remus was kneeling on the other side of him, using some healing spells on the boy. All James could see from his angle was a mass of messy black hair.

"Who is he? Is he all right? How did he get here?" He asked as he stepped closer.

Sirius turned to glance at James. "I don't know."

James by now was standing behind Sirius and had a clear view of the boy. He gasped in surprise. He must have been around fourteen to sixteen years old. The boy looked a lot like him, but there was a scar on his forehead in the shape of a lighting blot. There was no doubt that this boy was a Potter, but James knew he had no other living relatives. "He must be a death eater." James said sounding distant once again.

"We have to get him to a hospital wing. Death Eater or no, he's injured badly and needs help." Remus said as he stood up. "Sirius do you think you can lift him. I'm not feeling all that well since last night."

Sirius nodded his head and lifted the boy into his arms. "Merlin, doesn't this boy eat. He must weigh next to nothing."

"Let's get him Headquarters and have Albus look at him." Remus said as he walked out of the nursery with his wand ready to use if necessary.

James kept his eye on the boy as they walked out of the house to apparate to headquarters.

Once safely inside Sirius's house, James began to relax a little. If this kid was a death eater then he was not going harm anyone with a house full of Order members. He might try, but it would be a useless attempt.

Remus gone ahead of Sirius and James to inform the Order members about what happened and why they were late.

"Let's get him to one of the bedrooms." James said as he started walking up the stairs. He took a glance at Harry's stag that was still was in his hand. 'I guess I could keep it as a reminder.'

Sirius made a move to follow him, but a groan from the boy in his arms stopped him. James heard it to. He stopped on the fifth step and turned with his wand out, ready to stun him if he did anything. Sirius didn't acknowledge him, though. He kept his eyes on the boy in his arms.

His eyes flattered opened and Sirius and James gasped at the familiar emerald green eyes. The boy's glazed at Sirius with a dead look. "Sirius, what happened?" He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He still looked weak and looked like he would pass out again soon. He opened his eyes again. "I thought…I saw…you fell. You fell. You fell." His voice went softer and softer at each word as he passed out again.

James and Sirius stared at the kid in shock amazement. How on earth did he know Sirius's name? They glanced up at each other.

"That was something." Sirius said for the lack of something to say.

"Yeah, something." James responded in a distant voice.

The door to the kitchen opened and Remus came out with Albus and Poppy following.

Seeing the boy in Sirius's arms, Poppy immediately took action. "What are you two doing standing here? Get that boy onto a bed."

James and Sirius jumped into action, not wanting to be on Poppy's bad side. They've seen it to many times during school.

His head hurt. His throat hurt. His eyes hurt. Almost everything in his body hurt. Pain, pain, pain and more pain.

Harry James Potter opened one eye after the other. He immediately realized where he was. He was at Number Twelve Grimauld Place, the Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix. In Remus's room to be precise. Why he was in Remus's room and not his own…or in the infirmary?

Harry sighed. He felt too weak to get up, but Sirius once said he was as stubborn as his father for a reason. Harry sat up in the bed. He soon regretted it as he felt his head hum in pain.

The door opened and Madam Poppy Pomfrey walked in. Harry eyes widened. He didn't know she was in the Order. He could have sworn she didn't have any part in the Order.

"Madam Pomfrey, I didn't know you were in the Order." He said through hissed teeth. Merlin, his head hurts!

Madam Pomfrey stopped half way to the bed. She looked surprised and a little suspicious of Harry. She ignored his words. "Lie back down, young man. I will not have someone under my care get anymore sick because they started using unnecessary and damageable movements. Now, I need to look you over." She said cautiously.

Harry rolled his eyes. "Come on, Madam Pomfrey. You should know me well enough to know that I always use, and I quote 'unnecessary and damageable movements.'"

Pomfrey seemed even more cautious and suspicious of him. She took her wand out, but Harry thought she was just taking it out to do some healing spells on him or something. Not knowing she took it out for her own protection. "I don't know what you are talking about, young man."

Harry looked confused. Who wouldn't be? How could she not know what he was talking about? He always disregarded the rules when it came to the hospital wing. Madam Pomfrey knew that.

Suddenly, Sirius came into the room wearing a grin. He didn't seem to notice Harry was up. "Hey, Pop. I came here to protect you." He said with a little bounce.

"Sirius, what had happened? I thought you fell. I saw you fell." At the sound of Harry's voice Sirius turned to him.

"What?" He asked suspiciously.

"What happened back there, Padfoot? I know I saw you fell." Harry repeated.

At the sound of Sirius's nickname, his eyes turned cold and his face-harden. Pomfrey turned to him. "Do you know this young man, Black?"

Sirius started shaking his head. Harry felt despair, sadness, shock, and horror hit him like a brick wall. "I don't know him. No."

"What?" Harry shouted before Pomfrey could say anything in reply. "How could you NOT know me, Sirius? I KNOW you know me. You're my godfather."

If it were possible Sirius's face hardened even more and his eyes became a cold dark pit. "I. Don't. Have. A. Godson."

Harry couldn't believe what he was hearing. Happened had to Sirius and Pomfrey? What's going on? "Yes you do, Sirius. What's wrong with you? I'm your godson, Harry James Potter, son of James and…"

"NO, YOU'RE NOT! Harry died on Hollows Eve in 1981." Sirius said furiously.

"Mr. Black, stop yelling at my charge right now." Pomfrey scowled. "Obviously, this boy seems to know more than we thought he would, but right now I don't care." She continued to scowl at Sirius, but Harry barley noticed. How could Sirius act like this? Why would he act like this? And what did he mean that he had died on Hollows Eve? Everyone knows that Harry lived. That is how he got the name, The-Boy-Who-Lived.

