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"Yeah, look, I'm here already, but just stay back for just one more day okay...look, that damn school is going to be there when you get here...look, Soichiro, I'm not arguing with you on this, I just need to see pops by myself right now and I don't need you cutting into my damn business now. Oh and if you think Bob's going to give you a ride, he ain't cuz he gave me his word that he wouldn't come yet...Jeez! Well fuck ya too, bye."

That was when 16 year old Shinji hung up his cell phone with a sigh. Ever since his father had abandoned him, as he quoted 'had no further use of him', he had been entrusted into the care of his guardian, one Nagi Makiko. It seemed his mother used the surname, Ikari, from her other side of the family where as Makiko used the other. So, in reality, she was his aunt, not the bastard of a father of his cared.

During his stay with Makiko, he usually hung out with with cousin, Soichiro. At first, it was a real pain for him because the spiked blond haired boy would always seemed to get into a fight, with him being dragged into it. At first, he had to rely on his cousin, but after sometime, he started to grow a backbone and started throw in his own punches and kicks. His cousin had patted him on the back with big smile on his face, glad that the once shy and insecure cousin of his was finally standing on his own two feet for once.

It only served to make him want to grow stronger from then on. At first, when he tried to train himself, it wasn't really getting him anywhere and his cousin would always tease and laugh at him for doing anything to train for fighting. Soichiro would always say that a fight was fight and there really wasn't a need to learn any skills like off a manga hero to beat your opponents, because all you had to do was beat their asses down.

When Soichiro had said that line about manga hero's, Shinji caught an idea. A stupid one, but an idea nonetheless. One that he had hid from Soichiro himself. He had bought as much manga's on martial art heroes and warriors with the allowance he got from his aunt and started to imitate their training. Though he did it in secret so he wouldn't have to put up with his cousin's teasing and laughing.

The first one he checked out was the Ranma ½ manga. Some of the techniques and styles in there were interesting and could be well within reasonable realities of doing them. Plus, he liked the sound of the style called 'Musabetsu Kakutō Ryū', School of Indiscriminate Grappling, or as the Americans had called it, the school of Anything Goes Martial Arts. In a way, it kind of reminded him of how Soichiro fought. Using taunts and other things to get your opponent angered enough to make critical mistakes for the user of the art to take them out. But it was an art of adaptability and unpredictability that could serve for him when the time comes for other coming fights.

Since Musabetsu Kakutō Ryū wasn't based off any sort of style of fighting, it was a mixture of many martial art styles rolled into one without the weaknesses each style had, he set out to watch carefully all the kung fu movies, tournament showings on the T.V., and actual martial artist in the area they were in. Being one to take care of himself, along with his cousin, Shinji had nothing else to do but train, take care of the apartment, and memorize the fighting styles he had seen so far. He even went as far as ordering recordings on each style online on ebay. Though he had to kind of lie to the senders and the site itself about his age, he was still able to get them. It wasn't a fast progress, but after half a year of doing it, he could feel the difference in his punches and kicks when he fought against the bullies that would come and get Soichiro and him. Though he always wondered why they did such mean things to him and his cousin when they hadn't done anything in the first place.

After about a year of his secret training, which was when he was about 8 years old, he started to try and use the training methods he had seen off the Ranma ½ manga. The Kachū Tenshin Amaguriken training had really raised some eyebrows from both Makiko and Soichiro when he would come to the apartment with bandaged hands. They had questioned many time what happened to him, but he would always reply that he got in a scrap and cut or broke his hands a bit while doing so. While Soichiro seemed to buy it, he could feel the narrowing of Makiko's eye when he would say his excuse. It made him wonder if she knew what he was doing and why she would allow him to do such crazy thing. Not that he was any better, fire hurt dammit!

But after some trial and error, he had actually, ACTUALLY, been able to pull off the move. He had wondered right then and there if the stuff about Ki was for real, since the explanation about it was that you had to use the life force known as Ki to be able to use such a move.

The Bakusai Tenketsu, although hard to get set up, had proven useful. By normal standards, he should have been sent to the hospital several times for the idiotic thing he would do with a heavy boulder, many of which who would wonder how he even got it, let alone lift it to get the training set up for the technique. But it seemed that he already had a strong body for his age. It kind of scared him when he thought about it, but he would shrug it off, thinking it was just his training coming through. So, much like the Kachū Tenshin Amaguriken, it had only taken some trial and error before he got the training completed and got the benefits of Bakusai Tenketsu training. Hard body and the power to shatter earth.

The next thing was the Umisenken and the Yamasenken of the Musabetsu Kakutō Ryū. He didn't have the actual scrolls of styles, but from what he was able to do now, since become an actual real life practitioner of the Musabetsu Kakutō Ryū, he was able to break down what he saw from the manga and copy it. It had taken well into his late 10 years old part of his life to be able to remotely use them to a degree where he just needed to train to improve them. Though, some of the techniques required actual live targets, he had settled for scrap dummies he made.

The dummies he made had spots on them where a lethal, non-lethal pressure points and other areas meant to optimize harm were located at. This is where his hobby of reading had also paid off. While training and making sure the apartment was clean, from the inside since it was always dirty on the outside because of the amount of graffiti that was always on their door, he had used his remaining time to read on what his aunt had. One of them being a martial arts anatomy book. He wondered why she had it, but passed it off for just curious knowledge. When he had read it, it had detailed out what points hurt most when hit or grappled in a certain manner. This was what had helped him greatly in mastering the Umisenken and Yamsenken techniques.

Finally, the blast techniques, Mouko Takabisha and Shi Shi Hokodan. From the description of them, they had used the emotional Ki of confidence and depression respectively. Looking through the times they had used them, he could see a pattern in which the creator of the manga had pointed out secretly. Using emotional Ki was dangerous. Using ones emotion to power a blast made it easy to do so, but to repetitively use it made the characters focus on the one emotion, Ranma was too arrogant because of his confidence and led him into many dangerous situations, where as Ryoga's depression had kept him into an all time low, it made Shinji himself wonder if that would be how he would be like if hadn't met his aunt and cousin, shy, insecure and very much doubtful of ones self.

So, to rectify such a thing, Shinji tried to his best to find purest form of Ki within him. That at least had taken a week to find it and took another week to be able to project it into a battle aura. After being able to do so, all it took was some redirecting and concentration and BOOM, a tree nearby was instant chopsticks when he was able make a blast ball of pure Ki. He hadn't named it, probably never would, but at least he had something for someone who fought at a distance at least.

But the two techniques he wasn't able to do were out of his reach. One he really wanted to do, but the other was one he wouldn't even want to put his bastard father through, if he were his age.

The one he really wanted to do was the Hiryū Shōten Ha, but without an opponent to use it against, he wouldn't be able to do it. Sure he could try it on the bullies that always bother him and his cousin, but that move may kill them, since their bodies wouldn't most likely be able to handle the ripping winds and height of fall. Plus, they had to be able to use Ki in order to do so.

The other one, he wouldn't touch it with a pole the size of the Empire States Building in New York. The training was the Neko-ken, the Cat Fist. No way in hell would he dig a pit full of starved cats, wrap himself up in fish products, and jump in to become lunch for those damn critters. Plus, it would leave a weakness he knew his pops would exploit when he would rebel against him.

Any other technique he saw in there along with the other mangas he bought, he trained in trying to use. But nothing else worked. He figured maybe his current child body couldn't handle the output of such Ki yet, so he opted to learn them a later time. The only thing that seemed to constantly work for him was the weighted clothing. Even though some of them were way too big for him to wear as a kid, he had filled out in them when he turned 14 years old. The weighted clothing he had now was just what he was wearing, no strap vest, no armbands, no ankle weights, just his weights he had put in his clothing, much like that manga he read on Dragon Ball Z.

