The ULTIMATE nightmare

By: Shannon

NOTE: I don't own the rights to the Garfield comic strip.

It was night time and Garfield was sound asleep, with Pooky, his stuffed teddy bear, close to him. Odie was sleeping in his doggie bed on the floor near the Jon was snoring happily in his bed nearby.


Garfield woke up (this is a dream sequence, okay?) and heard a rather loud, rhythmic pounding at the front door. He pulled his blanket over his soft, orange, furry head, clutching Pooky. The knocking on the door grew louder, louder, and LOUDER but it did not seem to wake up Jon and Odie.

Garfield shook in his fur, and with Pooky under his arm, he crept toward the front door. With every step he took, Garfield seemed to be getting further away from the door and the noise grew louder and louder and LOUDER!

Garfield finally reached the front door and unlocked it. He carefully and slowly turned the knob of the door and opened it. Then, he found the most hideous, frightening, and scariest thing of all!

[scroll please]

"Hi Garfield! It's me, Nermal, the WORLD'S CUTEST KITTY CAT! Watch me play with a ball of yarn!"

Garfield woke up, sweating profusely, shaking horribly. Jon heard Garfield cry out and ran to see if he was okay.

"Garfield," said Jon. "Are you okay?" [yeah, I know the dialogue is corny in this story]

"Nigh...nigh....nightmare," Garfield mumbled to himself.

"Well you probably had a bad dream, Garfield," Jon said. "Why don't you get yourself a drink of water and go back to sleep?"

Garfield then relaxed. "It was only a dream," he thought to himself.

"Get plenty of rest, Garfield," Jon continued. "Nermal is coming over tomorrow."

Garfield then fainted.