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That was the sound effect that echoed through out the bowling alley they were in. Tonight was the night that signaled the end of the Jyuuken Club's training of its members, both new and old.

"Strike, like that's a surprise," Bob muttered dully to those around him, as he commented on Shinji's new strike.

"I told ya he would suck the fun out of this," Soichiro said out loud as he played around with the bandages around his hands.

"Ain't my fault you two suck so much ass," Shinji called out to them, making their eyes shadow and vein ticks to pop up on their foreheads.

"Still, you could at least down play it a little for us," Chiaki said with a cute pout on her face. But he just waved her off, as he had gotten the trick down to ignoring that pleading look. Wanna know how? Just don't look at it.

"Anyways, your up, Chi-chan," Shinji said as he sat down on Maya's right side, with the left being occupied by Soichiro. He knew his cousin would have played, but his hands were still in the process of healing, so it was best not to aggravate them further.

"I can see how it sort of takes the fun out of this when you play like you do," Maya noted to him.

Shinji just shrugged as he idly glanced at her. Like everyone else, she dressed up pretty well. She was dressed in a one piece dress that was like the last one he saw her in, showing a lot of cleavage and almost showing that ass of hers. The only difference was that it was black and had two slits that showed skin at the hips.

Soichiro had a tan v-neck and sleeveless sweater on with the red line going around the bottom with a paired of cargo blue shorts. His shoes being sneakers, instead of the usual dress shoes he wore to Toudou Gakuen.

Bob had a design T-shirt on that showed angel wings on his back with a halo in the middle, a little bit a above the wings. He also were green baggy cargo pants.

Chiaki had one piece dress like Maya with spotted dots on them with a sort of beret hat on her head.

Aya had a sleeveless dress shirt with some tight pants on that definitely showed her curves. Shinji still wondered how Soichiro could not want to get with her, besides her incessant want of his hand in marriage.

Masataka was a bit on the plain side as he had a plaid blue button shirt over a white T-shirt and jeans on.

Shinji, himself though, dressed pretty nicely. He had a blood red button shit with the only design on it being the black tribal markings that were on his back and went over his left shoulder. If you looked at it right, you could make out a figure of a tiger, the head resting upon his left chest. He wore it over black shirt with a blood red collar fit him like a second skin. His baggy pants were black with his shoes being boots that were colored red and black.

"But, I can see it myself as a challenge to try and best you," Maya added a bit later.

Shinji snorted at that," I'd like to see you try," Shinji challenged her.

She turned to him and just smiled. Shinji knew she was going to meet that challenge after they were done with this game set. He noticed she was gauging him for herself. She had been doing so since he gave her that passionate kiss they shared earlier that day. From what he could gather so far, she had at least been with someone once before and it left her on guard in relationships. But from just how that came to be was a mystery to him. He would like to know, but he wasn't really the nosy type and he'd like to deal with the here and now.

He took a chance glance at his cousin and noted the solemn look on his face. He knew it wasn't anything in the usual thought process of when people had the same look that Soichiro had on right now. If he knew his cousin any, it was something along the lines if he had trained enough by now to stand against the coming stronger opponents.

He was half-right, as Soichiro had noticed the chance glance and gripped his bandaged fist,' I'll catch up to you soon enough, Shinji,' he thought almost darkly as he swept his eyes towards Maya for but a moment, before focusing back on his bandaged hands.

Chiaki noticed the tense air around So-chan and the playful banter between Maya and Shinji, bordering on outright flirting. She felt bit saddened for So-chan, since she could tell right away he had feelings towards the older Natsumi sibling. The blond Knuckle Bomber didn't have any interest in women at all since she met him and always seemed to have fighting on the mind. She guessed it was him trying to find a way to prove him self that he could take care of himself.

Though, lookin' at Shinji and Maya flirting with each other, she could help but feel both happiness and a sliver jealousy. Happy that Shinji was moving on in life. Their time together had let her know more on what most people saw in Shinji. Sure, he was cocky and a good guy at the same time, but he was also hurt in the heart. As much as Shinji said it, he was hurt that his father left him behind at such a young age and wished his father would come back and take him in. Seeing this hurt, she did the best she could to help him through his pain, it was the first time either of them made love and lost their virginity to each other. The sliver of jealousy was that small part that Shinji was flirting outright with Maya. Sure, she knew that the two of them weren't getting' back with each other, but she couldn't help but want him be there if things didn't go good with Bob. She quickly squashed those thoughts, as it wasn't proper to think like that, seeing how such thoughts usually snowballed into a broken heart and relationship.