After learning all of this, Shinji had truly increased in so much strength and skill power, that Soichiro couldn't even keep up with him when they got into the newly school-take-over fights. Bob Makihara had joined up with sometime during his training, he didn't remember when he joined up with him and his cousin, and he really couldn't care. Though one thing he did care about was that he was a good friend, and for that, he would stick by him right into the end, just like with his cousin.

Now, though, he was in Tokyo-3, waiting for his ride to come and pick him up. He had gotten the letter the other day saying only 'Come to Tokyo-3, your Father',' Che, yeah right, father my damn ass. I oughta kick his teeth in for just leaving me right after that damn thing sucked mom up,' Shinji remembered what had happened to his mother that day and he was just as devastated as his father that day. Luckily, or unluckily depending on how you see it, just when he was about to repress the memory, he had grown that backbone of his and vowed he wouldn't ever forget his mother, even if it was a horrible memory to remember.

But right now, let's get on track with the story.

He wore black tank top with a white serpent dragon swirling around his torso to the back, his pants were just as black as his shirt with a white streak going down on each side of the pants legs, his boots black in the same color. Wearing this showed the fruits of his training as his muscles were nicely formed, made compact for impact, his chest and stomach muscles easily showing threw his tank top. Shinji's skin was naturally tanned since he spent most his time outside to train. His hair was somewhat spiked like his cousin's hair, but it was only the front portion of his hair while the remaining was cut and combed.

He had just picked up a telephone and tried to call an operator to help him get a number on the woman who was supposed to pick him up. But all it said was for him to evacuate the area and head for the nearest shelter.

Shinji slammed the phone and rubbed his forehead," okay, I get called by my pops, get off the train to find no ride for me to go and kick his ass, and I also see that no one is around to help find this damn shelter," Shinji just sighed and tapped the top of the telephone booth. Well, a tap for him, but freaking wrecking ball for the booth itself, seeing as it bent inward, making it look like backward 'r'," woops," Shinji said, as he looked left and right. He then started to scoot away real fast from it.

He saw a flash of blue at the corner of his eyes and saw a girl about his age in a school girl outfit looking straight at him. Normally a person would spout denials about what Shinji had just done, but Shinji really didn't care, if he was caught, he was caught. But that didn't mean he wasn't going to pay for the consequences if he didn't like them," what the hell you lookin at?" Shinji snapped at her, his only response was a blink before she disappeared in a blink of an eye as the birds sounded when they flew off in the distance.

Shinji blinked a bit in confusion," okay, this is kind of creepy," Shinji commented as he looked for any hidden cameras to let him know that he was just being played at. But he was cut off from further thinking as he felt a sort of shock wave boom through the area. Feeling out where he felt it come from, he turned around and saw military aircrafts firing at something from behind the mountain ranges.

It soon revealed itself to be...the Jolly Green Giant? Shinji wacked himself in the head, now was not the time to be making witty banter with himself," just what the hell is going on here?" Shinji asked himself as he watched the two opposing forces fight each other.

As he jumped back as he one of aircrafts was shot down by what looked like a beam saber type weapon from the green giant and saw it stomp on it and made the aircraft explode, Shinji felt someone fast approaching him. He looked to the side and saw a car skid right beside him, the door opening to show a purple haired beauty behind the wheel," sorry I'm late, hurry and hop in," Shinji didn't need any further instructions as he quickly go inside. The two then sped off as the military tried to take the big green guy down, barely just getting out the path of its foot.

Moment late, the two were on a highway, Misato looking over Shinji's seat to see the battle from afar with her binoculars. When she saw the aircrafts bolt out of the area, she knew that was a bad sign, that only meant..." wait, don't tell me...They're gonna use an N2 mine?!" she exclaimed as she pushed her breasts further into Shinji's face, making the boy blush bit at feeling the soft pillows the woman had on her chest," get down!" she then tackled him onto the floor, only for Shinji to turn the position and hold onto her tightly, using what ever of his Ki reserves to protect them if the damage got too great.

The next the two knew, the car was rolling along with the shock wave of the N2 mine. They both stuck their heads out once it stopped rolling and Shinji had one thing on his mind," damn," he said simply as he looked at the mushroom like explosion cloud.

After the explosion died down, the two got themselves out of the car. Once they did so, the looked back at the car and saw it was kind of stuck on its side. The purple haired woman looked like she was about to suggest they both tip it over, but Shinji cut her off by calmly walking up to it and merely flicked his finger on its side, making the car immediately turn back on its four wheels.

Misato blinked and wondered if it was really that easy, it seemed it would have at least taken some pushing to put it back into original position. But, she shrugged and allowed herself to finally take a look at the commander's son. All she had to say was,' hubba hubba, too bad he's more than ten years my junior, or I'd have tried to taste that at least,' she thought as she looked at his impressive build. He was definitely a hunk to her and she knew he would be a hunk for the girls they'd be sending him to school to. Little did so know that he had already set where to go to school.

She then took off her glasses and sent a charming smile to the teen boy in front of her when he looked her way," thanks for the help there."

"It weren't nothin, Katsuragi," Shinji waved off casually.

"Please, call me Misato. Its good to finally meet you, Shinji-kun," Misato said with a friendly tone in her voice.

Shinji shrugged a bit and said," same here."

Moments later, the two were back in the car, the front bumper haphazardly taped and the smoke exuding from it being a bit black, this showing how banged up the car was. Shinji looked back at the batteries they had stolen and were using to power the car. He would've commented on how it wasn't right, but he did some things that weren't exactly in the legal system either. No drugs or alcohol mind you, just your usual beatings and stolen possessions.

"Sure, don't worry...His protection is my top priority. Could you please prepare a car train for us; a linear one, please...Yes, I'll take full responsibility for him, since it was my idea to meet him, bye," Shinji then saw her hang up the phone in her car and wondered when she had this car last, the phone was damn ancient. He wondered if her job paid her enough to even get that phone.

As he saw her face seemingly go into deep thought, Shinji wondered if the apartment he set himself up with hadn't gotten demolished in that previous fight. He knew for sure that his pops must have sent for him and meant for him to stay for a while. So he had went ahead with a plan and set himself up for an apartment with his cousin, Soichiro, since they were going to their next school-take-over shtick.

But this school seemed to differ. Unlike his cousin and his best friend, Bob, he always went ahead to find out what he could about each school before hand. Almost all the schools they went to had at least some reputation on fighting, but they didn't have the people to back it up. He would write this one off as the other ones, but Toudou Gakuen gave him the feeling there was something more to it. The place had some sort of history, but he wouldn't go into right now, but basically the place was made for the revival of Martial Arts. Hearing this had made him get on edge. He had voiced this to the Soichiro and Bob, but they just wrote it off to him getting paranoid. But Shinji always trusted his gut and it was telling him that Toudou Gakuen had something in there currently that it wasn't telling now.

He then felt a big pinch on his cheek, cutting him from his thought. He rubbed his cheek and looked to see Misato's grinning face," it's a bad sign if someone's spacing out more than me, Shinji," she teased a bit to him.

"What the hell?" Shinji muttered as he felt there a better way to get his attention. Not the the pinch hurt, it just weirded him out she would just go up to someone she didn't know and do that.

"You know that scowl you have isn't doing justice to your good looks," Misato continued as she drive like maniac on the road.

Not that Shinji was trying to notice, for his own stomach's sake of course," and your acting like too much of a brat," Shinji shot back to her with a bit a scowl. Seeing the sour look, he regretted saying that as she swerved around even more crazy like.

"Special Agency, Nerv?" Shinji asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes, a special organization directly attached to the United Nations," she answered him as the car train set up to go down.

"And this where my Oyaji (pops) is workin, huh?" Shinji asked as he leaned back a bit in the chair, an air nonchalance around him now.

"Well, yeah...don't you know what he does?" Misato asked back with a raised eyebrow of her own.

