"Hodges, do you have my results yet?" Grissom leaned in the doorway of the Trace Lab.

The tech in question retrieved a piece of paper from the printer with a flourish and made his way to the CSI Supervisor to hand it over with what everyone referred to as 'smug-bastard smirk #2' plastered on his face. Grissom took a step back into the hallway to better examine the paper. Hodges followed, pointing to different spots on the paper as he went into the usual overly specific narration.

Grissom tried to interject and stop the eager tech but to no avail. Luckily he was saved when Wendy marched up, grabbed Hodges by the collar and planted a firm, mind-numbing kiss on his startled lips.

When she pulled back it was as if she'd just realized Grissom was standing there. "Oh, hi. Was I interrupting something?"

"No, no. You're quite all right. The interruption was welcome. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart."

She smiled slightly and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. "Oh, well then, any time."

As she waltzed off Hodges opened his mouth to say something and ended up only looking like a fish out of water. Grissom took in his perplexed appearance and pointed up. Hodges line of sight followed his boss's finger.

"Apparently Catherine didn't get all the Christmas decorations."

Above his head was a single small sprig of mistletoe. And as Hodges mind began to coalesce he could think of only one intelligent thing to say.