Bob, not knowing these thoughts coming from his girl, looked around and noted one thing," huh. It's Golden Week and there's hardly anyone here," he said out loud as he scanned the almost empty bowling alley.

Hearing those words snapped her thought process and made her look around before gazing back where he attention was before," hmmm...'hardly anyone here', huh?" Bob could have imagined it, but he could've sworn a set of fox ears popped out of her hat," I think I'm picking up a message. It's coming from the zone down below," she finished with a mischievous smirk.

"The Zone?" he asked uncertainly as he looked at her with a blank face, wonderin' what the hell his girl was talking about.

"Yep!" she replied positively," the E-Zone!" she said looking pointedly at the three across from them.

Shinji, having ignored this, looked at Soichiro's sullen face and sighed tiredly," yo, cuz," he called out, gaining the blonde's attention," you getting' bored, or what?"

Seeing the attention from both Shinji and Maya made him feel on the spot," ah, uh, no..." he looked away before looking down at this bandaged fist," it's not that. I'm just, uh, how can I put it...it's like if I have time to hang around here, I'd really rather be out there training!" he lifted up his left hand into a clenched fist for emphasis," I still got a long way to go to get up to speed with you guys!...I've already gotten a lot stronger."

He stopped when he saw a hand with a few scars on it take hold of his left clenched hand and looked up to see Shinji an amused, but also exasperated look," yare-yare daze, don't you know?" he kneeled down and took hold of the other hand and started to apply some if his Ki, a soft blue glow emanating from them," resting is just as important as training. Why do you think whenever I got back home I rested for almost half the day after the times you'd see me gone, huh? My body needed time to sort out and get out the bad junk that was in me at the time," Shinji looked up pointedly at him as he finished his partial healing, as it really wasn't his area of expertise," your body is no different. So just chill, relax, and have some fun for now."

He stood back up and went back to sit down, only putting his right arm around Maya's shoulders. The Nastume elder sister doing nothing to stop him from doing so and letting it stay there, holding an amused smile upon her beautiful face.

While Soichiro was glad for the increase in his healing, as he could now feel the difference between now and before what Shinji had done, he couldn't help but scowl slightly at what Shinji was doing now.

"More like an impending War-Zone, if you ask me," Bob said with a slight bead of sweat going down the back of his head as he looked at the dark aura Soichiro was emitting and the flirting duo not being aware of it as they chatted each other up.

Not seeing this, Shinji looked around and spoke as he noted it," oi," Shinji called out to them, gaining their attention," where's Aya? It'll be her turn next after Bob and me," Shinji asked as he looked for his would-be sister-in-law, not seeing a trace of long flowing brown hair anywhere.

Maya, upon thinking back, stood up," I think I know," she answered as she started to walk towards the bathroom area of the building," I'll be back," she told him with a bit of a saucy wink.

"Right," Shinji acknowledged as he chuckled a bit and couldn't help but think of the saying,' I hate to watch you go, but...' he grinned as he noticed she added a nice sway to her hips, his sights on her rear,' I love to watch you leave.'

Maya shook her head, but softly giggled,' boys,' though she wouldn't admit it, she giving all the ammo he needed to see if had what it took to be more than just friends. But, she knew for certain she wasn't gonna make it easy, it would send the wrong kind of message if she did.

Thinking that, she headed to the bathroom, where she knew Aya was holding herself up. Though she couldn't help but feel the impending sense of danger she felt earlier that day naw her more and more as she progressed on.

What the group didn't know was management was being held and tied up by one of the Enforcer's lackeys, along with driving out those who weren't part of the Jyuken Club, rather roughly. If not outright beating the crap out them and telling them to fuck off.

A Section Two Agent noted the going ons and checked in," Erzo 2, come in, we may have a situation," he called in. The agents may not have been able to keep physical close contact with the Third Child, but that didn't mean they couldn't do it from a very long range point. The agent waited for a reply, but got none," Erzo 2, this is Erzo 8, do you copy? we have a situation," he tried again, but was again met with silence," Erzo 2, pick up, stop fuckin' around and come in," he called out again and was once again met with silence," what the hell's going on?"

He was answered by a strong blow to the head," j-just a little get together," a tall and very thin, to the point of bones, man in leather pants, cowboy vest and red designed bandanna carrying a staff loomed over his dazed and collapsed form," j-just makin' sure no one crashes it," he continued before lifting his staff.

The last thing the agent saw was the but end of the stuff hurling towards him before unconsciousness welcomed him in it's warm embrace.