Shinji scoffed a bit sourly," like I care or know what that teme does? Probably sucked some dudes cock to get the job."

'That was a nice image,' Misato thought as she heard his crude answer. It wasn't lost on her how much the teenager in front of her hated his dad.

"We going to see him, my Oyaji I mean?" if Misato didn't know any better, he sound a bit excited about that. That kind of made her on edge, maybe she should call security to keep a bit of an eye on both Ikari's for now.

"Well...yeah," came the hesitant answer from Misato.

Thinking back on how his pops abandoned him, made him clenched his left hand, the hand that was unseen by Misato, hard, a gripping sound reaching only his ears,' pops,' Shinji thought angrily at the moment.

"Oh, you were given your I.D. through the letter, right?" Misato asked, breaking him from his thoughts once again.

"Yeah," Shinji mumbled as he opened the duffel bag he brought with him and rummage through it find it. Not a moment later, he took it out and hand it to her," here ya go," Shinji was about to close it back up when he stumbled upon a picture. It was him and Soichiro with their arms over each others shoulders, giving the camera a big victory sign when they were kids, this one being after a particular brutal fight. The signs of it showing in their bruises and cuts that were littered over their bodies.

"Then read...this..." Misato then saw the picture in his hand and almost had her eyes popped open," damn, what's up with all the bruises and cuts all over these kids bodies," Misato asked as she looked at the two oddly happily grinning kids.

"Yeah," Shinji said in a wistful tone, as if remembering the good days," that was hella of fight me and my cousin got in."

"Wait," Misato halted as she looked even closer at the picture and then to Shinji," this is you?" she pointed to the brunette in the picture.

"Yep," was the simple answer.

"And your remembering that picture as a time when you had a fight that almost could have killed you? It almost sounds like you had fun doing that," Misato said incredulously.

"What's wrong with that having fun when testing your limits against a clearly stronger a opponent and coming out on top? It's the exhilaration that gets me going when I do so," Shinji answered with with feral smirk on his face.

'Great, we got a street fighting punk coming up over here,' Misato groaned a bit and sighed mentality,' men,' she thought as she silent handed him the book she was going to give him.

Shinji took it and only glance at it, the title saying 'Nerv'. He would've opened it up and read it as he was told to, but he really didn't care what they did, so he just put it on his lap and just waited for the car train to stop at its destination.

The two were then in an elevator, having not too long ago been lost around the complex of Nerv Central. Shinji had gotten tired of being dragged around the damn place and went into an elevator, going up and down, just waiting, along with Misato, for anybody to come in and ask directions for them to get to their destination, where that is.

They didn't have to wait long as a blond haired woman stepped in once the elevator stopped. Misato seemed to have panicked at seeing the blond," eheheh, hey Ritsuko," she greeted nervously as the blond stepped with a stern face.

Although seemingly blond, Shinji could tell she was really a brunette since it seemed she didn't color her eyebrows," what are you doing captain Katsuragi? We're short of hands and time!"

Giving a sheepish smile, she gave a quick," gomen."

Sighing at the woman in front of her, Ritsuko turned her gaze towards Shinji and almost licked her lips,' definitely a lot more better than his father,' she thought as her eyes roamed over his form," so this is the Third Child?"

"Yes, according to the Marduk report, he's the one," Misato answered the fake blond's question.

"Uh, do I fucking look like a kid to ya?" Shinji asked in an annoyed tone,' their acting like I'm not even here, and that pisses me off more,' Shinji thought with an eyebrow twitch.

"Quite the mouth I see," Ritsuko mumbled to Misato.

"Yeah, you can already tell he's a punk," Misato whispered to her.

"I'm still here you know!" Shinji exclaimed with ticked vein on his forehead. Misato looked sheepish at that while Ritsuko just chuckled a bit.

Not long after that, the three made their way over to another destination. All the while, Shinji was wondering what he heard so far. Third Child, it kind of pissed him off they called him a kid when he was closing in on his adult hood, it wouldn't be long before his seventeenth birthday anyway and then it would only be three more years he'd be out of his teens. But anyhow, Third Child meant there were two others before him. Meaning that two others were in on this before he got here and that they were not available, thus calling him in to do some sort of dirty work. What that dirty work was, he had a gut feeling he knew what it would be.

Once they made there they made it onto a motor raft, he saw what looked like a giant humanoid shape under the red looking water. Once there, they entered. Once the three were in, the doctor closed the door, engulfing the room in complete darkness," dude, it's dark, turn on the light," he somewhat demanded to them. When they did, he jumped back a bit at seeing purple head with a horn and yellow eyes staring straight back at him when the light appeared. Looking at its entirety, he asked one question," is this a Gundam?" Shinji asked the blond doctor, almost making her palm her face at such a question.

"No, it's not a Gundam...why do all the techs always want to refer it as a Gundam," she mumbled under breath at the last part," this is humanity's Multi-Purpose Humanoid Fighting Machine, EVANGELION," the word 'Fighting' included into the title perked his interests," this is unit 01. It was built in secrecy. This is humanity's last chance."

"So, this is what my pops has been working on?" Shinji asked with a raised eyebrow, but then it clicked at him once he gave another look over. This...this...thing was the one that sucked up his mom. Unconsciously, his fist started to ball up and tighten up hard, his nail digging into his skin, drawing a little blood out.

"Correct," he heard from above. He then snapped his head up towards area above the monster that took his mother and looked at see the bastard that was his father, looking completely blank of emotions," it's been a while, hasn't it?"

"Oh yeah, it's sure has been a while," Shinji said coldly and tried his best not to show off his battle aura. Seeing the bastard almost made his blood boil over like molten lava. He hadn't seen the man since he had abandoned him. He would have gone to see his mother's grave, but he knew there wasn't anything there and his pops would be there to look at it. He knew if he went, he'd probably be sentence to murder if he ever saw the bastard before now. Plus, he knew even if his mother was really dead, she'd be with him, in spirit at least. Though he knew she would probably kick his ass for all the things he's done by now.

Gendo frowned at this, he had regretted at leaving him in Makiko's care, because he had never been able to get reports on how his son's state was during his childhood. It was essential his son would be insecure and obedient his peers absolutely if his plans were to succeed. But those he sent to get reports to see his state, and thus be able to rectify it to please his plans, were never returned. It was as if someone from the outside was protecting his son from his influence. Maybe now, he could be able to rectify that mistake now that he had his son in his sights," we're moving out," he commanded to the people around him.

"Moving out, but Unit 00 is frozen!" Misato exclaimed in surprise. Looking at the unit in front of her, her eyes widen in realization," you don't mean that you're actually activating Unit 01?"

"We have no choice," Ritsuko replied back simply.

"Hey, we can't have Rei pilot it!" Misato shot back in worry for the pilot," we have no other pilots."

"We just received one," Ritsuko said as she looked at Shinji.

"You serious?" Misato asked with a furrowed brow.

"Ikari Shinji," Ritsuko said to get his attention, but his gaze was still kept coldly onto the commander, which was almost a copy of his father, and that made her shiver a bit. But, she pressed on, he had to listening now anyway," you will pilot it," she told him with a straight face, looking to see for any reaction. She received none.

"But it took Ayanami Rei seven month's to synchronize with an Eva! He just now arrived, it'll be impossible," Misato pointed out to the doctor.

"Just take a seat, we don't expect you to do anything more," Ritsuko said to Shinji, not even replying to Misato's points.

"Is that all your expecting of me," Shinji finally spoke, he then level his glare at her, making her flinch at the coldness in his eyes. It really pissed him off as they wrote him off as a nobody,' I didn't do all the training I did in my childhood for nothing,' Shinji thought heatedly," just let me ask you two one thing," he said as he got their attention.

"Yes?" Ritsuko asked a bit softly.

