AN: Okay, here it is, the long awaited pure smut story from Goldpiece. This isn't much of a story however, more a collection of twenty six oneshots. Each chapter will contain a different sexual scenario, each one starting with a different letter of the alphabet. I know what you're all thinking….Goldpiece, there can't possibly be something for every letter. Well my loyal readers, guess what? There is. It'll be a challenge, but I'm up to the task.

All he knew was that they were up high. That was really the only thought he had about riding the elevator to the top of the Washington monument with Bones at his side. Well, they were up high and the ride took an extraordinarily long time. He looked over at his partner for a moment as she stared straight ahead at the elevator doors. He'd told her he had a surprise for her, and had managed to get her to leave the lab with him, much to his surprise. Granted, it was getting easier to convince her to leave early, and this was one opportunity he didn't want her to miss out on.

"You know, no building in Washington DC is allowed to be taller than this monument," he said, feeling the need to fill the silence of the elevator with…something. She looked at him a long moment before turning back to face the closed doors before them.

"It was designed to show the strength of the new American Nation, and being that strength is shown in size, the designers chose an obelisk for the design, an obvious phallic symbol."

"Bones," Booth warned as he shifted uncomfortably next to her. She glanced at him once more.

"You can't honestly tell me that it makes you uncomfortable to talk about phallic symbols. You yourself sexualize things, like wearing that 'cocky' belt buckle." Her eyes trailed down to said belt buckle before returning her gaze to his face.

"Yes thank you for that Dr. Ruth," he muttered. He shifted uncomfortably again. Why did she always have to bring up sex when they were out together?

"Besides, this culture is full of obvious phallic symbols, often in ways that are subtle. For example, the swordfight in the movie 'Star Wars' uses phallic representations to show who is the more powerful." The doors to the elevator opened and the pair stepped out into the quiet of the observation deck. The sun was beginning to set on the horizon, the last rays of the sun shooting into the room, casting golden shadows on the grey walls.

"Are you talking about light sabers?"

"I believe that's what they were called. The villain, Darth Vader holds his light saber at his hip in roughly the same position one would find an erect penis. His saber is also shown as longer than that of his opposition, showing who is more powerful in the pair in a very subtle way." Temperance looked around for a moment, walking to one of the observation windows, opening up the dim space to a panorama of the city.

"Great, thanks a lot Bones, now I'll never be able to watch 'Star Wars' again without thinking about Darth Vader's equipment."

"All I'm saying is that in all cultures around the world that are male dominant, objects that are associated with power are shaped like a phallus. Likewise on female fertility goddesses you find that the indicators of being a good breeder are emphasized such as the breasts or wide hips." Booth's eyes inadvertently wandered over her frame, lingering on the very objects she was talking about. He snapped his gaze back up to her face when she turned to look at him.

"Are you sure it's okay for us to be up here?"

"Of course it is. I just had to call in a favor." Brennan smiled at him as she glanced back out of the window. He liked watching her when she wasn't consumed with work. She just seemed so much more relaxed at times like this as the sunlight glinted off the red in her hair almost seeming to set it to flame. He stepped up behind her to look out the window.

"It's beautiful up here," she murmured quietly, taking in the sight before her. She'd always found heights to be stimulating, and this was proving no exception. She leaned over further to look out the window, and it felt as though she was going to fall through the narrow slit and fall down. A tingling sensation washed over her and she shifted slightly at the feeling. What would it feel like to soar out of the window fly high above the city, looking down on the people below as they went about their day? She brushed her arm slightly across her breast to relieve the oversensitive skin. God, it was exhilarating.

"It is," Booth responded in kind. When he placed his hand on her back to steady himself as he looked out from behind her, she gasped, hyper aware of his proximity to her. She didn't jump in surprise, but the gasp sounded…was she aroused? He slid his hand around her waist and just under the hem of her shirt, letting his fingers dance over her skin. It was a risk, seeing how far he could take this, but he was willing to give it a shot.

"Booth," she breathed out and he thought she was going to protest. Instead he found her hands slipping back and brushing along the sides of his ass, pulling him closer to her body. She's into this, he thought and could feel himself hardening at the thought. He pressed his hips into hers, his growing erection nestled against the round globes of her ass. His hand slid further up until he was cupping her breast, his thumb brushing against her nipple ever so lightly. The sound that escaped from her lips sounded oddly like that of a kitten, mewling to get attention. He could feel the tightened bud harden under his touch and shifted his hand to roll it between his fingers.

As she pressed her hips back into him again, he let his other hand drift under the hem of her skirt, trailing along her thigh until he reached the edge of her satin panties. He cupped her mound and swore under his breath, feeling the moisture seeping through the material.

"Christ Bones," he groaned out before pressing his lips to her neck and sucking on the cord there. With one hand, she steadied herself against the window; the other wove its way back into Booth's hair, pulling him in closer to her. Slipping his fingers past the edge of her panties, he sank them between her wet folds, running them up and down as he brushed past her clitoris and probed into her core. She moaned and thrust against his hand, wanting to feel more.