'Something ain't right,' Shinji said as his senses felt the change of intent in the air. Where there was still an air of joy around their immediate area, there was now a hanging sense of danger that was diminishing it bit by bit and it wasn't slowing down anytime soon,' either a bad storm is approaching, or...' Shinji didn't like the other outcome and stood," I'm goin' to the use the bathroom, get something to snack on while I do so," he looked at them with grin plastered on his face," put it on my tab," he told them.

"But..." Bob was about to protest as it was Shinji's turn to bowl and it wouldn't take as much time if he went and bowled before going to the bathroom. But he was stopped as Shinji passed him and whispered.

"Look out for Chi-chan," Shinji warned in that second that he passed him and continued on, where the feeling of danger was coming from.

"Wha...?!" Bob eye's widened a bit at the cryptic warning and judging from face he briefly saw from Shinji, it meant he as totally serious. Lookin' back at his girlfriend, who was milking the offer from Shinji with all her worth, considering that she was ordering practically the whole menu and then some, he put a determined face on,' whatever the case, if there is danger comin', I won't fail in protectin' her!'

Though he and the other two males of the Jyuken Club couldn't help but sweatdrop at the tower of food that she was easily carrying to them. Seems being an ex-girlfriend to a boy with the appetite similar to a saiyan and a Saotome did wonders for overall body strength.

Shinji walked down one the hallways of the building. It was one the halls leading towards the main area of the building. While the bowling alley was the attraction at night times, the rest had a number of other ones that drew in the crowd during the day and dusk times. Stepping out into the main hall, he could see the many places that had arcades, game stores, clothing stores, and other many things. But there was one thing that stood out.

'Where the hell is everyone?' he thought to himself in suspicion. The lights were off, the main area only illuminated by the light of the moon through the ceiling windows, as it was full this evening. His senses had felt the growing danger coming from here. But he also noted another one was coming from the other direction, heading towards Soichiro and the others. He stretched his senses towards Maya and Aya as he continued onwards, his body tensed and ready.

Just as he made to the food court of the building, his eyes widened a bit as he felt Maya's Ki shift towards to an aggressive intent, signaling that she was fighting. Not to mention the danger that was heading to Soichiro and the others had arrived at their location, and judging by their Ki flows, the it wasn't gonna be long before things broke down into a riot. He also noted that Aya was in the upper floors of the building and had another piece of danger heading towards her and fast.

Just as he was about to turn back, he was blinded by the sudden activation of lighting in the food court. He let his eyes adjust, already knowing before gaining his vision back that he was surrounded by all sides. Looking around, he saw an impressive amount of men around him, not to mention the occasional girl here and there. He could tell they were the basic cannon fodder for whoever staged this attack on the Jyuken Club, as it was not that hard to imagine seeing as how no one but those of the Club were in the building. His senses told him that. But, one did stand out amongst them, and the clack of boots were all he needed to turn his head towards whoever was moving towards him.

'A bishounen, a dark skinned one at that,' Shinji noted as the person approaching was just as he described. Nicely formed lips, beauty mark on the underside of his left eye, well trimmed eyebrows, and soft long hair that stopped at his neck from under a beanie, along with a delicate lookin' body,' delicate my ass,' Shinji thought as he could see that while he seemed delicate, he had an athletic build. Shinji noted the way his body moved and noted he seemed to favor his legs as they seemed to have a bit more muscle definition than the rest of his body.

The bishounen wore a sleeveless red button shirt, tanned plaid short stopping below the knee area, and brown boot and socks. A sun like design tattoo on his left shoulder with flames going down from it, stopping at the elbow, another tribal tattoo marking going around the wrist of the said arm.

"Hmm," the bishounen started as he started to walk around him, Shinji not moving his sight away from him a second," so this one of the new cubs to the Jyuken Club. While I can see that you newbies are impressive fighters, overall, you're nothing compared to the monsters of Toudou Gakuen."

"Nothing?" Shinji asked with a skeptical look," tell that to Ryuzaki's ass when I sent him sailing to have some bear dick, though considerin' he's most likely still laid up at that hospital I found him at and told the nurses what he about did, I don't think you'll see him any time soon," Shinji said with a wolfish grin as ladies in the crowd gave a whoop of joy at justice being served.

The bishounen grimaced at that, as he last checked, Ryuzaki was being tended by a decidely burly guy that didn't have any compassions on letting certain 'accidents' occur around the blond fire starter. Last he heard, they were just getting in the process on removing one of his balls while trying the save the other, with not much success being seen in the future.