"Will I be fighting that thing that was above us?" Shinji asked with a blank face.

"Yes, you will Shinji, I know it's scary, but..." but she was cut off as he laughed loudly with his right hand holding his forehead, as if making sure it won't fall of during his laughter.

After a long bit of laughter, he grinned in a feral manner," oh hell yeah, prep me up baby, I'm going monster hunting," he then emptied his pockets, taking out his cell phone, his new apartment keys, wallet, and handed them to Misato," you lose them, and I'll kick your ass, I don't care if you are a girl or in the military," Shinji said with stern face before walking slowly towards what he assumed was the cockpit.

Everyone blinked at what just happened. They had expected him to be arguing about it with both of them or with his father about this situation, but the fact he'd be going against a powerful Angel to fight made his decision. Ritsuko leaned in towards Misato and asked," what was that about?"

Misato wondered a bit herself as she pocketed his belongings, but then groaned. Yup, the hands of humanity's survival was in the hands of street fighting punk," I remember him saying that he loves to fight people who are way stronger than him," she then shook her head a bit and look down at the floor,' this is going to get messy, I just know it,' Misato thought as she could feel the headaches this teenager was going to give her.

As Shinji relaxed into the seat of the Evangelion, he couldn't help but feel a pumped about this fight. Sure, this was for the survival of humanity, but that didn't mean he couldn't have a bit of fun in these rare kind of fights. Fighting these kind of creatures had to be a once in a lifetime sort of thing, it would also give him a chance to test out some techniques.

"Injecting LCL into entry Plug."

That simple statement had made him look down and see a yellow liquid start to fill the cockpit he was in," what the fuck?! Hey! You trying to drown me in all yas piss?!" Shinji exclaimed to them, making a few of them blush at what he just said.

"Shinji, it's LCL, not anyone's piss, all it does is fill your lungs and it'll directly supply you with oxygen," Ritsuko said in a bit of an exasperated voice.

Having taking a deep breath when it filled up, he opened his mouth and almost gagged," this stuff tastes like blood, and why do I have to wear these pansy ass clippings in my hair," he complained to himself, but everyone could hear him, despite being how quiet he was.

"Live with it, your a boy aren't you?!" Misato snapped at him.

"Don't you get all bitchy on me, you come in here and let me see how you react," Shinji shot back and made Misato bite her lip, she just knew this kid had an authority problem and seeing him go up against her already was a bad sign.

Not hearing anything else important he leaned back and wondered the logic in being able to breath in this stuff. I mean, this is basically water, but he's able to breathe in and out as is if it were air, what kind of contradictory was that? And this seat, it had no sort of safety belt on it anywhere. Sure he was used to pain, but being banged around in this small area was not on his to do list if he got hit particularly hard.

Feeling the Eva being moved, Shinji opened his eyes and saw it was being moved backwards, most likely to a launch pad to get him to the surface quickly. After waiting for a moment, he heard," LAUNCH!!"

And the Eva promptly shot up towards the surface at high speeds. Shinji, even though feeling the hurting forces pushing down his on organs, couldn't help but whoop in joy," WOOOOOOHHHHOOOOOOOO!" he hollered in fun and joy.

When he reached the surface, he saw the Angel just turning to the corner to face him. Seeing the Jolly Green Giant made him smirk in anticipation,' come ta papa,' Shinji thought as he felt the restraints being released on the mech he was controlling. As he heard the people talking to him as they did so, he tuned them out, this was his opponent, he didn't need no advise on anything to beat it. And besides, he always did have knack for video games and always went with his gut, these two things should help him out greatly.

His first move was to rush in. As he did so, he ducked under a particularly slow grab that went for his head and sent a punch to what he assumed the solar plexus. What he didn't expect was a hexagonal like transparent shield appear to block it. He dodged to the left as he felt his danger sense go off and not a moment later did that angel come down hard with it beam like saber. He went for the opening and went down for an axe kick, but it to was blocked by that weird shield.

"Just what the hell is annoying ass thing?!" Shinji asked himself in annoyance as he jumped away as it came in for an actually fast uppercut to him. He then saw its eyes flash. Seeing that, he rolled to the side and watched as a beam trail out where he was and explode a distance, showing a energy like cross shooting up into the air.

"It's an A.T. Field, it's the Angel's ultimate defense," Ritsuko explained to him," you need to use your own A.T. Field by using your Eva," Ritsuko supplied to him.

'So I basically gotta make use of my Ki, huh?' Shinji said with narrowed eyes. He then fixed his gaze back at that Angel and knew one move that may knock that shield down for a while. Three moves that will make this fight short and sweet. He wanted to prolong the fight, but this wasn't getting him anywhere, so he could do nothing else.

"Well, I guess this guy should feel honored that I'm actually using my techniques on it," Shinji said with a bit of annoyance.

"Techniques?" asked a particular bridge bunny who read mangas. (Makoto)

"What's he talking about?" said a long haired bridge bunny. (Shigeru)

"His sync ratio is raising," said the mousy of the three bridge bunnies. (Maya: Eva version)

"How much?" Ritsuko asked in intrigue.

"Its at...90!" Maya gasped at how soon this pilot was able to sync with his mech.

"Impossible, how could..." but she was cut off as she heard a shout.

"YO UGLY, HEADS UP!!" Shinji called out to the Angel. It seemed he actually got its attention as it paused in it motions. Shinj then jumped forward and charged his Ki in to his arms and legs. Once he got in close enough, he smashed his arms up against the A.T. Field. Once he made contact, he immediately spread out his arms and broke through, leaving him an opening for hard kick into the chest,' Mōko Kaimon Ha (Fierce Tiger Opening Gate Strike),' Shinji exclaimed in his thoughts. The hide, as he thought, was tough on where he targeted, the red sphere on its chest, but that was just to weaken.

"That move," Makoto muttered as his glasses almost dropped because of his eye bugging out, knowing he had read and seen this move off a manga.

"That broke through that A.T. Field like a knife through butter," Shigeru said in a bit of respect.

"Wow," was all Maya could say. Everyone else just kept watching.

"What's he..." Misato trailed off as he took off the power cord to the Eva," that idiot! What the hell does he think he's doing," just as she was about to tell him off, he made his next move.

"Here I come," Shinji exclaimed as he used the cord that fed that Eva to use,' Kinshi Kinbaku Shō (Gold Thread Tightly Binding Flight),' he then threw the cord and lassoed it around the Angel in its stunned state. Once wrapped around it, he used the Eva's strength and gave a mighty pull, sending the Angel careening towards him. As it did so, he went in for the finisher,' Dokuja Tanketsu Shō (Poison Snake Searching Hole Palm),' he exclaimed in his thoughts as he gave mighty strike into the red sphere, effectively shattering where he dug his fingers into it.

Just as he was about to rip it right out, the Angel's body turned into goo and suddenly wrapped around him. That's when he noticed the sphere started to light up in a bright white color. Seeing this, all he could think of was,'...shit,' before darkness took his sight when the explosion occurred.

Next thing he did was blink as he saw that he was in a hospital. He knew he was in a hospital as he had been in them in more times than he could count. Sitting up, he looked around. He saw the usual stuff you see in a hospital room, but looking over by the chair nearby, he saw his setting of clothes laid out for him, no doubt cleaned of that stuff called LCL and pressed, if saw them right from his position. Taking in a calming breathe, he felt out his Ki and see if there was anything else that needed resting or healing. Seeing and feeling none, he swung his feet over to the side and went to put on his clothes. He noted idly that he was completely naked right now,' must have gave those girl nurses a good show,' Shinji throught wryly, he knew he was a hunk to the girls and he wouldn't tell them otherwise either.