When he ground his hips against her again, she let out a small moan and let go of his hair. He trailed his lips down onto her shoulder, his teeth grazing her skin as he continued to stimulate her rosy tip. Brennan let go of the window rim and reached back, fumbling with his belt buckle. When she was unable to get it undone with her shaking fingers, Booth let out a chuckle and moved away from her to unfasten it himself. She let out a groan of protest and spun to face him.

"I wanted to do that." She brushed his hands aside, unclipped the belt, and popped the button on his jeans before reaching in and circling his erection with her slim fingers. He breathed out a curse and closed his eyes.

"Then by all means…" His voice sounded tight as he clenched his teeth. She was moving her hand up and down his shaft, squeezing lightly as she reached the head. Brennan was impressed with his size. She'd always figured he'd be thick, but it was the length…kind of like the monument they were in, straight and tall. She snickered internally at her own joke before returning her attention to the much more pleasurable job at hand.

Booth leaned in, capturing her lips in a passionate kiss. His hands still being free, cupped her cheeks to guide her as he traced her lips with his tongue, dipping inside to taste her when she opened up for him. Another moan escaped her as their tongues rubbed sensually against one another.

"You are so damn sexy," Booth growled, breaking away from the kiss and backing her into the window sill. As she leaned back against the cool glass, the last vestiges of sunlight illuminated behind her, she had the sensation that at any second, the glass could give out and she could fall over five hundred feet to the bottom. Her heartbeat increased at the thought and her breathing became shallower.

"Booth, I need you," she said, reaching for him and pulling him into another hungry kiss. He tasted so good, and he was so good at manipulating her lips. He slipped one hand up to cup her breast while the other slipped past her panties. He pressed two fingers into her core and pumped them in and out slowly as she ground her hips against his hand. The sounds emitting from her were animalistic, and her hands moved erratically against him.

"Shit Bones, you need to stop." Temperance let go of him and looked up at him, her eyes becoming glazed. He removed his fingers once again and after undoing the zipper, dropped his pants. Booth tugged at her panties, pulling them off of her as she gasped, the cold stone of the window sill chill against her fevered skin.

He pressed her legs open wider and stepped between them, nestling himself just at her entrance. Booth took a moment to sweep her hair from her face and dropped a kiss to her lips as he slid into her moist folds.

"Fuck," she muttered, arching in toward him and squeezing her walls around him. He filled her up like no one else had, stretching her. As he pulled back, almost completely withdrawing, Brennan let out a ragged breath. What was he doing to her? What were they doing for that matter? They were partners, friends… Temperance found she didn't care. The height they were at, and knowing that no one could see what was going on behind the glass had turned her on. She needed the release, but Booth's actions surprised her. Not that she was complaining mind you, especially when he was pumping into her like he was. She shifted her hips and cursed again as his tip brushed against a particularly sensitive spot.

Brennan wrapped her arms around him, trying to pull him in closer to her as he thrust at a steady pace. She leaned in and captured his earlobe between her teeth, tugging lightly on it as he nipped at her shoulder. Her grip on his body tightened as she felt herself building toward an orgasm. Sensing that she was getting close, Booth let go of her hips with one hand and rubbed her clit furiously. Brennan sucked in a breath and arched toward him, her nipples rubbing against the lace fabric of her bra. She let go of him and leaned back on the window, her hands circling and squeezing her breasts to relieve some of the feeling.

"Jesus H., you are so fucking hot Bones," Booth ground out, his pace increasing as he watched her manipulating her breasts. He could feel her tensing under him, her back beginning to arch again as the spasms began to hit her. She let out a cry and clutched at Booth as the waves of pleasure made her dizzy. It was as though she had vertigo and was spinning, falling into his arms in a boneless heap.

Booth thrust harder, faster as he watched her fall, coming shortly after her and leaning in, trembling as he came down from his own high. Panting, they looked at each other and smiled.


"Yeah Bones?" He pulled out of her and stepped away to straighten out his clothing. Brennan remained where she was, closing her eyes as she let out a blissful smile.

"I think we should go on a vacation together somewhere."

"Yeah? Where?" Brennan opened her eyes and slid from the window sill. She looked around in the darkened room for her panties, picking them up triumphantly once she spotted them.

"Maybe Africa." Booth looked at her incredulously as she slipped the underwear back on.

"Why in the hell would we go to Africa?"

"To see Victoria Falls, the tallest waterfall in the world. Just think of it Booth, we could go to the top, see out for miles, winds threatening to blow us over the edge…" The blissful smile returned. Booth shook his head in disbelief.

"Bones, if it's height you want, then why don't we just stay a little closer to home and visit the Grand Canyon."

"Oh, I always wanted to go there," she said and sauntered past him toward the elevator. Watching her walk away from him, Booth had to chuckle. Something told him he'd be calling in more favors from his friend the security guard. As the doors slid open and Brennan stepped inside, she turned around to look at Booth.

"Well? Are you coming?"

"I already did Bones, already did."