'He certainly knows how to get payback, that's for sure,' the dark skinned teenager thought with a shiver," Ryuzaki was the lowest of the low of our Executive Committee's Executioners, saying you bested him doesn't mean squat whatsoever," he then stopped at Shinji's total frontal side, his hands in his pockets," but I digress. So, I'm sorry to say that your short time of fun in the Jyuken Club is about to end, as it's time for Execution of the Jyuken Club..."

Just as he said that, Shinji felt various fights occurring around the building start

"To commence!" the bishounen stated with decidely nasty smirk on his face as he knew that massacre of the club was now startin'.

Shinji saw the whole gang of people closing in on him and called out to them," ah come on guys, how about we just chill, hang out and drink some good yebisu as we score on the decidely limited chicks here," he looked around with a playful grin, noting that girls were actually thinking it over, but the men kept advancing," well?" he quiped a bit more before jumping over a thrown crowbar that had been set on opening his head like a pinata," so much for witty banter," he said with eager grin.

Shinji then shifted into a basic stance, the bangs of his hair darkening the slight shadow that over casted his head and left shoulder and chest," but if it's a fight you want," his eyes glowed evilly along with the eyes tribal tiger on his left chest," then come on!"

The mob gulped, but pressed on, they had orders after all. Though the sound of a tiger's growl did nothing to curb their fears as they all rushed in as one.

Not to far from site of the battle, a lone biker made his way towards the bowling alley brawl. As he did so, he went over the information he gleaned on the new Jyuken Club members, having been the one to personally take down the last big group of stragglers Natsume Maya herself had made in an order to defy the Executive Committee with his Enforcers and Executioners.

Nagi Soichiro, 15 years old, a current 1st year at Toudou Gakuen. Mother is Nagi Makiko Kengo, he had suspicions on who the father was, but hadn't gotten the deep yet and it was noted that the father had disappeared almost immediately afterward. Thanks to his life growing up, he was a hothead with a hair trigger.

Bob Makihara, Also 15 years old and 1st year at Toudou Gakuen, but was noted to be the older of the two. Mother is currently unknown but is known to be living in the U.S. The father being named Gene Rodrigo, a First Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy. Both parents divorced. The two had met during somewhere in their childhood, most likely elementary considering how closely bonded the two of them were from what intel gleaned so far. Although he seemed nothing special compared to Nagi's lineage, he saw a bountiful pool of talent in this Bob Makihara. He also seemed the more coolheaded and sensible of the two. Not to mention a lot more controllable.

And lastly, the one he wondered about the most...

Ikari Shinji, 16 years old and a 2nd year at Toudou Gakuen, having been transferred from his old school. This being due to his father and the head of NERV orginazation, Ikari Gendo, formerly Rokubungi, having changed his last name when he married Shinji's mother, Ikari Yui Kengo. Mother is deceased, though the cause of death was unknown, if not top secret.

Having been abandoned by his father, he was trusted into the care of Nagi Makiko Kengo, after having recovered from a serious incident that almost killed her, as the guardian that was assigned to him had commited suicide. Though witnesses had noted he had been screaming at people to help him stop his body from moving against his will, but it was written off as an old man's insanity getting to him, before he jumped off the very top floor of Tokyo Tower. Another suspicious occurrence.

Reports noted he had been a timid child since his abandonment, but had developed a more confident stance after several fights that his cousin got into. He speculated that in between those times of peace and fighting, Shinji trained vigorously, though how he did so was up to anyone's speculations. The reason for such a theory was the noted fights intel had obtained that while Soichiro and Bob fought with all their worth in their usual skirmishes, Shinji would practically dance around his opponents, no matter how big or skilled they were.

Another thing he noted off from the personal history of Shinji was the report of him and Maya hanging out with each other and their seemingly mutual affections to each other. He scoffed at that, knowing that Maya wouldn't have time, or even the desire to find a significant other. Not to mention he felt undoubtedly confident that he was still firmly placed in her heart despite her hate filled words of vengeance on his person.

The biker parked in front of the building the Execution of the Jyuken Club was happening, calmly taking off his helmet, letting loose the the bangs of his lime green hair. He had brown eyes and what could be called forked black eyebrows. His build was one of a body builder, but also of that of a fighter. Huge, but in a way made for the best of the best of fighters. It showed through his tight blue biker suit that clung to him like a second skin, leaving nothing to imagination.

Takayanagi Mitsuomi had arrived.

Kagurazaka Shinobu, the bishounen that had been the first of the Executive Committee to meet Shinji could only say was he may have underestimated this newbie of the Jyuken Club...