Putting on his clothes, he left the room without even waiting for anyone to come check in on him. They'd know he was up, even if he wasn't there. And if they didn't, that was their loss, not his. As he casually walked down the hall, he passed by a couple nurses bringing down a stretcher from the other side of the hall. When he looked at who was on it, he saw the same blue haired girl from before, but seemingly in great injury since their were many bandages and braces on her. He wondered why her stare was so cold for some reason when she looked at him at that moment, before scoffed,' her loss if she wants to act like that towards me,' he waved off mentally as he continued down the hall.

Coming into what he assumed was the entrance of the area, he stepped outside and relaxed in the bench for a bit, knowing they probably already sent somebody to come and get him,' most likely that Misato chick,' Shinji thought assuredly. Not having to wait long, his thoughts were confirmed as he saw Misato coming in from the side. He got up and followed her out.

Once they got to the elevator, he pressed the down button, so that they could get to the underground garage. But once the door slide open, there stood Ikari Gendo with his usual face of no emotion. Shinji go right up to the old man and gave a challenging but ugly looking face (think the face when Soichiro first meets Mitsuomi, who faces down at him). Turning his face in a bit of disgust at the face, Gendo backs up and allows Shinji to get the front. Misato, though, fidgets in her spot at this," would get your ass in here?" Shinji snapped at her, making her huff, but obey at what he said as she walked into the elevator and pressed the button for the garage.

As soon as the two left the elevator, Shinji stopped in between the doors," Oh, and Pops," Shinji said as he got his attention, or tried. He dug into his pockets and acted like he pulled something out," here's a little gift from me to you," Shinji then held out his hand to Gendo, making him step forward to see what the Third Child wanted. He regretted ever doing that as Shinji gave him a hard hook to the face, blood splatting out of his mouth upon impact," that's my gift for making me ride that damn thing and there'll be more where that comea from if you piss me off further," he then turned on his heel and walked past a bug eyed and slacked jaw Misato.

Gendo picked himself up and looked at the back of the Third Child. If one were to look at his bloodied mouth, they would have rubbed their eyes in disbelief as Gendo gave a proud smirk to Shinji.

"He's living alone?" Misato asked the man who set up the living quarters of Nerv personal.

"Yes, his room is located..."

"Like hell I will, I already got a place set up," Shinji interrupted the man, who blinked a bit in surprise.

"That will not do, Nerv must hav..."

"I don't give two shits what you want, I'm going," Shinji cut in once again,' I damn missed the brawl at the Toudou Gakuen, I wonder how Soichiro and Bob handled it,' Shinji thought as he exited the room.

"Hey," he looked back and saw Misato coming rushing at him. Once she caught up to thim, she gave him a sour look," you really don't have any ounce of respect for authority, do you?" She crossed her arms under her ample breast.

"Like I'll give respect to those who don't deserve it," Shinji shot back.

Misato knew she wasn't going to get through to him for right now and opted to ask what she wanted before he cut in the first time," are you going to be okay living alone? I could let you crash at my place."

"As much as a tempting offer that is, Misato," Shinji paused as he look up and down at her, making Misato blush a bit at how he was considering her in that manner," I've already got a roommate set up with me and a school set up as well," he informed her, but then remembered," oh yea, you got my stuff?"

Wondering what he meant, she then remembered he gave her all his stuff that was on him at that moment before he piloted the Eva," oh, yeah," she dug into her inner jacket pocket and gave him his stuff back," your duffel bag is in my trunk if you must know," she informed him on the rest of his stuff.

"Thanks," Shinji said as he pocket his keys and wallet, before flipping his phone open and dialing his cousin. After a few moments, he seemed to have picken up," you, Soichiro, it's me Shinji," he then held out his phone and heard some particular colorful language, even Misato heard him from where she was standing," dude, dude, calm down. I'm sorry I didn't get to help ya two out in the school-take-over bit, but..." he then looked at that phone funny before putting back on his ear to listen more carefully," you what? You didn't get it done on the first day?"

Hearing more of what happened on that day, which Soichiro grudgingly did so, as he had dubbed that day 'The Day of Hell'. It had been the routine beat down, all the seniors they fought being pathetically easy opponents until a small girl that was supposedly the age of kindergärtner with scrawny looking brown hair boy that attended the school. But what made him wonder if he was actually in a manga was when he heard the girl turned from a little brat into damn bombshell super model, who then knocked Soichiro from the third floor of the school. After that, he had said that some crazy girl said she was engaged to him for some reason after he had seen her naked from just using the shower. Shinji got an image of that and blushed lightly, but also chuckled at his cousin's misfortune.

But hearing about the little girl set him off, someone who would do that to make their opponents underestimate her meant that a lot of good fighters opposed her. And that meant even more powerful fighters than her might be after her. This meant one thing: Toudou Gakuen was going to be a challenge he liked.

"Right, right, well look, I'm getting ride over to the new apartment, meet me over there so we can start unpacking our shit? A'ight, bye," Shinji then closed his cell phone and pocketed it. He then turned to Misato and wonder why he as looking at her funny," what?"

"School-take-over fights?" she asked with a stern face as she tapped her foot.

"What, you expected me of all people to be one of those goal challenging students?" Shinji asked rhetorically. Misato just shook her head with sigh and walked past him.

"Well, come on, let's get you to your new apartment," Misato sighed again as Shinji followed her. She really wouldn't have minded him to stay with her. Just thinking about how he'd come out of a hot shower, showing off that bod off to her...she smacked her head mentally and tried to beat down the blush that was covering her face.

Seeing this from his position, Shinji quietly snickered to himself,' oh yeah, I still got it,' Shinji thought smugly to himself.

After a little bit of a goodbye from Misato, Shinji entered his apartment. It was basically an apartment for two people, having two rooms, a single good sized bathroom, a decent kitchen and living and dining room connect. Going over to the balcony, he looked over what was viewed and nodded,' this'll definitely do,' he thought as he looked at the vast forest that was behind the apartment complex. He could use the place for all of his secret training, all he needed to do was explore the woods and find a suitable training ground.

Hearing knock, he went back inside. Another knock, this one being harder got him a bit annoyed," alright, alright already, I'm coming dammit," Shinji muttered out some curse words under his breath. Opening the door, he saw the scowling face of his cousin, Nagi Soichiro, and the exasperated look on Bob Makihara," hey, what's up gu..."

"You son of a bitch," Soichiro then tackled him and started make a dust cloud of fighting in the room," where the hell where you when the bitch sent me flying!"

"How the hell was I supposed to back you up when I was knocked out in the hospital, asshole!" Shinji shot back.

"Like that could have stop you for long, I know you, you dick, your only knocked out for at least three hours," Soichiro snapped at him, the two continued the anime cloud fight.

Bob just sighed as he stood at the doorway,' when will those two ever just say hello to each other,' he thought as he remembered all the greeting fights these two had every time.

Fifteen Brutal Minutes Later...

The three were sitting on the floor, eating some take out from the restaurant down the street. After a few minutes of eating and waiting for the others to finish, Shinji spoke up," alright," he started as he got their attention," give as much detail you can about these three: those two Natsume sisters and that Takayanagi guy."

"Well, as we already know, Natsume Aya hasn't shown anything else but her affection to Soichiro here," the said blond growling a bit that, before Bob continued," but she does show skill that she seems beyond that Takayanagi guy."

"Takayanagi doesn't seem to be no pushover though, he may or may not be stronger than Aya, because like her, he hasn't shown us anything other than that he's a good fighter."

"And lastly, Nastume Maya," Bob just shook his head," first she's a kid and then turns into real knocker of a babe, but you know I'm already taken, so..." seeing Shinji eyebrow twitch at that, Bob quickly continued," she has already easily shown that she tops two in speed, power, and skill," seeing Shinji perk up at this, Bob internally smirks, it'd be nice for guy to finally check out another girl again.