Harry stared at Sirius in emotional pain. Sirius stared back at him, ignoring Pomfrey, with an angry look on his face, which quickly been replaced with an emotionless face.

Suddenly Harry seemed to realize that his head is still hurting. He sank back into the bed. "Madam Pomfrey, I'm ready for my check up." Harry said in the same distant voice that James had used. Something that caught Sirius's attention.

Pomfrey walked over to the bed and began a check up without another word. Sirius stood uncomfortable off to the side.

"I'm going to get Remus to help you out, Poppy. I'm going to inform Albus that he…"Sirius nodded his head in Harry's direction. "…is awake." He just wanted to get out of this room. Anything to get him away from a 'Harry Potter' want-a-be.

Pomfrey acknowledged him with an 'hmm' and a nod. Sirius stepped out into the hallway, but kept the inside of the room in his view. He didn't want this 'death eater' attacking when he's not looking.

"Remus!"…Paused… "REMUS!"…Paused… "Merlin, where is he? REMUS, GET OVER HERE NOW!"

"Mr. Black, stop your yelling right now!" Pomfrey scowled.

"Yeah, Sirius. Stop your yelling!" James yelled from the down steps.

"You too, mister." Pomfrey said loudly.

James ignored her. "Remus isn't here, anyways. As you should remember, Remus went to work at that muggle bookstore. But if there is anything I can help you with…" James let the sentence run off.

Sirius glanced at the quiet, strangely quiet, death eater in the room. He can't believe he forgot that Remus was working at that muggle bookstore today. Sirius then looked at James who stood at the bottom of the stairs. As much as he didn't want to be near this death eater that was telling him he was 'Harry Potter' his godson, he couldn't put James up here. If James ever found out that this death eater was pretending to be Harry, he would kill him without a second thought. James was in real pain when his son and wife died. He didn't say anything to anyone in two whole months nor did he eat much. He never smiled or laughed. He stopped joking around. He even went as far as locking himself in the small apartment he was renting at the time. Watching him had just made Sirius's pain even worst.

Sirius sighed before answering James. "Can you go inform Albus that the boy is awake?"

James mocked a salute to him. "Aye aye cap' in." Sirius face went into a mock seriousness of a pirate captain. "What are you still doing here? Get out of my sight, you dog."

James smirked and left to call the Headmaster. Sirius wondered over James transformation in the past fourteen years. It had taken at least nine years for both, him and Remus, to get James into somewhat of a joking mood. He won't play pranks anymore, but James would still joke around, though not often. You could still tell that James was paining over his loss still, but he tried to hide it. Anyone who didn't know James would think he had gotten over it, but those who knew him would see his pain instantly. And having this 'Harry Potter' wannabe would just bring him back into a depression. That was most likely what Voldemort wanted to happen.

Sirius shook his head to clear his wondering thoughts. He glanced back into the room. Pomfrey seemed to be about done. She was talking to the boy. Boy...that was the right word for him. Just a boy. A boy that was forced into this one way or another. Heck, when he was his age, he was playing pranks on Snape and sweet-talking his way out of detention.

Pomfrey made her way to him. "I don't think you know this or not…"She said quietly so the boy didn't overhear."…but the boy doesn't have the Dark Mark anywhere on his body."

Before Sirius could say anything else Albus walked up the stairs with James trailing behind him. "I heard that the boy woke up. I came to see him. That is if his healer allows me." His twinkling eyes stared at Madam Pomfrey waiting for her permission.

She nodded her head and started telling Albus what she had learned. "He's doesn't have the Dark Mark, but the scar on his forehead is that of a curse scar, a very dark curse scar. I can't tell what curse was used though. It's nothing like I ever seen or heard of. He suffered abuse, as far as I can tell, for at least most of his life. Though, he is well enough for you to talk to him."

"Thank you, Poppy. Now, my boys if you accuse me." With that Albus swept into the room.

"Professor! Merlin, am I glad to see you? Things have been…" The entire group heard before the door closed behind Albus.

Pomfrey walked down the stairs saying, "I'll be in the library if you need anything", as she went.

Sirius sighed and fell back against the wall across the bedroom door. He then slid down to the ground with his knees folded into his chest. "This has been one long day and its only eight in the morning." He said as he glanced up at James.

James sat down next to him, eyeing him in concern. "What did that boy say to you that made you so…" James paused, thinking of the best word to use. "…weary?"

Sirius looked at the closed door. "He knows my name."

James gave him the 'I knew that' expression. "We now that, Sirius. He said your name when we brought him here. We both heard…" James ran off his sentence when he saw Sirius shaking his head.

"Not that name." Sirius said looking years older. "The name that hasn't been said on anyone's lips for more than fifteen years." James eyes widen in surprise. "My old nickname."

"Padfoot." James whispered to himself. Sirius nodded his head. "Padfoot." He murmured in agreement.

"Pettigrew could have told anyone our nicknames, Sirius. They're just using that as a weak spot. Don't fall for it." James said.

"That's not the only thing they're using to make us weak." Sirius murmured thinking of who the Death Eater was posing as.

"What?" James asked looking confused.

Sirius glanced at James before looking back at the closed door. "Nevermind. It's nothing." Nothing all right. Nothing but a big lie to weaken them. Nothing but a painful past that kept hunting them. Nothing, nothing, nothing. It defiantly wasn't nothing.