"WAAAGGHHH!!!" was the cry of one of the lackeys flying away from something reminiscent of Gatack's Rider Kick.

...Okay, sorely underestimated this Ikari Shinji. If he hadn't felt the might of Mistuomi himself at times, he would've said this guy was on par with him, but the Chairman of the Executive Committee would've have been done by now.

"Ora, ora!!" Shinji called out as he continued to weave and attack through the mob of enemies," this the best ya'll got," he called out before sweeping one lackey trying to sneak up on him, following up with a flip kick before the lackey could hit the floory. Shinji quickly jumped over him before slamming him down with a double stomp kick, staying on him till he hit the ground.

Shinji looked behind him and urged his attackers," c'mon," before kicking off and using the stunned man as a skate board, knocking over any who came across him, whooping for joy all the while. Jumping off and launching the man into a group, the sound of bowling pins ringing," strike!! Ah yeah!!"

Though admittedly, Shinobu corrected, Mitsuomi wasn't this carefree in his fighting as he liked to things done quickly, though he never questioned why,' it's like he's Dante and the Chairman's Vergil,' he thought dryly. Though, now that he looked at it, he could almost say Mitsuomi and Shinji were twins. The same body build, wild bang hair fashion, and skill. Of course there was the facial differences. Shinji's bangs being more spiky compared to Mitsuomi's wavy bangs. And skill wise,' that remains to be seen,' he thought as he continued to watched.

"Omae-tachi taosu kedo ii yo ne? (mind if beat ya guys?)" Shinji asked to those in front of him, making them look at him as if he off his rocker, quoting something like that in the middle of a fight," Kotae wa kiitenai!! (I can't hear ya!!)" he called out as he rushed towards mob in front of him.

The first lackey went in for a wild haymaker, but Shinji intercepted the fist and flipped the man flying behind him before power thrusting his his back into a thrust attack and crashing the man into one of the groups standing aside.

The second lackey tried to capitalized this by trying to crack Shinji's skull with a pipe, only for Shinji to spin on his heel and practically teleport behind the attacker. He then took hold of the weapon that had went into motion in his previous position, thus unbalancing the man. Capitalizing that, he tripped the man and chopped down hard before he touched the floor and drove him hard into the ground, taking out both breath and consciousness from the man.

The third didn't even have a chance to start his attack before Shinji was in his space. Before he could even move, Shinji danced around him, nailing him all around his body in a boxer like fashion, following up with an uppercut that would have made the best boxing champion, old and new, proud. He then took hold of the air born opponent and swung around like a top, using the knocked out man like a flail and knocking down more thugs as he did so. He then shot the man into a store filled with teddy bears.

He didn't want to kill anyone unless necessary, but he wasn't gonna go easy on these guys as they were trying to kill him and his friends. Speaking of not hurting, he saw one of the small groups of girls racing towards him with weapons of different sizes and origins.

Shiniji quickly pulled on his most suave look," Seduction Technique: Ikari Kiss," he pressed his fore and middle finger to his lips and sent a kiss to them with the fingers pointed towards them.

'The hell?! Like that would...uh?!' Shinobu trailed off in his thoughts as he heard the girls moan out.

"Nani Kore?! (What is this)"

"Atsui!! (Hot)"


"Oh Kami-sama!!"

'Oh Hell No!!!!' Shinobu thought as face planted himself into ground with much vigor. Once he lifted his face up, he noted that the rest of girls they had brought along started to fight each other, as it seemed they felt slighted by the ones having Shinji's attraction.

Ah, even in a fight, Shinji somehow develops fangirls amongst the enemy ranks. The power of an Ikari is strong in him indeed.

"Ah, yare-yare, I didn't think that would happen," Shinji said as he referred to the female riot," Hell, I didn't think that technique would work at all, hehehehe," Shinji chuckled as he rubbed the back of his head embarrassingly.

"YOU DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IF IT WAS GOING TO WORK?!" Shinobu, and the rest of the men that were conscious, slapped the air with with whited out angry eyes.

Shinji would have responded, but he felt then he felt a huge power of Ki, so much that he didn't know if he was up to par with it, if at all. And the Ki signature was dwindling down Masataka's like it was a little candle in a hurricane wind room, along with Bob's steadily going down alongside his.

Feeling this, Shinji put his game face on and turned to the last of the group, knowing the riot of girls would take care of itself," Gomen," Shinji apologized," but I'm gonna have to cut things short!" and rushed that last group of men.