He was already dating his ex-girl, Chiaki, which he knew left a sour taste in Shinji's mouth. But Bob know Shinji wouldn't be as petty as to ruin his relationship with her or their own friendship between themselves. Shinji, even though just as much a cousin of Soichiro, wasn't up to doing dirty tricks, he believed on fighting on a honorable level, but he wasn't against using taunting and goading his opponents.

Shinji then hummed in thought. Not much to go on, he might as well go in and see first hand at how these three play apart in the bigger picture of Toudou Gakuen. Takayanagi and Aya seemed to just be following Maya and seemed to know what was going on, or at least he assumed they did," well, at least I'm coming in wit ya guys tomorrow," Shinji said as he raise his can of pop, he couldn't find a way to steal the booze under Misato's seemingly keen nose on the stuff," let's see what we can cook up tomorrow, right guys?" he gave a smirk to the two them.

The two then smirked themselves and raised their pop cans in kind and said," RIGHT!" at the same time.

Noon, Lunch Time, Toudou Gakuen.

Looking at what was going on between Soichiro and Aya, he couldn't help but chuckle. It seemed his cousin got it into his head that her food would kill him,' he's probably remembering the manga of Ranma and expectin that her cookin is like Akane Tendo's,' now that he would love to see, his cousin agonizing in pain as he complained about uncute tomboys with bad cooking.

At the moment, he tugged a bit at the new part of his attire. He still had redressed in same pair of clothing he had when he arrived in Tokyo-3, but now he also had the school upper uniform of his own style. When he had received it the other day, before going to Tokyo-3, he really didn't like the plain style. So, he took it to a tailor and asked him if he could make it to his liking. What he got was a mixture of Chinese and Japanese style school trench coat jacket. (think Natsume Shin's) When he had put it on, he checked what he could do in it and was really satisfied that it could not tear at the speeds of his Kachū Tenshin Amaguriken and be able to withstand the shrapnel barrage of the Bakusai Tenketsu. It was also weighted down, just like his other clothing.

Feeling a tap on his shoulder, he looked to his side to see Bob," that's Takayanagi," he said as he nodded over to who he was talking to. He looked over and saw the description they had given him the other day. He wore the school uniform and seemed a bit skinny, but Shinji could tell othewise. The guy had some power in him, but Shinji felt he could take him down easily. Seeing the guy go for another bowl of lunch, Shinji let Bob take the lead on, on this one.

As soon as the two were behind him, Bob took out some change and dropped it over the guy's shoulder. When Shinji saw his face, he chuckled at it, it seemed he didn't even sense them when he got behind him," sorry about that sempai, I'll pay for it," Bob apologized as he ate the rest of his sub sandwich.

Turning back, Takayanagi refused," no, if you're going to apologize, tell him to eat Aya-chan's bento at least once."

"I don't know," Shinji said as he finally cut himself in," my cousin has always got a naïve mind set and I'm betting he thinks that food is going to burn his stomach, because he read it off a manga when he was kid," seeing the surprise look on his face, Shinji smirked at and finger saluted at him," Ikari Shinji, at your service, the third grenade in the 'Knuckle Bombs'."

Sighing a bit at seeing just another two-bit punk (yeah right), Takayanagi turned and took the bowl of ramen that was served to him. The two followed closely behind him and sat down on the other side of the nearest table he sat at," if you have something you want to tell me, could you hurry up with it? I'd like to start eating my food as soon as possible."

Looking at each other, Shinji consented to Bob," it's your show man," Shinji said to the tall black male.

Nodding at this, Bob put his hand under his chin, a look of concentration on his face as he gazed at Takayanagi," question: about how many people in this school are stronger than you and who are they?" seeing the look of attention on Takayanagi's face as he ate his ramen, Bob continued," we're for sure that tiny girl is one of them, but it is doubtful that she is at that top. This is only my intuition, but..." he squeezed his hand under his chin hard, a sound of metal being bent as he did so," it feels like there are more, even stronger monsters lurking around this school," he the unclenched the hand and dropped two bent coins fall onto the table," am I wrong?" he asked casually.

Shinji had to admit, this would affect a normal guy into telling anything you wanted, but looking at the fellow brunettes eyes, he could see the tactic didn't really work. In fact, he seemed a bit amused by the display," you know what kind of place this Toudou Gakuen is, don't you?"

"Well, for the most part, but I know Shinji should know a little bit more than me," Bob said as he passed the hat onto Shinji, who took it gracefully without a second thought.

"The Toubujyuku that is the entire body of this school was created in the Edo Period for the revival of the Martial Arts that were disappearing with the Bakuhan system. Toudou Gakuen also incorporates the Toubujyuku flow," but then shrugged as he leaned back on his chair and kick up his feet onto the table," really, it's just a place made for the restoration of the Martial Arts," Shinji then smirked as he looked around a bit, an excited gleam in his eyes," I can't wait to see the styles they show here and how strong the users are," Bob just sighed at the battle lust that was starting to form around his partner.

Masataka blinked at this guy, he had just wrote him off as another thug like the other two, but he seemed different for some reason. The way he moved, the look in his eye when he thought about Martial Arts,' definitely something about you,' he thought warily.

"Just wondering though," Shinji started as he got Takayanagi's attention," who's the guy at the top here?" he asked with his face impassive, not a single emotion playing across his features.

That look kind of scared Masataka a bit," and what are you going to do by learning that?" he asked warily as he looked between the two.

"We're going to fight him, of course," said a tired voice.

Looking to who said that, they saw Soichiro panting as he put his elbow on the entryway of the cafeteria, an image of him trying to play off how much energy it took to getaway from Aya.

"Nagi, did you finally get that girl off your back," Bob asked to blond spike haired teen.

"Uh, no, but she's..." he trailed off as he merely point behind him to see Aya quietly giggling to herself as she crept up on him," right IN back of me."

"So much for losing her ass," Shinji commented to his cousin, making his cousin growl a bit at him.

"Those people have no interest in ruling or anything, there's no reason to pick a fight with them," Takayanagi said to the three of them, trying his best to make them leave this sort of thing alone.

"Oh, I got me a great reason, buddy boy," Soichiro corrected him as turned to him fully," thrasin' it out with some mean mutha fucka, gives me the biggest rush in the world," he then pointed at the boy who had started to stand up to him," you got no idea what I'm talkin' about?" he asked with a knowing as he knew, basically, that all fighters wanted to have at least some challenge in a fight. It seemed to get through too somehow if the widening of Takayanagi's eyes is any indication," what kind of guy he is, I don't know and I don't care. Just knowin' he as tough as nails, that's reason enough to go one on one," Soichiro's eyes then narrowed a bit at him," and speaking of which, you and me never did get to finish what we started the other day."

Looking at the guy in front of him, he just couldn't help but correct," you're unfinished business is not with me...but with Maya!" he corrected with voice that seemed restrained. Not out of fear, but it seemed to Shinji that it was out of aniticipation.

'This isn't going to look good,' Shinji already had a good idea why Takayanagi may want to crush his cousins skull in and it all comes down to one person, Natsume Aya. It wasn't hard to see the guy was totally crushin' on the younger girl.

"And I'm saying it's with you," Soichiro countered Takayanagi.

"Soichiro, if your going start to get your ass handed to ya, we ain't gonna step in," Shinji told to his cousin,' not unless it's going to get out hand, I'm not,' Shinji silently added to himself in his thoughts.

The two then stepped up to each other, the other students in the area seeing this as another fight gather around to see what happens. In what would be considered fast punch, Soichiro sent a hard blow to Takayanagi's face. But the blow didn't connect because it was blocked. Blocked by what most would consider the most flimsiest thing: a chop stick.

Gasping a bit in surprise, Soichiro looked at his blocked punch with wide eyes," he blocked my punch with one wooden chopstick?" he asked himself in surprise.

