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When she was five, she saw two boys trailing after a long-necked woman. When one of them was to slow, the woman gripped his arm and pulled him along roughly. When the boy looked up for a moment, she saw his sparkling green eyes and a strange scar and for some reason, she felt connected to him. She never tells Harry about that meeting, and she doesn't think he saw her.

Facing a troll in the girl's bathroom was the scariest moment of her life. Because no matter how much more dangerous the other things were, she wasn't alone then. That's why secretly, she's quite fond of the Golden Trio nickname. It gives her a feeling if belonging.

She never really had a crush on Gilderoy Lockhart. She just wanted to be like the other girls. It didn't work, but she doesn't mind anymore.

She accepted that she had feelings for Ron when he was kidnapped by Sirius Black. She knew she loved him when he gave her a bottle of awful perfume for Christmas and she actually used it.

When Bellatrix casts the Imperius Curse on her during the Final Battle, she thinks that Moody was the best teacher they ever had, even if he was an imposter. Then, she fires another stunner at Bellatrix.

As she watches Andromeda Tonks grieve over the loss of her daughter, she vows to herself that she will do everything she can to prevent another war. Ten years later, she develops a spell that made it possible to trace the use of unforgivables. It was a first step.

She and Ron are James' godparents, but Albus is her favourite of Harry's children, though she'd never say that. He reminds her of Harry so much.

She's still embarrassed when Harry teases her about kissing Ron in the middle of the Final Battle.

When Rose asks her about the barely visible scar on her neck, she doesn't know what to say. A week later, she finds Rose reading "The Battle of Hogwarts and its heroes" by Rita Skeeter. That's when she tells her everything that happened. In the end, they're both crying, but after that, the nightmares are better.

When Ron dances with the mother of the bride at Hugo's wedding, she can't help but glare at Lavender Zabini née Brown. But when she sees Lavender smile at Blaise over Ron's shoulder, she doesn't mind so much anymore. And when she meets Ron's eyes, he whispers "I love you."