In a flash, Shinji pulled out a dull sword and bashed all the thugs into unconsciousness with the Hiten-Mitsurugi Ryu, before putting it back into his Stuff Space.

Shinobu having seen that speed, but not the attacks, looked in awe as the rest of the men fell down,' fast,' he noted before smirking,' but not as fast as me,' he noted as he felt confident in that department of combat.

Shinji turned towards Shinobu to take care of him, only to double take as the bishounen appeared in front of him in a flash of speed, making him react as he jabbed at Shinobu's face. But the dark-skinned teen ducked quickly and kick flipped Shinji in the jaw, upturning the Ikari youth's head.

Shinji glance from his head position and turned it fully to him,' fast,' he noted.

"I'm a 3rd year at Todo Gakuen and head of the guard to the Chairman, Kagurazaka Shinobu at your service," the dark-skinned man introduced himself.

"The tradition of the Tohbu Juku, huh?" Shinji muttered the original name of Todo and it's traditions to introduce yourself to your opponents," Wakata," Shinji acknowledged the tradition and responded," I'm 2nd year at Todo Gakuen and soon to be the best fighter in the world," he then thumbed to his chest," Ikari Shinji, Sanjou!! (has arrived!!)"

Introductions met, Shinobu charged and dodged the barrage of punches Shinji sent at him, scoffing at the speed they were going, his boots squeaking excessively at the rate his speed kept him going. Getting right under Shinji's guard, he sent his own barrage, that of the kicking kind, and hammered them into Shinji's upper body.

Ducking under a roundhouse, Shinji noted as he exchanged blows with Shinobu that he focused his attacks on his legs,' Tae Kwan Do, if I'm not mistaken, though seems to have mixed in other styles to cover for his upper body defense, and not to mention...,' he dodged to the left and noted the small impact mark on the concrete wall,' some serious power in his legs, but...'

"What's the matter?" Shinobu taunted as he continued to dodge the attacks from Shinji, continuing to barrage the teen with kicks," can't hit me because of my speed?"

'I don't have time for this,' Shinji finished as he backed off and stood still. He would have loved to continue this fight as long as he could, to see if he would finally have someone who could go up against him. But considering the situation, fun and games were over.

Shinobu stopped and looked at Shinji oddly," nani? Giving up already? We've barely started," he stated with smug look, but Shinji face was like granite and remained neutral. Not hearing and seeing no answer coming, Shinobu spitting to the side, ticked off with the short performance," whatever, but I nonetheless have to beat your ass dead anyway to send a message to the wench," with that he charged. He never noticed the sudden tick mark that appeared on Shinji's forehead when he mentioned Maya.

With but a squeak of his shoes, Shinobu was already upon Shinji," ja ne, aho," Shinobu stated before he sent his best barrage of kick that would have made even Chun-Li jealous. But then, suddenly, he felt his ankle snap, making him curse loudly and jump back, landing awkwardly on the floor. He looked down at the foot he used to attack and gasp at how teared up the shoe was. He looked at the other and saw that it was in a similar, but less damaged state,' but when...'

"You finished?" Shinobu looked quickly towards Shinji and saw that his upper torso was being shown and saw the shredded remains of his black shirt hanging off from his waist. But what made him gape at the Ikari youth was the perfectly fine skin, not a trace of bruising on the torso," now, let me show you true speed," with that, Shinji went into action.

All Shinobu heard was shift of air behind him and the call of " Kachu Tenshin Amaguriken!" before darkness claimed his vision.

Shinji looked down at the fallen fighter, his cheeks puffing out comically and his lips turning so swollen, they would look like fish lips. His body was starting to form some mean bruises, the most notable of them was the one on his forehead, somehow spelling in kanji 'Novice'. But Shinji didn't have time to admire his work and immediately shot off towards where he last left Soichiro and the others.

As he made his way, he noted the unconscious body of people,' more thugs from the Executive Committee, seems this Chairman guy was determined to end it tonight,' Shinji forced himself to not use Shunpo again, as he felt the need to conserve his energy at the moment and shifted his speed into that of Shinsoku, sensing Bob's and Masataka's Ki hanging by a thread,' hang on guys, I'm almost there!'

Misato, having come back from another bore of a day from NERV, was settling down with her trusty warm water penguin, PenPen.

"hmm, ppffffhahahaha," she almost did a spit take at the slapstick comedy that was on the TV as she drank one of her many Yebisu Beers.

"Wark!" the Penguin exclaimed as it pecked hard on one of her shapely thighs.