'That is just ordinary chopstick, but he's a adding a nice amount of controlled Ki into it, thus in doing so, that flimsy wood is reinforced enough to take a blow from Soichiro's punch,' Shinji thought as he analyzed the way the chopstick was being used, as lightning arcs dance around and onto the fingers of Takayanagi.

Hearing someone jump onto the table beside him, he saw the little girl in a kimono with long lilac hair tied up in pig tails on their ends, two strands of hair popping out of the middle of her hair like antennas or bunny ears, she had little bit of pale flawless skin much like her sister and blue eyes that were the same color as his," they've already started."

'So this is Maya,' Shinji thought and thought,' kawaii,' he idly thought as he looked at her cute girl face,' I can already see how she becomes a babe when she looked as cute as she did when she was a kid,' he then saw Aya come in and say his cousin's name worriedly.

Looking back, he saw the two were still standing off with Soichiro's punch still in place. Jumping back, Takayanagi jumped under his cousin's guard and pressed both his palms into Soichiro's stomach," Hakka Soudoushou (Eight Way Fracas Blast)," Soichirio was then blasted a by his burst of Ki.

'Upon impact, he did a quick clockwise motion with his hand and sent burst of Ki, sending the opponent flying, I guess this is basically a move used on the opponents torso, seeing as anywhere else wouldn't have the room as the torso does,' Shinji analyzed once again of what Takayanagi technique was doing,' but I wonder if it could be done without any contact,' he would have to try it later when he had the chance to, but now, he had to introduce himself to certain neo-child.

"Oh well, I can't believe he's really trying against an amateur. He needs more discipline," Maya commented at what was happening so far.

"Well, he may be an amateur, but my cousin has what it takes to go far," Shinji replied, he then turned his head to the little girl and gave the same finger salute he did earlier," yo, Ikari Shinji, cousin of the man who's getting his ass handed to himself," Shinji joked a bit, he then tilted his head in a interest manner," and from what Bob and Soichiro have told me, you are Nastume Maya," he then gave a mock bow to her," a pleasure," he then lifted his head up and gave a his own type of charming smile," I'm quite sure."

'This guy, I feel an air of Ki swirling around him like a maelstrom,' Maya thought as she scanned his Ki,' and he's almost as big as Mitsuomi,' she noted as she looked at the build that was being hidden underneath his customized school uniform. She then looked at the two he had mention, the gaijin (foreigner) and the gaki (brat) , and wondered how these two got to be associated with someone like him," a pleasure as well," she smiled back in a cute kid manner and looked back at the fight," but I think we should focus on this fight for now, don't you think so?" she asked with an amused eyebrow. Shrugging, he made himself comfortable be her side. Maya then looked at Aya with an smirk on her face," well, let's have him (Masataka) show us the potential of the man you fell in love with."

Looking back, Aya could only worriedly say," Soichiro-sama."

When the smoke cleared, Soichiro looked almost like a devil due to his hair and the evil look on his face," whoooooo! Damn, Sam, hahahha," Soichiro whooped as he beat on his chest," never thought I'd meet a high school kid who could shoot lightning out of his fingers. But, y'know," Soichiro then stood up fully and started to unbutton his school uniform trench jacket," it'll take more than a little static to bust my grill," he then took off his jacket, showing the custom job he had done on the inside as it showed a serpent like dragon being fought by a samurai," reason why is I'm Nagi Soichiro...and I'm supposed to be, like, the main character," he muttered the last part to himself as he threw the coat away towards Bob.

'Idiot, that was more then just some move with static fingers...and I'm the main character here, dammit,' Shinji thought with a deadpanned look on his face.

"Hey, boy!" Maya called out to him.

"Hey, the munch-kin's here!" Soichiro muttered to himself.

"For the record, that attack wasn't lightning. Just 'Ki', life force produced inside the body that can only have effect on the body. If there was such a thing as 'Lightning Attacks', what need would there be for Martial arts," Shinji bit his lip from saying anything that would contradict what she just said, seeing as how he could do pure ball blasts of Ki," but take care, boy. Because at the moment, Takayanagi is light years ahead of you," she warned him with a smirk Shinji knew would rival Saotome Ranma's.

"Well, now that you know that score, freshman, I'll give you a break and handicap myself...let's say, if you land just one punch, victory is yours," Takayanagi then moved his arm in front in an offensive position and let a show of blue flaming Ki flash out from his arms, to show that the energy was for real.

"'Light years ahead'...of me?! Where'd you get that from?!" Soichiro angrily said as he cracked his knuckled when he gripped them into balled up fists," you're goin' down punk!"

"Baka," Shinji muttered loud enough for Maya to hear and she couldn't help but nod alongside with him as Soichiro charged in, only to get kick to the face the seemingly missed him, but the spurting of blood from his nose told him otherwise. He hardly had time to block the income round about kick coming for, and then the next he hardly dodged, then another, and another. Shinji could see his cousin was being overwhelmed," I guess I should have included him into my training, damn!" Shinji quietly said to himself. Being close by, Maya wondered what kind of training he did if he felt he could take Masataka.

After a good roundhouse kick got through Soichiro's defenses, making Soichiro almost fall down to the ground, but only catching himself in time not to, he slowly got up. Blood leaking out of his mouth and nose like a river, his left a eye a bit swollen already," pretty weak senpai, take off the kid gloves and show me what you can really do," he said in actually clear voice, despite the injuries showing on his body.

"Kid gloves or no, you're the first guy who's tough enough to take what I'm dishin' out!" Takayanagi replied back to the bleeding man,' what are you, built outta' titanium!? Heh.'

"Nah, you're just throwing sissy punches," Soichiro taunted as he tried to hold in his chuckles.

A tick made it way onto Masataka's forehead at that moment," says the man who's blood is spurtin' all over the place," he shot back at him as Soichiro's chuckling made some blood actually stream out in a comical manner,' damn! I've been holding back, treating him like an amateur! But not anymore! Now I'll give 'im what he wants, a punch that knock his lights out!' Takayanagi charged in and jumped up and came down with a flying kick to his face.

Soichiro saw this one a mile away,' now!' he then bent over as if he was just going under the limbo, a face of nonchalance on his face as the kick sailed over thim.

"What?!" Takayanagi muttered.

"I see through your technique!" Soichiro exclaimed as he sent a hard punch towards Takayanagi, but was stopped as the teen in the air caught his fist.

"How foolish..." Maya said to herself as she knew that Masataka only feinted that attack. Shinji nodding his head as he agreed with her. It seemed he would have to get Soichiro to train with him it seems.

"He flew?!" Soichiro asked dumbly before Takayanagi sent a double ended kick that sent him falling back.

'Huh...the way Aya was rooting for this guy, I would've thought he had more in 'im,' Takayanagi thought as he watched the boy fall and knew he was being sent in unconsciousness embrace about now.

Maya looked a bit put out and looked at Shinji," is that all he's got?" making Shinji drop his head a bit in shame. It's not that he was ashamed of being associated with his cousin, it was the shame of not thinking about helping Soichiro in becoming a stronger fighter.

When he looked over to Aya, he could see that she was devastated and was about to break down. But just before he could console her, she screamed out," Get Up!" that made everyone freeze and made them look at her, including Soichiro, who miraculously got his sense back and looked like he was trying to do a Matrix move," Get up now! No fiance of Natsume Aya, gets K.O.'ed by a punk like that, it's pathetic!"

"A...punk...like...that..." Takayanagi muttered with a horrified face, as if struck in the head with an arrow with those very words he spoke.

"Yeah Right! Who the hell ever agreed to be your fiance?!" Soichiro said as his arms twitched a bit before he shot straight up and pointed at with scowl on his face," listen! I never lost a single fight! You just stand there and watch! Got it?!"

Aya just had a big loving smile on her face as she looked at and answered," Yes."

Shinji looked at her strangely and back at Soichiro, and then back to Aya, then to Soichiro, then repeat," Okay, either it's me, or my cousin's trash talking and bad attitude is actually charming this girl somehow," Shinji said out loud.

