Nick spent yet another shift sitting the emergency room. At least this time he wasn't alone. Brass sat on the next bed hold an icepack to the back of his head. Nick hadn't fared as well as the Detective though. His favorite shirt was ruined as he had bled all over it, the bullet wound on his left arm having something to do with that. Luckily by the time he made it to the hospital the bleeding had slowed to a slow trickle so he'd been relegated to a bed and given some painkillers and a towel until a nurse could see to him.

"You gonna be okay Stokes?" Brass' gravelly voice intruded on his thoughts and Nick pulled the towel away to look at his wound.

"Looks like a through-and-through. They're waiting for the x-rays to come back to see if it hit anything important."

"Must not have. You don't seem in too much pain."

"Vicoden is a wonderful thing. So what happened to you?"

"One of the little punks' girlfriend snuck up behind me and cracked my skull with a steel pipe." He pulled the icepack away to show a large, colorful goose egg.

"If you guys are done comparing war wounds…" Both looked to see the doctor with Nick's x-ray in hand. He held it up to the light and studied for a few seconds. "Looks like you're lucky this time Mr. Stokes, the bullet missed the bone. The nurse'll be around in a minute to bandage you both up and then you're free to go. Oh, and Mr. Stokes keep that arm in a sling for a week."

"Thank God." Brass intoned as the doctor walked away. "I hate the hospital. The sooner I get out of here the better."

"Lucky for you guys then that I'm here." They looked over at the nurse that just walked up. She barely topped off at five foot and with her hair tied back in pigtails, looked barely old enough to work there.

"You're our nurse?"

She glared over her glasses. "If you make any munchkin jokes I'm walking away now and you'll never get out of here."

Neither said a word so she knelt on the bed behind Brass and quickly bandaged his head and sent him on his way. She turned to Nick snapping on a new pair of gloves. "You're not gonna like what happens next."

He idly watched as she peeled the towel away and inspected the wound. He started to relax until she poked the bullet hole hard enough with her pinkie finger it sank in to the first knuckle. He tried to wrench away spitting epithets left and right but her small hand held his arm firmly in place as she began to pack it with gauze and then wrapped another swath around his upper arm and taped it off and fitted him in a sling.

She slapped a piece of paper in his hand. "The doctor left you a script. You're free to go."

As he made his way towards the exit he found Brass leaning against the wall next to the door. He fell into step next to Nick and both headed out to the squad waiting to pick them up.

As soon as the automatic doors closed behind them Brass looked over at Nick. "You know you scream like a little girl?"