"Ow! Okay, dammit," she exclaimed as PenPen was getting antsy about not being fed earlier," I'll get your damn fish," she got up with a grumble as she marched towards the kitchen area,' damn penguin should be able to do it himself, seein' as how it's always able to move around in the apartment,' which was true, considering that door knobs were positioned at more than twice his heights, but seemed to appear and reappear in any room he wished.

Just as she was about to open the fridge, a shot tequila glass Shinji got for her as a joke cracked down the middle slightly. The cause of such a thing happening for no reason other than just hanging off its holster was unnerving her mildy, as nothing had touched it,' Shinji...,' she thought worriedly and hoped he was okay.

Bursting through the doorway, Shinji eye's widened as he gazed at the sight of Bob being covered protectively by Chiaki, her eyes tearing up with the cause being obvious as blood was starting to pool out of Bob's head. Bruises starting to form over his still form.

Masataka was much the same, with only one difference. Instead of a beautiful woman covering him, a boot was grinding against his still bleeding head, the boot belonging what he already felt was the leader of the Executive Committee," we meet at least, Ikari Shinji..." his voice was deep, commanding, and full of confidence.

"And I can only guess who you are, teme," a decidedly intense scowl appeared. Despite the immense Ki he could feel from this guy, he was going to do everything in his power to make this guy pay," gotta say, you got some stones to go around and parade yourself in that outfit," he quiped a bit to try and relax,' cooler heads prevail in a lot of situations,' Shinji reminded himself.

"I'm always on the lookout for 'Talent'," Mitsuomi continued to speak, not bothering to reply to Shinji's banter, as he approached Shinji with purposeful steps," for people who have fought countless battles, for certain individuals who outweigh 10,000 people."

Mitsuomi stopped right in front of him, right in his personal space, their height about the same. Though Shinji felt like this guy was still looking down on him, like a king looking upon one of its many servants, or peasants. Shinji couldn't help but sweat a bit at this guy's level of power being so close to him. Shinji knew, that without a doubt that he was powerful, more powerful than those in the Jyuken Club, but this guy was making him of all people sweat,' is this...' Shinji started to think, but trailed off, as he kept scowl on his face,' is this...fear?' he asked himself uncertainly.

"But I must let you know one thing, that even if I do extend my invitations for you to join me, Ikari Shinji," Mitsuomi's voice was low, hardly audible, but he then leaned down to Shinji's ear," is that Maya will, and always will be, mine!" he said in a low tone, but the intensity in those were practically screamed at him.

Shinji's intense scowl turned bloody. This asshole dared to think he owned Maya like some cattle,' oh it's on now!!'

"Shinji, Don't!!" Chiaki warned him, but it was far too late as Shinji immediately gave a concentrate Kachu Tenshin Amaguriken to the Chairman's face with his right fist, the amount of 500 hundred punches beating into Mitsuomi's face.

But a out of nowhere, punches just as fast as his Amaguriken flew at him, the power behind them so much greater than his own that it tore through his Bakusai Tenketsu's hardened skin like wet tissue paper.

And that rest of the event slurred together. Shinji tried to defend himself in those 30 seconds he was fighting this monster, but it felt like a damn eternity. As Shinji tried to prepare a Ki blast, Mitsuomi immediately latched onto his wrist and twist it out of place. Shinji tried his Shunpo, only to be backhanded in the face so hard, that he saw star blink in his vision. And doing the Futae no Kiwami had busted up his right hand as the torn muscle and various bleeding spots were any indication when Mitsuomi used some sort of reflect technique from his body. Finally, a strong blow to his chest sent him flying to the wall behind him.

He tried to get up, but a boot to his chest stopped," just give it up, Maya will never see you as anything more than but a mere replacement, in both as a plan and a significant other," he dug his boot further, somehow still getting past the Bakusai Tenketsu's harden skin and giving him a good amount of pain," she'll only be able to see me and only me as the one for her," Mitsuomi gave a smug smile as he leaned down to whisper," and there's nothing...you...can do about it!"

A strong blow to the head knocked his mind off it's center, making him slip between consciousness and unconsciousness. He knew Soichiro had not too long after the hit and that he was about to duke it out with Mitsuomi, he was just that reckless.

'I can't stop now,' he thought as he got bits of his vision back, his cousin getting attacked by Mitsuomi, and seeing Aya's staff get blown to pieces by that same reflect technique. Fighting the darkness that was wanting to claim him, he watched in helplessness as Mitsuomi went in for the kill with what looked like an advanced and most definitely more fiercer form than the Ryukei Qigong Tashikou.

Pushing all the energy he could, he called," SOICHIRO!!