"It's not just you," Maya said to him with shake of her head and a sigh.

"Sorry for the wait, pal. Your punch felt so much like a love tap it made me take a cat nap," Soichiro said to Masataka as he cracked his neck a bit to get ready once again," okay...let's fight some more..." he trailed off as he saw the look on Takayanagi's face.

It was all pruned up and wrinkled, the imaginary arrow still stuck in his head as he repeated those words repeatedly," what gives?! Now all the fight's gone outta Takayanagi!" said one of crowd members that was watching the fight," he looks like he's seen a ghost!" another called out to everyone.

"What's wrong with him? Is he in shock because he couldn't keep Soichiro-sama down?" Aya asked to everyone in her many airhead moments.

'She's totally clueless!' Shinji, Bob, and Maya all thought as they looked at her with slacked jaws and shadowed eyes.

Snapping out of his trance with his face turning back to normal, Masataka had his head held low, his eyes shadowed by his bangs, his voice devoid of emotion," for the first time today, I feel like you jackin' you up 'til you bawl like a baby!" a faint aura of his Ki slowly glowing around his form.

"Funny..." Soichiro replied, not really caring for the light show he was seeing right now," that's what I planned for you since we started this!" he joked.

Takayanagi's gaze snapped up towards him and he immediately when in for the kill," Shinirku Gou..."

'I'm not a Martial Artist...' Soichiro thought as he kept himself calm and watched at the guy close in on im.

"Batei..." Masataka continued as he pulled his arm back in preparation.

'...I'm a street fighter,' Soichiro finished as he put his strategy into action.

"Houken!" the enraged fighter finished the moves name and was about to initiate the attack. That is, until...

"Secret Attack! Barrier!" Soichiro exclaimed as he shoved a bento into Takayanagi's face, making the boy stop in his tracks in shock.

"T-that's..." Masataka started as he gazed in shock at the bento lunch in front of him.

"...Aya's..." Maya continued in just as much shock at what Soichiro did.

"...Homemade bento lunch," Aya finished as she blinked, wondering why it was that much of shock for Soichiro-sama to have her lunch with him. Though it was an odd moment to be eating lunch now. Let's leave the airhead's thoughts to herself for now.

'When did he...that's just dirty,' Bob thought with gloomy background showing behind him.

'That...that...ugh,' Shinji couldn't even think of what to say about that, to use such a dirty tactic was just low.

"That idiot left himself wide open," Maya palmed herself in the face as she how distracted Masataka was.

"Anything goes in a fight," Soichiro justified to everyone in the room, not noticing the bit of twitch from Shinji when he said 'Anything Goes'. He dropped the bentou and gave hard punch into Takayanagis's chest, getting a pained grunt in turn,' connected,' Soichiro thought happily, he at least won the challenge that asshole set for him.

Strangely, everything turned quiet, a feeling of foreboding permeating in the air with the silence as Masataka stood still with Soichiro's fist still in his chest. Maya and Shinji saw the flash of red glowing in Takayanagi's eyes and went in to stop anything further from happening," NO!" the two them exclaimed. Soichiro, wasn't lucky as he was punch square in the face, hard, sending him flying into the wall behind him, which was a bit of distance really.

When he hit the wall, the berserker that was Masataka kept pounding punches left and right into Soichiro's face. Maya came in for kick to the head and connect, but that didn't do anything as he kept pounding his fist into Soichiro. Aya tried her part and hold one of his arms back, but was thrown back from his strength. Luckily, Bob caught her before she could break a table with her back.

When Soichiro was let down for moment, a moment of period where Takayanagi stopped punching him, Shinji took this as his chance as jumped over Takayanagi and aimed to get in between. He got it in just in time as Masataka was about to go for the kill. Just as he was about to punch Soichiro's face through the wall, Shinji's put his body in between him and his cousin.

"No, you baka!" Maya exclaimed to the wild brown haired teen. Just as the hit connect, she expected to hear the many cracks of bones being heard and the scream of pain enveloping the room. But what made her go bug eyed with everyone else, except the berserker, was that Shinji had taken the blow and looked calmly at Takayanagi.

"No one, and I mean no one, messes with my family," Shinji slapped the arm away and dashed in a burst of pure speed into the berserker's guard, thrusts his palms into his torso and started the clockwise rotation," Hakka Soudoushou!" he then sent a burst of his Ki and sent the berserker flying towards the opposite wall, hitting his head hard, bleeding, and knocking him out cold.

Maya and everyone else in the room was stunned at seeing that,' impossible, to do that Ki technique would require years after years of hard training. To do so after seeing it once would mean his learning curve is astonishingly high,' she then flashed back to when Takayanagi was going in for that kill, that punch would have made that a big spider-web dent in the wall with the force of Ki that was packing into it,' yet, he took that punch like it was just swatting a fly, that would also mean his endurance is off the charts,' seeing all this made her have flashbacks of a certain man, the man she blamed for her brother's death. But seeing him in that style of customized school clothing also mixed in what she saw in her dead brother, it really jumbled all she was feeling right now.

Bob was no better, he never knew their crew member of Knuckle Bombs was a literal crate of C4. He always did wonder why Shinji always sighed and yawned in the toughest fights they got into with the other school-take-over brawls. This just revealed why, Shinji had skill, power, and speed that they didn't even have. He wondered if Soichiro knew this, but looking at the blond behind him, it was a sure sign he didn't because of the single un-swollen eye of his was wide eyed with surprise,' man, who'd a thunk it?' he thought as he looked at Shinji, glad that they had him on their side at least.

Shinji lowered his arms and took a calming breath. Even though it didn't look like it, that blow had gave him a bit of a bruise he felt on his chest,' looks like I'll have to get back to the Bakusai Tenketsu training,' Shinji thought and tried to think what he could use to increase it,' maybe actually using steel beams this time,' he pondered a bit,' probably get the toughest metal I can get my hands on...I should probably increase all the abilities I have so far, because something tells me I'm going to need it,' if anyone had heard his thoughts, they would have thought he was nuts.

Turning around and kneeling down, he gazed into Soichiro's good eye and put his right hand on his left shoulder," get some rest, you need to heal," Shinji said quietly to his cousin and pressed a sleeping pressure point, instantly knocking out the blond. He then turned his head toward his fellow Knuckle Bomber," Bob, come over here and help me get Soichiro to the nurses office," Bob nodded silently and picked up the blond along with Shinji.

As they left, Maya could only keep her gaze fixated in the wild brown hair teen. He was much like the gaki, Soichiro, but he had sense of honor and kindness in him, a really strange mix in a guy, someone you don't see everyday. But she also couldn't help but think,' He might be able to help us.'

To be continued...

A/N: Hey, new story. The reason for this story is because I've recently gotten hooked on this new anime I saw, which is has regrettably stopped after twenty six episodes. But I am reading the manga of it. If I made a mistake on techniques that have been shown on here, please correct me on how their done, so that I may correct them for all of the readers. Now, as for Shinji becoming a copy of Ranma in style usage, well, wouldn't it be interesting to see Shinji copying and revising techniques on Tenjho Tenge and making everyone jaws drop when he did so. I think it would. As for him being a moody at the beginning, well, wouldn't you be too if someone you considered close and family at the same time, who abandoned you, just call you up because you have a use now. Shit, I would. Shinji's attitude really is just as similar to that of Soichiro, but he'll only use taunts to people's egos to goad his opponents, he won't go into dirty moves cause it goes against his honor, since he sees himself holding honor just as much as the manga's main character, Ranma, since he used that manga mostly than the others. If you want him to use other manga moves, give me a suggestion and give a plausible reason on how he'll be able to do it in this bendable reality of Tenjho Tenge. Well, PM me or send reviews, ja ne.