"GET OUTTA THERE, GAKI! GO!!" he heard Maya call out after him.

"Ryukei Qigong Tashinkou Shinden:..."

But it was already too late...

"GAO SORYU ENRENSHOU!!" Shinji watched as Mitsuomi did a double palm thrust, instead the punch motion for the 'Forged Needle', the rotational and Ki capacity far outweighing the one he, Soichiro and Maya used by leaps and bounds. Such was the force of the attack that was used for internal damage that it ripped open a huge hole in the back of Soirchiro's shirt. Shinji could only imagine the outward destruction it would do compared to it's lesser form.

Shinji staggered down, wanting nothing more to pummel this guy into the ground,' but, I-I can't even make a single st-step without feeling like faint-ting,' Shinji thought as it was becoming harder and harder to keep conscious thought, let alone movement,' but I gotta keep it together,' he willed himself with so much force to stay out the darkness' embrace.

"That technique is the secret of all secrets, passed down by the generations of the Takayanagi Family," he heard Mitsuomi say. He look over and had to stay his rage as he saw the down form of Soichiro, lying his head in a pool of his own spit and blood. He could only imagine what this was doing to Aya," your Iron Needle is nothing more than cheap imitation, a pathetic hand-me-down from someone who tried ripping off the secret from the Takayangis. In the end, you'll learn..."

He could hear Aya sobbing now, the sound making his heart wrench even further and fueling his rage at the Chairman,"...Soichiro-sama..." he heard her mutter in distraught concern.

"...just like the brother of these two, Natsume Shin, who stole and corrupted my family's technique...what it means to incur my wrath and sorrow!!" Mitsuomi finished, the memory of the man bringing back memories of pain and anger even now.

"Uresan..." Aya started before he felt a rise in her Ki react in a peculiar way," Uresanai!!" but just as soon as it appeared, it was dashed away like nothing,"wh-what'd you...?" he then heard a thump.

His sight returned to him and saw Mitsuomi moving towards Maya, the words of the Chairman playing across his mind.

She'll only be able to see me and only me as the one for her.

'Move...!' he pleaded to his body as Mitsuomi continued towards the elder Natsume sister, the words Mitsuomi was saying to Maya being deafened by his pleas,' please, move! If I don't move...' he trailed off uncertainly. And in a quick flash of movement, he saw Mitsuomi rip open her jacket, showing her bountiful breast to the world, her face of stricken conflict,' Move, Dammit! Just fuckin' move! I don't give a damn what happens to me, as long as I stop him from hurting Maya!' he exclaimed to his body, a powerful stirring starting to churn within him. A churn that was familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time, like he had felt and used it before.

And then he saw him start licking her wounded right shoulder, as if he were a lover to her and the pained face of Maya's that started to cry tears of sorrow.

That was the last straw.

"MOVE!!" Shinji commanded his body out loud in righteous rage before a powerful burst of Ki unlike anything he felt within him explode outwards.

Mitsuomi looked back at the beaten Ikari in alarm, having thought he had beaten Shinji enough to not a be any sort of threat anymore. But what surprised him further was the damage he had done to the teenager, and the damage he did to himself, was healing at a phenomenal rate,' but Ikari Yui Kengo never showed any signs of obtaining the Dragon's Fist, so why...'

Only to feel another rise in Ki, though it was decidedly different from the constant pressure Shinji let off with his Ki aura and looked towards the source, that of being the one he knew would possess the Magabarai, the Dragon's Fist. Nagi Soichiro Kengo was rising like a devil from hell, as anyone would say if they saw him at that moment.

Maya looked the two in confusion, more so at Shinji, since she felt he wouldn't have anything like this up his sleeve and the insane and terrifying pressure Ki that was different from Soichiro's eager and primal Ki.

"Oi, teme," Shinji's voice was calm, but was disturbed by the downright insane lookin' grin that appeared over his mouth, his hair bangs shadowing his eyes," you did two things that you should have never done..."

"Ho?" Mistuomi inquired with a superior raise of his eyebrow," and, what was that?" noticing the growl that escaped the blond of the two's throat. He noted the feral gaze was on not only him, but Shinji as well. If not more fiercer if the intense growth in his growl when he looked that Ikari youth was any indication.

"First, you gone and made Maya upset, and that makes me antsy," the insane grin widened as he moved his head and showed his eyes, making Maya gasp in shock," Second, you pissed me off, kono yaro!"

His eyes were blood red, having replace his steel blue tone, a decidedly insane glint hiding in them," and you won't like me now that I'm pissed off!"

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